Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well, lets see. I have much to be excited about. Yesterday , I became the owner of a pop up camper. We love camping, so it is good to have one again. I have all my camping gear stored and ready to place back in the camper. Our last camper had to be sold so that we were not in debt. God has truly blessed that we can get a decent camper and buy it for cash. Cool! I just got the new that our home group host will have to decline us this Thursday. So, I will think on this for a while. Should we just cancel? Not sure so I will think about that today.

Monday, February 27, 2006


We decided to go to Missionary Methodist Church this past Sunday. I know the pastor there and I know he is sincere. He is a very powerful preacher. It's a good family church. At first no one paid me any attention. A few people ,espically an older lady spoke to me. When the pastor acknowledged my presence and called on me to pray, I noticed a difference. Many more spoke to me. Perhaps they just noticed there was a visitor present. I hope so! Anyway, yesterday was both good and bad. TC was in a down mood and I was as well. We did not think it was going to be this hard having both kids leave within a month or so. Anyway, we got past it and things will get better.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Topic of continued interest

In last Thursday's meeting we discussed what it meant to be a Parent. Here was the outline
  • A Parents Connections with their Kids
  • A Child's Crisis in the worst times.
  • A family's Counter-Attack on the enemy.
  • REad Luke 15:20-24

I consider this again because of spending time with Chad yesterday. He really seems to be doing fine. His Attitude is Straight, his demeanor seems to be encouraged. He is certainly making an effort, that is for sure. We had fun. We went downtown Brevard and saw some protesters on the court swear with "Give peace a chance sign". This makes no sense to me. Have we ever out of meanness attacked someone else. No! What do they mean, give peace a chance? Sure everyone would like to have peace, but we didn't start nothing. Oh well, I just don't understand. I guess we are suppose to just be quite and let everyone do what they want to do.
Back to us, sorry about that. We went out to eat and then to WallyWorld for more supplies. I will say this. It was hard to leave. After spending some time with christie and David (taking a nap on their couch) TC and I grabbed some fresh Krispy Kreme and headed down the mountain. I guess I will prepare a tape, fresh picture and a small letter for KY. I agree with TC that I really do not want to even consider moving to KY, but what if it is God's Will and we just don't know it yet. We must allow it to unfold further and see. Blessings

PS Here is Chad's Address

Chad Huntsinger
Schenck Job Corps
98 Schenck Drive
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Recap of the Week

This is Saturday morning and we get to go see our son Chad today. Remember, we dropped him off on Tuesday. We have talked to him twice since then. It appears that he doing well. We are very excited that we get to spend some time with today. Last night our daughter and her husband came and spent the night with us. Pretty cool, huh! We went to TC's sisters daughter's wedding. Shanna, made a pretty bride but of course she already had a kid and living with her husband to be. Kinda sad. Can God still bless? Of course! It is still sad. I wish young people would see the wrong in this as think about those kind of things. Anyway, I got a call from a pastor search comm. from Kentucky. This came in on the Winds of change blowing in March. To be honest this is something I was not even thinking about. See, here is the thing. I love preaching, visiting and studying. I love organizing things and events. I like administration. I hate politics. Did I mention I hate politics. I know, if you have people, right? O course there will be differing views and opinions. But some will actually get quite nasty to get their way. Now I ask, How can someone have the Love of Christ in their heart and say and do some of these things? Exactly!!! This is not fruits of the Spirit so, the conclusion is that the Spirit does not reside there and Christ does not have supreme authority. How can a church let this person be in a leadership position and make decisions that factor what kind of outreach and ministry the church will have. THAT"S WHY I DIGRESS, at least when it come to being a pastor. Oh well, I am certain that God will lead a path clear for us to see.
In the meantime LifeSong is going well. We had new visitors last week giving us a grand total of 20 people present. Of course 10 of these were kids, but that is cool too. TC and I are will be attending Christ Covenant Church in Shelby, Nc this coming Sunday. God Bless.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A father's Love for his children

This morning I am not sure what I feel. We dropped off our 17 year old son at job corps in Brevard NC yesterday and I feel kinda numb. It is hard to sleep but I know he has another father who will never forsake him. Chad is such a good kid and he deserves this second chance. My prayer as a father is that he will stay focused on the goal.
We stopped on the way home and got to see our daughter for about 10 minutes. She has to go to work at Target. I pray for her as she has her own struggles. It is hard to work and go to school. Then, I think of my wife TC. She works full-time and she goes to school fulltime. I know that must be incredibly tough. I know she is torn in all she must do. I love her so much. I think I will have a nice day, Blessings Wade

