Sunday, September 30, 2007

Enjoying being home

After unloading at Proctor and Gamble in Baltimore, we headed south down to Fredicksburg Va, to get away from the Friday afternoon traffic. We stopped and ate at Golden Corral and after a few hours decided to head for home. That night we stopped in concord NC for the night because it was already dark so why go home. We have a long drive way to converse and I did not want to hit any trees or anything so we slept. We ate breakfast about 4:30 Saturday morning and then went to Walmart for shopping. Not many people shopping that early in the morning. Later on Saturday Christie our daughter came down and we went to the Cleveland County Fair. There were lots of people there and we just looked at the animals, the exhibits, and of course ate. Last night we watched Cold Mountain with Christie. She had never seen that movie and TC and I like that movie.
Today we are going to buy the wood for our deck and get that ready so it should be a good day to relax. Christie is going to head back home today and our son may come over later. Mom's surgery is Monday so we will probably head back out on Tuesday. Right now freight is running pretty good so we better take advantage of it while it is. It can slow down anytime so for now there is money to be made. I guess that is all for now.....

Friday, September 28, 2007


We did get loaded out of Nashville Tn and we are delivering this morning in baltimore Maryland. We will see if we get something heading south or we may just deadhead home empty.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wednesday went well and our new solo owners, Al and Edna got there Wed. morning and we had a good time with them. It seems that we always eat a lot when they are around. We also got the good seats out of the other truck and put them in this one. This truck is very nice as well it just does not have the shower and potty in it, besides that there is not much difference. We got a load out of Detroit late Wednesday evening and delivered to Lexington Tenn. this morning at 7:00 AM. Right now we are sitting in Nashville and will probably head toward home in a little while. We may get lucky and get called for a load, who knows. I am looking forward to some home time this weekend. All for now....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The truck switch is complete. We are waiting on our other owner to get here this morning some time and and do a few more things. Landstar is switching all of our numbers over to this truck so we should go back in service later today. I want to get back home this weekend and attend the Cleveland Country Fair, but we will just have to see about that. Mom is having her knee surgery next Monday we I will want to be around for that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday-Getting there

How blessed I have been by receiving wonderful well thought out responses. I appreciate y'all for doing so. I told TC last night how crazy it is that you become good friends with people and not even have met face to face. I do hope to meet some more of you guys one day. It was really cool to meet SGT DUB in Ok city a few months back. Anyway, our bankrupted owner showed up last night and took us out for Chinese dinner. Go figure. Actually he is very nice man just not with a lot of poser to say not to his kids. We enjoyed the conversation and then worked on cleaning this truck and boxing up some more stuff. Today, we hope the guys here in Alumi-Bunk will be able to exchange the fuel from truck to truck, transfer our king dome and receiver and flat screen over to the new truck, and some other small things. If all goes well, either late this afternoon or by Wednesday we will be back on the road. Oh yea, I took TC shopping yesterday for some well deserved new things. Have I said how much I love her.....All for now

Blogger actually has y'all in their spell check. COOL

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday update

After thinking about it, we probably should have just went home instead of taking this load to Detroit,, but we are here so we will just have to live with it. I spoke to our owners this morning and it looks like we will trade out some time Wednesday. the problem, today is Monday. I had hoped that we could make a run but that may or may not happen. Oh well, we will just have to deal with that. Hopefully better news will come later. All for now....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just thinking out loud

A little more about our desire for ministry. After several years upon of full time ministry TC and I became so discouraged and left for greener pastures. What happened is exactly what my Dad told me, "We took our eyes off God and was looking at people." People will let you down just like we let people down. Over the last few years, I have realized how important it is to keep your eyes God. Look unto the hills where our help comes from, that is what the Bible says. In this process of changing trucks, we realized that we desire to keep driving until at least December. That gives us several more months in which to make some money, keep praying on God's Will and meet more people. Yesterday, I washed our clothes and TC sleep a few uninterrupted hours and I realized how much I enjoy meeting new people and the opportunities we have to just talk to folks and really care about what they are saying.

We have submitted our resume has I have felt led. Some close by and some a little ways from the house. We are prepared to go where God sends, although we do have our druthers. I have had several return emails stating that they received them. That is appreciated when they acknowledge that. Let me stop here so I will not keep rambling. Hope everyone has a great Lord's Day.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Detroit Rock City

Everything went well in Atlanta and we headed toward Augusta and eventually to Orangeburg SC and loaded Friday afternoon for Ford in Detroit. After delivering bearing at Ford today Tc and i have just rested today. Tomorrow we will start organizing the truck to change out some time next week. The weather is great here tonight so all is well. All for now

