Thursday, January 31, 2008

Proud of Chad

He has had many hurtles, most that he himself have put in his own way, but he has finnally made it. Chad swore in on Wednesday 1/30/08 into the US ARMY. Chad choose MOS 88M, (job) to enter and shows interest in that. The thing is when he signed up there were only airborne oppurtunitiues available so he took it. He will ship out now on Feb. 13th and will take BASIC at Fort Knox, AIT at Fort leanordwood and go to jump school at Fort Benning GA. TC and I along with my Mom and Dad are very proud of Chad as many others are and we believe that this is what Chad needed in his life to help shape him into being the man he will become.

Our time off

Well this morning will be something like this..It's 4:30 AM and I am up. Wake the boys up at 6:30 and they will; Wake, up, make their bed and get dressed, pick up their room, and eat breakfast all by around 7:00 AM. Quiet time is from there until we leave around 7:15. Today, after we take the boys to school(TC takes the elemtary and I take the middle school) we will come back home and finish packing, turn in all of our paperwork and we are off. Our scheduled off time is every 10 days we get four days off. That is Thursday morning from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM Sunday night. Last break was spent repairing a water heater I hope this one might be a little more relaxing and not cost so much. That's all folks as I am also taking a few days off from the internet. I still have my sprint card but I just want to be away from everything. God bless and we will see ya around Monday.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting ready

Another day of training. This morning we had four hours of CARE Training. It was good as all the houseparents were able to share and I think it helps to hear what others are going through as well. TC is off the the store and i will picking up the kids. There is a lot of stuff to do as we get ready for our time off. In the morning we will leave and go home and try and chill for a few days. So, let's get started preparing everything for the relief parents to take over when we leave.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Day of Training

Well it looks like Chad will be swore in today. We will see. He reserved a job I think in the 18th Airborne core, as a airborne truck driver. Yea, me too, but I do know that if you are attached to an airborne unit you must be qualified even if you don't jump. Anyway, Basic will be at Fort Knox and AIT will be at Fort Leanordwood MO.(That's where I went) He should ship out on Feb. 12, which is our 25th anniversary.
Today at Collins we have all day training (8:00-4:00). I really hate the class room cause I know I will fall asleep, but I will try. Our time off is just around the corner so that is nice. I guess I need to get the boys of for breakfast (can you say bagels) and then it's off to training.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Look yaw, I can peel potatoes with my eyes closed. Not really, she said, "do not take my picture". See how good I listen. The she said, "DO NOT POST THIS PIC". See how good I listen again. Anyway, I did wait until after we ate. What was we having you ask? Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes, yummy......

The Saturday Pancake breakfast was terrible. Too many people and too little time. It was a good idea that someone had but it didn't work out. We bought the kids a Micky D's breakfast that morning and got them on to basketball. Sunday morning I decided to cook pancakes my self

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Good Saturday morning. this is our day as it is planned. This morning we will join the girls cottage for a benefit pancake breakfast, followed by upward pictures at 10:15, followed by upward game at 11:00 am. Following that will be lunch and then the youth group from 1st Baptist Wahaula SC will be here at 2:00 PM to play some games and hang out with the kids. After that it should be fairly relaxing evening, if the boys are good. If not, they can go to be early. My Saturdays sure are different than before.
Update on chad; Recruiters have no clue what they are talking about. I finally had one to be honest yesterday and tell us she had not explanation why it was taking so long. We were sure it was going to happen Friday but it did not. It could still happen on Saturday or perhaps Monday. Who knows, Chad is getting frustrated has he has everything on hold until this part passes. Hopefully soon, all for now.....

Friday, January 25, 2008

TC is back

TC was feeling better yesterday so she was back in force in the homework club. Here is the thing, I can only do one thing at a time and sometimes this job requires more. The bottom line: That one rib must have been the best part of man because that is what He took to make the woman, which in return has become the best part of a man still. I do hope and believe that women think the same thing, but from my prospective, I would be a pathetic fool without that gorgeous red head. Thank you Jesus!!! TC fried up about 22 chicken legs, from scratch, last night for supper along with corn, REAL mashed potatoes and from scratch corn bread. The boys loved it. The sad part it took as long to clean up as it did for her to cook. See what I mean! So, today is Friday and two of the boys will go home tonight so that will make 6 for the weekend. That is all...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mad house

