Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome to Myrtle Beach SC
Tc and i decided this year that the no one needed anything so we took the kids to the beach for s short winter vacation.

It made us happy too.

My beautiful daughter and her husband...Hey David, I loved her first...

Our crazy Kids

No thanks, i'll Pass on these God-forsaken things, pass the Catfish

TC just chilling by the pool

Bowling, and I was in last place, but at least I get to sit beside a hot redhead.

All of us

I'll eat those things, they are good...


What are you looking at? You I say....You is Hot, can I have your number

And a good cook is she...I just cut the bread

My bunch on the beach, Friday Dec. 28th, 2007. It was 70 degrees. Gotta hate that.

Coming up on 25 years of wedded bliss. that's my baby. Lord keep giving us grace.

Back Home Again

We got home safe and everyone has dispersed. David took off to Greensboro and chad and Christie went to her house. Chad will stay with them through next Wednesday and then he will try again to go to MEPS. All of them are going Contra Dancing for their New Year Celebration. Tc and I are going to spend the night with our best friends Wes and Lisa Byrd. Wes and I served together at Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Division. Go Sappers. Anyway, we are looking forward to that. Today, we have to take the rental car back and then TC and i will perhaps go shopping for a few things and then just chill. Off we go......

Friday, December 28, 2007

Myrtle Beach

What a great Christmas. I really enjoyed this alot. The day after we left for the beach and got here around lunch on Wednesday. So far it bees very good. Just chilling and spending time with the kids. Last night we went out and enjoyed the buffet meal at Calabash Seafood. TC loves Crab legs, but I'll pass. I post some pics later. We heard from Collings yesterday so it looks like we will begin sometime around Jan. 4th. A new chapter is just around the corner. All for now...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

Last night my sister gave me the best present and I was so shocked when she gave me out of the blue Pioneer Woman's calender and it was personally signed and a message was to me. Cool. Have you seen that she was able to give $4388 to Special Olympics. Cool! Thanks Sis

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It was a nice ride down to Atlanta yesterday although the traffic was pretty heavy. But, that chapter in our life is now over and we are awaiting another. Let me say something to Ruth. I am so sorry for the loss of the Vikings. Too bad my Redskins had to send them packing. It was all I could do to stay up for that one. Let's don't even talk about the Panthers. So, it's Christmas Eve and the activities start today. All my kids will be here and tonight it will at Mom's and then its off to TC's sister house on Christmas Day and then to the beach we go. Merry Christmas Everyone.....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Paperwork and Parenting

Well we got the truck cleaned out and ready to be turned in on Sunday. We will meet the new couple that will be driving it halfway for both of us. that would be the Atlanta south TA truck stop on I-75 just south of Hot A. We got all the paperwork filled out, faxed and filed. We just have to wait on our criminal background check, which we know has nothing on it. When that comes back clear, the board will approve us, and we will begin. Our target date is January 7th, 2008. They are already getting our apartment or parent suite ad they call it cleaned and ready to move into. Still much to learn and we are looking forward to it.
In other news, Chad decided to wait until January 2nd to attempt another weigh in at the MEPS station, so that is still in limbo. I can't wait until we head to the beach. For the first time in a long time, out whole family is going to be on vacation together. I rented a larger car for us to ride together and I reserved a two bedroom suite so we can all stay together. Looking forward to it at Myrtle Beach SC. That is all as we continue to run around today.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A God Thing

We visited the Collings Children's home and Family Ministries Wednesday morning and that was it. We called the second appointment and told them that we would not be coming. Why go and complicate things. It could have not been more clear, not even in God had took His fingertips and wrote this message in the sky with clouds, "THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE TO BE. THIS IS YOUR NEW HOME! THIS IS YOUR MISSION NOW! What a wonderful feeling and a great thing.
It's a God thing. That is what we were told by the supervisor. Not only were they convinced that we were the ones, so did we. COOL... Even then when re put our notice in with Al and Edna, they already had someone to fill our place and were excited what God is doing. Al said, "We don't lead ourselves, God leads us". Awesome huh. God is good and His blessings are bubbling over for us right now, but He is good all the time. Tons of things to do in the next few days so we must get started. All For Now....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two days of searching

Yesterday at South Mountain was great. We met with the Supervisor of foster parents. Pretty cool guy but certainly unique. We got the grilling and also the tour. It was a good visit and TC said she would not visit anymore and take that right now. she was excited, however it is more of a foster parenting community(meaning no breaks) than a group home. We have an appointment this morning at 10:00 at Collins Home, Seneca SC ad then back this afternoon at Christine's home in Shelby NC. I expect that these will be the only one visit for now and we shall make a choice where we feel God would have us serve. Of course there are pros and cons for each but ultimately it will be the guidance of the Holy Spirit to what direction.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something on the Horizon

