Friday, August 31, 2007

Added some more Cowboy Movies

This movie was awesome. I highly recommend it.
Added this one as well. Tom Selleck does a great job in this one and many others

Another great movie added to my collection. I did not think this one would hold weight but it was a good one. Of course I am a huge lonesome dove fan. No one can add to what Robert Duvall did and Tommy Lee Jones did. I have also ordered a few more movies related to this series.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Catching up on some pictures

We made it to Sparks NV, just outside Reno. We hope to get something out of here b4 the holiday weekend, we hope...please....

Hey, someone closed up the bed with me in it.....
This is Honey Lake, a dry lake, although the rain had put some water in it. Just south of it people were driving across it.

California-Hwy 89, folks it just don't hardly get any better.

This is Hwy 89 going from I-5 in California to Reno NV. Yes it is suppose to be paved, but not today. Thankfully it was only a short distance.

Portland Oregon

On the Columbia river in Oregon. I-84 headed to Portland.

The Dakota's.....WOW

Filling up the water in south Dakota


Just a quick update. After going to St Paul and then on to Wisconsin, we loaded for Portland Oregon(Hello Flag Gazer). After unloading mid day Wednesday we headed up to Tacoma Washington and loaded for a Thursday deliver in Reno Nevada. Will try to post later on Thursday, gotta go. No time but to eat, sleep, pee and drive. See ya

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Best friend

This post is all about my best friend. A lover of many things and a friend to many. Take a short stroll with me
A lover of horses and cowboys

A lover of me

A lover of her kids

A lover of people,especially kids

A lover of nature

A lover of the beach

A lover of dogs

A lover of history

A Kid all grew up

She is TC my wife

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some Current Pics

Well, we made it to Fargo ND this morning. We are at the Petro Truckstop and we will just chill and wash some clothes. In the morning we will deliver to Verizon and then beat feet to the Minneapolis/St Paul area where we may have a better chance to get a load. Here are some pics from the last day or so.

This is not a bridge. It is just the road that goes between the lake. This part of the Dakato's are full of lakes. they are everywhere.
A South Dakota Sunrise,WOW

My personal chef....THE BEST IN THE WORLD

Smoked Pork chops...It's what for supper, he he

A one lane bridge from Nebreska to north Dakota, pretty cool.

This is the load we hauled for verizon wireless from Dallas Tx to Fargo ND. Must be important.


It took a while but I got this pic downloaded. The bueaty of this place is unreal. This was the perfect spot for us and after dark it got real quite. This pic was taken this morning as the sunrise can hardly be described. Have I said I am blessed...more to come.....

Saturday, August 25, 2007


We barely have a signal to post at all so pics right now are out of the question, but the milestone has been reached. I have been in al 48 states in a truck. Right now we have stopped for the night in Arlington South Dakota and we are parked right beside a bueatiful lake. I can hear the water ripple as I type. We will continue the journey tomorrow as this is a good place to camp for the night. all for now....

That load delivers where??????

So, the thing about this kind of freight is the fact that it is so unpredictable. That means that when something comes through you better take it. WE got an offer from Dallas TX to Fargo ND. Now I love the area but we will have to go either to Minn/St Paul area of maybe even Chicago for our next load. However, this load pays pretty good so that should make up for it a little but. We got to visit Richard, TC's brother, for a little while before we loaded.

WE called Sgt Dub and Mrs Dub for supper but they already has plans, so that will have to happen nest time. This morning we are in Hebron Nebraska, and we have decided to take some small and back roads instead of the interstate. We have until Monday to deliver so that gives us some time to sight see as well. Actually South Dakota is the only state I have never been is so after today I will have been in all of he lower 48. All for now.....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Going thru the Big D and I don't mean Divorce

Sorry, just a spin on a ole country song. We loaded in forest city NC yesterday fairly early or at least earlier than we usually do. Man, I had a load of stuff on the truck an Tc was giving the dogs a bath when the call came saying the freight was ready. so, we had to rush like crazy to get through with what we were doing and rush to get loaded and rush all night to haul 6 differentials to the International truck plant here in Garland Texas, just outside Dallas. The ride was pretty good and we made good time. Today, of course we are waiting on a load to keep moving and we will decide to perhaps go to the big Dallas Truck show where Landstar has a booth or we might go visit TC's brother Richard. Not sure right now as we are recovering from a massive Walmart attack, as the truck was almost empty. No food makes me unhappy. Hopefully, we will move soon.

