Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome to Myrtle Beach SC
Tc and i decided this year that the no one needed anything so we took the kids to the beach for s short winter vacation.

It made us happy too.

My beautiful daughter and her husband...Hey David, I loved her first...

Our crazy Kids

No thanks, i'll Pass on these God-forsaken things, pass the Catfish

TC just chilling by the pool

Bowling, and I was in last place, but at least I get to sit beside a hot redhead.

All of us

I'll eat those things, they are good...


What are you looking at? You I say....You is Hot, can I have your number

And a good cook is she...I just cut the bread

My bunch on the beach, Friday Dec. 28th, 2007. It was 70 degrees. Gotta hate that.

Coming up on 25 years of wedded bliss. that's my baby. Lord keep giving us grace.

Back Home Again

We got home safe and everyone has dispersed. David took off to Greensboro and chad and Christie went to her house. Chad will stay with them through next Wednesday and then he will try again to go to MEPS. All of them are going Contra Dancing for their New Year Celebration. Tc and I are going to spend the night with our best friends Wes and Lisa Byrd. Wes and I served together at Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Division. Go Sappers. Anyway, we are looking forward to that. Today, we have to take the rental car back and then TC and i will perhaps go shopping for a few things and then just chill. Off we go......

Friday, December 28, 2007

Myrtle Beach

What a great Christmas. I really enjoyed this alot. The day after we left for the beach and got here around lunch on Wednesday. So far it bees very good. Just chilling and spending time with the kids. Last night we went out and enjoyed the buffet meal at Calabash Seafood. TC loves Crab legs, but I'll pass. I post some pics later. We heard from Collings yesterday so it looks like we will begin sometime around Jan. 4th. A new chapter is just around the corner. All for now...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

Last night my sister gave me the best present and I was so shocked when she gave me out of the blue Pioneer Woman's calender and it was personally signed and a message was to me. Cool. Have you seen that she was able to give $4388 to Special Olympics. Cool! Thanks Sis

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It was a nice ride down to Atlanta yesterday although the traffic was pretty heavy. But, that chapter in our life is now over and we are awaiting another. Let me say something to Ruth. I am so sorry for the loss of the Vikings. Too bad my Redskins had to send them packing. It was all I could do to stay up for that one. Let's don't even talk about the Panthers. So, it's Christmas Eve and the activities start today. All my kids will be here and tonight it will at Mom's and then its off to TC's sister house on Christmas Day and then to the beach we go. Merry Christmas Everyone.....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Paperwork and Parenting

Well we got the truck cleaned out and ready to be turned in on Sunday. We will meet the new couple that will be driving it halfway for both of us. that would be the Atlanta south TA truck stop on I-75 just south of Hot A. We got all the paperwork filled out, faxed and filed. We just have to wait on our criminal background check, which we know has nothing on it. When that comes back clear, the board will approve us, and we will begin. Our target date is January 7th, 2008. They are already getting our apartment or parent suite ad they call it cleaned and ready to move into. Still much to learn and we are looking forward to it.
In other news, Chad decided to wait until January 2nd to attempt another weigh in at the MEPS station, so that is still in limbo. I can't wait until we head to the beach. For the first time in a long time, out whole family is going to be on vacation together. I rented a larger car for us to ride together and I reserved a two bedroom suite so we can all stay together. Looking forward to it at Myrtle Beach SC. That is all as we continue to run around today.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A God Thing

We visited the Collings Children's home and Family Ministries Wednesday morning and that was it. We called the second appointment and told them that we would not be coming. Why go and complicate things. It could have not been more clear, not even in God had took His fingertips and wrote this message in the sky with clouds, "THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE TO BE. THIS IS YOUR NEW HOME! THIS IS YOUR MISSION NOW! What a wonderful feeling and a great thing.
It's a God thing. That is what we were told by the supervisor. Not only were they convinced that we were the ones, so did we. COOL... Even then when re put our notice in with Al and Edna, they already had someone to fill our place and were excited what God is doing. Al said, "We don't lead ourselves, God leads us". Awesome huh. God is good and His blessings are bubbling over for us right now, but He is good all the time. Tons of things to do in the next few days so we must get started. All For Now....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two days of searching

