Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life Is Hard

Life is hard to think about sometimes; Life is hard to do. Sometimes you feel helpless and perhaps hopeless. What you thought was real sometimes is fake and you are trying to just belong somewhere. That’s the road I’m on. I’ve had my raising and this feeling goes against everything I’ve ever heard and this especially goes against what I read in Scripture. I am sure that all have been depressed or just consumed by a thought or feeling. Look, I know the TRUTH; but I don’t feel the truth. I know it is still the truth!
I think about several things that Christ has told us; first, don’t worry about tomorrow. Second, love your neighbor as your self. In other words take more though for your neighbor than you do yourself. That is not happening. Third, don’t fear, but rather give this burden over to the Lord, but I just seem unable to do it. I don’t know how. I am working on it but I just can’t seem to figure it out. I don’t feel like myself anymore. Something is wrong and I can’t figure out what. But, I know it will be OK

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just Dreaming

How i would love to be driving this herd on my Wyoming Ranch

This Road I'm on....

It seems that I have been referring everything to a journey as of late. I think because I have been reading lots of John Eldredges stuff but I don’t know. Whatever the case I really do believe it could be one of several things. One also could be the fact that TC and I have always considered ourselves as Pioneers and not settlers. We feel that we got to this point for a reason and that the road will continue for a specific purpose. Perhaps it is all the miles I driven over the years. So many nights and days traveling down asphalt and concrete just trying to get one place from another place. I refereed earlier that I think I enjoy the chase even more than the capture. When I get somewhere I just want to leave and go somewhere else. I am trying to consider why we are on the road we are on now. Both TC and I seem to be battling a sort of depression. I am not sure how serious it is but I guess anything emotional like this is serious. I think TC is struggling way more than I so I know I need to be stronger. I have learned through experience and I guess my generation that I am “suppose to tow the line”. The line sure seems to be awful heavy. Someone help me understand “mid-life crisis”. I know it exist and I have done the research. Can it be? Whey would I be facing mid life crisis, because I am mid life. It’s hard and it’s fast. If I live just to be 80, then I am over half over. Please don’t read anything into this that is not there! “Greater is he that is in me”. That I know, but I am talking about being a human. I also must realize that more than being a human I am a creation. God created me, knows me and desires to walk with me in relationship. Awesome! I will continue to study this as it actually helps to understand the physic behind the emotions. When studying them I think, Wow, that’s exactly how I feel. On Wikipedia it is defined in the characters as follows, Characteristics

Certain characteristics displayed by individuals experiencing a mid-life crisis often include but are not limited to:

* search of an undefined dream or goal
* desire to achieve a feeling of youthfulness
* acquiring of unusual or expensive items such as clothing, muscle cars, jeweler, gadgets, etc.
* paying extra special attention to physical appearance
* need to spend more time alone or with certain peers

WOW- Talking about the hitting the nail on the head. I shall attempt to understand this more in relation to my relationship with Christ.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Lovely Thought for A Lovely Day

Sitting on our Fireplace mantel is one of the pictures of the greates joy in my life. Only someone who has given their daughter away can measure what we felt that night. Its coming up on one year. In this photo we are dancing the Father-Bride dance and of course it is to "butterfly Kisses". We are kinda smiling in this pic but I also have one when we first stated dancing. It looks like someone had kicked me in the stomach as I am in pain.

Now consider what God felt when He gave His only Son for our sins. What a beautiful picture. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I think of how much went into Christies dress and even her getting ready. Way before that David loved her. Same with us. While we were still in our sins, God loved us In fact Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

A Lovely thought for a lovely day!

Kid Update: Christie and Chad

Chad went Monday to sign up for the Army. All the decisions have been made and according to TC he seemed excited about it. I do feel it will give him a sense of purpose. The recruiter’s computers went down so he will finish up with that today (Tuesday) and then he goes to MEPS in charlotte on Thursday. There he will officially sign the papers and probably be sworn in. He will also receive a complete physical and all that stuff. We still hope and pray that God’s Will shall be accomplished in all of this. That is the main thing! I guess that is what is on our mind. Here’s a blessings: As some of you may know my daughter Christie was in an accident. Her car being totaled she was without a car. Turkey Creek Baptist Church where David her husband serves as Youth Pastor, decided to put some money toward another car. Someone in the church decided they would take care of the rest. So, today they are receiving a 98 model car at no cost. You can’t beat that!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sunday Recap: Awesome