Friday, September 21, 2007

Waiting in the wee hours

Tonight, actually this morning we are in Atlanta. It's in the wee hours of the morning and I am waiting just a little bit before heading into the jungle. I just want to beat the morning rush, not sleep there. We heard from our owners today and one of them is filing bankruptcy, so this truck may be lost. There is a chance that the other owner may be able to take this one over, but if not, he has another and truck to put us in, however, it is not as nice. It is 4 inches smaller and it does not have a potty or shower, which now might be a deal breaker. Not saying that we will not drive for them for a while but we have become use to that feature, know what i mean. The bank will have to approve that and they will need to check the truck out so either way it is gonna be a headache because we will have to clean all of our stuff out(which will be a chore) Everything is still up in the air but I pray it all works out according to his will.....Time for a few short winks and then it's off to the "Big A"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I chickened out and had chicken, barbecued even with rice and black beans. I did have sweet plantains, which is a form of banana, that was deep fried and pretty good. Our waiter spoke little English so I guess it went pretty good. Looking forward to sleeping sitting still....All for now

The Country of Miami

The class at Landstar went fine and they even fed us lunch. After that on Tuesday, we went back in service and got a load out of Atlanta going to Miami Florida. We got down here about 11:00AM this morning and delivered. We were going to leave but before we got out of there we got a call from the Pittsburg Agent. We now have two loads out of Miami, which most of the time you don't get anything. The only bad thing is that we have to wait until tomorrow to get loaded. It is hard to find anywhere to park and be safe down here. WE are going to eat at a Cuban Restaurant here where we are parked(Help me Jesus)-TC's idea..... We pick up for Zerox tomorrow and have two stops. One in Orlando tomorrow afternoon and then one on Friday back in Atlanta. I hear Columbia have lots of loads this weekend so I hope we get to run over the weekend. Well, I will let you know how our dining experience went... All for now

Monday, September 17, 2007

Catching up on some pics

Here are some pics from our recent trip from California to Florida. Thought i would catch up on some. Tonight we are in a motel in commerce Ga. and we will be going to a 1/2 day training class Tuesday. All for now.....

Rays of Sunshine

WOW in California

Me and Benji rock climbing in Arizona

TC and Boo boo

Mile after mile after mile after mile after mile....the same after mile in California

Sunday,Sunday, Sunday

This week has been awesome. This was time needed to organize and refuel. It's Monday so we are heading out today. We must head toward Atlanta for a CAB class at Landstar on Tuesday and then hopefully we will get something out of Atlanta Tuesday afternoon. Let me just say that Sunday was more than had ever hoped for. I had not preached in over 9 months and it felt great. I was a little nervous, but God calmed those and it was fine. you would have to understand my style. Some say that I am half preacher and half comedian. It just comes natural! Wil-mar Park Baptist Church in concord, NC is where I preached. Their music program was absolutely awesome. Very lively, upbeat and full of excitement as they sang praises to Jesus. This was a very exciting church as the Minister of Music is a former lead singer for "The Praise Masters", a Southern Gospel Quartet. Anyway, I enjoyed it so thanks to anyone who lifted me up during that time. We are planning on leaving around noon today so I have tons to do and better get started. All for now..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wrapping up a good work week

It felt really good today to get many things done, but some of it has rendered by back and knees to ache tonight. We are gong to pick up our son chad tomorrow and drive the big truck up to my daughters house and deliver some furniture to them from my grandparents house. We finished that up today as well with help from my Dad. It has been really neat being so close to my parents as I have coffee with them almost every morning and several meals. This is what I wanted. We are also going to spend the night up in Brevard with Christie and come back home on Saturday. On Sunday I am going to be speaking at a church in concord NC and then hopefully have lunch with a friend and his wife.
On Monday we will drive down toward Atlanta for a class on Tuesday for Landstar and we should be trucking again by Tuesday afternoon. One bit of bad news is one of our owners has filed for bankruptcy so there will be some changes but do not know what they will be.

PRAYER REQUEST: My Mom will have to undergo a total knee replacement in the next week or so, so please pray for her quick recovery. Mom does not do well just sitting around so she will require patients. Thanks in advance for all your prayers....All for now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still pondering

Could Bin Laden be saved? How about a mass murderer or someone like the folks in West Virginia that kept that black girl for a week tormented her. How about a child molester. These are some hard questions. I take from most of my friends here in bloggerville by the way they comment that they are believers, Christians and followers of Christ. If we are honest then the answer would have to be yes according to scriptures but that person must truly be repentant. However, as a redblooded American I am not sure i would give the chance to be forgiven. I would probably condemn them to die before they had a chance. As "Print Ritter" would say, "Some men are not the worth the price of a good rope". Well I am just pondering the graces and the good will of My Father in Heaven verses the shortcomings of my attitude. God help us to be more forgiven, but those who are controlled by Satan may they be punished forever more. For those troops over there fighting our battles, "Lord make them accurate and true"!

We are about to finish up here with organizing our new home. I Feel pretty good of what we accomplished so far. It's really cooling down here in the Carolina's so that is good too. Off we go......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random thoughts

I like most pondered yesterday on many questions pertaining to the anniversary of the attacks made on this country. I still get angry when I consider what it meant and the very fact of it. Daryl Worley sings of " Have You Forgotten" I say no and I never will. Are we safer now than before? I don't really know that answer. I wish all troops could come home next week but they will not and we will have a presence over there from now on as we should. We did not free those countries just so the terrorists can have them back. Afghanistan is a good example of what can happen. Well that's my thoughts anyway. I wish we could live in a world that our troops would only defend our borders but that will not happen. We must take the fight to the enemy. My desire is that America will taken Bin Laden. He must be found and dealt with. Wanted Dead or Alive........

