Wednesday, February 28, 2007

lord have mercy

We loaded in Arkansas and was only an hour or so up the road and dispatch stopped us in Pine Bluff Arkansas to wait on another truck. that truck is running single so we have to switch loads so our team can run it to Cypress california. Not really happy about that but what choice do we have. We found another wally world with truck parking and stpped while we are waiting. We ate at Chili's and we are just sitting here listening to a CD that we got from the White fang series dvd. It's classical music set to a rocky mountain stream with nature backdrop. Very relaxing. More later, stay safe.

change 0f plans

Our load to Jersey got cancelled (so sad) so, we were dispatched to Crossett Arkansas
to pick up paper products for Walmart that is going to Nevada. We get that this afternoon and deliver asap, hopefully. In the meantime we have been sitting in Arkansas at a Walmart just chilling and being bored. We are caught up on rest and ready to roll. Last night i just walked around wally world. The other day in Missouri I bought me a nice pair of rancher boots, but I only tried on one boot(stupid) because when i did about 300 miles later one of them did not fit. so, i will wait until we pass by I-70 again and fix the problem. After we pick up this afternoon we will be rolling hard toward Nevada so posting will come after that. Be Safe

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heading to Jersey

Yes we went to the Carpenters Cowboy Church Sunday morning and we enjoyed it. After we went out to eat with them and had a great afternoon. Later we were dispatched on another high security load of hi def plasma TVs going to office depot in Buford GA. We were unloaded so quickly that we had the rest of the morning to kill. So, we took another nap and then got our camping chairs out of the storage area and sit outside in Georgia Sunshine. It was so nice. Later we were dispatched again to Olive Branch Mississippi to get a load this morning going to Secacuas New Jersey. Happy Happy Joy Joy. It's a UPS load so it should go pretty good. This morning we stopped just shy of the shipper last night and slept all night. I'm waiting on TC to want to roll out of the bunk so we can eat Breakfast at Flicker's Truck Stop. It's a small old one that reminds me of the old school truck stops of the 70's. Anyway, that's all for now. Should post again after New Jersey.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

What are we doing?

Have you ever asked yourself that question. Perhaps just a reflection or a confirmation that you are dong the right thing. I asked myself that question this morning. I woke early, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and went inside our corporate headquarters and have a cup of coffee and take a shower. I was just sitting there thinking and asking God what am I doing. To be honest, the money is pretty good and one goal is to bank cash that one day we can do something toward a house, seeing we sold ours. We don't even know where we want to live. Anyway, I looked around and saw people who :just needed the Lord". Not a sermon, just a friendly voice in a time of confusion. I tried but failed, but that is OK. TC is constantly reminding me that I must be more of a spiritual leader and she is right, but that seems so difficult. It is hard to be honest. God is so wonderful and I am not ashamed. I simply could not nor want to live a single second without him. Things seldom work out the way you planned, which is usually best. TC and i are seeking God's will for our lives but that does not come easy. We are trying to think in terms like this, "we are not in control of where we are or what is at hand". Everything happens for a reason and for a purpose.

So, to prevent myself from rambling on I will close. Presently, I am sitting in the cab waiting for a load in Chattanooga TN watching it rain, but in the background some great music that is saying this, "Only Jesus satisfies". All other things will always leave us wanting. Jesus says to "come as you are" BROKEN and BEAUTIFUL

So, check this out. We know that we are only out here for a season, so my chief at CFD as helped me by promoting to Assistant Chaplin. This will help in my training hours. then, when we get home I will be ready to settle back into the fire Department. God is good and i hope one day to help Brother Randy. Hopefully, we will go to church this morning down the road at the cowboy church and we should get dispatched sometime after while. Blessings to all!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Saturday

Well I tried to post some pics, but for some reason, blogger will not let me. We have some great ones, so if you would like to see some new ones, check out

