Friday, November 30, 2007


We had several load offers and we decided on a load from Shaw AFB Sumpter SC to Dyess AFB just outsis de of Abeline Texas. It is a small load but it paid really good. Late Thursday we could not make it there before they stopped recieving so we stopped in Cisco TX where TC 's first cousin has a 900 acre ranch. TC's sister Joann is wintering there so that is the main reason we stopped. WE will deliver first thing this morning and then head back to Dallas TX and wait and hope for a load over the weekend.
Our son chad went back to the recruiters on Thursday and he will be going to the MEPS precessing center one day next week. Things should work out this time. Last year he tried but could not get his wait down, but this year he has tried harder. I think because all his other options have come to an end.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trucking and Thinking

Back on the road. We left Monday and picked up a load in South Carolina just below the Charlotte line and took it to a small town near Miami FL. It was three pumps being rebuilt. After delivering Tuesday morning, we headed north and stopped here in Savannah GA. We had hoped to find something in Jacksonville, but to no avail. We should get something, hopefully, in lower South Carolina. Usually, this stuff goes to Detroit with automotive material. We shall see. After preaching Sunday, we were asked to come back again this Sunday but we had to say no so we can run as hard as we can for a few weeks. Daddy will probably go this Sunday. We were told that they will meet the second Sunday in December, so we should know something after this meeting. It always feels that we are on display, but that is the nature of it. TC and I have been talking this week about how next year will probably look completely different than this past year. We are trying to get our minds prepared for some changes, or maybe not who knows. It's Wednesday so I hope we can get another two loads in this week. All for now....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Some pictures

Just a few pics from our visit to the Grand Canyon.

TC feeding the birds on the west coast of florida

TC working hard in the back of our truck.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Glor y Be

It' been a great Thanksgiving holiday. We got the call today from Chestnut Ridge BC, and the search team has decided to "go a different direction". That means they are not interested in us, but that is OK, as we are only searching for God's Will. It was fun going over there and I believe it to be a good church. This Sunday we are going back to Zoar Baptist Church near the South Mountains. We are looking forward to that. Then, we hope to get back to running on Monday and make some money. All for now....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thankgiving

From TC and I we wish all our friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day. May God's richest blessings be on you all. We are thankful for all or His blessings He has bestowed upon us; health, our kids, our job and the opportunity to serve Him. Instead of thanksgiving it should be Thanksliving as well. Have a good one.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, we didn't get to do any trucking this week, but it has been nice just chilling at home. Tonight, Tc and i will head back to chestnut Ridge for Wednesday night service and of course all the family is heading to Mom's on Thursday. This year, all we have to do is walk about 150 feet up the hill and we will be at Mom's. all the kids will spend the night Thursday and our tradition of Friday breakfast combined with decorating. I hope all has a great Thanksgiving and God bless you all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a Sunday

Things went great today at Chestnut ridge. It's a good country church and quite lively as well. There were about 100 or so and the service went quite well. Looking forward to returning tonight and then its back in service on Monday to try and get one more run in before the holiday.

Being Thankful

This week we saw a famous baseball player indicted for telling lies about taking stimulates for better performance. These days, they sell stimulants for everything from hair growth to whoopee. However, there are things that should stimulate us to being thankful. Some of those are this. 1.) Looking around us 2.) Looking in and 3.) Looking up. Those are the areas I will be dealing with this morning at Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church. So, I challenge all of you to do the same. You can fill in all the blanks. Blessings....

Saturday, November 17, 2007


No such luck getting a load. No worries, we just headed for home and got here Friday night about 8:00 PM. Today I will be getting ready to preach twice on Sunday and Tc and I both will be resting. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Trucking.....

We headed up to Kansas city Mo and loaded Wednesday night for Lake Orion near Detroit MI. We unloaded this afternoon there and are waiting here between Detroit and Toledo Ohio. We might get lucky, if not we will head for home. all for now.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loaded up and trucking

We loaded out Monday in fountain Inn south Carolina at the Caterpillar Engine plant and took two engines to the Peterbuilt plant in Denton Texas. When we left I drove to the pick up and then drove to the Alabama line. TC drove from there to the Louisiana line and then I drove from there to Denton TX. After delivering we headed over the the TA truckstop and had lunch with our owners. We picked up a Haz Mat load out of Lewisville TX and delivered it last night in Miami Oklahoma. A pretty good short run. This morning we are in Joplin Missouri at the Petro and we will shower and catch up on our paper work and hopefully get something soon. We may head toward St Louis, not sure. That's about it......

Monday, November 12, 2007

Preaching The word

Think about it, What would preachers have to say without God's Word. Not much. I do worry sometimes that many preachers are preaching their thoughts and not the Word. I had always hoped to stay true the the Word, not my own. My Dad told ma along time, folks will never have anything to say if you stay in the word. Amen. Preaching at Zoar went well. It is a very small church up in the South Mountains bordering Cleveland and Burke Counties. I understand that it will probably be down to me and another guy. If called and we accepted TC and i would have to work additional part time jobs as the church could not pay enough to sustain us alone. They do have a parsonage so that would be good. Anyway, we off to take Chad's girlfriend back to Charlotte this morning and then its wide open to get ready to leave out, and then wait. Off we go.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Good Sunday morning. Yesterday we had as our guest our daughter and son in law, along with our son, Chad and his girlfriend, Christie. Yip, both are named Christie. Everyone stayed with us and are leaving this morning. It is good to be around your kids, and then they leave. Oh yea...
Of course we will have to take Christie II home to charlotte and then chad will still be here.
TC and I are getting ready to go to Zoar Baptist church this morning and then another day of chilling and stuff. All for now.....

Friday, November 09, 2007

I am back, I think

We bought a another laptop but had some problems getting it up and running, so finally, my bro Cecil Pruitt, he got everything going so far so good. Things here are going pretty well and we are excited about the holidays. Tc and I have run pretty hard over the last few weeks so we have taken this whole week off. We have worked around the house, doing landscaping and cleaning etc. Our new place is looking pretty good. I'll have to take some pics soon and post them. As some of you know we have has some problems from our son, so we also spent this week helping him pay some fines and his court date. I think he is turning a corner in his life or at least I hope so. Chad should be going into the Army in December and hopefully begin Basic Training in January. That should catch me up and I have spent the last two days catching up on some others. We should be going back on the road this Monday.

Ministry- Last week I preached at Zoar Baptist Church and will preach there again this Sunday. The following Sunday I will be at Chestnut Ridge BC. This can be difficult because we just have to drive home from where ever we are at on Friday, but God is in control of that. All for now....