What a time at church last night. Scott’s brother came and led worship because Moe took their son to Camp Lejune. I’ll tell you something man, the Holy Spirit was felt by all. The Worship was awesome and Terry played a prayer by John Eldredge and God spoke different things to different people. It was simply awesome! God really used me that morning as I spoke at Hezibah. Using I Samuel 3:1-3 as my text. I spoke on the importance of Choices, Actions and Redemption.
Hannah's Prayer of Praise
Then Hannah prayed:

"My heart rejoices in the Lord!
Oh, how the Lord has blessed me!
Now I have an answer for my enemies,
as I delight in your deliverance.
No one is holy like the Lord!
There is no one besides you;
there is no Rock like our God.

"Stop acting so proud and haughty!
Don't speak with such arrogance!
The Lord is a God who knows your deeds;
and he will judge you for what you have done.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Expectation: The Chase,Capture and the Challenge

Expectation: Meaning the act or state of expecting. Another word could be anticipation. The idea of expecting something specific has cause a lot of heartache and disappointment in the past. But, at the same time can you imagine life without expectancy. If you never expected anything I think that would be sad as well. I began thinking about this yesterday and I wanted to write about it. Years ago I always expected my daughter Christie to a southern girl. She is a little countrified but she wants to be a traveled girl. She anticipates different dreams for herself than I ever did. Now let me say that is good, but I didn’t ever expect her o go too places like Ecuador, England and such. The difference is she is the one who was proposed to on the eifer tower in Paris France. Now that is meaningless to me but for her is was priceless. I realized as well that my son has not hit expectations and that is alright. I do not and will not accept some of the things that he has done. I reject laziness and no will to be a sin and will not be tolerated however, he is who he is. I need to let him know that at the same time he learns that I will not allow him to just bum around any longer. Expectation: I consider my self. I sure didn’t think I would be where I am today. Lots of surprises have appeared lately. We are 43 and I have had tons of jobs, but I liked them all and I am glad I have had all those experiences. I have been a truck driver/Owner-Operator/ Fireman/ Pastor/Youth Pastor/Chaplin/Farm worker/ Soldier-Combat Engineer. I expected to have all that out of my system but I do not. Id am ready for a new Challenge. In fact I have found out something about myself. It is the chase that I desire. I usually become bored with the catch. I like the adventure found in the chase. My wife said that she is glad that I am not that way with her. It is true that I have no desire for that, but in other things, I like the chase, the capture and the challenge. In the beginning I thought this was a terrible thing but I think God can use this desire I have, which by the way He gave me, to His Glory and for working in His Kingdom. May it be so. May I EXPECT to do many great things. And may I never expect things out of other that they do not have.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pics from Thanksgiving 2006

TC and our other two children

Chad and David: Caught playing Madden

Christie at our computer checking email

Christie and Bethany

Mom and Dad

Some Pics of us sitting around talking in Mom's livingroom. The conservation and the food was very good.

Just trying to figure it out

It’s Saturday morning as I try and gather my thoughts. An update on my reading. I had just finished “The Journey of Desire” by Jon Eldredge and so I decided to pick up “Captivated” by John and Staci Eldredge. It is really for women but TC had really gotten a lot from the men's book so we will see if it is vice-versa. Wow the journey we are on right now is an incredible ride. Our son has made us think things that we have never thought before. By that I mean it seems so simple to figure out but it is never that simple. I know I was 18 at one time but come one. When I was 18 I was preparing to ask TC for her hand in marriage, I had a job paying my own way. It seems that Chad has no desire or ambitions. Perhaps that may change soon as he learns things about himself in Basic Training. I hope!
This week at Wellspring Moe is going to be gone. They have to take their son to Camp Lejune, NC I saw Matt at the recruiter’s office and I thought he look awesome in his Marine sweats. Donna, his Mom looked as thought she was just glowing in pride. I think that TC really needs to talk to Donna about how she feels about Chad. I think that would go well. I will probably try and work that out God willing! I think Scott is trying to get his brother to come and lead the music for the church. I hope because I really want to play the drums Sunday. Well that is all I am going to write about today. God is good and He Still EXISTS just as He did yesterday. Forever there forever faithful and forever thinking of me His Child!

