Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last Work Day

Last night I was as tired as I had ever been. My job yesterday was to level and set on blocks the park model trailer that we just bought. Of course it had rained on the fresh turned ground so it was pretty muddy. I tried at first to stay out of the mud, but it was no use. TC had to scrub me outside before I could even take a shower inside. I was just a big kid playing in the mud and eating outside in the rain. Mom and TC worked on the inside and Daddy worked on the septic, a tree and in between worked on the leveling as well. It's shaping up but now we have run out time. Today we go back in service so we should be trucking some time today. We did get some estimates on some work, IE electric and the deck, so we will be making that decision soon. All for now.

A friend once said pertaining to miracles. He said,"I receive a miracle everyday when I wake up from a night of sleep" Lord, thanks for another miracle!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Another work Day

Well between the sun and just being sore and wore out we just didn't make it to church on Sunday, but we did get some well needed rest. Later Sunday afternoon we went and picked up chad and we all went our to eat and then spend some time with Tc's sister over in Gastonia NC. It was actually good to get away from things for a while. We decided to take another day off so we will not be going out until Tuesday. Today, I will get some blocks and attempt to level the trailer and get it more secure. Later it will tie down to make it more secure. All for now.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some pics from workday

Getting started
Digging out some stumps.

The real boss watching from a top the perch

Dad sharpening the chainsaw

The lot before we started.

1 working and 2 talking about it. That's how it is done, right?

There is the park model in place. That is as far as we got so far.

Closer Still

WOW, we got a bunch of work done on Saturday. I thought it was going to be a rain out but by 11:00 AM Mike was there and the weather cooperated all day. He did some great work and the place looks really good. We had several stumps that were several feet in the ground and was quite difficult to get out, but we got it. The septic is done and the trailer is in place. Everyone worked hard yesterday as the sun can drain you. Mom fixed a great supper; Goulash, beans slaw, onions and cornbread. IT's a SOUTHERN THING.....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting closer

Well we acoomplished much on Friday
  • The 12X16 storage building was delivered and set up. It looks nice backed up to the woods.
  • 8 tons of sand was delivered for use in the septic system.
  • The septic tank was prepared and made ready.
  • Hung out with Mom and Dad most of the day.
  • Went through some more stuff stored in one of the stalls in the barn.
  • Came home and ate supper and chilled out until our daughter Christie came over.
  • Went through the house letting Christie pick out anything she wants, with the exception of a few things that we for sure will keep.

One of the benefits of moving into such a small place is that you have to weed through everything and only keep the bare essentials. Now, I am a pack rat. I keep everything and over the past year since we sold our house, it has taken a long time to weed through all the stuff.

I have to admit that it feels really good. Not only physically have we unloaded tons of stuff we did not need, but mentally and even spiritually we have done the same. God is good, that is for sure and this new outlook on things have really given us an energy boost toward life in general.

This morning it is off to install the septic tank, dig up some stumps and do some general clearing and leveling.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Some Things I know

Here are some things I know:
  • Used trucks are still expensive
  • The world is crazy, cannot figure it out
  • I love my wife and she is my "little darling"
  • I miss my kids (being little)
  • Life is hard but God is Good
  • There are still good and honest people in this world
  • I don't like mean people and will not tolerate them

This morning we will continue to weed through our stuff which by the way we have too much of. This afternoon our building will be delivered and we will help get that set up. Last night TC and I cleared the logs and brush from the area in which the building is going. Later we had supper at Ole Yummy's a local restaurant. I saw some old friends we had not seen in a while. Back home to watch some more "Lonesome Dove". This is my all time favorite that i have watched at least 20 times. I never tire of a good thing. Off to chores I go....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Home Again WOW

So, here is the end of our work week. Actually, we wanted to haul another load but all of them were going west so we just started heading toward the house. We stopped in Forest City to look at some trucks. This morning we will run around town and get some buisness done and then just work on the lot. My buddy Mike is coming Saturday to do the grading so we must get ready for that. So, there are plenty to keep us busy so off we go. Stay Safe.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This week so far

We loaded Monday afternoon for Detroit MI and delivered at 6:oo am Tuesday. After delivering we had out truck serviced and headed to Flint MI and loaded for Huntsville Ala. We got here about 4:00 am and delivered some parts for a stryker tank. So, here we wait until something today we hope. All for now.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Free for all

Today started at Mom's for coffee and breakfast along with a visit to the barber for a much needed haircut. I mentioned that we had bought a park model unit. TC's sister just happen to see it and i looked into it. what a blessings. We really got a good deal on it. I will have some pics in the next few weeks. My Dad and I along with TC moved it this past Friday. I also picked up the septic tank that will be used and droped it off on the lot. We decided on a storage building in Shelby and will have that delivered in a week or so. My friend Mike will come next Saturday to dig the septic, and install it, along with getting some stumps and doing some leveling. Our home will be pretty close to the barn but that is OK. Tonight we are going to some friends house for a cook out and to say goodbye to Jason and Jessie as they travel to Thailand to do missions for YWAM.(Youth with A Mission). I feel pretty good at what we got accomplished today. Not enough, but better than nothing. We have so much junk to get rid of at my Grandparents house. Anyway, a day off for Sunday and we hope to run hard next week. All for now

