Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday to me.

43 years ago I was born. Yesterday was my birthday and it was great. My kids called to wish me a happy birthday, my wife pampered my most of the day and we even had lunch with my parents. TC says she bought me a new camper for my B-Day, but we both know that we both equally enjoy camping. Time seems to be ticking along very quickly here lately but, it sure is fun to see what happens next. Sure there are things that if I had my druthers(my word) I would probably change a few things but it is what it is. I am blessed to have a family who loves me and a God who is for me. TC and I did all of our chores yesterday and enjoyed a nice meal and conversation last night. My wife is very kind to me and that is something to be extremely thankful for! Today is the day for our one night retreat and it is right on time. This should be a really good time as it seems to be way overdue.

I was looking back to my very first blog, posted January 27th, almost one year ago. Since then I have posted 186 posts. I have met some very interesting people and have enjoyed reading many different blogs from over the country and even the world. I took the time and really enjoyed reading my past blogs and I think this is more of a journal than anything else. I also think that there are tons of people who do not believe that anyone would fin interest in what they may write or think, but that is not necessarily the case. Sometimes I just hit the next blog feature or do a search on common interest or profiles. That is how I have met several people, For instance, a fellow blogger in California or a blogger from Iraq in the Army. There are tons of examples that someone might write about or perhaps share an experience that may be the thing that lifts a spirit or bring a smile. I think that it's one of the great things about blogger. I guess mine could be an “online journal”. That would probably describe it the best. I pray whoever reads this will have a great and prosperous New Year.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Email from American Family association

Thought I would post this:

This is something I have looked at for a while. All info comes from their website and an email post.
Bill O'Reilly, host of "The O'Reilly Factor" on the Fox News Channel, calls George Soros public enemy number 1
Bill O’Reilly says George Soros and Progressive Insurance Chairman Peter Lewis are leading enemies of traditional values
Dear Wade,
FREE Newsletter from The Voice of the Martyrs I just finished reading Bill O'Reilly's book Culture Warrior. I recommend you read this book by the host of "The O'Reilly Factor." It will help open your eyes to what AFA has been saying for years.
What is most interesting about Mr. O'Reilly's book is what he says about billionaires George Soros, an investment banker, and Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance: "For traditional-minded Americans, George Soros is public enemy number one. Without his unlimited cash (along with that of Peter Lewis), the S-P [social progressive] movement could not attack so readily and so effectively---and with such venom."
Peter Lewis owns $1,176,130,144 worth of Progressive stock. That is over one billion dollars worth of Progressive stock!
Read more of Mr. O'Reilly's information concerning Soros and Lewis.
Some of you will remember Lewis donated $8.5 million to the ACLU about a year ago.
While Progressive's Web site lists Lewis as chairman, the company says he is no longer active. But he still gets his money from Progressive to attack social conservatives.
If you are a Progressive Insurance agent or a policy holder, do you really want to help those seeking to reshape America to their image?

Random Early Thoughts

I woke early this morning and I have enjoyed the rare quietness of living on HWY 150. I decided to pay bills and all of that stuff and get it out of the way. I have such a peace this morning I can hardly contain it. I feel so blessed, so awesome being one of God’s Children. My Father loves me but you know what, He loves me even when I don’t feel that He does. My Saturday will be full of chores and some running around. I am so excited about this Sunday. TC and I are going with her sister and husband to a retreat near South Mountain and I am so much looking forward to it. You would just have to see us four together to know. We have been around each other as a foursome for over 25 years. They were our first double date and you should see the prom pics. Randy had a white tux and I had a powder blue one. Yes, I said powder blue. The girls were reversed. Can you imagine? I may post a pic on that later if I can find it. Awesome!

