Friday, March 30, 2007

Working on the weekend

The last day or so and this morning we are packing and getting ready to leave again. this morning we will take chad to Gastonia and then off to the charlotte airport to pick up our rental car. We are going up to Akron Ohio, where TC lives for about 10 years. The house is tore down now but we should be able to see the area and school. After that we are off to Detroit Michigan to pick up our new truck. After that we are off to Green Ohio where we will start orientation with Fed EX on Monday. We are excited to start this new chapter. There are several new options. The pay is set up to be paid at a larger percentage, but we must in turn pay for our own fuel. The advantages are, we fuel where we want to, we can drive as many empty miles as we desire. In other words, if we want to drive home we can. It's our dime. Enough about that. Stay Safe!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blessed be

We are so happy that Chad got accepted into this program. IT is called Adam's House TLP through Friends Inc. We hate that it has come to this, but we are grateful that will have this opportunity to grow up with professional instruction. I could go and on of everything they offer but for now I just wanted to give Praise and Glory to our Father in Heaven. Thanks God, you are too good and we love and thank you!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thankful to get things done.

I never knew that I had so many things to do while we were at home. Yesterday I finished the grass and Chad did some raking. WE met with the director of a transitional living program for Chad at 11:00. WE actually met for about 2 hours. This program seems to be what Chad needs to help him move into adulthood. TC and I have done everything we know with limited results. It breaks our heart to see him make so many bad choices. As far as the program, we should find out today before noon if he gets in or not. (Father, May your will be done!) Also, yesterday Tc and I had to take a drug test for Fed EX. We are gong to be leaving Friday afternoon in order to drive p to Michigan in a rental car, pick up our truck, and then drive back to Green Ohio for Fed Ex orientation.
We are so excited to be working for these folks. Now, even though we will represent Fed Ex, we actually work for two men named Jim and Al, along with Edna. These are some of the nicest people I’ve met in a while. Our job is to get the truck into Fed Ex and they in return will be getting us into a larger sleeper. Today is filled with stuff like Coffee with Mom, haircut and also Tc and I will work on the inside of the RV a little. Much to do, but it is nice to have the time in order to get some things done. Stay Safe!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Good to be home

It has been good to be home for a while. I went this morning and seen the guys where I use to work. That was nice. After that I went to charlotte to get fingerprinted for my Haz Mat Endorsement. TC cooked home made soup for lunch and then it was off to Mom’s for a visit. I worked on the RV for a little while this afternoon and cut some grass. Around 8:00 PM I responded for the Fire Department to a traffic accident. The guy was OK, but it was too ironic. He has been drinking and decides he needed some more and he sort of run in to the side of the Liquor store. It’s kind of funny but serious at the same time. Another long list of to do’s on Tuesday so it’s off to bed I go, Stay Safe!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

That was fast

We just returned from our trip and it was great. We got to the cabin Thursday afternoon and it was great. Three days of relaxing by the hot tub, fire and the views. Gatlinburg is great and we enjoyed the views. Especially the creeks and streams. Water is so peaceful and relaxing. We left Saturday around 10:30 and went to our daughter Christie's house and spent the afternoon with them. It is so hard That was happening even before our road journey.

We were so upset at covenant and the actions or our manager. It was simply unacceptable. I am glad that we were in the position to leave. We will take a few weeks off, which is needed, and get some things done. I have to add the HAZ MAT endorsement to my CDL, and we have to finsh the application process for FED EX. That is what we are working on, to work for the Custom Critical Division. I do hope that works out. Please pray for us as we are continuing to have problems out of our son. We have many details to work out there. God bless and stay safe!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sometiymes it don't work out

After getting jerked around for several days, we finally decided to leave Covenant. It was obvious that they were not going to get us home. I don't understand why they do things like that, but that is why some people only stay a few months. We are home now and trying to salvage our trip to Gatlinburg. We are upset but things will work out somehow. Thanks be to God for his grace that sustains us in these times.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

That's just truckin

`WE were suppose to deliver in Dallas Texas and then take a load to North CArolina, but when we got to Texas, there was no load. So, we are going to stay on this load and deliver Monday and then deliver the second stop in cleveland Tenn. I guess our home time will start Tuesday. My Dad called today and said he had to turn the water off at our house because of a leak. The crawl space was filled with water. Oh well, it's just money right. We were going to pick up our camper Tuesday so we will spending a lot of money in the few days. I know its called life. TC has another brother that lives in Dallas, so we came over here to visit him and yet even another brother that drove over from East Texas to visit TC. Richard lives with his daughter and is a retired truck driver, and her brother Jimmy Don also drives a truck.

