Saturday, April 29, 2006

What to do

I sit here tonight wondering what will we do Sunday Morning. I know we should be going to church, but where? Anywhere some have said but I don't want to go to church just for the sake of going. I want to go because God has showed us where. I believe it is right around the corner. I pray that when I write to morrow we will have felt led to go somewhere but I guess we will see.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Stress and Management

I often think that God must really get a chuckle when He sees the way we react sometimes. What seems like a huge deal often is just a small thing. Itseems large to us I know but in the full scheme of things, well you know. But, God is still concerned even with our small things. That is cool. For several weeks I have felt...well useless is the only word I can find. What is my purpose? What am I suppose to be doing? I do not know. What happened to the vision of Lifesong? I think I am the one who lost it. I think I have dropped the ball which in turn has caused a tad bit of depression. It is my fault I am sure, but there is the enemy that is at the root of this. I think the Devil must be proud of himself because of the small battles he wins, but the victory has already been won! This I know! Last night at home group we talked about passing through the storms. We all shared of the storms we are facing right now. I thank God for this group because they have really helped us through it all. It is our faith fellowship during this time of wandering without a church home. We do have some prospects but are waiting upon God for direction. Praise Him!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A busy week

This week I will be out of town in Raleigh NC teaching the Smith System Defensive Driving class. I will be back home late Tuesday evening and then back out early Wednesday morning. I am sure that everything will get behind but I will just have to catch up some other time.

Here is the link to a Gaston county Tax photograph of my grandparents house. We have settled in pretty good although there are some issues of not having a dryer hook up and the wiring leaves much to be desired. Other than that it is going pretty good.

The weekly worship time is still going although it seems to have stalled somewhat. We have began to send out some flyers for advertisment. I pray that this is what God wants.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back on line

While I do not have time right now I just wanted to post that I am back online. Time Warner contractors came this morning and hooked everything back up. We are trying out this RoadRunner and man it is tons faster. That is cool. Chad is home this weekend and we are enjoying that a lot. We had supper with Christie on Friday so it has been a very good weekend. We will take Chad back to Brevard on Sunday afternoon after church. We are attending Missionary Methodist again. See ya

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Posting Again From work

Hello mates, Again I am just checking in from work just for a second. We are still waiting on Time Warner to get our internet hooked up Wait Wait Wait!!! Things are going well and we are adjusting to our new living arrangements. It is so cool to live in the house that my Great Grandfather Wade Hampton Self built and my grandparents lived in for many years and the house that my Dad was raised in. There are some problems with the eletrical outlets and such but is is cool. Everyone is doing well so bye for now.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Checking In

Posting from work. I still have no internet service in our home. Hopefully time Warner will running it soon. We got moved Ok and we are settling into our new home. New to us that is. It still seems like I am just visiting my grandparents. I am sure my wife will become better adjusted when she gets more of her stuff in the house. all for now, WH

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Last Day at our house

Today is it for our Styers street home. We will begin moving this morning and should be sleeping in our new home tonight. Well, new to us anyway. My Great Grandfather, whom I was named after, Wade Hampton Self, built this house in the sometime around 1930. It sits on land that use to be all in the self family, however over the years it was all sold off but just a bit. The food lion grocery store sits on what use to be the old home place. Anyway, we are excited to live and take care of the home for a little while. We will see what the future holds. My email will change soon to probably a RR address, so for now if you want to contact me use this one,
It will probably be at least a week before I get everything up and running. I have decided to list all the blogs I read on a daily basis. Not sure why but here they are,

Because I have so much time in the morning 4:00AM-6:00 Am, I am able to do many things, so I use others to enhance my education. Yes, that is right I learn from these guys. I think it is pretty cool using people from all over the country and from different backgrounds. One common factor is this, they love Jesus and that all that matters to me. I do not when I can post again perhaps at work but until then God Bless, Wade