Friday, December 29, 2006

We are the proud owners of an RV...Again

Just a brief note…..TC and I went this morning and looked at a 1990 Chevrolet Fleetwood RV this morning. I had prayed that a wonderful sign and a peace would surround us if we were meant to purchase this one. Through a series of circumstances, we knew this was the one. The seller was a believer, there were things wrong with the RV that I could repair or have repaired and that made the purchase price affordable for us. So, we went to the bank, withdrawed the funds, added it to our insurance and went and bought the tag. We had to wait for the insurance fax and then over an hour at the DMV but we did it. We brought it home and we have already took all the curtains and stuff out of it and took them to the laundry mat and they are nice an clean. We are gong to work on it all day tomorrow, but we will have to take it somewhere to have the roof repaired. This is something that we love and so we are very excited about it. I will post some pics later and also during the progress. I wanted a project and boy do I have it. I thank God for this blessing.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well TC took the test so now we will wait and see sometime in early January. Later Tuesday TC and I tore it up at Crackle Barrel, and then spent some time with her sister and then just hung out the rest of the day around the house. It’s funny because when I was just riding around waiting on TC to take her test, I rode by the John Boy and Billy Radio Program offices just off Billy Graham freeway. Driving through the parking lot I saw Raeford getting out of his car and entering the building. I gave him a sturdy salute and he returned it promptly.

We tried to find something in Gatlinburg for this weekend but it was too late. We had decided to just forget about it and then through a newsletter I receive I found something really close by. It’s called Mountain Retreat Ministries. It is headed by Rev. David Webb and his wife. It is a really nice cabin and worth looking into. We are staying there on Sunday Night along with Tic’s sister and husband Debbie and Randy. This should be a lot of fun because we are so close and get along so well.

On Wednesday we had our Christmas/New Year dinner at the warehouse where I work. All the wives came in and we cooked steaks. A lady that works there really fixed it up nice. Denise is very creative and everything was really nice. Mike Long cook the steaks, outstanding! It was a good day. On Friday TC and I are gong to look at an RV. We think it is a good deal so we are excited. I pray that God’s Will shall overcome any desires we have. We would love to have a RV again and use it in ministry. There are so many uses. In the past when we had one, we used it for youth functions, college ministries, and even a place to serve pizza at a Crusade. We could also travel and have a place tom stay as we visited other churches on the weekend. Well not much more happening until after the first of the year. If I blog anymore it will be just some random stuff.

TO Anyone who Reads: God Bless and Happy New Year!!!!! Jesus Reigns

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Final Answer on Chaplains Assistant

I have been praying and praying about this matter of joining the Army Reserve as a Chaplains Assistant. It sorta pains me this morning that I received my answer. It was one of those things that just happened. I had asked God to tell me and I believe that He did. This morning I woke by just knowing. I want God’s will for my life and this is one those times that this is really not the answer I was looking for. I served my country back in the 80’s at Fort Drum in the 10th Mountain Division. Being prior service it would have been easier for me, but I sought the answer and the answer came. The answer is that as far as any military career that I thought I might still be able to have; IT IS OVER. Even while I was writing this my fire pager went off and that reminded me of one of the things I am suppose to do. Other than that I am not going to speculate at this time. I believe the first of the year will bring some more answers as far as that goes. My heart is kind of sad because I did want to join my fellow countrymen in serving and protecting my freedom. My heart is happy because I asked and I received. That is the final thought on that except for how I can still serve in a non-capacity form.

Our kids have all returned back to their own lives now. Christie and David to Brevard and Chad to Denver, NC. TC and I are going to Charlotte this morning for her to attempt her 3rd testing of the Praxis Test. I know that she is very nervous as she must pass it this time to continue in her cohort class beginning again in January. I pray that God will assist her nerves and give her freedom of thinking.

I must return to work on Wednesday and Thursday and then I am of again until the first of the year. We are trying to go somewhere this weekend although; we may have waited to late to find anything, but either way.

Monday, December 25, 2006

More Thoughts on Chaplains Assistant

Collar Insignia: Stylized hands enclosing a chapel, door open, on a one inch disk of gold color metal.
Authorized in 1984 for wear by enlisted personnel assigned as Chaplain Assistants. The hands represent religious support provided to the chapel and to religious programs, while the chapel's door symbolizes a welcome to all worshipers.
I continue to research the position of Chaplains Assistant. I guess while I am waiting for a final answer from God if this might be a possibility for me it is good for me to research and prepare. There are several circumstances that could prevent me from doing this so, I do not and will not push this through. I truly have a desire to wait on God. This I know, whatever God’s will is for me it will co-exist with his will for TC. We are not separate but we are one! Just wanted to reassure myself that I am waiting on God.

