Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend Update

TC and I have just eased along since unloading on Friday. Most of today we have just rested and we went to a great country buffet in Marshal Michigan. Tonight we are in Holland Michigan and we are just hanging out here. Sunday we are going to meet the Landstar Agent from Grand Rapids MI after church and he invited us back to his home for Sunday lunch. We are looking forward to spending some time with Glen and his wife. Late Sunday night we are picking up a load here in Holland and taking it to Georgetown KY Monday morning. We are not sure if we will come home after that or not, I guess it depends what kind of loads are coming out of there. It would be nice to be home for the 4th, but I guess we need to keep running if we can. All for now.

Thanks Ruth for letting us know that you are ok....

Friday, June 29, 2007

To Ruth

Ruth, if you get this, I miss you already. I have enjoyed keeping up to date and i love your yard. I always thought that one day Tc and I would get to visit and perhaps spend just a moment in the hammock. God bless you


So, here is the deal. After our time with SGT and Miss DUB, we did some pretty interesting things such as; laundry, shopping and sleeping. On Thursday we went North of OK City to load at Billings OK. We picked up two small skids going to Detroit Michigan. Here is where it gets good. After loading that, an agent called about one small skid loading in Wichita Kansas weighing just 500 pounds. So, we ran up there and picked that up. What makes that so good is that each load in treated as independent. In other words we were paid double. Instead of $1.40 a mile we made $2.83 a mile for just over 1000 miles. For less than 18 hours that is pretty good cash. Of course we only get 60 % of that plus the fuel surcharge but it is still a great paying load. It’s Friday afternoon and we are listed as the next team to be dispatched, so we must pick our layover location carefully. If nothing comes up then we are going to head toward the western coastline of Michigan..I think…..all for now

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Great Lunch with Great people

SGT DUB, Me and TC....As it would happen, we were getting some work done on our truck and Dub and his daughter were in town so we grabbed some lunch together. Sorry to MRS DUB as she was working byt hey, that just means I still owe you a steak dinner. TC and I really enjoyed our time with these great people.
Dub does have the sweetest daughter(besides mine of course-ha ha).

I can't believe it, but it is true. Folks I have stood side by side with the famous SGT DUB. OK, perhaps a little too dramatic. I have to say though it was pretty cool. Boy, my belly is a whole lot bigger, but I have a little more hair........

OK in OK

Wednesday morning and we have delivered in Tulsa OK. We are headed back to OK city and take the truck out of service to get some more repairs. Some sort of electrical problem. This trip has had some problems. First the truck electrical system is not charging properly and this is causing a short or something. Then, Arizona Port of Entry held us for about four hours because the paperwork for the truck was not right. Of course a sip le payment of 64 dollars took care of the problem. We were suppose to deliver t 10 PM last night but we did not make it until midnight. Turns out the Haz Mat load we were hauling was some sort of liquid metal used to make Catalac converters. This load was valued over 25 million dollars. That is crazy. This is something we found out after the fact. They should have paid us more for this one and that is something I will remember.

Christie: Will post those pics soon

SGT DUB.- In your back yard again. Call if have time as we will be sitting around waiting on the truck to be repaired today.

All for now I hope to post some pics some time today.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Headed East

So, it's Monday morning and we are in LA, California. Sometimes it is hard to get out of here, but the first thing this morning we were called. Our load picks up this afternoon and delivers tomorrow back in Oklahoma. So far I have went to the Freightliner dealership for some parts and now we are waiting to get the truck serviced. It's about a 2 hour wait right now. Total cost for a big truck service....About $250.00 for everything on this truck. So, it a little more rest today and some more cleaning and it's off to pick up this load and head to OK.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Headed to California

We headed down to Indy to pick up a load going to Dallas Texas and delivered it on Friday around noon. Then it was off to Oklahoma City at Tinker Air Force Base to pick up a airplane part and we are taking it to Travis air Force Base near San Francisco, California. As I write this TC is driving and we are about 2 hours away. We are both tired so I think we will just find a place to spend Sunday resting. All for now….

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Michigan Morning

We are in Kalamoozo Michigan this morning waiting on a load. We are at a nice rest area and just enjoying the morning. Our boss put a new microwave/confection oven in our truck so, that will help us cook more of a variety of food. It actually has a heating element, so that is cool. Just another added bonus. It's a lovely Michigan morning and of course another lovely sunrise. All for now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Full of Tears

We unloaded in Detroit after picking up in SC. We are waiting this morning to get our front end aligned in Toledo Ohio. All for now... My tears and prayers goes to the families of the nine fireman lost in Charleston SC late Monday night. Here is the link.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I love being a Firefighter

A quick post. It's Monday morning and we have tons to do. I just get back from a fire this morning. a very large house in the upscale neighborhood was fully involved. The crew on the truck did a great job knocking the initial fire down and I got t here just in time to don my air pack and help with the salvage and overhaul part. That is, moving stuff around and making sure all hot spots were out. This was a big house with tons of stuff. I keep thinking I will have to give up the Fire Dept. because of trucking, but I sure hope not. I love doing this.Anyway, that is done and I am now cleaned up ready to go. I have to take the big truck to Gastonia for a wheel alignment and then I have to help Daddy dig some post holes and move a gate. We are beginning to work the land where we are going to put a small trailer. We struggled on what to do, but because we are only home a few day at a time, it makes sense to get out of this big house and just have a small place. That's the plan anyway. Gotta go and get some stuff done. That is all.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here is a pic of the half that makes me whole............

