Monday, May 29, 2006

Grateful for all things!

I woke this morning with such respect for all of the fallen. I honor them for their sacrifice. Because of them I sit in freedom today. No greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends! May God bless those families who are still feeling the loss of thee own sacrifice!

Yesterday was awesome. It was our first full visit to wellspring and the music was awesome. We invited Cecil and Laura and I think they enjoyed it as well. The worship Leader"Mo" is awesome. I absolutely entered into the courts of praise with him. Terry gave a great sermon from his heart. My challenge is to be who God made me to be. A Teacher and an administrator/Organizer. Those are my gifts and that is who I want to be. Everyone of us has the gift to witness and we should be using our talents to bring others to that relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

What Mighty Blessings

On Friday we picked up Chad from Brevard and he is off until Monday. We took him shopping on Saturday to buy summer clothes. All my family will be here on Sunday as we celebrate my Mom's birthday. We are having supper together and Christie and David is spending the night and taking Chad back on Monday. We are truly blessed.
I am so glad to be finished with the Haz Mat class. I aced the test. Today it is about 94 degrees and this the first summer in five years we will not have a pool Boo Hoo. I do miss our pool since we sold the house.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The End is near

Yes, only two more days of Haz Mat training. We take our test this Thursday and that will be that. This has been a long class and I am very tired because of it. To go from 6:00Am until 10:00 PM has taken its toil on me. But, I am almost done and quite pleased because many have dropped out along the way.
On Tuesday of this week I gave another Defensive Driving class at work. It was was really good. Some are amazed at how comfortable I am speaking. Most don';t realize that I went to FBBI and then spoke at church at least three times a week for many years. Of course I am going to feel more comfortable. Anyway that's what is going on in my world.
In ministry news, of course we have taken the month of May off from Thursdays. However, I am really missing everyone. I hope we can get it going again soon!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Super Sunday

We went to Wellspring and it was really nice. Everyone was so nice and seemed to be excited that we were there. I do not know what the future is but i think we will be a part of it. We will attend there and see what God has in store.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mothers Day weekend

On Friday all of our kids came down from the mountains and spent the night with us. They are spending Friday and Saturday with us because they cannot be here on Sunday. TC is sad because this is the first Mother's Day she will not be with her kids. My Mom is working with Campers On Mission at Ridgecrest so we are thinking about driving up there and see her on Sunday. I am preaching at Hezibah church at the 9:30 service and then I will be done for the day.
This past week was rough when you work at least 10 hours and then spend four hours in class. I do not get our until 10:00 PM which is way past my bedtime. The next two weeks will be the same so I will be glad when that is over. I will be then be a certified advanced Hazardous Materials Fireman. I do love being a Fireman.
I spoke to Terry Jordan again yesterday. I was glad he called. For some reason a bit of depression had creeped back on me and out of the blue comes a call from my brother in arms. We are going to go straight from Hezibah to Wellspring this Sunday or at least that is our plans. I am excited at meeting some of the people. This morning I woke with many people on my heart to pray for. Here they are:

Terry Jordan
Nicky King
John Lindsay
Mom and Dad
The cherryville Area
Keith Giles

I feel as though someone has prayed for me this morning. It is truly a blessing!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This week from 6:00 10:00 each night I am at the Fire Department doing HazMat Training. Great balls of fire. It is tough to work 10 hours and then sit in class for another 4. Pray for me, just in case someone was to read this. Wade

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Today we will visit Wellspring community church with pastor Terry Jordon. I met with terry this past Friday and I am excited to see if there may be a connection here for LifeSong. They are having Home Group this week in Boilings Springs so it should be interesting.
Afterwards, TC is cooking a big lunch and we will take Chad to christies and she will take Chad back to job Corp after church tonight.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Response

Yesterday as I prepared for a lunch meeting with Terry Jordan, pastor of Wellspring community church, I pondered, what should I say. It seemed that I wanted to act like I was prepared and everything was running as planned, but I could not lie. I am a man of constant sorrow. At least that is the way I feel. I feel that I have failed God and disappointed Him greatly, in fact I have. However, I had brain knowledge that He would forgive me, but very recently I felt heart knowledge that He has in fact forgiven me. So, I enjoyed the meeting very much. Terry is man I felt I could open up with and be honest. It seems that he in fact did the same. I hope the meeting was good for him too. Just the meeting itself was good, but I also receive some good information. TC and I will visit them this coming Sunday for home group. We are looking forward to it as I thing this is the beginning. I have waited and waited for a covering ministry and I think this could be it. My heart has been revived as to our ministry. Could it be that it will be reborn, I do not know and I will not try to make it happen. Lord Jesus, help me be obedient. The outcome is yours, I must only trust you.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Christie's Graduation

Yesterday TC and I watched as our daughter revived her BA from North Greenville University. It was awesome. We started the day at Christie's house and then we picked up Chad. After lunch we all met at NAGS and after the ceremonies and pictures we all went to the The hare and the Hound Pub and restaurant in Landrum SC. Everything was great and we are so proud of her accomplishments. Today I will meet Terry Jordon for Lunch and a quick meeting about his church plant in shelby. I am very excited about this because of the Band of Brothers and other stuff. I will pass on more info later.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I was wrong. We did not go anywhere to church. After a morning of personal study TC and I went down to south Carolina at Cowpens Battle site. We did enjoy our day tremendously. Tc said she did not feel bad for not going anywhere. After some discussion I knew what she meant. We have picked out one church that we could possible choose. However, there are one or two more that we have not gone to, so I have one meeting and about two more churches to visit. It was a good day and the Lord blessed.

THIS THURSDAY my precious daughter graduates from college. I cannot believe that day has arrived. It seems so long age that she started college. We will pick Chad up that morning and travel to Greenville. My parents are coming so we will all go out to eat afterwards. I am so excited for those kids. David preaches in Chapel the next day. I cannot attend but I will pray for him. I know he will do a good job and that he is excited about it. All for now!