That being said I am still excited at the possibility. The adventure itself is enough for me to be excited about, but also the chance to work in this field. The ministry and preparations it world take is right up my alley. As a 56(M) CA, I would be part of the UMT( Unit Ministry Team). You can get all the details here. I would anticipate many ministry opportunities. I also have some chances to possible speak to some CA in the near future. One thing about it, I will not have made this decision without doing my homework.

Return With Honor

I just finished reading “Return with Honor” written by Jeff Coplon about American F-16 Jet pilot Captain Scott Ogrady who was shot down over Bosnia in 1995. The book was great as I could hardly put it down. I finished the book being only 206 pages in just a few days. I recommend this book highly as it shows the true American pride and force of its military, but most of all it shows how one man realizes that this poser comes from God alone. Captain O’Grady toward the end of the book highlights three things he learned while evading his captures for six days and then being rescued by a group of Marines.
1. His Faith in God ,the source of all goodness
2. His love for family and friends
3. Good health-

He said that beyond that all things were negotiable. Of course there have been plenty of naysayers. Those who say that the US planted all of this. I say Bull hockey. This man is a true hero although he does not see himself as that way. He now is retired and speaks at some great events. After reading this book, my patriotism was engaged and once again I was a proud American!

Merry Christmas- Happy Birthday Jesus

It's Christmas morning and its raining, oh great. My gum area is felling a little better now and I am so thankful. I put a pic of a stocking because that is about all we have left. We usually give the kids money for Christmas but we do still do stockings. Some stuff will be good in there and some will be stupid. You just never know. TC and i get a kick out of doing this as it makes Christmas morning s little more fun. Last night we went to my Mom's house and today we will go to Tc's sister house for her side of the family. Even though its raining it is still a beautiful day. Jesus, I just wanted to thank you for being in the cradle but also for going to the cross. Because of you shed blood I have eternal life. I love you Jesus!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A long and thoughtful post

I am writing this post for many reasons. First, I need to express this matter in some form and I think it best here. I have contemplated the idea of returning to the military for some time now. AT my age I thought it was over but certain changes in the? Army’s recruiting has perhaps made that possible again. So, why you may ask? Because I cannot shake it. I feel such a draw to be with my brothers in this changing world we are living in. Now grant it I am talking about the reserves, but none the less there are certain possibilities that might send me “over there”. My wife as you might imagine is completely against the idea and I understand that, but something happened that the other day that has weighed heavy on my mind and heart. I had oral surgery so I went under the radar. Put to sleep. When I was out of it, TC told me that I kept talking about it. I wanted to be at Fort Jackson where Basic Training is held and I want to help the troops. I want to be a troop again, but how? There are some problems. First, I am over weight. I will need to lose about 2or 3 % body fat in order to re-enter. After the episode of the oral surgery my wife said this,” I don’t want to talk about it but if you want to do, then just do it. That gives me permission to at least considerate it more seriously. Do I have what it takes to do it? Do I have the will? Do I have the motivation? We will see! The idea of being a Chaplains Assistant really moves me. To minister to Americas finest men and women does a lot for me. I think I would be an outstanding C.A. mainly because people want people who are real to minister to their needs, not someone who stand afar off. This has always been my best quality, being real to the people. A Chaplains Assistant will have opportunities to minister but he must understand that he is the assistant and not the Chaplin. Paperwork, schedules and such will fill his days, but I also think there will be numerous chances for ministry. The C.A. also provides administrative support and of course he is armed. One of his jobs would be to protect the Chaplin, because by law the Chaplin is unarmed and is not allowed to carry a weapon. The last time I checked I would quite possibly be stationed at Fort Jackson and that is also where I would receive my training. Because I am prior military, I would only have to endure a 4 week refresher course and a time to get me back in shape. After that I would resume the CA specific training. Of course I am talking about a part time reservist position. which means one weekend a month and a two week training time each year. This is of course without any deployment, which these days are certainly more likely.