Yesterday at South Mountain was great. We met with the Supervisor of foster parents. Pretty cool guy but certainly unique. We got the grilling and also the tour. It was a good visit and TC said she would not visit anymore and take that right now. she was excited, however it is more of a foster parenting community(meaning no breaks) than a group home. We have an appointment this morning at 10:00 at Collins Home, Seneca SC ad then back this afternoon at Christine's home in Shelby NC. I expect that these will be the only one visit for now and we shall make a choice where we feel God would have us serve. Of course there are pros and cons for each but ultimately it will be the guidance of the Holy Spirit to what direction.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something on the Horizon

Well last week was another disappointment in trucking. We headed out to Dallas Texas and delivered Tuesday. After we picked up a load in Plano Texas, and headed for Kansas city on Wednesday. I spoke to SGT DUB via cell phone as they were running a generator. The ice was incredible. After delivering there we headed for St. Louis and ultimately, we headed home. We waited a day in each city, Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville TN. We got home Saturday morning and was instantly put to the test by Chad, both Saturday and Sunday. He goes again this Friday for enlistment. 4 pounds stopped him last time. We saw his recruiter at the mall last night and he said he believed in chad this time. Obviously, that made us feel better. Sunday morning we drove up to our daughter's Christie for to watch their choir cantata and of course Christie sang so beautifully. It was a great day.

So, here is the big news. Tc and I really felt God pressing on our hearts to look into being house parents at a children's home or something like it. Now, this is something we have talked about for some time. Our attention always goes to the kids that are in need. Throughout our ministry and TC working at school, it was the ones that are dirty, without nice clothes, and needed something special. TC is so good with this, and my heart is broken for them as well. We meet this morning at South Mountain Children's Home and from there we will see. I'll keep you informed. All for now

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Playing catch up

We've had a lot on our minds here lately and we are trying to be patient and wait on the Lord. From Texas we came home empty, which did not make us happy. We got home last Thursday and took a load going to Battle Creek Michigan. From there, in the snow, we went to Muskegon Michigan and loaded for Virginia Beach Va. We came home empty from there and got home late Saturday. We loaded back Monday for Denton Texas and delivered Tuesday Morning and loaded back that afternoon for Kansas City Mo. We bedded down here last night and we will probably move to St Louis.
As it turns out the church near South Mountain has also decided to go another way. I think right now they just don't want to do anything, so we wait. There are some other opportunities that may come but this is something that you can't figure on too much. TC and I went to Christ covenant church Sunday and it was awesome. We really enjoy the praise and worship music with the full band. I miss playing the drums really bad. I let a buddy borrow my drums for his son because they were just sitting there.
Chad missed going in the Army by 3 pounds. He has until next Friday to lose those few pounds and head back to MEPS on the 21st. He still seems intent on trying to get in. Seems they would have looked over 2 pounds, but the army is the army. His attitude is so much better and Mom says he is doing fine. I guess that is about all.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Waiting and Wondering

Freight is really really really slow right now. We unloaded last Friday and waited until Tuesday afternoon in Dallas TX but to no avail. Late Tuesday we just started heading East and we stopped here in Atlanta Ga. It is apparent to me that our time here is coming to an end, for many reasons. A person can only sit so much not making any money. This job has allowed TC and I to see many things but I think we will be turning in our notice very soon. All for now...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The difference a day makes

Saturday was cold, windy and rainy, so we just stayed in the truck most of the day. Today, was quite warm and sunny all day. Still, we just hung out here at the Petro in Weatherford TX waiting for Monday. We have a large crack in our windshield so we will have to make arrangements next week to have that fixed. Other than that it's been pretty boring and just watching some movies and Tc has been drawing. All for now...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some pics

Our Babies....
The entrance to the ranch and yes we drove our truck to the guest house.

A view from iside the ranch, around 900 acres. Pretty small in Texas standards.

We were told that we would tour the ranch on mules. Well we did but not as I would think. Up front is Joann(sister) Terry (2nd cousin by marriage) and Tc and the dogs in the back. The ranch is located in cisco Texas.

This is a lovely park in OK City. They have a nice walking path next to the canal that runs throughout the central part of the city. These represent the land grab times of the state.

I am the smaller one on the right not holding the reins.