Friday, November 24, 2006


I drove from Waco to Brevard yesterday. The ride was pretty good as the weather was absolutely beautiful. Of course Christie has not found a car yet so we had to go and get them. Christie and David are going to spend the night with us as the entire family got together last night for Thanksgiving Supper. We had a great time and met another new girlfriend of Matt’s my nephew. This one might be a keeper. I’ll post some pics of the family when I get new batteries for the camera. Out Tradition is to go and eat breakfast this Friday morning and them come home and decorate for Christmas. I guess we will have take Christie back to Brevard sometime this afternoon. I am so gals it worked out for them to come. I am thankful that that my family is together. I am also thankful that I am off this whole weekend. Thursday started kina funky. I think I was just overcome by all the things going on the past few weeks. I just felt blah! I am a very emotional person so when they hit bottom so do I.
Chad has decided to go and sign up for the army this coming Monday. He seems to be actually excited about it so we will see. He had decided on the MOS 88M which is Motor Transport Operator or Truck driver for short. I think part of the decision for that choice is his laziness and not wanting to walk but whatever. We all have our reasons for doing something. I just hope everything goes well when he goes to MEPS and all of that. Let’s go and enjoy the remainder of the Holiday. Peace out!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I am glad ole Abe set aside this day for the purpose of giving thanks, although I am sure that you are much like me as you give thanks each and every day. However, I will make sure I give thanks for the national things at this time. I am thankful for FREEDOM. Freedom is bigger than America. Freedom comes as a gift from God but it is not be taken lightly. Today I think I will ponder on that thought and for the men and women who serve to protect that freedom!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Chad Update

Chad did pretty well on the ASVAB. As expected he did way better on the mechcanical part and his scores gave him many options. We sat in the recruiters office for over an hour just looking at the different jobs. It's going to be his decision but I am trying to help him as much as I can. He really seemed interested in a 88M- Transport Operator or truckdriver. I guess we will see. I went ahead and took the tape test just to see how much body fat I had. Well it was about 28% That would have to come down to about 26% for me. I have about one year to decide and then I would forever be too old. I found a Chaplain's Assistant down at Fort Jackson SC so that is interesting. Chad was over weight but he was under his body fat percentage. So, I guess he is good to go! I will pray for his decision.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chad Journey

Monday Night we went and talked to the recruiter. Chad took a practice ASVAB test and asked some questions. He goes back today at 3:00 PM and they will take him to Charlotte for the actual ASVAB test and then bring him back to Shelby. At that point they will talk to him about certain jobs he is qualified for. When I was in the recruiting office I could feel that sense of pride. I think Chad felt it too he just does not know what it is yet. I really enjoyed talking to some of the guys in there about the old army. Last year with a great sense of patriotism, I even tried to re-enlist. Didn't work out but there is still even a chance at that. I would love to be a chaplain's Assistant. God would surely have to open that door and keep it open because TC would slam that one shut for sure. Who knows? For those who do please pray for Chad today.

Monday, November 20, 2006

From a Daddy's Heart

From the heart this weekend has been really weird. I would hesitate just a little to explain everything but we’ve had a few problems from our 18 years old son. In all honesty we can not figure out why things have worked they way they have. Someone once said that “Y” or Why is a crooked letter that no one has ever got straight. I reckon! There have been jobs for Chad that have just not panned out. I mean they said sure we will hire you. Call me next week. Nothing. Wal-Mart said sure, here now go take this drug test. Nothing! So, Chad graduated from the U.S Job Corp in Brevard NC last September with his GED so we really figured things were turning around but, they have not. We fear that boredom and lack of gumption will create for Chad a negative atmosphere. In fact it already has. So, we decided that Chad’s best course of action is to begin the process of joining the Army. His Mom was very upset at this suggestion but, after much conversation she came to see what I meant. So, this week will be for Chad to investigate and find some answers to his question. Chad needs prayer for he is at a critical crossroads in life. This is difficult for a Dad to bear but I know this change in Chad's life is neccesary.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just For Fun

This is the only known picture of Billy the Kid.

Just for fun I have been looking at the evidence of the story that Brush Bill Roberts was actually billy The Kid. This has proven to be untrue time and time again. It does make a great story though. They have ven given Brushy Bill a new headstone to reflect his story. He is buried in Hamlminton Texas just 20 miles from his home town.

Here is part of a newspaper article I found. Notice the middle picture. This is Anastacio Trujillo, holding the .44 rifle giving to his Father by Billy The Lid, alia, William H Bonney. According to the pic and report, there are 22 marks on the barrell.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

No Worries!

