Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just random pics

This is a wildlife preserve in northern Ohio. We stopped by and watched the ducks and other foul. It was really cold that day. Notice the Nuclear plant in the background.
A statue of General Robert E Lee

Entering Staten Island Cool Bridge

A Weekend Layover

Well it's Saturday night and we are laying over the weekend in Jessup Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. This week has been have been pretty good as weer have been rolling. After picking up in Brooklyn and delivering the load from hell in North Carolina, just outside of Raleigh. Let me explain. When we arrived at the customer, GlaxoSmithCline a drug company, we learned that we could not enter their location with dogs. Houston, we have a problem! Now they gave us a suggestion. TC could stand outside the gate with the dogs while I went in to unload. I don't think so. WE finally found a animal hospital that would board them for an hour or so for 30.00 bucks and the company paid for it. After that we went to the Richmond FED EX Service Center and picked up a load of Haz Mat Paint going just outside of Phili PA. This place makes those large wind mills you see out west and they needed the paint real bad. After that we picked up a load of appliances in southern New Jersey and they are being delivered just outside Washington DC. We were planning on seeing our nations capital, but the dogs have gotten sick off something, so we are having to take care of them. They are like kids. This weekend break is well needed, as we did our laundry and cleaned the truck on the inside.So, its chill out time until Monday morning. Stay Safe

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pics From New York city

Just a few pics from our travels to Brooklyn New York. I could not believe the prices on toll bridges. Goerge Washington Bridge-30.00 Tribbourgh bridge-24.00 Verrazanno Narrows Bridge-48.00. Plus two other bridges and other toll roads. Cost of running in the NorthEast.

Blurry pic, but you can see the statue of liberty in the background.

Brooklyn-Queens Espressway

A pretty tough back from a one way street. Folks up there are pretty good at blowing there horn with little patient.

This is where we picked up. We loaded 15,000 pounds of medicine bottle caps. Go Figure

WE left Richmond on Monday and Delivered in Boston Mass. It was a tight fit in that place. We had to put the truck back in the shop because the A/C went out. It took $1100.00 to repair it and I just hated that for the owner. We left there and went to pick up in Brooklyn NY. This is what we saw coming in.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Update-

Re-enactment of Fight for Independence that we found just happening that day on our tour of the Richmond Area
We just happened upon a Revolutionary reenactment near Peters burg. Cool

Entrance to Cemetery

TC at Bradford Church(I think it is called that) This cemetery has over 20,000 Confederate soldiers buried here.

This is the entrance to the tunnel the Union forces dug to set the charges that created the crater.

This is or was the remains of the crater. It was at one time 30 foot deep and much larger. IF you have ever seen the movie Cold Mountain, it features this is a war scene.

This is the backside of the crater created by the union Army

Richmond VA, St Johns church,

WOW- What a week. It was nice to stay home a couple of days, but because of slow times right now, we did not leave until Thursday afternoon. We picked up one box in Greensboro NC and delivered in Richmond VA Friday morning. That morning early we noticed the truck stalling, so after we delivered we went to the Volvo Dealership and that is where it began to suck. Because we have the dogs, we could not wait inside. So, we just stood around and by noon we pretty much quit worrying about how we looked. We just started lounging around. It was so dusty. Later that afternoon we found some woods next door and just chilled in the shade. If you have a big truck Volvo, do not take it to Richmond Volvo, they are jerks. Anyway, around 6:00 PM, after 10 hours, we got our truck back and went to the truck stop. We showered and ate and then crashed until about 5:00 AM Saturday morning. Guess what, the truck was not fixed, so we took it back. TC and I decided to rent a car and see the Richmond area, so things turned out OK. We got the truck back around 5:30 PM Saturday. These are some of the pics that we took on our day trip. We had fun and seeing all the civil war sites. Just making Lemonade out of lemons! Because of the those problems we missed our chance for getting a load until Monday. So, its 92 degrees in Richmond VA now but it is nice and cool in the truck. Stay Safe!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Home time

We unloaded Monday in Knoxville and then headed to Christie's house in Brevad, where we spent the afternoon and had dinner out with her David. We got home around 10:00 PM that night and then it was coffee at Mom's. I had been waiting on that for a while. It was great cause there is no better listener than my Mom. After a day of cutting grass, weed eating and spraying grass and weed killer, TC and I got dressed and went out to eat with chad. He is dong well and his attitude has changed. This transitional housing has really been the best thing for him. this morning we are preparing to leave out again in just a little while. Back on the road, where God only knows.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just some pics of our travels

Me looking at Sea Shells and waves in Ohio on Lake Erie. Did you hear me? Sea shells on the banks of a lake. Go figure!
The front of TC old School

This is TC's school she went to. I can just see three little redheads running up these steps.

We were able to stop in Copley Ohio, just outside Akron, where Tc lived for many years. This is the church she went to. she was saved and Baptized at this little church.

Just a pic of our old truck after we were stuck in Vale Colorado for a day, That is not mud, but the slag they use on top of ice.

This chapel is located at the Petro just outside Knoxville TN. Believe it or not there are three seats per row and it can seat about 15 people or so. we enjoyed the service.

Benji on his post taking the first watch. Here is the thing, Benji feels that he is not suppose to sleep if I am driving. He sleep with me if Tc is driving but not the other way around. Recently, he has started resting more. He is the best of the best.

Sunday Update

Here is our new Truck, it is a 2004 Volvo and it is nice, but we are waiting on our big sleeper and we can hardly wait.