The second reason I am writing this post is to ask for prayer. My heart wants to be in uniform again and I certainly have a desire to help the troops, but my brain says, “You better think about that again”. So I will push toward the weight loss and getting into some kind of better shape while I wait further instructions on this decision.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Random Friday Post

So it’s Friday morning and I am waiting on 10:15. That’s what time I see the oral surgeon. I am not supposed to have anything this morning, but I at least have to have my black coffee. I will be glad when this tooth is gone gone gone!!! Last night TC and I went to the “receiving of friends” for my Aunt Louise, my Mom’s sister. She passed away I believe on Tuesday night. Louise was well know and well liked around the Oak Grove area of Kings Mountain. I actually saw Uncle Fred for the first time in a while. He looked very old. They had four sons and one daughter, Cindy. The sons Mike, Ronnie, Terry and Keith. Terry was actually married to Patti Loveless for some time. When they were young they played in a rock and roll band. Eventually they divorced, but I thought it was so kind that Patti, a country music star, called Fred to pay her respects. Patti, they say, was really close to Louise and loves her very much. It was good to see some family that I had not seen in years. It is always sad to see them under those circumstances.

So TC and I will have to finish up our Christmas shopping perhaps tonight or Saturday. On Sunday I will be speaking at Hezibah that morning, After picking Chad up, we will have church at Wellspring at 4:00 and then on to Mom’s house by 5:30. All kids will spend the night and will be here for Christmas morning. On Christmas day TC’s family is gathering at her sister Bonnie’s house. There will be tons of stuff going on and I look forward to it greatly. I don’t go back to work until Wednesday and then I’m off again until after the New Years.

I must make a decision on my weekend job again. Will I do it or not? Not sure. Personally that is what going on. My next few posts will be more of a topical subject.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well the dentist would not pull my tooth because the root had wrapped around and up into my sinus area, which she said it would leave a hole and that, would not be good. So, I have an appointment for Friday at an oral surgeon. At least I will be asleep so I will not fill a thing. Christmas is getting closer so I will share my families plans later. TC an I are planning to spend the New Years weekend in Gatlinburg Tenn. One more day of trucking. I think I have to go to Asheville again on Thursday and then I will off until next Wednesday. Oh yea!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thoughts from a Cowboy Prospective

Roy Rogers’ Prayer
Lord, I reckon I'm not much just by myself,I fail to do a lot of things I ought to do.But Lord, when trails are steep and passes high,Help me ride it straight the whole way through.
And when in the falling dusk I get that final call,I do not care how many flowers they send,Above all else, the happiest trail would beFor YOU to say to me, "Let's ride, My Friend"AMEN

The Code of the American Cowboy(As read at John Wayne’s eulogy by his son Patrick Wayne)
1. A cowboy does not judge color of skin, but by character within.

2. A cowboy always respects a lady and tips his hat to all that pass him by

3. A cowboy stands strong for what the American frontier is all about: Freedom, Truth, Justice and the American way.

4. A cowboy will not be wronged, nor wrongs another. The justice he deems out depends on that.

5. A cowboy is loyal, and hard working and maintains a high ethic.

6. A cowboy loves his country, and will fight for it’s principles and sovereignty.

7. A cowboy respects his animals and the earth they roam upon.

8. A cowboy is faithful to what is entrusted to him.

9. A cowboy is bound by duty, honor, and gratitude for what God has given him, which includes his friends and family.

10. A cowboy maintains a hidden code in his heart, for all to see.

Copied from this website. Very interesting blog

Praising and getting one Pulled

This past Sunday our son, Chad made contact with us. He has been staying at TC’s sister’s house. Of course we knew this but it looks like he may stay there. He has found a job at Harris Teeter. Chad said for three months he looked for a job in Cherryville and in less than a week he has one near Denver, NC. In case your are reading this and you know the story behind the story, Chad was remorseful for what happened and he made amends. Our fellowship was broken and we are now working on that. Thank God and for all of my friends and family that were praying. Our prayer is that Chad will learn something from this episode and grow a little smarter and savvy and also grow closer to the Lord.