On Friday TC and I spent the day looking at cars. We found several online and found a few just looking around. I am glad that I had Friday off and even Saturday off. It came at a good time. I really didn’t want to buy a car right now but timing has made it a necessity. As in the past we will wait for the one God has picked out for us.

As I finished up the book “The Journey of Desire”, I will bring out one final thought. John talked about hanging a sign above his bed to remind him in the mornings that “God Exists”. The point: Sometimes God works these miracles in our lives and then we forget about them. If we could just remember what God has done in the past, we would have an idea of what He will do in the future. How can He not meet all of our needs? He Will! He Has Promised and he will. No worries!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Three New Movies Added to my Collection

Of course this one has Gene Hackman and Robert Duvall. That's a no brainer. Plus, I love a great tragic ending.
Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood. A movie about a crominal, a young boy and a TExas Ranger

This one was originally a mini-series on TV. This most certain ranks in the top 3 Civil War movies.

A Perfect World

Yesterday it seems my vehicle woes began to subside. After finding out that my wife's car had just lost a wire of the back of the alternator instead of the alternator being bad. This saved me over 200 bucks. That’s great! As Tony the Tiger would say. So, I paid out less but I will make less too. Eric, my Saturday boss, called to tell me he does not need me this weekend. Then, Billy, my Friday boss, called to say the classes were canceled on Friday. So, that means I will have a three day weekend. Cool!

Last night we watched “A Perfect World” with Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood. We had watched a long time ago and I had forgotten about it. It really does open so many thoughts concerning different views on things. Such as; criminals and how they got that way. Young boys with a father. It’s a good movie and worth watching; however it does use the “F” word a few times and the GD word a few times too. Famous two quotes of the movie. Kevin describes, “Your front windshield in the future and the rear view is the past. Speed up or slow down, the choice is yours. He stops and says, “Now is the present. Enjoy it while it last”. Also, the criminologist says, “In a perfect world things like this would not happen”. I agree! Except one thing. That which is perfect has not come. 1Cr 13:10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. I am reminded often about this passage because I know the day is coming when the “Perfect One’ Jesus Christi will come again and when He does all will be perfect again as it was in Eden. Everything will be beautiful. It will be again a Perfect World!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Process of Intervention

I've almost become uncomfortable in the mystery, but I have handled that. I really hope and pray that i am not just putting on a front. God knows my heart and I want to deal with thing as they come. I rested well even though transportationly, I am in a mess. BUT, God is bigger than anything sitution. So blessings still abound! Intervention is procesing!

This past Sunday was just too cool. I was so sick Sunday morning but God gave ame a special unction. I know because I felt it. Hezibah was good and then i went on the Northside and it was awesome. I could feel the Holy Spirit place a calm on the people and we were just able to link.

TC went last Sturday to re-take her PRAXIS test. I think that went well.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Needing Intervention

Ok, I have been put to the test and man “it ain’t been easy”. Know what I mean! For some reason I think I want to recap so I can kind of see, so here we go. Weekend before last my daughter wrecked and totaled her car. This car was still in our name, still our insurance (although they did pay for the insurance and stuff). Nevertheless, it is still in our name therefore; we are involved. It’s something we will have to work out with the wrecker company. Who knows how that gonna work out, plus I have to think about insurance rising. Then TC’s car quit starting. So, we put a starter on it. About 200 bucks. Then on Monday night it quit running on her way home from school. This is the third time it has left her stranded in a week. She will need a battery or alternator. Chad’s truck lost the clutch. About 650 bucks. Then a Rod began to knock so the mechanic advised putting 50 weight racing oil. So we did, and he said that it could last a day, a month or maybe years, who knows? My blazer has gone through two coils and two oxygen sensor valve which are highly unusual. Something is making it happen. So, I’m really not complaining, but just recapping. We are still blessed because we still have our health and God will se us through this trying time. God must work a miracle for Christie because they do not have acar to get to work. Good folks are letting them borrow cars a few days at a time, but that won’t last long. As for now she has until Wednesday. God I ask for you intervention.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Man, this is so cool

Here is a picture of my son Chad helping watch the kids. There are also some other youth in there as well. This is a play room located inside the church. What a great facility thay have. To God be the glory!

This is a little better shot of the whole band. You can barely see me in the dark left corner. We are worshipping in the blue room at Christ Covenant Church in Shelby, NC. They do not use their building on Sunday nights so they let us use the blue room. What a blessings.