Also, yesterday or at least during the night we had a line pop off the hot water heater and poured water into our new place. Thankfully Kevin was able to come right over to repair it and Mom and Dad was able to wet vac it so it should dry pretty good. Other than that we have gotten a lot accomplished and will be glad to start working on the look of the place instead of the essentials. All for now....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lessons on wearing your seatbelt

Well the day has come to go back in service. I will make that call around 9"00 AM this morning. We are not as close to be done as I would have liked, but we've done the best we could. Now, going in service does not guarantee a load. It is usually around noon or later before a call comes and then it is just waiting, so we will see. Our plan is to get the truck ready to go and then just work until the call comes.

Yesterday I got a ticket for not wearing my seat belt. You know we are only moving a few miles down the road, and it was very hot in a truck with no air, and 14 other reasons. I saw it on the trooper face that I was going to get one. $100.00 here in NC. Now, I could have rode a motorcycle or even rode in the back of the truck and that would be fine, but inside that cab you got to have that thing on. I have responded to my fair share of wrecks and seen them all over this country and seatbelts save lives, I agree, but at the same time it should still be a drivers choice. Another freedom taken away in my opinion. Enough ramblings, I gotta to get it....all for now....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Keep it moving.....

We made quite the dent in things but we have a lot more to do today. Yesterday was pretty hot for such stuff but we quit around 5:00 Pm and has some supper at Family Carry Out and then it was off to Lowes and Walmart. Later that evening we made one more load of storage boxes, you know, things that you just can't part with. We looked through the box with the letters we wrote while in High School. According to those letters, I never did any work just wrote TC to say how much I love her. Almost 25 years later that love is probably stronger now than ever. Today is more of the same plus we have to go to Charlotte to pick up the big truck at the freightliner dealership. Well it's almost daylight so I must get started, all for now.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Pics

Me and Chad with Billy blazer. Yes we name all of our cars.
Not often these days we get dressed up so I thought i would take a pic just in case we needed one.

Benji is laid out. Now, remember that he stays up when I am driving so I had started about 3:00 AM that morning and this pic was taken about 10:00 AM. The ole boy just can't hang with the ole man.

That is plum knocked out

Man, I was sleeping good and you woke me up, dadgumit.

Moving Monday

The funeral for Paw Paw was fine as the Wesleyan Pastor did great and Daddy really put a personal touch on it. You see Marion Humphries was only our step-grandfather, but we never paid no mind to that. My Daddy, Gary Huntsinger never had the chance to meet his biological father, Nesbitt Huntsinger, in this life but we believe he was a believer so perhaps in the life to come. The church fed us supper and that was real nice, as it was nice to see some of the family as well. OK, today we take a new approach to things. You see the timing could not be better as we were already making plans to move out. The State will acquire this home soon as paw paw had signed it over to them in return for full benefits. I don't understand it all but I accept it I guess. Man works hard all his life and one thing is for sure, you came into this world with nothing and you will leave nothing. Moving is the word for the day. Packing-throwing away-stuffing-looking-more packing. I think that is what we will do today. all for now

Sunday, August 19, 2007


My daughter Christie and her husband David came down yesterday along with chad, myself and Tc went to see "The Borne Ultimatum" last night. Of course it was great as we have enjoyed the series. Today is Paw Paw's funeral and that will pretty much take the say with all the events. I personally will not view the body as i have not interest in seeing a corpse. Never could figure out whey people do that. Anyway, after the graveside service the Wesleyan church where they were members will feed the family supper. That's always nice. Later today we will take Chad back to his apartment in Gastonia along with some more of his stuff. It is not the best place but it also is not the worse. I pray the Boy will bake some good decisions. All for now....

