Monday, March 31, 2008

A Full Monday!

What a day. First, it's tough just getting back in our routine. Next, we had tons to do. From Doctor's appointment to making arrangements for a hitch for the big van for out beach trip next Saturday and of course the end of the month checking register and fuel receipts. Sometimes this could be quite the chore because it has to be done to the penny and there are others in the home who has access but I am the one who has to keep it up to date. Anyway, we got a lot accomplished today and now it is time to call it a full day. Of course Tuesday has it's own worries.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pics of Carowinds

This is what we looked like after riding one of those roller coasters. The thing turned you upside down and backwards. We are too old for that stuff anymore! Actually I look worse than TC but I think we were acting a little bit.

My Dream Car

Saturday At Carowinds

Well we have been just messing around the house and spending some time with Mom and Dad. Mom is continuing to recover from her knee replacement. Saturday morning our daughter Christie called to say that they had two extra tickets for Carowinds, a amusement park in Charlotte, so we went and spent the day with them and their youth group. It was a fun day but because it had rained and the temp. had dropped from the upper 70's on Friday to in the 50's on Saturday, it was quite cold. The wind is what got this old man. So, we left a bit earlier than they did, stopped for some coffee and came on home. It really was a good day. This morning we are going to church with Mom and Dad and hear my Dad preach his final sermon at St. Paul Baptist Church, where he had been the interim for several months. I guess later we shall head for SC.

Friday, March 28, 2008


We are home just a chillin......

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One night and a wake up!

It's Wednesday evening and we are finishing up this segment. After training today we had a chance to wash our own clothes this afternoon and then it was off to church where we ate supper and attended youth and children ministries. The boys are going through their showers right now and should be going to bed around 8:30 or so. Of course it takes them about 30 minutes to actually go to sleep and some even longer, so the night usually drags on. It took me about an hour to catch up on the Kids Data network. In case you don't know that software is a remote connections that the caseworker, supervisor can look directly at what I put in to check up on each of the boys. It's off to North Carolina tomorrow and catch a doctor's appointment. All for now.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Week is Winding down Fast/Easter Pics

Watching kids really brings back that joy again.
Christie and TC watching the boys find the eggs.
It's me and my Baby Girl
Christie with the egg she made for her brother.
TC and Christie starting the dyeing process
We are getting ready to close out another 10 days of working. This past weekend was awesome of all the things we have gotten to do. It also looks like we may be able to take a couple of the boys camping at Myrtle Beach during April when they are on Spring Break. We must attend Training on Wednesday morning and the regular things we so as we prepare for Thursday trip back home.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Going to the Zoo

Seeing how we are down to the two boys who never get to go home, we decided to do something special for them. Tomorrow we are going to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC. It's going to a great day and we are having great weather. These two will enjoy this greatly and it will also help TC and I do get something off our minds, like Jonathan leaving today. It was so sad as he pulled out of the driveway. In two and a half months we grew to love this boy. He hugged us like he meant it and we knew he did. I believe he will a great young man. That is all, it's 10:15 and time for bed, Good night.


Good Bye Jonathan!
Today is a happy/sad day. Young "J" got the word yesterday that he is gong home, for good. The court ordered him to be returned to is mother. While I will miss him like you wouldn't believe, I am so happy for him. This is what he wants and that is a reason to celebrate. I knew this day would come and tried to prepare for it, but nothing has worked. My heart feels the void already. Others have already left for Easter Weekend and 2 more are leaving today. That will leave us with 2 kids so we are planning a big weekend for them. So, now its off to find boxes and start packing Jonathan, cause as of today he is longer in DSS care.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's happening here at Collins

When all is said and done there will be about 6 or 7 loads of clothes done. Catching up on some e- time and sorting through some donated stuff. Lowe's donated a lot of wood working kits, some aprons, safety goggles and some cute little hammers. Also some neat caps that match the race car. This afternoon another local company are coming give the kids some Easter Baskets. On Thursday a donor is coming to tell Bible stories and then we are going to morningside Rest home for a Easter egg hunt. AND THEN, at least 5 of the boys are going home for a visit. WE had hoped to take the remainder camping this weekend but that is not going to work. We have to find something else fun to do, which in this area will not be hard to do.

A Great God We Serve

Well I am feeling better. I could feel the infection breaking late yesterday. It's amazing that 50 percent feels like 100 percent when you feel really bad. Today is a busy day as the Easter holiday approaches we have something gong on every day for the kids. A different group will be here today and Thursday afternoon. Actually there are two on Thursday so we are thankful there are still many people wanting to give to these kids. Our home is a private one not run by the state and over 60 percent of the budget comes directly from individual donors. Things as I hear them right now is really tight, but we serve a great God that I am confident will never leave us stranded. That is a fact! These times in our life brings us closer to Him and build our faith and confidence in the Almighty. I know of things He will do in the future based on what he has done in the past. We serve a good and great God and there is nothing I can think of that is better than serving Him!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some how I acquired a Sinus infection, so I went to the quack, I mean Doctor, and he gave me some medicine. Why do we even have to go to the doc, cause they give the same thing each time. You should be able to right to the Pharmacy and tell them. Anyway, I'm hoping it will break by this morning. I do feel just a tad bit better than I did most of yesterday. TC really had to do most of everything yesterday so I am thankful that she can.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


What a great visit home. Tc and I worked all day Thursday and Friday in the yard doing some cleaning mulching and hauling rocks. We enjoyed spending this time making our little Love Shack better. It's Sunday and we are going to our home church, have lunch with Mom and rest a little and head back to Seneca tonight. Bobby is cooking tons of Mexican food tonight we we don't to miss that. This has been some great time off.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It's Wednesday morning and we are about wore down. Yesterday was a good quick get away, but usually by now I am about ready to get away a few days. There are no meetings or training today so we have most of the day to spend washing and such to get ready to leave in the morning. Sarge check this out for a little history on Stump Mountain. It is about 10 miles from here in Seneca. That is the good thing about this location, there are tons to do when we find some down time.

