Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

All Gave Some But Some Gave All !!!!! Wake Up America

Today ,I sit enjoying my freedom, spending time with my family,(Mom,Dad,Christie&David and of course TC and the boys) because of those who have bleed and died for it. I am truly grateful to them and their families. Today, when I see the flag unfurled with all it's glory, I consider my country in which I served, but mostly I think of those who gave all. The ones who could have turned and ran but dived on the grenade instead; stood their ground and would not back up. Today, I think of them and their loved ones because that is what today is all about. God bless them every one!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back to Work, yea right!

Well it's Sunday night around 10:45 and well past my bedtime. We made it back to SC and getting ready for another 10 day run. This last break flew by but we really enjoyed our time at home. One of the reason it is so enjoyable is that not only do I get to see my Mom but we have four new neighbors to play with. These are some of the best natured horses and I really do enjoy them being there.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

At Home

Below is one of my favorite pics of me and Chad. Just thought I would share it. Today we arrived back home and took Benji to the vet where he removed the stitches and was very impressed at how good everything looked. I was as well considering he could have lost his leg. He is still cannot put any weight on it but time will take care of that. The next couple of days is just for relaxing and working around the house up here at home. Now for a nap.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Plans

In training and scheduling this morning we found that our summer is going to be one busy day after the other. There are so many camps, vacations and appointments that it is a nightmare to staff it all. On a brighter note we did find that we were going to get 11 days in a row off for our vacations, WOW. We will have to make some plans for a good vacation. CHAD UPDATE: He is doing great. He scored high enough on his PT test that he got all the benefits and he told me last night he drove a 39 mile convoy in a 5 ton. He said that he drove off road as well and that these trucks were very expensive. This comes from a boy that has tore up everything we ever gave him. A very drastic change. We are so please at his progress. He graduates AIT on July 20th and then will head straight for jump school. Did I say I was proud?
As for us it's grass cutting and getting ready for our 4 day break on Thursday. Much to accomplish today so there will be no time tonight for a post so I sneaked one in here today. All for now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Decisions and Details

This morning was a big day for making some decisions. Two of our boys are brothers and we met with their Dad this morning to make a decision about a summer program and what to do for next year. Can't go into details but it was a good meeting. After that TC got really sick and was in the bed for the rest of the day. Crystal came in and was a big help. I took one with me for shopping and Crystal cooked supper. After that the boys settled in to watch a movie, baths and a little ice cream for snack. All is quiet tonight. Tomorrow is training from 8:30 until 12:00 along with scheduling for the summer. All for now!

Monday, May 19, 2008

What a Day

WOW, what a day. It started with me playing with the new echo weed eater that was donated. That was fun. Then I decided to go ahead and cut the grass up at the office while the dust was down a little. I usually cut one side and the other house dad cuts the other, but today I just could not stop so I did it all. Then, Chick-Fil-A donated tons of uncooked chicken so TC and others worked up at the office to separate all of that. Once that was done, the twins arrived and we had to unpack them, label all there clothes, go over some basic rules and just get to know them a little. The other boys seem to accept them pretty well. Thankfully we had a support staff come in at 3:00 and stays until 8:00PM. It has been a tiring day but a good one. We welcome our two new 6 year old identical twins.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Movies and Manhood

After a big day at the movies and the playground, we decided to come back home and cookout. The weather today was perfect and we had a great day with the boys.
K kept security around the perimeter while I cooked. That's a genuine plastic Winchester he is holding. Be afraid!
Decided to let Benji come out and enjoy a little outdoors. His spirit has been up and he finally had a BM. He is looking better. I think I will design a new lamp shade when he is done with it.

Weekend Plans

Well another one is off to home now. Brandon was picked up by his grandparents yesterday. It's not quite as hared to see him go because we know that we will continue to deal with him through some off campus stuff, so we will be seeing him from time to time. Now that we have two bed open we are receiving our nest little blessings this coming Monday. We have two six year old identical twins coming on Monday morning. It looks like the other four we have now will be going home by June 5th, so that will leave us four for the summer. Many big plans for the summer.
Last night I rented the first Narnia movie and this morning we are going to go to the theatre to see the second one. The boys love this kind of stuff so it's off to the movies, stop by CiCi's Pizza and then to the Anderson Castle Playground. What a day!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Benji Update

After talking to the vet in NC we decided to take him to our vet here in SC. We was very glad we did as he was able to clean his wounds and inject some better pain medicine which has caused Benji to rest more this afternoon. He gave me some more medicine for him later. So, we propped him up and can you believe the doc told us to feed him some canned pumpkin for the BM. He is resting comfortable now. Thanks everyone for asking about him, that made me feel great!

The Difference A Day Makes

The difference a day makes; late yesterday afternoon we got the news that little Brandon is going home for good today. IN fact last night we had to start packing and all his stuff is in boxes and bags and his Grandmother will pick him up this afternoon. That will be two that has left and reunited with family since we have been here so again it is a happy/sad time.
Benji is still not fairing to well. In fact I am going to call the vet this morning and perhaps take him to our vet down here in SC. His foot is still spread and swollen and will not have a bow movement(I know that is gross) We were not going to let the boys see him but they wanted to so bad and Benji would stand at the door wanting to see them because he heard them. So, we did for just a short while and I think it made him happy. That's about all today.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thanks To Tutors

On Wednesday Collins had a tutor appreciation day and the kids made flower pots and TC got the boys to do a great song that included all the states called Nifty Fifty United States. We had a great time and are very thankful for these people that give of their time freely to come and spend time with these boys and help them with homework among other things. A Big Thanks.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Funkiness-Is that a word?