WE spoke with the potiential employer this morning and we hope things continue to progress. Be safe!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ready for home

This trip so far has been like a vacation. We have slept a lot at night. We had so much time to deliver when we picked the load up, so why hurry. Of course, dispatch saw us on the truck locater and wondered why we were taking so long. OH well, we needed to chill a little. WE delivered to a Walmart distribution Center that was out in the middle of nowhere in Corrine Utah.I guess Walmart is taking over the world. It really sucks the way the guys do. You deliver a load and they want you to unload it or pay them at least 50 bucks to do it for you. It's their stuff, but that another way of keeping their cost down I guess. We were lucky as we were able to drop the load and pick up an empty trailor. We are waiting at a Flying J Truckstop on the next load to take use home. There is so much to do when we get there I am sure those 7 days will fly. I have to have coffee with mom every morning i can, go see the guys, get an haircut, pay some bills and so many other things. I am sure that when we get this load we will be going as hard as we can so I will post something when i get home. Stay safe!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This week so far

Things are well. we are moving through omaha nebreska as i write. After Chicago, we went to Loisville KY and picked up this load and and it is going to corrine Utah.
The next load after that will be getting us home. We are ready! I think we are going to spend a few days seeing famiy and then spend a few days in Gatlinburg TN. Can you say hot tub outside on the porch. The last week or so has been pretty tough. As your body gets tired it makes simple things harder. On the brighter side, we stopped at a TA truckstop on Sunday and ran into a nice couple who owns their own truck. It is a class b straight truck with an 120 inch sleeper. It's like and RV with all the goodies like, bathroom and kitchen and stuff like that. We are in the process of maybe hiring on with them. We think it will make better living, we will see. When we was coming from LA the other day it was so hot in California and when we got to Vail Cloorada, we got snowed and iced in for a day. It's crazy how different the weather can be. That's all for now, stay safe.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cali to Chicago

Another delivery to LA on time. For those who would be buying an HP printer, that is what we were hauling. Today we caught up on rest and did some laundry. Around midnight tonight we will pick up in LA and deliver Sunday in Chicago. Not our favorite place to be but that is OK. this trip we will see Las Vegas and run through Colorado. We stayed at the Pomona Terminal and was very disappointed. The bathrooms and shower was disgusting. Everything else was OK but I do not know what that is about. They are closing some of the terminals so maybe they do not want to spend money on something they will not keep. Anyway, I guess that is all for now, but keep in mind that i can no longer post pics on blogger for some reason. I did t once with this set up but it won't let me. so, if you want to see pics you must go to our web page.

Stay Safe

California Again

Well we got back out to California and we stopped in Barstowe to visit TC's brother Kenny. We will stay here for a awhile and then head on down to LA. Hopefully, we will deliver in the morning and then get a load out pretty quick. TC and I are enjoying our little venture. It does get tiring sometimes as most days we are either sleeping or driving. We are working out our arrangements and what works for us. Stay safe and God bless everyone of you who prays for us.

Trucking has changed alot since I first started. There are so many regulations and stuff that it can get nerve racking. Each state has their own ports of entry and they require different things. In New Mexico they require you to show your Tax ID when you roll through the scales. In Arizona you have to show the single state registration. You have to figure this stuff out because you don't want to stay there any longer than you have to. These are people who have the power to shut you down or cost you money. Anyway, covenant is pretty good with all their stuff and of course I try to be professional. There are too many cowboy truckers who follow to closely and go too fast. Well, that's all for trucking 101 for now.

Monday, March 05, 2007

California Trip

We delivered Friday morning in California and then went to the terminal in Long Beach.That afternoon we loaded again for Georgia with a Monday morning delivery. We left Friday around 3:00 and it took 31/2 hours to go 50 miles. The traffic is incredible out there. It was a good ride as the winds had died down a little. We got to Atlanta this morning and we are being unloaded. turns out we had a load of Cannon printers. We have already been dispatched. We will leave Atlanta and head to Memphis TN and take a load back to California. Good miles and good money. Only two weeks left for our 7 day break and we are looking forward to it greatly. That's all for now.

Our first trip to California was OK, and it is really a pretty state, but in LA, that's a whole another story.