TC at the park in Oklahoma City

Fort Worth

I see the air force is like the army as no one actually knew anything about our shipment. It took about an hour or so to finally talk someone in to signing for it. After unloading we headed back to Fort Worth and got our prescriptions filled at Walmart and bedded down at the Petro in Weatherford Texas. A load we had fell through so we are hoping to get something today or we will visit with Richard, Tc's brother who lives in Dallas. I understand that the stockyards in Fort Worth has their parade today so we might do that. I am sort of bummed out as I wanted to run this weekend and make some money, but I guess we take it as it comes. Life on the road is getting harder as I guess this time of the year I would like to be at home. The family at large Christmas party is tonight but that is impossible for us so I guess we will just have to miss it this year. This will be the first one since losing paw paw. It wasn't the same without Maw maw so it is just sad. All for now....

Oh yea, I bought the collectors edition of Lonesome Dove with interviews and such. Can't get enough of ole Gus.

Friday, November 30, 2007


We had several load offers and we decided on a load from Shaw AFB Sumpter SC to Dyess AFB just outsis de of Abeline Texas. It is a small load but it paid really good. Late Thursday we could not make it there before they stopped recieving so we stopped in Cisco TX where TC 's first cousin has a 900 acre ranch. TC's sister Joann is wintering there so that is the main reason we stopped. WE will deliver first thing this morning and then head back to Dallas TX and wait and hope for a load over the weekend.
Our son chad went back to the recruiters on Thursday and he will be going to the MEPS precessing center one day next week. Things should work out this time. Last year he tried but could not get his wait down, but this year he has tried harder. I think because all his other options have come to an end.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trucking and Thinking

Back on the road. We left Monday and picked up a load in South Carolina just below the Charlotte line and took it to a small town near Miami FL. It was three pumps being rebuilt. After delivering Tuesday morning, we headed north and stopped here in Savannah GA. We had hoped to find something in Jacksonville, but to no avail. We should get something, hopefully, in lower South Carolina. Usually, this stuff goes to Detroit with automotive material. We shall see. After preaching Sunday, we were asked to come back again this Sunday but we had to say no so we can run as hard as we can for a few weeks. Daddy will probably go this Sunday. We were told that they will meet the second Sunday in December, so we should know something after this meeting. It always feels that we are on display, but that is the nature of it. TC and I have been talking this week about how next year will probably look completely different than this past year. We are trying to get our minds prepared for some changes, or maybe not who knows. It's Wednesday so I hope we can get another two loads in this week. All for now....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Some pictures

Just a few pics from our visit to the Grand Canyon.

TC feeding the birds on the west coast of florida

TC working hard in the back of our truck.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Glor y Be

It' been a great Thanksgiving holiday. We got the call today from Chestnut Ridge BC, and the search team has decided to "go a different direction". That means they are not interested in us, but that is OK, as we are only searching for God's Will. It was fun going over there and I believe it to be a good church. This Sunday we are going back to Zoar Baptist Church near the South Mountains. We are looking forward to that. Then, we hope to get back to running on Monday and make some money. All for now....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thankgiving

From TC and I we wish all our friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day. May God's richest blessings be on you all. We are thankful for all or His blessings He has bestowed upon us; health, our kids, our job and the opportunity to serve Him. Instead of thanksgiving it should be Thanksliving as well. Have a good one.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, we didn't get to do any trucking this week, but it has been nice just chilling at home. Tonight, Tc and i will head back to chestnut Ridge for Wednesday night service and of course all the family is heading to Mom's on Thursday. This year, all we have to do is walk about 150 feet up the hill and we will be at Mom's. all the kids will spend the night Thursday and our tradition of Friday breakfast combined with decorating. I hope all has a great Thanksgiving and God bless you all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a Sunday

Things went great today at Chestnut ridge. It's a good country church and quite lively as well. There were about 100 or so and the service went quite well. Looking forward to returning tonight and then its back in service on Monday to try and get one more run in before the holiday.

Being Thankful

This week we saw a famous baseball player indicted for telling lies about taking stimulates for better performance. These days, they sell stimulants for everything from hair growth to whoopee. However, there are things that should stimulate us to being thankful. Some of those are this. 1.) Looking around us 2.) Looking in and 3.) Looking up. Those are the areas I will be dealing with this morning at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church. So, I challenge all of you to do the same. You can fill in all the blanks. Blessings....