Just picture this. I have one that gets home at 2:00. I picked the rest up at 2:45 and we got home around 3:00. A quick snack and a little time to play and relax for the boys and then it's homework time around 3:30PM. So, what's the problem. Well I have a support male staff that is looking to me for direction and I have big problem. TC is sick to the point she is in the bed. (Picture me screaming, crying going out of mind). Anyway, without the boss on the job it was I am sure a mad house. But, we got through it and it was fortunate that it was Wednesday because we went to Bounty Land Baptist Church where we were fed Baked Ham, green beans, mac and cheese, tea along with chocolate cake. Then, the boys were off to their mission programs and I went with J into the youth program. Pastor Scott is very funny and I enjoyed his teaching. After that we let the boys play some hoops and Scott and I brought them home for baths and TC did get up for a little while and did a devotion with them. After that they were off to bed with no problems and I went and passed out across the bed in which I woke at 4:30 this morning. Whew, just thinking about it wears me out again.
Today consisted of some paperwork and working on some chairs that are coming unglued. This afternoon will be more homework and I thing Crystal will take a few of them shopping with their clothes allowance. I pray TC will feel better soon, God please let it be soon......

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My family. that's what I have been thinking today. Yesterday, we drove up to North Greenville University where my daughter Christie is employed in the archives dept. and my son in law attends school there. One of the things that have come to mind doing this job is how thankful I am that my mom and dad was always there. We have done the same with our kids, but this ole boy has met his match when say for example little B was crying last night because he misses his mom. How could she not want to be with him. All she has to do is work and be there. That is all. thank God for Grandma. I prayed with him and I really prayed the Holy Spirit would comfort him. Of course when I was alone my heart could not take it and it had to pore a little extra water out of my body. Anyway, we should all be thankful for what family we have and i pray for short time I can be a decent fill in Dad for "little B". Oh yea, the pic below was taken on our beach trip this past New Years. I hope we can do that every year...........

Monday, January 21, 2008

Free at Last, Thank God Almighty

OK, So I have spent some time listening to the speech/sermon from MLK JR. I spell like that because most cities don't even give his full name on street signs. Anyway, I sit here tonight wishing that this had never happened. Am I a fighter of civil rights, no. I never have. Why, cause i reckon there are some disadvantages growing up in the south. I thought things were OK until I really traveled around the country and saw first hand the differences. I do not owe any man anything and it is not my fault that things were they were, however I figure I would feel differently if it was my ancestors.
There is one thing I cannot tolerate, injustice. Whether it is social, economic or bullying. I would fight anytime for injustice and when I see it on a small scale I feel as though I need to do something about it. Some say that our country has committed an injustice to the people of Iraq, I say this about that, you better think again. WE(America) has went in to stand against the bully. Are those who protest not smart enough to see this. We are not the bully, the dictator was. We have and I believe always will defend those who cannot defend themselves. There ya go, no need to ask how I feel about that. Anywho, MLK was a great man and he had he had a wonderful fight in him and a good reason in which to fight. Only God knows how much pain and yes still do inflict on someone because of their skin color. I learned some time ago that all men bleed red. I also know that through the blood shed for you and I on Calvary's cross by Jesus Christ my Lord that through him and by him we can say like MLK one day, Free At Last

Right, Wrong and some pics

We are back at Collins and as we arrived there were only 4 boys here. The rest are enjoying a home visit this long weekend. Most of them will return later this afternoon and two will return after school Tuesday. This MLK holiday should be quiet. I think I will focus on today the fact that a man was willing to fight for what was right period. I was thinking yesterday that a German who is white, during the war, had more rights in this country than black citizens. That is not right. This is pointed out in a movie called "Harts War". That is horrible. Anyway, off my soapbox and on the pics. That is all

This was my Christmas present from my sister. Notice the note on the front. I can hardly wait for next years calendar.
A man and his truck, need I say more. Old, tough and paid for...The best kind of truck.

This is our newer blazer we just purchased. This one replaced our 92 blazer.

This is where we live a few days a month. It is a 40 foot park model with two slide outs in the back. It is parked on my parents land. It is a nice place to get away while we visit my parents.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time flies

Well it's Sunday so that means we are to report back to Collins by 8:00 Pm tonight. These few days have been pretty good, although it consist mostly of working to the trl. Our hot water heater burst on Thursday night and we have been installing a new one and reworking some water lines. Something is not quite right with the heater so it will be a work in progress. The trl is a 40 foot park model with two slide outs, but after the Collin's house it sure seems small. The place is perfect for our home visits. It would good to see Mom and Dad and just hang out around the house. We are looking forward to getting back to Collins and the boys...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Were Home

It snowed about 2 inches but we made it home. This weekend is just for chilling and stuff. It's really cold out but for those of you in the north I guess I will quit crying. All for now.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Comanche Moon

You know that CBS has brought the Lonesome Dove Saga (Comanche Moon) to TV again this week. Episode 1 was Sunday and the second part was last night. Wednesday night holds the last part. It is hard for me to stay up until 11:00 cause I get up around 5:00. Anyway, as some of you may know I am a huge Lonesome Dove fan and I own all of them except this one and I will when it is available. The boys were terrible about all day yesterday. There must have been a full moon, but things got better during upward basketball practice. Kayla, Crystals daughter, did a good job with them. I hate I will miss them playing but somebody has to be off this weekend and I thank God it is me.... All for now...........

