Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Terrific Tuesday

Hello everyone......Hello anybody out there. Good, now that I have your attention. Today is Tuesday, so that means tonight I get to hang out with the band from Bethlehem Church. They are so good and I am trying to become a better drummer. I got my new cymbal in the mail yesterday and it sounds really good. My wife made me stop playing last night. Cool. This Friday my son and I will go hang out for a while. I like to get away for a overnight trip when I can. We can get more relaxed and have better conversation. He is getting ready for the job Corp so he will be gone for a while. Next weekend is my anniversary..Hello 23 years and counting.

Lifesong is going well. I am looking forward to my parents to come this Thursday. That will be exciting. It's funny that my Dad at being a pastor for so many years seems so open to new things these days. Mom and Dad just got back from Jacksonville, FL working at the Baptist children's Home. Cecil will be out of town. He is the other leader in our church. Of course we all are leaders, but God has used us in the leadership. We are both servants of the church. I love trading ideas with him. It keeps me grounded. I have committed myself to the DAWN Ministries prayer of Luke:2b. I have also enjoyed the dialogue with John white and the staff who have replied back to me. Let's pray for those we are expecting to come this week, blessings

Monday, January 30, 2006

What a day

I can actually say I am glad it is almost over. It's been a long one. Well, it's almost time for "24" Blessings to all the people I have met in the last two days. God is sooooo gooooooood!!!!!!!


I should really do spell check before i post. sorry for that!

Here are some major changes:
dagger should be daughter
John alert should be John Aldridge

Again Sorry, Wade

Oh Lord its Monday

I do not think God looks at Monday the way we do. I am so glad. No one would ever get blessed of a prayer answered on Monday if He were. But, I am glad to have a job so in a little, I will go and be glad. For now, another cup of coffee is in order..........Man that is good!

Yesterday was good. After church, we came home and TC (my wife) fixed or I should say re-warmed Mexican Food. It was cool, cause my dagger and her new husband came over Saturday and spent the afternoon. It was good to spend some time with them. They have been married now a month. So, while we were eating lunch what comes on TNT but "Legends of the Fall". Man that is a good movie. It is the first time I have seen the movie since reading John alerts Book "Wild at Heart" A must read for all men and women. When my wife finished reading it she would just come up and hug me and tell me to g camping or something. I loved it! One day she everyone starting crying and came running to give me a kiss and hug. Cool. I know that I was just waiting the the next adventure. That adventure now is the house church plant. Pretty difficult whew you are selling your house. Just one of the many changes God is making in our lives. Thank God for Cecil and his family for hosting our church in their house. Well today, my Mom and Dad get back from their camping trip in sunny Fla. They have been gone about a month. Can't hardly call it a camping trip if you saw their camper. So, it is off the their house today for Supper. It is a long day for my wife as she has school on Monday's and Wednesday's. She leaves the house at 7:30 Am and does not return home until 11:00PM That is hard on her and me. So, continue to pray for us. Blessings to all, Wade

PS I want to thank God for a man named Keith Giles, fellow blogger, for responding to me. It was quite the encouragement. God is GOOD!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Morning

Good morning yaw- I love using that word! Well, its Sunday morning and I have been working on LifeSong stuff since 4:00AM I am a early morning person. Of course I go to bed around 9:00. It just comes natural to me. I never have set an alarm clock. I have met several people this morning throughout the country that is doing home church. The one thing that I find in home church is the need for that church to connect or participate in some sort of a network or even denom. For example, it would be one way not to follow the path of discontent or even disagreement about theological differences. So far I've learned a couple of thing that I THINK are important
  • God will give at least one person this vision
  • This person will stand before God one day and give an account to Him!
  • So, don't mess around with God's vision. Take it seriously.
  • Decide what you are going to promote and a statement of beliefs
  • If other folks cannot agree with that, then a partnership is probably not in order
I know that seems simple but I can't believe all the small house church splits I hear of. That is just crazy.

End of a joke and then I must prepare for church. We are going to Bethlehem this morning. www.bethlehembc.com- Cool Pastor-Great music- awesome sound!

A guy was rescued off a island. Once they were in the air, the pilot asked what were the three straw huts all about. They guy answered: The one in the middle is my home. That is where I live! The one on the left is where I go to church. The pilot asked, what is the one on the right. The guy answered, "That is where I use to go to church"!

Go ahead and laugh, you know that is funny! Be Blessed, Wade

Saturday, January 28, 2006


By the way, if anyone would like to check out our website it is www.lifesong.info Blessings, Wade


Well as usual I have awaken early, watched the sun rise and had a cup of coffee. Well actually several cups. I have had my weekly injection of Gunsmoke and all is well. I will be working on the new church this morning and waiting with expectation for my daughter to come and see us today. Great.! We are in a position in our early 40's that I do not like. All of my kids are almost gone. I am feeling the empty nest sydrome. Last night we babysit for some friends. It was cool! They have one as old as 13 and the youngest ins about 18 months. I loved it. I wrestled in the floor until my back hurt so bad. I love the spirit of adventure that kids have. It made me feel younger! My Son is getting ready for his adventure. He is doing a stint in the US Job Corp. We will go to Bethlehem Church again this Sunday as a visitor. The church is soo big but the music and teaching is soo good! I am now sitting in with the band. I am not good enough yet to play with them, but I think this will help me grow. Anybody wann talk about house church or church planting let me know, Love God and Love your neighbor, Blessing

Friday, January 27, 2006

Brand New

Hello friends, This is my first blog. While I have been blogging in the past on our website, I thought I would give this a try. I would like it if anyone would stop and say hi. Greetings from North Carolina