This past weekend TC had fun with her sisters in the mountains near Franklin. Debbie and TC came to Christies house Sunday Morning where I was staying ad we went to their cantata. It was so good!!!! Both David and Christie had a part. I cannot tell you how great she did. Her voice was absolutely awesome. I really think she could sing professionally if she wanted. Anyway, that morning I ate at Huddle house about 5:30 and watched the sun come up over the river coming down from the mountain. It was pretty cool.

Well we are getting ready for Christmas. This week is all about getting ready and working. Oh yea, I’m going to the dentist today and get one pulled!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Me and Christie

Tonight Christie and I had daughter and Dad Date night. We went to Sagebrush and had
awesome meal and some great conversation, while David and a friend watched a kung fu movie. Later we went to their church and we talked in the youth room for a long time about us, Chad, and many other topics. Christie really helped me understand some things tonight and for that I am thankful. I am really tired so I will go to bed now in brevard. Good night!

This Weekend AND Lessons from BRAVEHEART

This Weekend Tc and her sisters are spending the weekend up near Franklin NC in a log cabin. I had hoped that she would get a chance to spend some time with her sisters. So, I am a bachelor this weekend so here are my plans: On Friday I got all my To Do List done. After dropping Tc off, I got all the clothes washed and dried folded and put away (oh yea baby) after that I got food from Mac’s Grill across the street and watched (Brave Heart) ** More on that a little later*** Late that night we has a fire call to an electric fire. It’s amazing that people were doing laundry at almost Midnight. Go Figure!
On Saturday I am just chilling and then I’m going up to Christies house and spend the night. I will pick up TC early Sunday morning and we will come back to Christie’s church as watch their cantata as both she and David are in it. Hopefully we will be able to drop by the Boiling Springs Group that afternoon. Not sure about that.

Update on Chad: As we know it he is staying with Bonnie and that is about all we know. I guess he is figuring out his own.

Now, to mention something about Brave heart. Beside the point that is one of my favorite movies, I have watched I don’t know how many times. Last night though I saw something I had never really seen. Picture this, Robert the Bruce, who has a chance to become a hero choose to betray William Wallace, mostly because of the pressure from his father. In a scene that seemed to stick out, Robert, played by Angus Macfadyen, had this dialogue with his father. Directly taken from the script read below:

Robert the Bruce: Lands, titles, men, power... nothing.
Robert's Father: Nothing?
Robert the Bruce: I have nothing. Men fight for me because if they do not, I throw them off my land and I starve their wives and children. Those men who bled the ground red at Falkirk fought for William Wallace. He fights for something that I never had. And I took it from him, when I betrayed him. I saw it in his face on the battlefield and it's tearing me apart.
Robert's Father: All men betray. All lose heart.
Robert the Bruce: I don't want to lose heart. I want to believe as he does.

Prior to him walking out on his father, Robert the Bruce says this, “I will never be on the wrong side again”!!!! WOW- This struck me as an arrow of truth. I desire to have that fervor to be on the right side, period!

Just some Scripture pertaining to this matter

Pro 20:11 Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work [be] pure, and whether [it be] right.
Pro 21:8 The way of man [is] froward and strange: but [as for] the pure, his work [is] right.
Pro 23:16 Yea, my reins shall rejoice, when thy lips speak right things.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pictures from a Email Chain

These pics were emailed to me in a prayer chain. I did not break it! I wanted to post them here because I need to feel this. My brothers are making a sacrafice everyday and I get pissed off because there are some hammer heads around here that disrespect them. This is to honer those who are serving. God help the other ones.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Good Friend, A Good Deal

A Friend sent me an email and this was the quote, Psalms 106:3 Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right.

I am trying to do what is right, but I continue to battle the sad/mad factor. Sometimes I think I am big Wieney, but I understand that I am just an emotional person, which at times is OK. TC and I are sticking to our guns with our son and I've established a mental picture of what it would take for things to be right, however I don't think I will share that here.