Saturday, November 17, 2007


No such luck getting a load. No worries, we just headed for home and got here Friday night about 8:00 PM. Today I will be getting ready to preach twice on Sunday and Tc and I both will be resting. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Trucking.....

We headed up to Kansas city Mo and loaded Wednesday night for Lake Orion near Detroit MI. We unloaded this afternoon there and are waiting here between Detroit and Toledo Ohio. We might get lucky, if not we will head for home. all for now.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loaded up and trucking

We loaded out Monday in fountain Inn south Carolina at the Caterpillar Engine plant and took two engines to the Peterbuilt plant in Denton Texas. When we left I drove to the pick up and then drove to the Alabama line. TC drove from there to the Louisiana line and then I drove from there to Denton TX. After delivering we headed over the the TA truckstop and had lunch with our owners. We picked up a Haz Mat load out of Lewisville TX and delivered it last night in Miami Oklahoma. A pretty good short run. This morning we are in Joplin Missouri at the Petro and we will shower and catch up on our paper work and hopefully get something soon. We may head toward St Louis, not sure. That's about it......

Monday, November 12, 2007

Preaching The word

Think about it, What would preachers have to say without God's Word. Not much. I do worry sometimes that many preachers are preaching their thoughts and not the Word. I had always hoped to stay true the the Word, not my own. My Dad told ma along time, folks will never have anything to say if you stay in the word. Amen. Preaching at Zoar went well. It is a very small church up in the South Mountains bordering Cleveland and Burke Counties. I understand that it will probably be down to me and another guy. If called and we accepted TC and i would have to work additional part time jobs as the church could not pay enough to sustain us alone. They do have a parsonage so that would be good. Anyway, we off to take Chad's girlfriend back to Charlotte this morning and then its wide open to get ready to leave out, and then wait. Off we go.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Good Sunday morning. Yesterday we had as our guest our daughter and son in law, along with our son, Chad and his girlfriend, Christie. Yip, both are named Christie. Everyone stayed with us and are leaving this morning. It is good to be around your kids, and then they leave. Oh yea...
Of course we will have to take Christie II home to charlotte and then chad will still be here.
TC and I are getting ready to go to Zoar Baptist church this morning and then another day of chilling and stuff. All for now.....

Friday, November 09, 2007

I am back, I think

We bought a another laptop but had some problems getting it up and running, so finally, my bro Cecil Pruitt, he got everything going so far so good. Things here are going pretty well and we are excited about the holidays. Tc and I have run pretty hard over the last few weeks so we have taken this whole week off. We have worked around the house, doing landscaping and cleaning etc. Our new place is looking pretty good. I'll have to take some pics soon and post them. As some of you know we have has some problems from our son, so we also spent this week helping him pay some fines and his court date. I think he is turning a corner in his life or at least I hope so. Chad should be going into the Army in December and hopefully begin Basic Training in January. That should catch me up and I have spent the last two days catching up on some others. We should be going back on the road this Monday.

Ministry- Last week I preached at Zoar Baptist Church and will preach there again this Sunday. The following Sunday I will be at Chestnut Ridge BC. This can be difficult because we just have to drive home from where ever we are at on Friday, but God is in control of that. All for now....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Signing off for now....

As you know I no longer have a laptop so I have not Internet access. that is truly a bummer but TC and i are considering our options and just so you know I have to think on things before I act, so we have something figured out in a week or so. Until then, God bless, we gone....

RUTH- Hang in there
SGT DUB- slow down friend
MRS DUB- I too am glad he is not going this time
SARGE CHARLIE- It just ain't right a couple gets to travel like yaw, but I hope you enjoy it all.
JONATHAN- You have great insights and I agree with most of all you say.
FLAG GAZER- What you do is unreal. a person only has to spend a few minutes on your blog and that put things into prospective. You are great.
LOIS- I just love campers period.....Hope all continues to go well.
SIS- Thanks for checking my blog daily, hope to be back online one day. love ya, see ya on thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back on the road...