Friday, July 20, 2007

Home Again

We moved from KC to St louis MO and got loaded for ole Phili PA. Two 55 gallon drums of paint. After delivering we went up to Newark NJ and loaded one 55 gallon drum of some of a special oil and delivered it to Browns Summit North Carolina. Perfect! So, we are home and now we are working around here. We bought our park model home and we are moving it to today. Gotta go.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kansas City

We spent Friday having the generator serviced and of course stocking up at Walmart. We thought the day would end without a load but all of a sudden,BAM. Ge Transportation was sending a bullet proof front windshield from Denver to Kansas City KA. It weighs all of 58 pounds. Can you believe that. Oh well, it pays so we will haul it. After that it is probably doubtful that we will get anything out of KC so we will have to decide to head for OK or St. Louis. We will check to see how many loads have came out this week. Well, that is all for now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

More Wyoming pictures

It’s about 2:45 early Friday morning and for some reason I cannot sleep so I thought I would do another post and put some more pics. TCand I had so much fun in Wyoming with her sister. Riding 4 wheelers and seeing those sights was just awesome. You cannot put what you see into words. As we were just riding we came across many elk and deer. Nature is truly a wonderful thing. After leaving Thursday morning, we came back to Denver CO. hoping to get a load today but that didn’t happen. We are hoping that Friday brings us a load to get us rolling. These pics do not do justice to what we saw but I hope you enjoy them.
Go TC Go !!!

What can i say?

You gotta gas if you wanna go...

Open Range- they call it BLM land. This land belongs to nobody. Anyone can graze their livestock but they must be regersted and branded. We saw several herds along with campers, hikers and of course atv's. Beyound belief.

So close but no touch. They were very curious.

Yes, I parked our truck inside a pasture that these paints roamed around in. One of the joys was to watch these horses just mosey around doing what they do. They have never been broken but have become use to humans. They would only let me get so close, almost in touching range and then would turn and leave.

This is called the Red Canyon. It's about 5 miles before JoAnn's house off route 28

Heading north on I-35 into Kansas. These clouds were pretty scary and brought into a heavy storm that lasted for a while. It was pretty tough going.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Dog's Life

Yaw, better stop following me or I will.....

Hey Boo Boo

Wyoming Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our little time off with TC"S who sister JoAnn who lives near Lander Wyoming. More pics to come later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We rolled in to the Big D Monday morning and went and got our truck inspected. Landstar requires a 120 day inspection. DOT only requires once a year, but Landstar wants to do more in that area, but the good thing is that they pay for it. During the inspection, we got a load offer from Grand Prairie Texas, only 10 miles away) from Cheyenne Wyoming. The agent said are you interested in that load. Well DUH, you bet your life on it. It pays $1.45 a mile and we are delivering this morning. We are about 30 minutes out and we stopped here around 3:00 this morning and now we are waiting until 9:00 AM for the customer to open. 2 skids, 1000 pounds. Now the exciting part…..TC will call her sister JoAnn after we make delivery and see if she is home. She lives in Lander WY and we hope to spend a couple of days there. We will probably have to come back to Denver CO for a load, which means coming back through Cheyenne WY, which by the way is having pioneer days right now. So, it looks like a good week coming up, not much running making money but some fun. I will post some pics if everything works out. All for now.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

This is where we turned around to make out delivery in Laredo Texas. Also, what a Sunset.
Here are a few pics from our picnic on July 4th at South Mountain State park.

Man, that was good

Chad and Christie

Give me back my daughter, NOW!!!

Oh yea, watermelon

Fun Fun Fun

Getting in the water at South Mountain

Saturday, July 07, 2007

We spent Thursday afternoon riding around looking for a park model or large camper that we might suit our needs. We found a few, but were not satisfied. So, we will just keep looking. We loaded Thursday afternoon at Eaton Transmissions in Kings Mountain and delivered Saturday morning down here in Laredo Texas. I got pretty nervous as the directions said to head toward the World Trade Bridge and right before the crossing, take the turn that says back to USA. Wow. TC of course was cal amd cool but me, not so much. ONe wrong turn and there would be plenty of trouble. Everything worked out great and now we are just chilling. I don't have a good signal here so I will post some pics later. I guess we will be spending the weekend either here or move up toward Dallas. That is the plan…All for now…

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th

Bye Bye camper. We sold our RV yesterday and the folks that bought it were very nice. It was a good sale.

It was good to have the kids here last night. Lots of noise and laughter. Of course I am up before anyone else, but in a little while we will go to South Mountain. We have a special place there that most folks don't go to. Happy Birthday America.....

Monday, July 02, 2007

Home Again

Well, we made it home today and we will stay here until Thursday. so, its some work and rest and enjoying the 4th with the kids on a picnic up at south Mountain State Park. Much to do but for now I am exhausted so , see ya

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Father's Day pics

TC at Mom's house on Father's Day

My Mom and Dad with Christie and Chad

David and Christie


Nanny and Christie

Mom and Daddy

The apple does not fall far from the tree..Trust me!

Daddy's little girl and will always be...at least in my mind!

Fathers Day 2007 at Mom's house

More Random pics

A California Sunset
A wildfire in its beginning stages in California...

Do you ever feel like Benji; folks just keep stepping on you. I guess sometimes you just gotta lay there until they are done.