Last night was good. TC was not feeling well so I cleaned up after supper and Bobby watched the boys for over an hour. This gave me time to do the Kids Data. Baths were quick and devotions were good. It seems rare that things go that smooth, but hey I will take it. We did some room changes so I think that is helping. All is well, we hope it is with you today!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Starting a New Week

Good Lord it's Monday Morning. Upward basketball is over(praise God) so there are no practices tonight. All boys will be back after school today and our schedule can flex just a little more now. Think about this: When it's the hardest pray; pray the hardest!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sunday morning and things are fairly quite. I fed the boys Oatmeal and jelly toast this morning and in just a little bit we will go to church @ Foothills Community Church. After we are planning on a run to KFC and hopefully a peaceful afternoon of relaxing and playing. The sun is shining but it is a little brisk. I do hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful day.

We got another letter from Chad in Basic Training. he has now gone through the Gas Chamber(yes) and has been issued his M-16. He said that next week he will begin going to the firing range, I remember that well. Nothing like firing your rifle in three round burst. I qualified expert when I was in so I hope that Chad does well with that. He said that things were going well. Let's keep on praying for him.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Well, I just had to add a pic of Benji and Smudges together. These are two spoiled dogs, but they are happy and they make us happy. They are also very therapeutic for the boys as well.

The Week

It's Saturday Morning and we are down to 5 boys for the weekend. This morning we are having our last upward basketball game and then a group is coming with Easter Baskets filled with goodies this afternoon. The weather should be good so everyone would be able to spend some time outside, unlike yesterday. With fewer kids everything seems to flow a little smoother. The past week was a little difficult as I have come to the point where my heart seems to be torn all the time. The boys do things that you have to give them consequences but you then realize that hey, their parents suck. It's not right or fair that they are here. Some of the parents have other kids in their home why not these? Sometimes the emotional roller coaster is too much, but then someone like TC or Doug or Lynn helps me understand. What we do here to me is awesome but almost to much to take i sometimes. So, I do ask for your prayers. We've been here two months now and at times it is easier and other times it is more difficult. I am praying for the patient and healing of these boys and their families. Also, things in our own lives have been brought into the light, so there is a lot going on right now and we need your prayers. God is good, so good!!! My recommendation for your listening pleasure is Natalie Grant with her song "In Better Hands Now". You can check out Wade's MySpace and listen. This song is awesome and has helped me greatly.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Lord has been so good to us. Our blessings have abounded abound measure. Each day we should be so thankful. But, we are human and being human we fail. We fail because the heart is wicked, as the Bible says. However, being born of Christ a new creation, we have a new heart, so is it possible to be perfect? Well if you ask TC about me I am confident that what she might tell you. I have struggles with this thought for some many years now, because I too like the apostle Paul, "keep doing the things that I should not, and the things I should be doing, I don't do." It makes no sense to me either. Bottom line, God is Good and I accept his loving grace and mercy. his Love is awesome and I am happy to call myself a Christian, through God's Grace in Jesus His Son and Our Saviour.

2Cr 13:7Now I pray to God that ye do no evil; not that we should appear approved, but that ye should do that which is honest, though we be as reprobates. King James Version

SAME VERSE We pray to God that you will not do anything wrong. We pray this, not to show that our ministry to you has been successful, but because we want you to do right even if we ourselves seem to have failed. New Living Translation

Look at the two translations. What are they saying; in my observation, we should do what is right and not evil, not for the purpose of showing ourselves holy or correct but for the simple fact that it is right. Pretty simple huh? Just a thought today!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Some Pics

I am breaking the rules but oh well, I mean how many people read this blog anyway. This is Little D's B-Day party.
With the Red cap is Trent, who is a tutor but he is in fact a whole lot more. He always stays after and spends time with the kids. Behind him is Bobby, retired Air Force who works here as one of our support staff.

See, a full Pantry. I was not joking about the food that was donated.

Back at it....

Getting back to work sometimes is tough. The kids seem to be on a different plain and we are for certain, bit it is always good to see the boys after our break. They are excited to see the dogs more I think. Monday's are well Mondays. After getting the boys to school we play catch up on laundry, grocery list etc. Yesterday we had a huge donation of canned food. A local home and garden show used us as a point of donation. Our pantry is completely full which is good, but the door was closed by someone and locked. There is no key, but that is a whole different story. We will figure something out. By 8:00 Pm I was completely exhausted. Sleep was good. This morning I woke at 4:00 AM and worked on the Kids Data System for about an hour or so. This program contains everything the kids do and don't do. We have to enter everything, in fact I was scolded yesterday for not putting enough in. Oh well. This morning I am meeting Joe to take some donation boxes that were built out to the community. They are really large and there is only two of us so that will be fun. TC will be working on little D's birthday party tonight. The afternoons are so busy so let's just add something else, Ok that is just fine. It's all good.....