Saturday, February 18, 2017

Walking and Fire Fighting

TC and I decided to go eat in Independence VA, then come back by New River State park. Great afternoon

A Controlled burn got our of control... I set up a water station on a low water bridge. I think we pumped about 10,000 gallons or more...

A little Blue Ridge Parkway time

34th Anniversary Trip to Myrtle Beach SC

Sunday Sermon February 5th 2017

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Sunday Sermon 1/29/2017

Today, I showed the 2016 review video and then preached a message called "Faithful Expectations"

This is the music from Janet Stanley's service. I thought it was very fitting and was filled with the Holy Spirit. 

This Week

My addition from the Black Rifle Coffee Company. My son chad got this for me.

Here we had another chimney fire. The owner was very lucky as we got there in time to save from any structure damage. This could have been a bad one... 

January snow... just a few inches but it was nice

A Wednesday night sunset while at church

Our dog Brudgha trying to fit in Belle's bed.... 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fire & Rescue

Last night we had a barn fire. It was not a huge fire, but big enough. I drove Engine 33 and relayed water to the engine supplying the main pumper. 

First Good News Club 2017

Camperless again

So, since the summer I sold our bigger camper because we no longer had a large vehicle to pull it. I purchased one pop up but did not like it. I purchased another one and I liked it better but really it was too big. The Lord blessed me to be able to sell both of them fairly easy. So, now I am camper less again...

New Years Sermon

This was my New Years Sermon

"The Gael", by SCOTS DG