That should do it for a while. OK, we so we delivered some additives to cow feed in Idaho. We actually delivered to a working dairy. These guys milk over 2000 cows each day. Here is the problem, they were expecting a flatbed and we are a van. So, after a while we finnally found a pallet jack and unloaded them. We then went to the other side of Idaho and picked up some potatoes. The company routed us down 191 and through Wyoming. Problem is this was less that 50 miles from the Gran teton Mountains. So, late at night I finnally gave up when the road seemed impassiable. We stopped and camped out for the night. Waking in the morning at daylight, we realized that we were parked right beside a river and the views were incredible. It messed us up on our time, but this was a dream come true. Upper Wyoming and Montana are everything I ever dreamed. Well throughout that trip things just took forever, so we missed our appoitment in Southern Goergia. So, today we are sitting in Chattanooga waiting on a load after dropping the potatoes here. They will be delivered next week by someone else. Today has been great, as Tc and I went shopping at Walmart and had a steak dinner. We should be rolling out sometime tonight. I hope the pics will work again soon, but for now they will be at our home page,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In Cowboy Country

My post have not come as regulaly as i would like them to, but I am trying. We switched the portland load with a wonderful couple. After the switch, we had a little prayer meeting outside the trucks. Lee and Cora were their names. The prayer, led by Cora, was awesome. These are truly great people. We headed to Green River Wyoming and picked up a load from FMC of dairy additives for dairy cows to be delivered in the morning in Boise Idaho. After that, who knows. Things are well and getting better. Tc is learning, but I'm sure she would do better if she had a better teacher. I do better at just doing, but anyway. My parents are back from Florida and both the kids are doing fine. Tonight we ate and washed clothes at a place called "Little America" Wyoming. This place is huge. Truck stop, resurant, motel, you name it. After we finish, we shall roll hard to Idoaho. Trying to add some more pics in a day or so, blessings to all

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rolling hard

We made the delivery in Chicago with hours to spend. 45 hours from portland oregon to Chicago. We hooked up on a load going to Orlando Fla. (warm weather, no snow) but i don't have my haz mat endorsement, so we got sent back to Portland. We are sitting in Rowlings Wymoning waiting for the wind to settle. It got to where we could no longer hold it in the road. We have another high security load so one of has to stay with the truck. Oh well, we both needed a showers and a hot meal. It was nice. We are suppose to be in Portland Monday AM but that is out the window. I think the truck was a bit small for TC and I today, but we are working that out. My good friend Sonny Huntsinger who lives in Montana was in a car accident and broke his back, but God has healed through surgury and he is at home now waling with a walker. His life was spared and to God be the glory for that. Hope to post again in Portland. It is hard sometimes, because when we are not driving, we are sleeping. Sleep sometimes only comes a few hours at a time so it is precious.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I met her at the mall one night while she was with a friend. From that moment on I knew that she was the one for me. My love began suddenly and has yet to retreat. She has always been there and has done many a thing that some wives would not. She followed me where ever my desires led me. We have raised two great kids and support each other in most everything. We enjoy the same things and have the same values. She is TC and i love her more than words can say!

Moving on

We load tonight at DHL at Portland's airport and with a high security load, meaning we cannot stop until we get to Chicago. We have to constantly watch the load or at least one of us. We must be there by Friday night at 10:00 PM. 2068 miles in less than 48 hours in a truck that only goes 66 mph. That means little to know stopping. TC and I fueled and took a good hot shower and will head to the airport around 9:00PM.
I stood in awe at the vastness, and it reminded me of just how small we really are compared to our creator.
Here is the entrance to Jubitz truck stop. It has a medical center, shoe store, chiropractor, hair salon, movie threatre and much much more. Pretty cool place.

This the restaurant/truck stop we had our anniversary meal. NICE

Guess who gets the top bunk


Well, because we had to wait on the chains, we missed our delivery time and had to wait until Tuesday morning to deliver the load. Since then we have been waiting on a load. Seems to be too much waiting in Oregon, although the beauty of the state is well worth it. It was snowing on top of the cabbage mountains as others have called it. We are staying at the Jubitz truck stop in Portland. From the front you would never know it was a truck stop. It is like a mall inside. Monday was TC and I 24th wedding anniversary so we had a nice steak dinner. I guess you could say we took each other to Portland Or. for our gift. It is just like her to be OK with that. I hope to take her on a cruise next year.