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bye Paw Paw Humphries

Waiting on a load sometimes can be very brutle. We were waiting on a certain load and turned down a few because we needed to come back home. Finnally, around noon the call came. So, we loaded at the Navy Base in Kittery Maine and delivered again to Norfork Navy Base in Portsmouth Va., and things went smoothly. On the way home the call came that my Grandfather, Marion Humphries, had passed away. Now, let me say that one of the saddest things is when someone has outlived their mind, so I am thankful that God called him home. I am also thankful that I saw him last week. I had a wonderful grandparents. They have always been there for me and participated in our children's life. They even drove up to Fort Drum to visit when we were in the Army. Till we meet again Paw Paw.......

The truck is going into the shop today. An update for the computer and also an air leak. We should get that back on Monday. Paw Paws funeral will be Sunday and in between we are going to start moving some stuff over to our new place. Things are really shaping up over there and Kevin is almost done with all the work. That's all for now cause I got a really big to do list.

PS- I have updated my resume and have begun the process of turning it in at several churches. Here is what we know. When you say yes to God, you can not put conditions on it so we have had to say yes to any time and to any place. God only knows what, where and when and I'm glad of that.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Maine is a very gorgeous state with breathtaking scenery. It has lots and lots of nothing. just the way i like it. Only bad thing is that you have to go through New York City to get there.
This is where we delivered. Don't know what it was but we got it there.

Welcome to Milford Maine

Pretty darn good and it beats the truckstops by miles.....

Yip, that's pretty good eating

Back to Maine

Sunday at South Mountain was wonderful as Tc and I just relaxed a little. I had tons of stuff to do but I got a bad crick in my neck so that took me out. Meanwhile, Kevin started running the electrical service down to the trailer. That should be done by weeks end. We left out Tuesday and loaded in charlotte for Mildford maine. That's a long way North. It seems that we cannot get off the East coast right now. Today we delivered our load and headed back down to Kittery Maine where we will wait untill tomorrow for a load from the Navy Base. Hopeful. I have some good pics to share but right now supper is done and Tc is calling. We are having Sliced polish Sausage in Sauerkraut, with blackeyed peas and macroni and cheese. Not bad in a truck,hey...All for now...

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Word from God

OK, some of you know that I at one time was a SBC pastor. I attended Fruitland Baptist Bible institute and have served as Campground Chaplin, Youth Pastor and also Pastor. At one of our churches, TC and I became very discouraged and were quite honestly hurt. I guess that is one of the reasons that we decided to hit the road. Personal circumstance being as they were it was a good decision. Now, just to share a little bit about this God has been knocking on my door for some time now. in the process I have had to say no to Him almost every day. That had to end and on Wednesday this past week, I said yes to God. I do not know what that means or where we might go if anywhere, I just said yes. WE love what we are doing but I believe TC belongs back in the classroom and I being a servant of the Lord. Let me tell you that since then I have felt a wonderful peace and since of freedom. Only He knows what he will do with us but until then, we shall keep trucking. I thank you for your prayers.....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A good week trucking

Well, we made our delivery in Vermont. That and south Dakota were the only states I have not been in and so now SD is the only one of the lower 48. After that we got a load from Maine, wait it was cancelled, no wait it's back on. OK, its a go.....WE loaded at Portsmouth Naval Base in Kittery Maine. The weather was so nice and cool, actually with the rain it was kind of cold, since we left home on Thursday and it was over a 100. Anyway, after several hours of waiting and getting our truck searched and cell phones and laptops and camera taken away, we got loaded with some ship parts. We had two drops Saturday morning. The first one was at the Naval Base in Newport News Virginia and the second one was at Norfolk Naval base just about 10 miles south of it. Things were pretty tense that morning as Navy security is on high priority. It was quite the hassle as our truck has tons of storage and they look through everything. It is offensive but it has to be done. After that we just took off toward home. Today, TC and I are going to chill up at our favorite place at South Mountain State Park and then maybe work on the home place. I found my old used truck and will be getting it in the morning and perhaps we will try and start moving some stuff. Mom and Dad have been constantly working on the place since we have been gone, so big dittos goes to them. They have done a lot. All for now....