This is Scott Hood playing the Trumpet and the Keyboard. Scott just recently returned from Iraq and is also a police officer for the city of Kings Mountain. In front of him is Moe our fearless leader

This is me playing the drums at Wellspring Community Church. Our Praise Band is getting bigger and better. That's little Kevin Caldwell to the right thumping the bass.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Practice makes point

Yesterday when faced with a major decision, the phrase I found the same day really came home to roost. Here it is; I had one car that would crank and run, mine-although it skips after it gets warm). I have one that I just spent over 600 dollars and drove it 15 minutes and now it makes a horrible noise. I have another car that will crank sometimes-It has left TC stranded three times. So, I decided not to go to work and take TC to her test. With this in mind I felt as though I had handled the situation perfectly. I pray so badly that I can continue to do the same in each and every situation. Why do things happen? I don’t know, but I am comfortable in the mystery!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

More of The Journey

The more comfortable we are with the mystery of our Journey, the more rest we will receive along the way." This is directly from John Aldredge's book, The Journey of Desire" What a saying. Think about it; Life is a mystery; the Gospel is a mystery so therefore why would we not think that even our life journey would not be a mystery as well. When one comes to that realization, I think the journey itself becomes more intriguing. My Journey like my skin fits me perfectly; therefore I am comfortable in it. Because I am comfortable in it, I will receive the rest that I so need!

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Quick Pause

It's 3:30 in the morning and I am just waking to another day. Thank you God for a good night rest. I wish I could sleep later but hey, it is what it is. Chad's truck will be over 600.00 for repairs (WOW) and I hope to do some repairs on the other cars ASAP. There is not time this weekend. I must work teaching the SMITH-SYSTEM today at our Corporate Headquarters in Lowell NC. On Saturday TC has to go and re-take her writing test in Charlotte for her PRAXIS I Test. Also, I will be working in Charlotte all day Saturday. I will be at the Charlotte Diesel Driving School. This will be my first day at the charlotte school. I am being trained right now to begin teaching a class on the weekends beginning in December. Sunday, I will be speaking at Hezibah at 9:30 and then again at Northside at 11:00 AM. It’s going to be a tight schedule, but God will give and protect, that I am sure of. Wellspring will met at Christ Covenant at 5:30 on Sunday afternoon. What a weekend!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Overwhlemed-Maybe or maybe not

Wow! This first week of this new schedule is quite difficult. Lots of things have gone wrong and I have no time to fix them. TC's car is not running right and neither is my blazer. Yesterday Chad's truck broke and I think it will need a new clutch. I must work this Friday and Saturday and of course this falls on my Hezibah week and then I speaking at Northside as well. God I need you to give me strength to accomplish all these things.

TC and i have been praying about starting a 3rd group for wellspring for while now. We feel the need to begin something for single adults or couples with no kids. For this to happen we need several things to happen. First, agreement from our pastor, CHECK 2. Agreement from our homegroup to branch out- COMING SOON Thirdly, Confirmation that now is the time- CHECK

So, we must have an agreement with our existing group. I have been the leader but I have also been co-leading this one with Cecil. It is tyime for him to lad this group with someone else. I feel strongly that there are people needing this that we must reach. We need prayer support on this one for sure!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fire Training

Last night we used our extradiction tools to destroy somecars. Actually CBT Wrecker service gave us some cars and we were training on them. Some guys had never even hand their hands on them much less use them. It had been a while, so I jumped in and tore the front of a Ford Tarsus and the roght side door. We must be ready and prepared when we are called upon.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A few more Pics

A pic of TC and my Mom in our living room.

You can see a little of christie, but this is my Dad and David

This is one of my best friends. This is Benji.

This is our back yard. At least we have some bueatiful trees to look at.
This past Saturday I went with TC to visit her graduating college home, Lees Mcrae College. It is a Presbyterian college and it fit well with her plans. We sat in a couple of classes. ONe wa about how certain light can prevent people from reading, understanding and such. The other class was a young woman from the Hmong community. She described how she was born in a refugee camp and how different our curltures are. This was really interesting. Next most people did some mountain dancing, although I decided not to participate. The guy leading this event did not sit very well with me, so I bowed out. Anyway, we had a great day.

Sunday our House Church was very good. We met for some fellowwship time and then we started. After the praise and sharing we has lunch. TC fixed three large pots of homemade soup. Others brought pumpkin bread and desserts. TC fixed some cornbread as well. It was great!