I also got my sprint card today and now have regular access, so I hope to be posting everyday. God bless everyone and thanks for your prayers. It means a lot!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


So far it's been a good week. Today we are waiting in Oregon because our truck does not have chains. Our company is looking for some and we are waiting. Did I say we are waiting! Oregon state laws says you must have tire chains on with you trhrough April, even though t present it is not snowing. We have made good time until now, so we wait. I wil probably have to drive most of the night in the fog to get the load there on time. We will see

I signed up with a service called siriconn for one week. It has service at most truckstops. I may still gt the cellualar service but I will try this for a week anyway. That's all for now


Again in Utah- TC with boo looking out the window

I-80 West in Nebraska

Here we are at the welcome center in Utah. The view is incredible

Thursday, February 08, 2007

On the Move

We pick yo today in Hickory NC and will deliver Monday morning in Vancouver Washington, Yes, 2600 miles, see ya

Trying to be Open Minded

Well, its Thursday morning and I finishing up some taxes and such and will preparing to leave out around 8:00 this morning. We hope to purchase our card from Sprint some time today but that all depends on where and when we are dispatched. It feels good to have come home and square a few things away and get my stuff. My stuff, while not being much or expensive, is what I'm use to and so I like have it. It's a good razor, and good pair of socks that mean more these days. Simple things that I use to over look.
I looked over my log and realized that when I become interested in reading other blogs, like others have become interested in mine, I wonder,why? Why do I like reading about other people and what they are doing. For myself, I am always looking for something to learn. Could be a ingredients or information on what I'm eating or anything that I can read. So, when I look at others folks blogs, I am in essence learning from them. Their mistakes, wants and input. The other thing I noticed about who I read on a daily basis is quite diverse. Now for sure I am a red-blooded redneck from the tar heel. I like and have guns, flags and everything else American. I like Bush (kinda) I support what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, I could easily kiss the heck out of anyone anti-American....BUT WAIT.....I like hearing and reading other people's thoughts. It's that simple. I get hooked on a story line and I want to finish it out. I desire to stay open minded about the things that can be.
Now for sure there are things that the books have been closed. The Bible for instance, it is God's Word period. No discussion, no adding or subtracting. Period! See what I mean. There is not opening my mind about that. Your view however is different. Even though you may be whack I still enjoy reading about it. For those of you who are surprised to find yourself on my daily read, I don't know what it was but for some reason I was interested in what you had to say. So, for now or until I get my access card may God be with you!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some Pictures

TC figuring that log book. What the?

"The Freight Shaker"

Covenant owns their own motel so we stayed there. They provided three meals a day and this is the view out our front door. Not the Hyatt but it worked.

TC under the waterfall. Man was it cold!

On our way to Chatanooga Tenn.

What A Week!

We just arrived back home today to get the rest of our stuff. Last week was a whirl. Lots of paperwork and while TC was training, I made a few runs. I got back to Chattanooga on Saturday and stayed on the backing course with TC all day. On Sunday I just chilled and ordered pizza and watched the super bowl. We left Chat. on Monday and went north to Cookesville Tenn. and then ON to Nashville and picked up some gear parts for the Freightliner manufacturer in Mt. Holly. We left Tuesday night at 9:00 PM and arrived Wednesday at 5:30 AM. After dropping the load, we woke TC's sister up who lives in Mt. Holly and bummed a cup of coffee. Today we will load the truck with our stuff and probably leave out again on Thursday morning. We have worked a deal with our dispatcher to stay out 5 1/2 weeks and in return we will get 7 straight days off. Also, tonight we will have to run to Brevard to pick up the dogs and the new laptop. Being up all night last night I must lay my weary head for a few hours and then finish up things around here and complete our taxes. What a JOY! Here is a pic of our truck. It's a 2006 Freighliner Columbia with a 70 inch raised roof sleeper. It rides like a dream but Covenant governs it at 66 mph. I can't even get out of my own self's way, but I am sure it uses less fuel and is much safer. I do wish it would at least go the posted speed limit of most states (70) Any who, it is what it is.

Chad got a great job sandblasting old tranny's and engine blocks from NASCAR equipment. If he does well he can get on full time. I hope and pray that this encourages him. He is moving back to the house and we are going to charge him rent. Harsh, I do not know, but he must learn some responsibility. At 18 it is time! I decided to post other pics as well. Blessings!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hello everyone, I found a fiend who let me use their computer real fast. We are still in chattanooga TN tonight waiting on TC to finsih her refresher course. So far I have went to Columbus Ohio, drove through the snow to ole Louie, KY , and back down to Nashville TN. Tonight I brought a loas back to Chattanooga and here I am Waiting. Not much time left so I really miss talking to some of you guys. I have my laptop and will pick it up when we ge our dogs from Christie's. It's going good and we are having fun! Pray for TC as she will have her final test tomorrow. Until I get back online, blessings!