My Salute

I have always loved being a Dad. I have made tons of mistakes but God has been so good to me. I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts. First, my Dad. What can i say? He has always been there. Never in my life can i ever think of a time when I needed him that he was not there. I am one of the lucky ones that never had to worry about my father's love for me. Now, secondly my daughter. she was my first born. When I learned of her coming I could hardly wait. TC had some difficulties with her but when she was born she was perfect. God has done many great things through her as I always knew He would. The hardest thing to do was to give her away at her wedding. God gave her the half that made her whole(quoting Tim McGraw)
Thirdly, there is my son, Chad. What changes we have seen in him. From a boy he has always been high strung. We had a few years that we questioned our parenting, but God has brought him through a lot of stuff and he is well on his way for great things. Finally, I wanted to mention my wife. She is the one that bore me my children and I owe her everything. For what she is doing now, she is truly a mans dream. I will end with a great thanks to my heavenly Father. God has always been there and never has he let me down. It is impossible for him to do so. I just wanted to take a moment and thank these people and others for the influence they have had on me. i have disappointed some people in my life and ministry, but I pray that God will bring Glory from that to Himself in due time. Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Father's Day

I forgot to add this pic, so here it is. We opened our right side door and BAM, right into the sand. Of course after two dogs and us, there is now sand in the truck. I think we got most of it out. There was no load for Friday, so we just came home. We stopped Saturday morning and got the truck washed at the Frontier Truck Wash in Greenville SC. Those guys were good because we has some big ole bugs. Home time includes some maintenance on the truck and plenty to do around here. It's off to church with my Dad and then Father's Day gathering at Mom and Dad's house. Our kids along with my sister and her family will all be there. Looking forward to everyone being together.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Delivery

We delivered a load of furniture that we picked up in holland Michigan to the Veterans Administration building in biloxi Mississippi. In fact, the building that we delivered sit right across from the Biloxi Veterans Cemetary.

I stood in awe at the mere presence.

Of course we were so close to the beach that we just had to stop and walk a while. The police told us that dogs were not allowed. Oh well, we had alreaady gotten our walk in anyway. The beaches here in Biloxi are still in bad shape as are most of the beachfront itself. So, we sit here until 6:00 PM and if no load offers come we will deadhead home. 12 hours of free driving. Gotta love it.....See ya

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dallas to Detroit

Well just like I said, trucking is so unpredictable. We got a load back out of Dallas on Tuesday morning. In other words, they paid us to drive the 250 miles back to Dallas to pick up some very big TVs going to a Casino in Windsor Ontario. Now, we do not go to Canada. The reason is that it is just too much crap crossing the border. I have enough to worry about just going state to state. What we did do is bring the load to Detroit Mi., where we cross docked with a Canadian Expediter. He was a very nice guy and we talked about the differences between our two countries. It is getting harder and harder to cross and in January you will have to have your passport to land cross as well. So, here we are in Detroit actually hoping nothing comes up tonight as a full night sleep would be nice. We are praying of course to have something tomorrow heading south so we can make the Father's Day activities, mainly eating at Mom's house. I know Dub and many others will have a great Fathers Day this year.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Loaded and Rolling

Today is Monday and we loaded out of Dallas with one Helicopter engine going to Shroud OK. We have delivered that one and hoping to get something tonight or Tuesday out of Oklahoma City. Hey Dub, if you are listening call me, I am at your back door, kinda.....

Fort Worth Texas

Here are some pics taken this weekend. I only had a little time this morning to We had a great time and enjoyed a good steak dinner. Of course it was very hot and muggy but we enjoyed it. I have some more pics to share later.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stuck in the Big "D"

As things are sometimes in trucking, even the Kansas city fell through. So, we are in Dallas for the weekend. that's OK because TC's brother Richard, lives right here. He is going to pick us up after while and we are gong to spend the day with him, his daughter and granddaughter. WE will probably use his truck to go to some sightseeing downtown Dallas and hopefully old town Ft. worth. Time will tell. so, off with the trucking hat and on with the chilling and sightseeing hat. Post some pics later, Stay Safe

Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Update

It's Friday.... We loaded in Holland Mi and delivered Thursday to Shreveport LA. It is so hot and muggy down here. Thank God for A/C. We just missed a load out of Dallas so, we decided to move over here. We got to Dallas last night and TC got real sick. Last night was not so good. She is feeling better today. I think we got something this afternoon heading up in to Kansas. I would like to have something longer but that will do. We should be able to do some sightseeing somewhere this weekend. I understand that DUB is in the US and at Fort Carson. thank God for that. Thanks Sarge Charlie and MRS DUB for keeping us updated. All for now!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


All is well this Tuesday. SGT DUB has been on my mind today as he travels home from Afgan. Our thoughts and prayers are with hime and his family. We picked up Monday afternoon in High Point NC and delivered today around 11:00 AM in Elkhart Indiana. The night was pretty tough as we had heavy rain and fog but, we got the job done. The weather up here in Elkhart is very nice today. It's actually pretty cool and we are enjoying it. We has several calls this afternoon but nothing has panned out yet. We may just being laying over here I don't know yet. Anyway, that is it for now. Stay Safe

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday at home

On Friday we waited for something to take us toward the Carolina's but nothing came, so about 7:30 that night we left Rockford IL and headed home. We got home Saturday morning and rested the rest of the day. Mom and Dad came over and my buddy Nicky and his wife Krista stopped by. Today we have much to do. We have to get all of our stuff squared away in the new truck so we can be ready to go on Monday. We are going to pick up Chad today and he will spend the night with us. It's raining here today do it looks like a messy day, but all we will be OK. That's my update and now its time to get it done. Sadly, we will probably not go to church anywhere because today is all we have to do things.