This has been a good few days off. Our front deck has been completed and it looks great. I have finished leveling properly and we have planted some fall grass. Hopefully, some will grow and some mud will be covered. Looks like we will go back in service on Wednesday and who knows how long we will be out. All doctor visits have been completed and prescriptions handed out and filled. I have a problem with my blood pressure so I take pills to keep it down. Recently, it has been shooting way up there so I am glad I went to the doc. I cannot pass the dot physical without the medicine and that is coming up in February again. Tc and I have enjoyed being home and also spending time with mom and dad. Mom is recovering nicely from her knee replacement and she is getting outside and walking some again. She even walked down to our house for a visit on Monday, so that was nice. My computer needs a new motherboard and that cost is too much for the age of my laptop, so we will be deciding what we will do in the near future. That means that I have to return this one to Cecil who graciously allowed to use this one for a few days. I will post again as soon as I can but until then may God bless each and every one of you, I consider you my friends. All for now.....

Monday, October 22, 2007

A Long Time Coming

Hello Everybody, I am so sorry but my computer went boom. I hope to get it repaired soon but we will see. I may have to purchase a new one. I tried every way I could think of to make a post but with no success. I want to play catch up right now. We left Alabama and picked up a load in Atlanta Ga., and headed for Joseph city Arizona. So, on Sunday we rented a car and headed for the Grand Canyon. Yes, my eyes have beheld its glory. It was awesome!!!!!! If you have not seen this you must. I wish I could post some great pics, but I am using a friends computer right now and I do not want to download anything so pics cannot be right now. We made it home and are enjoying some great home time right now and are trying to get some things done. By the way coming through Oklahoma we were able to spend some time with SGT and MRS and MISS DUB. These are great Americans and good people. Thanks for the ice cream.... It's Monday morning and I heading for the doc this morning. My blood pressure had been increasing and is becoming hard to deal with so lets go see what the shade tree doc has to say. Anyway, i should be able to post again before we leave. All for now....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Waiting in Alabama

On a chance I gave the customer a call yesterday and they were open. All the paperwork and even the agents said they were closed on Columbus Day. The company, Diebold, works on banks schedules, but the warehouse was open. We delivered some drive thru equitment. Anyway, it was to no avail, because Monday evening came and went and no load. So, we moved from Jackson Miss., to Birmingham Ala., where we will give this area one day. If no load today, we will probably head for home and wait on a load there.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Well we decided to try and follow the west coast of Florida called the natural coast. That is not easy, especially in a 40 foot truck. There was one county road that came to a dead end and we had to turn around. Those folks were surely wondering about us. I guess the country took out the bridge without letting Rand Mcnally know about it. Anyway, it started getting dark on us so we headed over to Perry Florida and camped out at a Walmart. We dug through the bargain bin and found a few movies we liked and added them to the collection. They are:
  • A River Runs Through It,
  • Young Guns, I can't believe I didn't already have this one.
  • Quigly Down Under, Tom Selleck version
  • Legends of the fall- one of my favorites

I usually don't purchase a movie unless I want to add it to my collection. Anyway, we will attempt to get to the Gulf of Mexico again today when it is good and light from the upper side. Then we will begin to head toward Mississippi. We still have plenty of time for some misadventures.

A Committee contacted me from Ohio. According to my resume, they wanted to know why I left full time ministry and know why we wanted to return. I left a great thought out comment for them and it is true, I simply took my eyes off God. Why return, because God said to make ourselves available, that's all we know for now......

Saturday, October 06, 2007


After delivering in Texas, we picked up a full load of dog kennels in Fort Worth, TX and made the 1258 mile trip in 22 hours to Sarasota Florida. This load had plenty of problems, but it did pay well. We had to unload the kennels that were made of stainless steel and there were problems between the customer and the manufacturer, but all is well that ends well. After unloading in the Florida heat and soaking wet we had to drive about 60 miles to the nearest truckstop for a shower and a meal at Arby's. This morning we picked up some bank drive through equipment in Venice Florida and the loads delivers Tuesday morning in Ridgeland Mississippi. That's only 750 miles and three days, so I guess we will take our time and perhaps find something to do.....Currently the weather is overcast and it has been raining and of course it is humid. All for now.....

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Loaded and running

We are loading tonight at Caterpillar engines in Greenville SC and delivering to Peterbuilt in Dallas Texas by 2:00 Pm on Wednesday. Good run and I hope we can load back out of there and come back home. We'll see....