Enough of that- Yesterday went well with lots of organizing, picture hanging and general cleaning. We love living down here as it is so quite and dark unlike living on 150 in cherryville. It will take some time but there are a lot of plans. We darted off the Sagebrush last night for our favorite meal and then some shopping at Walmart. Pretty boring but I did get a flat screen TV so that is cool. All for now....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Home Again...for the first time

We made our deliver in Tallahassee FL This morning at the Medical Center at 6:30 this morning and then headed for the house. We had been gone almost three weeks and was ready for a time at home. We have tons to do to get things in order. When we last left Mom and Dad finished moving the rest of our stuff and now we just have to organize it. This will be our first night at our new place. It seemed weird almost to come home to a different place then in the past. We are glad though and excited that we are taking this week off in order to get these things done.
We are really tired tonight so it is a short post and then off we go to sleepy town. Wishing all a good week to come. All for now....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rolling Again

WE decided to leave Reno as nothing was happening, so we did and went toward LA California. Traveling through that part was gorgeous and we just took our own sweet time. We stopped by TC's brother's house in Barstow, Cali. but he was not home. As soon as we got there we got a call, so we took it that load and went down to San Diego and loaded some medical equipment that is going to Tallahassee Fla. That load delivers Monday morning and it pays good so things are rolling again. We should have left Reno earlier but all is well. Rolling hard right now so more to come later....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Making the Most of it.....

These nest few pics are from a 2 lane road gong from Reno up to Virginia city. We figured we would get one more day of sightseeing. Tonight we are still in Reno waiting on a load.

Nice old buildings. They have saloon's, gambling and selling of this and that's.

Cool Museum

No words needed!


Boy, that looks good, and the bench is cool too........hehe

We looked everywhere for Little Joe and Hoss but could not find them.

Support your local Fire Department


Well, I guess we could just move to Reno and then we would be home. We were asked about three loads yesterday and accepted all three of them but for one reason or another they all fell through. The way this stuff works is the customer calls an agent with freight but they post o a site and many agents of different companies bid on the job. So. you never know who will get it. Anyway, we sit here still. We have never sit this long since we been here so here is our horror story that we heard others talk about. I am sure that we will get out today(I Pray) but as TC said, "There is someone over this that knows more than we do". So, we went toWalmart last night for some grub and this morning we will sit. No freight yest but the cub bards are full.

It's been so long since we have both slept all night. We get into a 4-5 hour routine and it is hard to break it. When we come out west we try and stay on eastern time but that has not happened. I usually call Mom after 9:00 PM, so my mind says it's time for bed but out here it's only 6:00 PM. Right now our system is all messed up, but I am sure that will change. I never sleep over 6 hours anyway. That's all for now....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hope we get to move today

Update- This past holiday weekend has been fun and full, but yesterday just drug by. After 5 days in Reno and its outskirts I have grown tired of this place. We pretty much just rested yesterday and did some chores like laundry. There was a young mother doing hers as well and she had the cutest baby, so TC and I got yo play with him for a while. (Christie-waiting on that 1st grand kid) BTW-all three of our kids were at Myrtle Beach this weekend and they had fun and were safe in doing so. Thank God for that..... I had hoped that we might move yesterday but all 73 agents at landstar take that day off. I wonder why? Thankfully the staff here at the Petro was in full operation. Great food and good facilities here. Today, we will hopefully get moving and make some money.

Ministry Update- I had a church contact me after reviewing our resume. They have asked me to come September the 16th to preach. Not for consideration but I am sure that it will be a time for them to look at us more carefully. I am not much worrying about that because all of that is in God's hands. All for now.....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Horseback riding Verdi Nevada

Just like this old horse, it felt good and we were happy. Hope you enjoy these pics because we sure enjoyed taking them.
Another great view

This was a feisty little paint that TC liked.

This was our guide. TC said he was not hard to look at. In case you didn't know that it is on the right. He was a good guide and very smart about horses and the area.

Yes, I think we can cross the herd here.
Great views on this ride.

Yip, being stuck in Reno is not so bad.....

TC playing with the colt

Camped out by the river.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Latest Pics from Reno NV

This is where we are camping for the night. This pic is taken right outside the truck and we are looking down at the river. Had to get a shot of the fire truck and me.

No TC, we cannot buy a painting.

We met some folks that had stopped at this place as well so we got them to take a pic of us.

Stuck like Chuck

Well so far my worst nightmare has occured. I think we may be stuck here in Reno Nv until Tuesday. The holiday weekend has come and all attempts to get loaded has failed. We are still holding out hope for Saturday but it is doubtful. We are going down to the street festival on Saturday for a while, actually a rib cook off, and then we are looking into a day of horeseback riding in the sierras. Being hopeful....all for now.