TC and I talked for a while yesterday on something that just came up. I have been feeling that another group should be started and yesterday we discussed that perhaps now is the time for that. I want to discuss this with Terry and others before going any further. This is a major prayer concern.

Also Sunday we head the news that our daughter and son in law were involved in a car incident down at Myrtle Beach. I think the car is totaled but the main thing is everyone is perfectly fine. Thank you God!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Contrast of Desire, What?

This week at our Home Group I am leading us in the topic of desire. I have been intrigued by this topic since I have been reading “The Journey of Desire” by John Eldredge. This book is awesome but too many times when I really get to thinking about my hearts true desire I almost get depressed. It is a feeling I think that is necessary in order for oneself to really feel what they must, that they might find the encouragement to actually do something about it. Too many people settle for less than what God wants for them. A True statement for sure is that your greatest desires will be placed there by God Himself. I have found that I almost always desire less for my self than God would for me. For example, I have always wanted to be able to be free and travel where I need to go. Now sit back for a moment and compare that desire to the need of being faithful. They both tear at my soul. I want to be a free spirit going and coming at the need arises. That is a desire that I have I simply cannot shake. It never goes away. I want to be on mission, on journey and help people where they are with what I have. I want to see God move in a powerful way. So, here is where my heart is discouraged. I must be faithful to my family, to my job, to paying the bills, right! Sure I do, but my prayer is for God to show me how HE is going to send me to my DESIRE and still be faithful to what He has already given me. I Declare that it is true! But, I don’t know. Get it!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Journey- Continued

When I think back on my life and what has come my way, there are several things that top the list:
  1. Meeting and marrying TC
  2. Having my Children: Christie and Chad
Of course these all fall behind meeting my Lord Jesus. When I think of certain circumstances in life I consider the jobs I have had. Two of the least paid were my favorite. Working at Cedar Lake Farms and taken care of all the bulls. Wayburn Mitchell was my boss and he was great to work for. Also being a fulltime fireman at Shelby Fire Department was awesome but would'nt pay the bills at the time. I have always wished I did'nt leave the Fire Department but that is now covered by Cherryville FD and being a volunteer. The point is this, money is not the answer. God dhas put me in some awesome places but I turned away from some and my timing was off on others.

Today, I am starting my second job of teaching at Trans-Tech Truck Driving School. I will either be in Conover or charlotte. Starting next week I will agin teach the SMith System DDC at my full-time job PSNC and be working at TT on Saturdays. This will be my schedule for until the end of the year. Take it when it comes! You never know when a rainy day will come.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Journey of Desire

This is the title of the latest book I am reading. It is written by John Eldridge of Ransomed Heart.
This was a difficult book to read because of the truth I found inside. When I would finish a chapter or sitting I would almost be discouraged. I knew in my heart that my journey of desire was off track somehow. I could no longer hear myself over the crowd. I really did not know who I was. The thing is; I really have not found all the answers yet. I am getting there. That is why it is called a journey. To be honest I take too many detours along the way. I am going to focus on this the next few days. I look forward to the JOURNEY.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wait and See

Chad had an interview at Walmart on Monday and took his drug test. He is hoping to hear back some time this week. (We hope so too) Please pray for such to be so if it is God's Will. TC (my wife) needs prayer for her sleep habits. She has such a hard time falling a sleep. She has a few more things to try before asking the doc about it.

Chad also has a placement test to take before beginning college in January. He has alot to do and I pray he will be responsible in doing all he needs to do. I will start my new second job this coming Friday. TC has to spend the day at Lees Mcrae College this Saturday so, I am going too and we hope to get hang for the night and enjoy a little time off. We will see.

I am feeling a little lonley in my walk right now. Last week Wellspring did'nt have church which I think was not good. It would have been better to have it, but that is not my call. I think November the 12th is the next time we will have the Party and I don't think I will make that one. I am gonna try but I will speak that morning at 9:30 at Hezibah and then at 11:00 at Northside. I will speak again at Northside at 6:00. Don't see how I can make Wellspring that night but I hate so bad. I have to be hones, I just love how I feel after playing the drums. Moe is easy to play with and it is an exciting thing. Oh well, things are for a purpose and we will just have to wait and see how that works out.

For this God [is] our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide [even] unto death.


Indeed, all the earth knows of His righteousness and is filled with His amazing glory! All His splendor and might exceeds all imagination. Such is our God. And He will guide us into His everlasting glory! (Blue Letter Bible)