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New week

It seems to take a day to get everyone back on the same page. This past weekend two went home, one had a day visit and another went to his great grandmothers funeral, so it was good to get everyone back. Today is when the cleaning support staff comes, so we are going to become lost. After taking the boys to school, TC and I are going to explore the area a little more. Thursday is coming......Pray for Chad as he returns to MEPS today as he received the waiver and we pray he has kept weight under the amount allowed.

Monday night devotions.
Camera hogs.......

TC with Little B. We were playing outside and we were cold.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yesterday marked one week here at Collins. Wow, it's only been a week. Today, we went to church and then saw a movie (Water Horse). The kids enjoyed the movie and it was pretty good. Afterwards we played outside for a while.

Benji is having the time of his life and the kids just love him.
What????? Leave us alone.....

Words would be useless here. Little B is just too much.

Yummy, except my hands still smelled of Bacon during church.

Sunday Breakfast. Note to self, cook big breakfast on Saturday, not Sunday....

Mama TC's little helper- Whoops, boo boo is not suppose to be here. Get out of here little girl.

Kinda shy..

Not Shy

Upward Basketball

Welcome to Upward basketball. We play every Saturday at Bounty Land Baptist Church. Upward is a wonderful as it competitive but not too much. Rules are in place to discourage any bad things while each kid is introduced to Christ as well. It's a fun day. Our first game we lost by 17 points, but it was still a good game.
This is BK. He was Collins first resident, about 27 years ago. He id kinda still a resident. He has his own apartment on campus but he comes and goes, mostly comes. He enjoys being our supper guest. He is a great guy and we love to have him around.

I love the way at this age some of the boys just stand around. We had one just walk off because he was getting bored. Well

Free Throw-Just a little too much to the left I think.

A little more action

This is the basketball team I inherited. All the players our from Collins except little Ben to my right and he even comes from a family of 7. I noticed in the pic I do not seem to happy. It was just a second and I have the smiling kid in front to thank for that and the one beside him and the one beside him and the get it. There are moments!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Last night we took the boys for pizza and to watch the older boys play a basketball game. This morning the other boys have a game of upward basketball. One of our boys are getting picked up to visit his family that just lost their great grandmother. Also, the two boys last night are spending the weekend with family. We have one more visiting with his Mom today so that only leaves 4. Cool..... Christie and David are visiting this afternoon so we are looking forward to that.

Chad is getting frustrated with the Army. After getting his weight below the limit, he had to get a waiver because of something stupid he did. He was told it was going to happen last week, but it look like it will be at least Tuesday, and then 7-10 days after that he should ship out. You play you pay, that is how I feel, but I do hate it for him. He is ready to go so I hope it happens soon. I guess that is all for now....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking Back

I had just a moment to catch my breath and I remembered that I had yet to think back at 2007. I remember back this time last year and we were preparing to hit the road. Jobs were being resigned and bills were being paid off. Things were getting in some kind of order and our lives were beginning to head in a different directions. Then, as the year continued we were blesses to see sooooo much of this country. We made good money, grew closer together and I grew attached to my blogging friends. I could go on and on about how different this year was and all the things that happened, but the point was just to say the contrast of last year to this year. That all the time I have as there are 8 boys who are getting up in about 15 minutes and they will be hungry. All for now...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Positive Reinforcement

There are little things in life like this...Little J during his quiet time was helping even smaller B with reading his picture Bible. No one asked him he just did it. That behaviour calls for some positive reinforcement, perhaps some special ice cream or something nice. We went to Bounty Land Baptist church last night and the kids loved it. They fed us supper and wore the kids out and we also enjoyed hanging out with the youth pastor Scott. I think that is where we will go on Wednsedays and continue taking the kids to Foothill church on Sunday. Foothills is a contemporary church and in short rocks. They have around 300 kids on Sunday morning so they have awesome children's program. So, now we are gearing up for this weekend as upward basketball starts. We also are changing some rooms around for better room mates, as this should solve some problems we have encountered. I guess that is all for now...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just a quick update. The boys are getting use to a little home cooking from TC. I think they did not like the former cooker that used a lot or organic stuff. Anyway, they have been loving it. Someone said they would not like homemade vegetable soup, but they just kept coming back. We had our first practice with Upward Basketball last night and they did great. This morning is our first full staff meeting. Collins has 6 full time house parents along with 4 part time fill in staff. They also have about 5 full time administration staff along with 3 part time there as well. I am impressed at the folks that come every afternoon for tutoring. These volunteers make the afternoon of homework awesome. All for now as I go and prepare sausage and gravy biscuits.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Some Pics of the new place.