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Waiting on the Deal

Wait wait wait. Seems like I've had to do a lot of that here lately. I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere. So anyway, today we are waiting to hear about our son, Chad. He is waiting on a direct date for job corps. The only way in today is through a cancellation. Oh well if not today, then on March 6th. Today we close on our house to sell it, and then turn around and rent it for a month. Go figure. We are going to move in my Grandparents home. I am excited about that. In a way I think I am honoring them by living there. God has so blessed me with parents and grandparents. He is good to me, far more than I deserve. LifeSong continues to meet each week on Thursday nights. My parents have even come for a couple of weeks. Our music guy was not there for about two weeks but he is back so that is good. We are still praying on what God wants us to do on Sunday Mornings. My wife TC is really stressed out about work, school and her kids. I will pray for her and do extra to help her. Hope that helps. See ya, Wade

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a week for me

I attended a defensive driving train the trainer this week in charlotte. This is cool stuff. Stuff that WILL save lives. I recommend 100 percent. On Friday this week I was ablt to return to a place that I lived for four years, as my Dad was pastor in this community for years. I lived there from the age of 15 until I got married at age 19. Those were good years. Many of the old timers have not passed on but I could not believe all the ones that are still there. I saw some friends I grew up with that I have not seen in 20 years. It was really cool.
In ministry news TC and I are going to visit Christ Covenant Church of Boiling Springs this Sunday. We havef always wanted to visit there. I gone to some concerts, but never a worship service. I look forward to it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Safe Driving

This week I am being trained on the Smith Defensive Driving System. I give all the DDC classes at my work so this is another tool in the shed, another weapon in the arsenal, so to speak. It is a pretty intense class as I am absolutely wore out each and every day I come home. So, that is why there is not much blogging going on this week.
I am meeting several new people across the country this week at the class. This week brother Cecil is taking the lead and praying about what direction we will be going in this Thursday. I am looking forward to it. Until next time, Blessings

Monday, February 13, 2006

I am Maximus

I just returned from Myrtle Beach SC where we were celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary, along with spending some time with our son. I also was continuing to read "Wild at heart" by John Eldridge. To me this man is a prophet. This book was from God no doubt. I have even went back and re-read several parts and I intend to re-read the whole book. No other book except the Holy bible has been for of an influence in my life. I love his analogies. I go to the a part where he is describing a warrior. A man who has vision. William Wallace saw Freedom. Maximus saw Heaven, but wanted more people to experience freedom. He said secondly that a warrior was cunning. So a warrior must know when to do the following and I add these as my own, but with a whole acknowledgment that the inspiration came from the knowledge gleaned from this book.

A Warrior must know:
  • When to Fight
  • When to Flee
  • When to Finish
  • When to forget
  • When to Forgive
  • and When to Feel
Without this a warrior is just a mercenary, a hired gun, and paid killer. Who wants to be that. As John says I do not want to be the man in the 3rd row in Braveheart, holding a farm tool for a weapon. I want to be William Wallace, leading my men, holding the correct weapon, ready to do battle against the enemy.
My True Weapon-
    • God's Word of course-A Two edged sword
    • The Armor of God
    • And a Right Spirit within me

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A glance at the Week

The first full week of Feb. is coming to a close. I just felt like glancing back and looking forward this morning. Here are some highlights:
  • Leaving for Myrtle beach on Friday and returning on Sunday
  • Celebrating 23 years of marriage on the 12th
  • Closing on our home on the 21st. Selling house to live where? HMMMM
  • Perhaps moving into Grandparents home for a while.
  • Chad, my son, is leaving for Job Corps on the 21st.
  • He has to stay there 45 days before he comes home.
  • Looked at camper again on Saturday. Perhaps I will make an offer.
  • TC and I are thinking about this empty house sydrome. So, we are selling the house!

Thanks God for all the people I met in the last two weeks. Here are some of those: Keith from southern California, Mike from Hickory, NC- Todd from Belmont,NC- and Udeme from West Africa. I am grateful for all their comments to me and their time. Also, to Ray Pritchard who took the time to respond to my comment for him. I love keeping up with his activities. Visit him at www.keepbelieving.org God bless everyone as I will return on Monday

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Energized Prayer

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not insisting that God listens to our prayers based on how energized we pray. I have hear that in the past. I have heard people pray as though they thought God was deaf or something. What I mean by energized is this; to pray with an effect, as though it was already true. WOW Wait a minute, is that nor what we were told by Jesus. "Ask and you shall receive" To me this means that we pray in the Fathers Will. Jesus did! This has completely changed things for me in the last few days. New found knowledge? No, just a friend reminding me. Thank God for friends.