Boy Tuesday was tough. There was some good things like taking the van to be services(a man thing) and walking Benji outside but it was just kinda funky. That's the best word I can come up with. I guess we all have our days. I do hope today is better. I guess it is what it is. TC struggled too so that makes interesting. Today is volunteer day so TC taught the boys a song called "The nifty fifty United States". That should be good as they will give all the volunteers a flower and some finger food at the outdoor shelter this afternoon. I guess that is all there are several personal things I must do today so I better take advantage of it. All for now.....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hotdogs and Hurting

TC fixed us some Fried Green Tomatoes for lunch today. It's a Country thing. Tonight it's off to Camp Sertoma where we are being fed a hot dog supper and some playing time. There are s many groups that does so many nice things for these kids. God bless them all.
My little buddy just don't know what to do, so I just loved on him for a while. I can hardly see him in this much pain.

Mothers Day Pics

I have some pics without the bandage but why show such stuff. I wish I did not have to look at. The return artery was severed so there is still a chance for him to lose the leg.
Back at Collins and it feels more and more like home. I guess home is where you stuff is at. I can't say that this trip home was all that great because of Benji, but our Mother Days get together was awesome. Shawn and Cathy my sister does a great job of hosting things like that. And finally here is my Mom talking about Mothers Day and her deepest love for her nearly perfect son, me and how much she loves me, oh well maybe not but she does love me......... So here is to the greatest Mom on earth, mine!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Can't wait to get back to SC so i can post some pics of our Mothers Day cookout. Benji is really struggling and he is still in pain. Honestly it looks horrible and he could still lose his leg but we will wait and see. He has stitches from his chest to the end of his paw, terrible. Anywho, a big Happy Mothers Day to all Moms....

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well folks let me tell you Friday was tough. TC and I were working out in the yard planting some flowers when I heard the yell. Now remember when we are at home we live out in the country and a good piece down a dirt road. I was back around toward the backyard and a UPS driver came down the drive way. Now think of Benji. He is not prone to chase cars but when someone strange or different comes down he does check them out and usually barks and sometimes chases the vehicle. Yesterday he chases the UPS truck and lost. The driver slammed on the brakes but his tire hit Benji. When i got there it looked horrible. His right front leg was tore to pieces and all the bones were exposed. The good news is that the vet was able to sew it up and over the next few months it should heal. The return artery was severed so there is some danger there but times will tell.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Home Time

It's Thursday morning and we are preparing to go home for a few days. I am excited to go home as it has been a month since we have been there and we now have some horses in the pasture so I am excited to see and hear them. Looking forward to Mothers Day, Blessings to all

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cool Mornings

Tutors are a big blessings here at Collins. We have some of the best that really care about the kids and volunteer their time, some several times a week and some one day a week. Of course on occasion we have one that will come and cause more harm than good. such was the case yesterday. He just don't understand that you can't get these boys all cranked up at and during homework time. Our support staff had to take the boys elsewhere during this time and that tutor left. I think we must find something else for him to do. This morning after walking to the office, the other house dad and I sit out on the front porch and talked for about an hour. That was nice enjoying the cool morning. Our John Deere lawn mower is in the shop and the parts will not be in until Wednesday and the shop said it will be at least until next week. They are on the last leg but I guess the grass will just grow until then. It has been a month since we have been home so we are looking forward to that come Thursday. All for now...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun At The Creek

Everyone seems to think that I like trouble and I do not know why. Anyway, today was Monday, did you know that? All is well here at the boys cottage. TC and I run some errands and picked up the small van from being repaired. Let's just say it's hard to find a good garage these days. The video of TC was taken at our favorite chilling spot at Yellow Branch Picnic Area where there is a area that is lush with good ground and leaves that makes it comfortable and the creek is right beside so the boys can play. Well you get the drift.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


I just can't seem to stay out of trouble, HMMMM

Friday, May 02, 2008

A Proud Mom

Well for all of those who requested a bar of gold I could only carry out enough for me but I did bring you this video of a proud Mom and family. Sarge Charlie you are so right about becoming a man. What is really cool is that now my son and I have experienced some of the same things, a kindred spirit and brotherhood if you will. Big Daddy likes it!!!

Our Soldier

Proud Parents

The last few days have been a whirlwind. I can't believe it is over. We have arrived back at Christie's house in Brevard NC where we will hang out today as we don't have to be back at Collins until this evening. Seeing Chad in his changed ways was awesome. It's so weird that he was so much the same yet different. He sensed the purpose in life that we have wanted him to see for so long. Chad lost over 25 pounds and was excited to move on to AIT. As I write this he should be in Missouri by now. His confidence level was high and we could sense his pride. Although he has only finished BASIC and his knowledge is still limited, the difference we see him is immeasurable. Thanks again for all your prayers. I can't wait until we get home and I can post some pics.