Well last week was another disappointment in trucking. We headed out to Dallas Texas and delivered Tuesday. After we picked up a load in Plano Texas, and headed for Kansas city on Wednesday. I spoke to SGT DUB via cell phone as they were running a generator. The ice was incredible. After delivering there we headed for St. Louis and ultimately, we headed home. We waited a day in each city, Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville TN. We got home Saturday morning and was instantly put to the test by Chad, both Saturday and Sunday. He goes again this Friday for enlistment. 4 pounds stopped him last time. We saw his recruiter at the mall last night and he said he believed in chad this time. Obviously, that made us feel better. Sunday morning we drove up to our daughter's Christie for to watch their choir cantata and of course Christie sang so beautifully. It was a great day.

So, here is the big news. Tc and I really felt God pressing on our hearts to look into being house parents at a children's home or something like it. Now, this is something we have talked about for some time. Our attention always goes to the kids that are in need. Throughout our ministry and TC working at school, it was the ones that are dirty, without nice clothes, and needed something special. TC is so good with this, and my heart is broken for them as well. We meet this morning at South Mountain Children's Home and from there we will see. I'll keep you informed. All for now

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Playing catch up

We've had a lot on our minds here lately and we are trying to be patient and wait on the Lord. From Texas we came home empty, which did not make us happy. We got home last Thursday and took a load going to Battle Creek Michigan. From there, in the snow, we went to Muskegon Michigan and loaded for Virginia Beach Va. We came home empty from there and got home late Saturday. We loaded back Monday for Denton Texas and delivered Tuesday Morning and loaded back that afternoon for Kansas City Mo. We bedded down here last night and we will probably move to St Louis.
As it turns out the church near South Mountain has also decided to go another way. I think right now they just don't want to do anything, so we wait. There are some other opportunities that may come but this is something that you can't figure on too much. TC and I went to Christ covenant church Sunday and it was awesome. We really enjoy the praise and worship music with the full band. I miss playing the drums really bad. I let a buddy borrow my drums for his son because they were just sitting there.
Chad missed going in the Army by 3 pounds. He has until next Friday to lose those few pounds and head back to MEPS on the 21st. He still seems intent on trying to get in. Seems they would have looked over 2 pounds, but the army is the army. His attitude is so much better and Mom says he is doing fine. I guess that is about all.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Waiting and Wondering

Freight is really really really slow right now. We unloaded last Friday and waited until Tuesday afternoon in Dallas TX but to no avail. Late Tuesday we just started heading East and we stopped here in Atlanta Ga. It is apparent to me that our time here is coming to an end, for many reasons. A person can only sit so much not making any money. This job has allowed TC and I to see many things but I think we will be turning in our notice very soon. All for now...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The difference a day makes

Saturday was cold, windy and rainy, so we just stayed in the truck most of the day. Today, was quite warm and sunny all day. Still, we just hung out here at the Petro in Weatherford TX waiting for Monday. We have a large crack in our windshield so we will have to make arrangements next week to have that fixed. Other than that it's been pretty boring and just watching some movies and Tc has been drawing. All for now...

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some pics

Our Babies....
The entrance to the ranch and yes we drove our truck to the guest house.

A view from iside the ranch, around 900 acres. Pretty small in Texas standards.

We were told that we would tour the ranch on mules. Well we did but not as I would think. Up front is Joann(sister) Terry (2nd cousin by marriage) and Tc and the dogs in the back. The ranch is located in cisco Texas.

This is a lovely park in OK City. They have a nice walking path next to the canal that runs throughout the central part of the city. These represent the land grab times of the state.

I am the smaller one on the right not holding the reins.

TC at the park in Oklahoma City

Fort Worth

I see the air force is like the army as no one actually knew anything about our shipment. It took about an hour or so to finally talk someone in to signing for it. After unloading we headed back to Fort Worth and got our prescriptions filled at Walmart and bedded down at the Petro in Weatherford Texas. A load we had fell through so we are hoping to get something today or we will visit with Richard, Tc's brother who lives in Dallas. I understand that the stockyards in Fort Worth has their parade today so we might do that. I am sort of bummed out as I wanted to run this weekend and make some money, but I guess we take it as it comes. Life on the road is getting harder as I guess this time of the year I would like to be at home. The family at large Christmas party is tonight but that is impossible for us so I guess we will just have to miss it this year. This will be the first one since losing paw paw. It wasn't the same without Maw maw so it is just sad. All for now....

Oh yea, I bought the collectors edition of Lonesome Dove with interviews and such. Can't get enough of ole Gus.