Sunday Morning- I think we will leave that open for now. There are many things we can do like visit with our friends, preach when we get the chance, and most imprinted look for ministry opportunities during this time. More on that later, I gotta go to work, Wade

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Effective Prayer

Matthew 7:7-8
7 "Keep on asking, and you will be given what you ask for. Keep on looking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened. 8 For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And the door is opened to everyone who knocks.

What an awesome thought. I have been praying recently asking for clarification on the vision I believe God has given us. The question, What is LifeSong suppose to be and what will it look like? While all answers are not yet revealed, I have ben able to revamp the website to better make clear the vision. It includes:
  • A Thursday night interdenominational worship service/Home Fellowship
  • A serving ministry for Sunday morning
  • A Preaching ministry wherever God will open the door
  • A unified effort with those sho also desire to bring the Body of Christ together.

Anyone interested should check out www.lifesong.info

God is so good to take care of His children!!!!! Be Blessed, Wade

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl and Super Pizza

My family made great Mexican appetizer last night and then had a big stuffed crust pizza to top it off. I enjoyed the SB. Of course I really didn't watch all the pre-game show. Hours before I had made some phone calls and some email contact with future prospects and hopefully some of HC attendees. Then I watched Gunsmoke for about two episodes before the game. Chad, my son, got home just before it started. Of course my wife had nothing to do with it. She went to her room and watched the puppy bowl on Animal Planet. That was pretty cool too. Talked to my daughter last night and she is now working for Target. It's gonna be pretty tough on her for this last semester of college. But, she is strong and God is stronger. We will pray for them!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Discovering the Difference

I asked recently what is the difference between home groups and house church. They are both made up of the same material and attributes. Mostly the same people desiring to come. The difference I believe is this:
  1. Desire- It goes toward our intentions. We desire to begin a network of small home fellowships. We are not trying to promote for a larger cause. This is the cause. Our HF is the tool we use.
  2. Discovery- I think at some point in time you just look around and discover that this is what you've waited on. You kinda always know that what you were doing just was not getting it. Sunday School was long and boring and especially uncomfortable.
  3. Delivery-So, church of the past was long, boring and only bearable at certain points. It was not horrible or nothing as I still travel around to preach at traditional churches. We just understand now that our style is meant for HF instead of Home groups. Yes, I feel that Home Fellowships are much more a better term to describe us then House Church. We are the church 24/7 not just when we meet. Think about that, Blessings Wade

Friday, February 03, 2006

Making Time ....Think about it

I often wonder why we cannot make time for each other. Today was great as me and my son Chad spent the day together. He went with me to get new glasses and then we just hung out. We ate lunch and then we saw "Big mamma's house 2" Of course Martin Lawrence was funny. Pretty good movie. Believe it or not we went shopping and then we came home. Of course I guess that just about all the Dad he could handle. He has gone now to hang out with friends. I do love my son.
Last night a friend called and we met and talked about life, love and the desire to reach the lost. It was good because we had to cancel our Home Fellowship because of sickness. Our host family was sick. So, it turned out cool. Can't wait until next weekend. My wife and I are going to Myrtle Beach SC for out anniversary. 23 years we have been married. What a blessing! Hey, take time to be with people. It is never wasted!


Friday Morning and raining. Great, we need it but man-I got plans, oh well. IN the last few days here is an update:
  • work hard got paid- oh yea
  • Responded to three fire calls- (Volunteer fireman)
  • Met two other guys from around the country that are doing HC)
  • MAde contact with John with and House2house. Cool-Great guys it seems)
  • Cancelled out Home Fellowship- Too many people sick
  • Met with Jeff for fellowship and prayer assn just talking-cool
  • Thursday-broke glasses
  • Friday 9:30-Appointment for new glasses
  • My son and I are just gonna hang out and spend the night somewhere and do some male bonding....UUUGGGGG
I am currently studying the main difference between Home groups and what I call Home Fellowships. Remember LifeSong will be someday a network of Home Fellowships My answer will come in a few days. Blessings

Sad but True

Friday Morning and raining. Great, we need it but man-I got plans, oh well. IN the last few days here is an update:
  • work hard got paid- oh yea
  • Responded to three fire calls- (Volunteer fireman)
  • Met two other guys from around the country that are doing HC)
  • MAde contact with John with and House2house. Cool-Great guys it seems)
  • Cancelled out Home Fellowship- Too many people sick
  • Met with Jeff for fellowship and prayer assn just talking-cool
  • Thursday-broke glasses
  • Friday 9:30-Appointment for new glasses
  • My son and I are just gonna hang out and spend the night somewhere and do some male bonding....UUUGGGGG
I am currently studying the main difference between Home groups and what I call Home Fellowships. Remember LifeSong will be someday a network of Home Fellowships My answer will come in a few days. Blessings