Well, I did get to see Roy, my Army Buddy. Roy was single then and he always hung out with us old married guys. I trusted him, even always leaving him the house key when we were gone. He is married now and has a two year old son. It was good to see him. He is a Captain at Brazil Fire Department and he was on duty so we hung out there. We left Indiania and headed for Goegretown KY to pick u some auto parts for Toyota and we will deliver them Monday morning in Marysville Tenn. SO, we just hung out Saturday. Today, we went to the truckers chapel and had breakfast. We were happy that Chad called last night and he seems to be dong well. After deliverin Monday we will wait a while on a load but will probably start heading toward the house. I want to see Mom and Dad before they leave on Thursday for the outer Banks.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Favorite pics

Arizona Sunset

Now that is Trucking, not really!

one of my favorite pics-Hwy 191 in western Wyoming

Daddy and Daughter

It's easy to brag on Christie. She is the daughter that every Dad wants. Just thought I would give her a shout out. In trucking news, we finished delivering our soybean seed and was dispatched to ST. Charles, MO to pick up Military equipment and sipp;ies. After picking up (pallets and cardboard boxes), we delivered to an US ARMY RESERVE UNIT in BElton MO near Kansas City. Fortunately we were able to sleep all night and so this morning we are just waiting. The computer says we have one unit in front of us. Stay Safe

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trying to post a pic


Each time I try to add a pic, all I get is all the writing on the page, not the actual picture. It has not always been this way. So, I thought tonight I might just go ahead and publish it and the pic showed up. Go figure.
This of course is TC at our latest escape to Gatlinburg beside a lovely river. Perhaps, I will try and revocer some post with the pics on it.

Tuesday Update

So here is the update for the weeks so far. We left Kansas City Sunday and picked up Monday morning in Ridgeway IL, a small farming town in lower eastern IL. What a pretty drive, with nothing but farms and country. After picking up a load of Soybean Seed we were to deliver that afternoon in Marshall Mo. but as things go they were already closed. WE usually run expedited freight, so they were hit with a 500.00 detention pay because we didn't get to unload until this morning. The good thing is that we get all of that, so that gives over 3 dollars a mile for this load. Pretty good seeing how fuel has went up so much. We are leaving in a little while and heading for Terrre Haute Indiana after TC gets her prescriptions filled at Walmart. I do hope to get to see my Army buddy Roy Kellar as he lives just a little piece from there. I have remained close to two buddies, Wes and Roy, so I hope to get to see him. That's all for now, Stay Safe!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

It is Easter Morning and am contemplating the celebration of our Saviour. I read the Easter story again this morning and I am so forunate to know that one day i will too rise in that gloroius new body, where I will live with Jesus forever. Sometimes we Christians take our salvation and freedom for granted. Forgive me lord for doing just that. Help me take my obligation and my service to You more seriously. That is my prayer.
Yesterday was a great day of rest. TC and i jist chilled all day. Last night we at the movie threatre at the Petro Truck Stop just outside of Kansas City Mel gibson's "We Were Soilders" Awesome movie. It made me think back on some my buddies from the Army. I think I will call some of them today. Also, We watched Rocky Balboa. I had not seen thin yet and I thought it was pretty good. How many Actors can see something like this through until the finish. I think I saw the first one in 6th grade of something like that. This morning I sat inside and had coffee with several other drivers and we reminised of old times gone by. It seems the good old days have passed us by, but I still cling to them. We will leave KC and head to Southern Illinoise to pick up a load Mornday morning and deliver here in MO. again. The good thing about Fed EX is that we can negoisate the price of the load. Originally it did not pay enough but we told them what we could do it for and so that what we got. Pretty Cool! Again Happy Easter and saty safe.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Week at Fed EX

We finished up class on Wednesday afternoon and had our Satellite tracking system installed, along with the new signs. We left the Canton Area and picked up our lease trailer in Columbus Ohio and were in shock when a dispatch offer came so soon. WE drove empty to the Cleveland Ohio area and picked up a load of milk cartons that had to be in Richmond VA the next morning. IT snowed hard through Ohio and also on the EFT the PA Turnpike. TC and I switched out driving every few hours because both of us wore out. After Delivering Thursday morning we both slept for a few hours and then was dispatched to Charlotte NC to pick us 17 drums of printing ink. After picking that up we went by the house and got the dogs and took showers and then had to beat feet for Kansas City MO. We left the house around 11:00 PM Thursday night and arrived in KC about 5:00 PM on Friday. After delivering we headed for the Petro Truck stop. So, we washed some cloths and ate supper around 8:00 PM. This place is nice and clean and fairly cheap. So, here we are just East of Kansas City and we may get something out or we may be here for the Easter Weekend, I just don't know. All the family is meeting at my Mom's for Sunday and it soes not look like we will make it. Only God knows that. All for now, so Stay Safe.

Monday, April 02, 2007

This week so far

What a joy to read the comments placed on this page by folks I call my friends. Folks I have never met physically but I know in my heart that they are friends. I also enjoy not only being prayed for, but also praying for these fine people.
The last few day have been very relaxing for us. We left Friday afternoon after taking Chad to Gastonia. We stopped in Charleston West Virginia for the night. We slowly traveled up to Akron Ohio, where TC showed me where she use to live and go to school. She loved there 10 years so she has a lot of memories. The house she lived in had been torn down and another rebuilt in its place. It was fun to watch her face as she relived these memories. We then moved closer to Detroit Michigan, but we stayed in a little fishing village on lake Erie. Sunday morning we retrieved the truck and made our way back down to Akron and began orientation Monday morning. We will be here until wednesday afternoon sometime and then try and get a load going toward the house. We are hoping to be home for Easter but i don't know yet.