Monday, October 01, 2007

Answered Prayer

It is well past my bed time but I just wanted to add that Mom did great. Of course the time that I saw her she was still drugged up, but everything went well. She really is a strong woman. Tender and more mercy in her little finger than most, but strong when she needs to be. She of course will have a long road of recovery, but being strong will help her I am sure. Mom is a very active person and she loves to work in the yard, so I will be glad when she can be doing that again. I guess that might be a little while.
I finally got the tires on the truck and we bought all the stuff for the deck. I had to go ahead and let Lowe's deliver it tomorrow morning. We are not sure if we will go out on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will see.....Thanks for all your prayers for Mom!!!!!!!!

My Morning Prayer

Things are moving just great here at home. The last two days have been just what we needed. Today, mom goes for her knee replacement, around 10:00 AM, and also today I am going to get some rear tires for the truck and then head for Lowe's to get all the lumber and material needed for the new deck. That will come next weekend. We should be heading back out on Tuesday, we'll see. I just pray my Mom recovers better than anyone in history, that is my morning prayer!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Enjoying being home

After unloading at Proctor and Gamble in Baltimore, we headed south down to Fredicksburg Va, to get away from the Friday afternoon traffic. We stopped and ate at Golden Corral and after a few hours decided to head for home. That night we stopped in concord NC for the night because it was already dark so why go home. We have a long drive way to converse and I did not want to hit any trees or anything so we slept. We ate breakfast about 4:30 Saturday morning and then went to Walmart for shopping. Not many people shopping that early in the morning. Later on Saturday Christie our daughter came down and we went to the Cleveland County Fair. There were lots of people there and we just looked at the animals, the exhibits, and of course ate. Last night we watched Cold Mountain with Christie. She had never seen that movie and TC and I like that movie.
Today we are going to buy the wood for our deck and get that ready so it should be a good day to relax. Christie is going to head back home today and our son may come over later. Mom's surgery is Monday so we will probably head back out on Tuesday. Right now freight is running pretty good so we better take advantage of it while it is. It can slow down anytime so for now there is money to be made. I guess that is all for now.....

Friday, September 28, 2007


We did get loaded out of Nashville Tn and we are delivering this morning in baltimore Maryland. We will see if we get something heading south or we may just deadhead home empty.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wednesday went well and our new solo owners, Al and Edna got there Wed. morning and we had a good time with them. It seems that we always eat a lot when they are around. We also got the good seats out of the other truck and put them in this one. This truck is very nice as well it just does not have the shower and potty in it, besides that there is not much difference. We got a load out of Detroit late Wednesday evening and delivered to Lexington Tenn. this morning at 7:00 AM. Right now we are sitting in Nashville and will probably head toward home in a little while. We may get lucky and get called for a load, who knows. I am looking forward to some home time this weekend. All for now....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The truck switch is complete. We are waiting on our other owner to get here this morning some time and and do a few more things. Landstar is switching all of our numbers over to this truck so we should go back in service later today. I want to get back home this weekend and attend the Cleveland Country Fair, but we will just have to see about that. Mom is having her knee surgery next Monday we I will want to be around for that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday-Getting there

How blessed I have been by receiving wonderful well thought out responses. I appreciate y'all for doing so. I told TC last night how crazy it is that you become good friends with people and not even have met face to face. I do hope to meet some more of you guys one day. It was really cool to meet SGT DUB in Ok city a few months back. Anyway, our bankrupted owner showed up last night and took us out for Chinese dinner. Go figure. Actually he is very nice man just not with a lot of poser to say not to his kids. We enjoyed the conversation and then worked on cleaning this truck and boxing up some more stuff. Today, we hope the guys here in Alumi-Bunk will be able to exchange the fuel from truck to truck, transfer our king dome and receiver and flat screen over to the new truck, and some other small things. If all goes well, either late this afternoon or by Wednesday we will be back on the road. Oh yea, I took TC shopping yesterday for some well deserved new things. Have I said how much I love her.....All for now

Blogger actually has y'all in their spell check. COOL

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday update

After thinking about it, we probably should have just went home instead of taking this load to Detroit,, but we are here so we will just have to live with it. I spoke to our owners this morning and it looks like we will trade out some time Wednesday. the problem, today is Monday. I had hoped that we could make a run but that may or may not happen. Oh well, we will just have to deal with that. Hopefully better news will come later. All for now....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just thinking out loud

A little more about our desire for ministry. After several years upon of full time ministry TC and I became so discouraged and left for greener pastures. What happened is exactly what my Dad told me, "We took our eyes off God and was looking at people." People will let you down just like we let people down. Over the last few years, I have realized how important it is to keep your eyes God. Look unto the hills where our help comes from, that is what the Bible says. In this process of changing trucks, we realized that we desire to keep driving until at least December. That gives us several more months in which to make some money, keep praying on God's Will and meet more people. Yesterday, I washed our clothes and TC sleep a few uninterrupted hours and I realized how much I enjoy meeting new people and the opportunities we have to just talk to folks and really care about what they are saying.