Friday, August 10, 2007

So, Wednesday night we took our son Chad out to eat. He is still doing well. Then Thursday morning I worked on the leveling some more of our camper. Dad had finished the septic and will also work on a door. We got a load out of SC going to Southern Vermont. We are about 20 miles from delivery and have a couple of hours to spend. I hope we can run this weekend, but we will see. All for now

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Go Figure

How many times have things not worked they way they were supposed to? Here is another time for us. After delivering in Atlanta Tuesday morning things have gone silent. We came home Tuesday afternoon and did not get a load on Wednesday so here we are Thursday morning with only one load for the week so far. That's not good but it is what it is. We went through some more stuff yesterday at the house and took a few more bags of stuff to the local charity. It feels good to get rid of some stuff. For some reason it makes you feel less complicated. I don't know. Anyhow, we are still waiting today and we will see. All for Now...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rolling Again

After a long weekend off we are picking up a load in Phonixville, PA, just next to Valley Forge, and taking it to just outside of Atlanta GA. GREAT...We are heading SOUTH. We will probably wait Tuesday in Atlanta for a load and if we do not get one we will head home and wait for one there. Thanks to Sarge Charlie for using a pic of mine. If I had known that I would have taken a better one. All for now....

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Weekend in Penn

Just a little Penn countryside
The famous Town clock in Gap penn. for some reason we really like this town.

Yip, just strolling down Highway 10

Only at Walmart would they build a shed for the Amish to park.

Friday, August 03, 2007


Check that, that load fell through. Then, we got one going to Ohio for Monday morning and that one fell through, so we are left stranded in God-Forsaken New Jersey and we are just across the line from NY City. We will wait until traffic dies down and probably move toward Penn and find a place to enjoy the weekend. All for now

Rolling East

Sure enough, we moved to Cleveland and got a load right away that delivered in boston Mass this morning. It was a ATM machine. After that we came down to Newark NJ, another good area and just as soon as we crossed the Coerge Washington Bridge, we got a load offer that picks up at JFK airport and delivers to Rocky Mount NC. that would be great. All we have to do now is wait a few minutes to make sure we got the load. I hope that works out so we can go home again and do dome more work. All for now

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How We roll

Since we haul mostly expedited freight, are loads are usually dispatched in the afternoon and they want it overnight. These loads are from a few hundred miles usually to around 1200 miles. Most of them are in that range. Tc and i can do about 1200 miles in a 24 hour period. Because it is usually straight through and expedited it pays a little more than most freight and it is usually small amounts. One or two drums or as little as 1 package up to six skids. We haul a lot of auto manufacturing parts and stuff for the military. We also would be contracted to FEMA in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster. Sometimes we have to wait on loads for a day or more but in the long run the pay works out to be pretty good. We also have to decide how long to wait in a certain area, for example. We unloaded in Buffalo Wednesday morning at 4:00 am and sit there until around 6:00 PM on Wednesday. After checking the load board and the trucks in the area we decided to move toward Cleveland Ohio, which is a pretty good area. I don't have it all figured out yet but I am learning. We wanted to see the Niagara Falls but it is more important to move to a better spot. Hope that explains things a little better. God bless those who are experiencing that tragedy in Minn. right now. All for now

ON the road again

So we loaded in Charlotte Tuesday afternoon for Buffalo NY and we delivered at 4:00 am this morning. After delivering we parked at a local fuel stop that is beside a K-Mart. I guess K-mart owns the parking lot, which is extremely large, but they had the police moving all the trucks out of the way. So, we will have to move somewhere but at the moment I do not know where. Last night was a good run as the weather was nice and there was no rain. This load paid really well at 1.78 per mile. So now we play the waiting game again. All for now.