TC is looking forward to this weekend. All of her sisters; Debbie Sue, Lisa Gaye, JoAnn and Bonnie along with TC are spending the weekend together at a lof cabin in the mountains. TC said she feels bad for me this weekend and she has a point. I don't look forward to spendint the whole weekend by myself, but she needs this and so this will be the only place I even mentioned it. She knows. She deserves a weekend around her sisters and by writing that I know that even more. Good deal!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Still Contemplating

I just had one thought last night and this morning. Thinking of Change, I thought I would like to change my outlook. IN order to do this inside/out changing I think one would have to change their outlook. For instance, my outlook is directly related to my circumstances. I am trying to mentally and spiritually allow my outlook to remain the same or at least more constant not depending upon my circumstances. Dreary and bleak on the outside makes Wade that way on the inside. Normal, perhaps but I think I would do well to change that. That’s only one of the changes I would like to make. Still contemplating!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Staying on the Right Path

This Sunday can be described as hard. I have asked anyone who would read this to say a little prayer for our son, Chad. Yesterday was a turning a point for Chad, a crossroads if you will. Chad made a bad choice. For several months, in fact over the last year or so Chad has had a problem hanging with the wrong crowd, making poor decisions and general we think screwing up his life and make or life harder. After quitting school Chad went to the Job Corps program in Brevard, NC. He made it through but barely. He only stayed 7 months and he could have stayed over a year. There are tons that happened, but I will just say that Chad has become disrespectful to both his Mom and me and that has to stop. I have never tolerated someone disrespecting me but when it is your own flash and blood it really hurts. The last week as been hell, so on Saturday we asked Chad to leave and as of this morning we do know where he is at. We know that he is probably staying with a friend, but I fear he thinks he can just hang out with someone for the weekend, but that is not the case. His grandparents have said if he calls them they will let him stay there if he behaves, but he cannot return to our house until he changes his attitude and gets a job. This is bleak because he no longer has a call and I will be forced to cancel his Insurance seeing how he got a ticket and has a poor attitude. Why should I pay for it? Anyway, the situation to us is very grave and it is hard to do this. I must go and preach this morning so, I began looking at sermons I’ve preached before and cam across exactly what I needed to hear, a sermon entitled: When God Interrupts Your Plans, preached the first time back in 2001. Very quickly God did not ask Mary and Joseph, he told them what He was going to do. Secondly this plan was “not an easy one”. And thirdly, even though things were extremely difficult, God was present, patient and did indeed bless and prosper Mary and Joseph beyond what they eve thought was possible. God’s plan is not always easy right! Can you give me a witness!!! But, it is the only choice we have, seriously. I have gone down the road of disobedience too many times. I need to remain faithful now in my journey more than ever, because without God I could not even think of the next second. God help us stay on the right path.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Finnally Friday:

So, it’s Friday morning and I am preparing to teach another defensive driving class at our corporate headquarters today. I have been silent since Tuesday for several reasons. One, I worked 14 hours on Tuesday, 10 on Wednesday and 12 Thursday. Only 8 today before my butt is dragging. IN addition to being tired, I’ve stepped up to the next level in my exercising so I am a little sore. But, there is another reason for my silence. I have had nothing to say. It had been difficult to even think this week. It’s as though I cannot clearly focus. I guess those times come. The Enemy continues to haunt and attack our family. Just last night a simple discussion turns into aggravation. I was too tired for that so I went to bed. In fact we all did. I guess some times it’s for the best. I saw no resolve. I think sometimes we are not helpful to each other because we cannot see other folks problems and situations for the brightness of our own. We have become selfish and self-absorbed. Lord, help us to see things in a new light with a renewed attitude of victory.