We have submitted our resume has I have felt led. Some close by and some a little ways from the house. We are prepared to go where God sends, although we do have our druthers. I have had several return emails stating that they received them. That is appreciated when they acknowledge that. Let me stop here so I will not keep rambling. Hope everyone has a great Lord's Day.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Detroit Rock City

Everything went well in Atlanta and we headed toward Augusta and eventually to Orangeburg SC and loaded Friday afternoon for Ford in Detroit. After delivering bearing at Ford today Tc and i have just rested today. Tomorrow we will start organizing the truck to change out some time next week. The weather is great here tonight so all is well. All for now

Friday, September 21, 2007

Waiting in the wee hours

Tonight, actually this morning we are in Atlanta. It's in the wee hours of the morning and I am waiting just a little bit before heading into the jungle. I just want to beat the morning rush, not sleep there. We heard from our owners today and one of them is filing bankruptcy, so this truck may be lost. There is a chance that the other owner may be able to take this one over, but if not, he has another and truck to put us in, however, it is not as nice. It is 4 inches smaller and it does not have a potty or shower, which now might be a deal breaker. Not saying that we will not drive for them for a while but we have become use to that feature, know what i mean. The bank will have to approve that and they will need to check the truck out so either way it is gonna be a headache because we will have to clean all of our stuff out(which will be a chore) Everything is still up in the air but I pray it all works out according to his will.....Time for a few short winks and then it's off to the "Big A"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I chickened out and had chicken, barbecued even with rice and black beans. I did have sweet plantains, which is a form of banana, that was deep fried and pretty good. Our waiter spoke little English so I guess it went pretty good. Looking forward to sleeping sitting still....All for now

The Country of Miami

The class at Landstar went fine and they even fed us lunch. After that on Tuesday, we went back in service and got a load out of Atlanta going to Miami Florida. We got down here about 11:00AM this morning and delivered. We were going to leave but before we got out of there we got a call from the Pittsburg Agent. We now have two loads out of Miami, which most of the time you don't get anything. The only bad thing is that we have to wait until tomorrow to get loaded. It is hard to find anywhere to park and be safe down here. WE are going to eat at a Cuban Restaurant here where we are parked(Help me Jesus)-TC's idea..... We pick up for Zerox tomorrow and have two stops. One in Orlando tomorrow afternoon and then one on Friday back in Atlanta. I hear Columbia have lots of loads this weekend so I hope we get to run over the weekend. Well, I will let you know how our dining experience went... All for now

Monday, September 17, 2007

Catching up on some pics

Here are some pics from our recent trip from California to Florida. Thought i would catch up on some. Tonight we are in a motel in commerce Ga. and we will be going to a 1/2 day training class Tuesday. All for now.....

Rays of Sunshine

WOW in California

Me and Benji rock climbing in Arizona

TC and Boo boo

Mile after mile after mile after mile after mile....the same after mile in California

Sunday,Sunday, Sunday

This week has been awesome. This was time needed to organize and refuel. It's Monday so we are heading out today. We must head toward Atlanta for a CAB class at Landstar on Tuesday and then hopefully we will get something out of Atlanta Tuesday afternoon. Let me just say that Sunday was more than had ever hoped for. I had not preached in over 9 months and it felt great. I was a little nervous, but God calmed those and it was fine. you would have to understand my style. Some say that I am half preacher and half comedian. It just comes natural! Wil-mar Park Baptist Church in concord, NC is where I preached. Their music program was absolutely awesome. Very lively, upbeat and full of excitement as they sang praises to Jesus. This was a very exciting church as the Minister of Music is a former lead singer for "The Praise Masters", a Southern Gospel Quartet. Anyway, I enjoyed it so thanks to anyone who lifted me up during that time. We are planning on leaving around noon today so I have tons to do and better get started. All for now..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wrapping up a good work week