Boo Boo is getting a little more use to the kids
Our new living room

Living room toward the Garage.

This is what the boys rooms look like. There are two boys to one room and four boys share a bathroom.

Looking from the main road that runs through Collins. It is a private road.

Some of the boys watching TV BOO BOO is fitting in pretty good.

Here are our two vans. I am not a Ford man but oh well.

The side looking in at the Garage. The laws do not allow cars to be parked inside so we use the space for other things; freezer,toys etc...

TC in her new kitchen along with relief worker Crystal

Sunday, January 06, 2008

We're Here

We've arrived at Collins Home and Family Ministries. We got here yesterday around 10:00 AM. The supports staff (Crystal, we already love her), along with Miss Frieda and BK as well were all here cleaning and getting ready. I understand the other parents were just burned out but they didn't even know it. I guess in this business you don't get a long time to say goodbye for the sake of the kids. Anyway, the day went well but it was a lot to take in. We found the schools they go to and the times. Again Crystal was great for our first day. She loves these boys but she don't take no crap. This morning we are going to church with and finish some paperwork and continue getting settled. Starting Monday it will be wide open with all 8 boys and a bunch of training. Each day will be its own I am sure. God grant us the patience and strength for this job and I know He will.

Friday, January 04, 2008

CARS-I like horses better

Well lets see whats new? We went and traded our old blazer (which by the way has never left us stranded). So, we buy the 99 blazer, go to drive it home and the power seats will not work and TC cannot reach the pedals. We come back the next day and it is fixed. Today we drove it home and got within 5 miles from the house and it stopped running. Steve White Dodge in hickory NC did us right. They sent a tow and even gave us a loaner car to use for a while. They said they will make this thing right. Tomorrow morning we head for Collins in Seneca SC. How will we trade back we don't know but they said if they have to they will send someone to trade out. It's nice when someone does what they say. I could get us that....All for now.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reposition Yourself

I just read an excerpt of a book with the same title and it got me thinking. If you are not where you are suppose to be or unhappy, reposition yourself. Here are some examples; Sarge charlie, when it gets cold where does he and Miss Bee go. where it's warm. That is smart thinking. That is what we have done recently, reposition ourselves. It's an awesome thing.
The MEPS Station got Chad's date wrong so he has to go down tonight instead of last night. Now, it will be Friday before we know for sure and when he will ship out. Friday is also the day that we start at Collins. We will not be with the children until after next week after we go through some initial training(which makes sense) Today TC and I are going to look at a few vehicles. Our primary vehicle is a 92 Chevy Blazer that is becoming wore out, although it has never left us stranded. We'll see. All for now.....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Safer Than a Known Way

On Christmas Day 1939, King George VI of England gave a brief radio address to his troubled nation. England was already at war with Germany. Soon all of Europe would be plunged into the horror of brutal, unrestrained warfare. Hoping to calm the troubled hearts of his countrymen, the king offered words of encouragement as the storm clouds gathered overhead. He ended his remarks by quoting the first lines of a hitherto unknown poem by Louise Haskins called The Gate of Year. It has since become known around the world:

“I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:‘Give me a light, that I may tread safely into the unknown!’

And he replied: ‘Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God.That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.’”

What a word that is for us today. No one but God knows what the future holds. Let us do as the poet suggested and place our hands in the hand of Almighty God. And let us go out into the unknown future with confidence, knowing that if God go with us, we need not fear the future. To walk with the Lord is the greatest of all joys, and it is indeed safer than a known way.

Copied from my Internet pastor Dr. Ray Pritchard of Keep Believing Ministries. This spoke to my heart so I thought I would pass it on....


Happy Happy New Year. Believe it or not I actually made it to midnight. I am usually crashed by 10 or so but we are spending the night with old army buddy an best friends Wes and Lisa. We've know each other for over 20 years. Lisa made some good coffee so that helped and just sit and talked and reminisced of times gone by. I enjoyed this time with them greatly as it is hard to beat good friends.
I am hopeful to continue this blog to describe our times with these 8 boys that we have already begun to love and haven't even met them yet. We are planning on going down on Friday and getting some things squared away over the weekend and reading some staff info and perhaps be moving in as early as next Monday. All for now