This Sunday we are going to have Sonny and Bobby Huntsinger come and lead us in worship and share what God has in Thailand, along with their ministry in Montana with YWAM. It will be exciting to hear and watch them. This Sunday at wellspring community Church, meeting in the blue room at Christ Covenant Church.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Dog's Life

We have two of them, Benji and Smudges. Benji adopted us about seven years ago. Smudges is about five. We love our dogs that is for sure. Probably too much sometimes but that goes back to our childhood. I was thinking last night as I was watching Benji, what a life Here is his typical day. After turning over or just grunting when I wake up usually around 4:00 AM he keeps laying there until I leave for work(usually around 6:00 AM) Yes, he does sleep with me although he is down at the foot of the bed. He goes outside and uses the bathroom and then waits until I put food in his bowl. Then he goes back to sleep. Later he wakes up and walks around the house until TC puts him outside for good. He then goes into his house and goes back to sleep. On occasion he might hear something and get up and look and perhaps bark a little bit, then goes back to sleep. He waits until I get home and I let him run a while outside and then he comes in the house and yes you guessed it, goes back to sleep. One thing about Benji is he is constantly looking for love. Anybody at anytime, don’t matter to him. Just rub me he thinks. Oh yea, when its bed time again I hardly ever have to say anything to him, he just get s up and goes to bed when I do. I love my dog! Oh yea, Smudges is the same with TC except she is a lot more high strung.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Looking for a Remedy

Last night I starred at the sky with great anticipation. The puffy clouds were incredible. The full moon, which by the way was at least two day old, was the constant in the background. Such beauty in the darkness was the entire picture.. The shy was so black and empty, yet it was full of life. In contrast to itself it projected light from the moon and the stars, while covering them with the clouds. I could try and contrast this picture with scripture and probably make a good point but I will just let it stand for itself. That is the way Feel, some darkness and uncertainty, but so amazed by the beauty of life. The “Mid life Crisis” I am experiencing will take me from up to down back to up in a matter of minutes. The slightest thing can set it off. I really think it is what made me sick yesterday. Life is so full of beauty and joy, but at times I feel none of that. It is a stage that I am going through so I pray I will get out of it ASAP. The situation also involves my wife, TC. She is also in a slump. She is depressed a lot here lately. I think it has a lot to do with Christmas because both of parents are passed away and she has not even seen any of her family members. Perhaps I can help remedy that.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Larger Family Christmas Party 06

You can see my sister and her husband in the far side.

My Grandpa in the wheelchair and his son Ronnie on the far side. That's Mimi,Ronnies daugher and my 1st cousin beside him.

My Mom and Dad

RtoL My uncle Ronald, my Aunt Judy(Dad's Sister)

Of course that TC(my wife) and Phillip. He is married to my cousin.

My daughter Christie in the red sweater and her husband David. That's my Mom on the left and my sister Cathey on the right.

My Grandpa and Aunt Judy

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday: Just a day of Relaxing

Not too much happening today. As it turns out I did not have to work today so that is cool. I will clean my blazer and get a hair cut. Last night the Fire Department Banquet was awesome. The youth at First Baptist Church did a awesome job. David Day is their leader. We had great food, fellowship and we both won door prizes. Getting my check wasn’t too bad either. Bad news from Chad. He was 8 pounds overweight, so he has to lose those pounds and then tries again December 30th. That will be up to him. I only pray that God will show him what his purpose and destiny is. Tonight we will go to the family Christmas party and the ole rock house in Waco, NC……

This Sunday will be our last one at our home group. TC and I will be asking for blessings to begin another home group. We will look attract those in our similar situation, without kids. I love kids and I love the Pruett’s kids, but Tc and I need this new adventure. I pray that God will lead us to reach others.

Friday, December 01, 2006

But....God is Good

Chad went Thursday to the MEPS Station in charlotte. He was supposed to be back home that afternoon but there were some problems. Chad said upon taking his urine test, “they were people all around you”. He couldn’t go so he had to spend another night and take it again this morning. If all goes well this morning he may be swearing in this afternoon. TC met me in Gastonia last night when I got off work at 6:00 PM and we drove over to Charlotte to the Holiday Inn Downtown or Center city as they like to call it to take Chad some more clothes. I can’t believe the Army pays for such a nice place. Anyway, it’s of to train 5 more people in the Smith System Defensive driving class. Tonight is our Fire Department Christmas Banquet. I’m looking forward to it as it will be my first with Cherryville. We get our annual checks tonight too. It will be fun!

Upon reading yesterday’s thoughts, I need to remind myself that Life is Hard but God is Good!!!!