It felt really good today to get many things done, but some of it has rendered by back and knees to ache tonight. We are gong to pick up our son chad tomorrow and drive the big truck up to my daughters house and deliver some furniture to them from my grandparents house. We finished that up today as well with help from my Dad. It has been really neat being so close to my parents as I have coffee with them almost every morning and several meals. This is what I wanted. We are also going to spend the night up in Brevard with Christie and come back home on Saturday. On Sunday I am going to be speaking at a church in concord NC and then hopefully have lunch with a friend and his wife.
On Monday we will drive down toward Atlanta for a class on Tuesday for Landstar and we should be trucking again by Tuesday afternoon. One bit of bad news is one of our owners has filed for bankruptcy so there will be some changes but do not know what they will be.

PRAYER REQUEST: My Mom will have to undergo a total knee replacement in the next week or so, so please pray for her quick recovery. Mom does not do well just sitting around so she will require patients. Thanks in advance for all your prayers....All for now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still pondering

Could Bin Laden be saved? How about a mass murderer or someone like the folks in West Virginia that kept that black girl for a week tormented her. How about a child molester. These are some hard questions. I take from most of my friends here in bloggerville by the way they comment that they are believers, Christians and followers of Christ. If we are honest then the answer would have to be yes according to scriptures but that person must truly be repentant. However, as a redblooded American I am not sure i would give the chance to be forgiven. I would probably condemn them to die before they had a chance. As "Print Ritter" would say, "Some men are not the worth the price of a good rope". Well I am just pondering the graces and the good will of My Father in Heaven verses the shortcomings of my attitude. God help us to be more forgiven, but those who are controlled by Satan may they be punished forever more. For those troops over there fighting our battles, "Lord make them accurate and true"!

We are about to finish up here with organizing our new home. I Feel pretty good of what we accomplished so far. It's really cooling down here in the Carolina's so that is good too. Off we go......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random thoughts

I like most pondered yesterday on many questions pertaining to the anniversary of the attacks made on this country. I still get angry when I consider what it meant and the very fact of it. Daryl Worley sings of " Have You Forgotten" I say no and I never will. Are we safer now than before? I don't really know that answer. I wish all troops could come home next week but they will not and we will have a presence over there from now on as we should. We did not free those countries just so the terrorists can have them back. Afghanistan is a good example of what can happen. Well that's my thoughts anyway. I wish we could live in a world that our troops would only defend our borders but that will not happen. We must take the fight to the enemy. My desire is that America will taken Bin Laden. He must be found and dealt with. Wanted Dead or Alive........

Enough of that- Yesterday went well with lots of organizing, picture hanging and general cleaning. We love living down here as it is so quite and dark unlike living on 150 in cherryville. It will take some time but there are a lot of plans. We darted off the Sagebrush last night for our favorite meal and then some shopping at Walmart. Pretty boring but I did get a flat screen TV so that is cool. All for now....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Home Again...for the first time

We made our deliver in Tallahassee FL This morning at the Medical Center at 6:30 this morning and then headed for the house. We had been gone almost three weeks and was ready for a time at home. We have tons to do to get things in order. When we last left Mom and Dad finished moving the rest of our stuff and now we just have to organize it. This will be our first night at our new place. It seemed weird almost to come home to a different place then in the past. We are glad though and excited that we are taking this week off in order to get these things done.
We are really tired tonight so it is a short post and then off we go to sleepy town. Wishing all a good week to come. All for now....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rolling Again

WE decided to leave Reno as nothing was happening, so we did and went toward LA California. Traveling through that part was gorgeous and we just took our own sweet time. We stopped by TC's brother's house in Barstow, Cali. but he was not home. As soon as we got there we got a call, so we took it that load and went down to San Diego and loaded some medical equipment that is going to Tallahassee Fla. That load delivers Monday morning and it pays good so things are rolling again. We should have left Reno earlier but all is well. Rolling hard right now so more to come later....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Making the Most of it.....

These nest few pics are from a 2 lane road gong from Reno up to Virginia city. We figured we would get one more day of sightseeing. Tonight we are still in Reno waiting on a load.

Nice old buildings. They have saloon's, gambling and selling of this and that's.

Cool Museum

No words needed!


Boy, that looks good, and the bench is cool too........hehe

We looked everywhere for Little Joe and Hoss but could not find them.

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