Monday, September 29, 2008

The Red Hats Are Coming!

Our new boy comes just like some of the rest of them, tons of baggage for their age. Some of these kids have seen more in less than 10 years than I've seen my whole life. How lucky and blessed was I to be raised in Waco NC, a small little town. Anthony is a private placement that has been both abused and almost abandoned. I say almost because his mom is still around and to her credit is seeking counseling through our family ministries. I also need to point out that a neighbor has gone far and above what would be expected, in fact she will probably be the one that we deal with the most. After only his second day here it seems that fitting in pretty good. We have some meetings this week with staff and also some parent/teacher meetings. At the end of the week Mom and Dad are coming down for a couple of days. On Thursday, the Red Hat ladies are coming to fix the kids some spaghetti and perhaps entertain us for a while. All is well and we continue down this journey that our great and gracious God has put us on.

Camping Pics

Here are a few pics from our latest camping trip. While the pictures are somewhat blurry, and yes a new camera is soon to be had. Above is our campsite t High Falls Campground and below are some shots from Davidson River Campground. These 4 days were very relaxing. Things went pretty well with the In Processing of Anthony, our new kid, and all the kids are off to school this morning. All is well!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

the Maiden Voyage

We haved moved from the Davidson river Campground in Brevard NC to High Falls County Campground just outside of Seneca SC. Our little vacation ends tomorrow but it was very good. Of course it is not over just yet. christie came and saw us Thursday night and spent the night. That was a lot of fun. We are excited as we get a new boy sunday night. I'll post some pics of our maiden voyage when we return home. All for now.

Saturday Photo Hunt- View

This week TN Chick choose VIEW as the Saturday Photo Hunt. Of course there are many but here are a few. Hope you enjoy!

As seen from I-40 in Texas, The Cross.

A view of the Grand Canyon

A view of the natural coast of Florida

North Carolina Mountains in the Winter time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Little Tired

Good Wednesday Morning, This is the day the ole wheel starts turning. One day and a wake up t our time off. This particular stretch has been a little tiresome and I have been sick a couple of days, so we are ready for a break. Last night at Home Group everything went great and we enjoyed spending time with our new friends while the boys enjoyed boy scouts. We've have a pretty good list of things to do today and then it will be church tonight and then breakfast in the morning with some more of our good friends before heading to Brevard NC to camp with our daughter one night. I'll know later where we will go from there. All for now!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Death Valley

Welcome to Death Vally, home of the Clemson Tigers. These pics were taken at the "Rally at the Valley". A Christian even sponsored by the FCA. What a great job they did. The organization was superb and everything went really well. Thanks to Doral for going along with Lauren and of course TC, as football is not her thing. The speaker at the Rally was awesome, an ex football player with a powerful testimony. Although we had nose bleed seats it was still good. With the smaller kids in tow they were ready to leave at halftime. With Clemson beating South Carolina State 54-0 it was pretty much a blow out.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Free Hugs

While you can only listen and watch for so long it is a great idea in a world filled with hate. What a concept that everyone sometimes just needs a hug. Here's your hug!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt- ROAD

Let me say first that I am sorry for all the pics but I just could not post just one. From all the time we spent out on the ROAD these are but a few of the hundreds that we have. hope you enjoy them.

First up, the ROAD we should have not been on in Wyoming.
The Road that never ends in Montana
The ROAD that divides Oregon and Washington and also follows the Columbia River
The one lane ROAD that crosses from South Dakota to North Dakota
Sometimes we had to go slow on some of the ROADS in Pennsylvania
And sometimes in California the paved ROAD just ended.
Here the ROAD went under the water in Virginia Beach.
On the ROAD you see sights like this.
Sometimes the ROADS had cows on them.
This ROAD went through Chicago
Here we are in Utah taking a break from the ROAD.
John Denver sang, "Country ROADS" take me home.
Here the ROAD took us under Boston and through the big dig.
Of course this ROAD took us to New York City.
This ROAD was slick going through Colorado
And this ROAD, if we didn't turn around, would take us to Mexico.
Here is TC driving and I am not sure what ROAD this was.
And finally, again another shot of the Columbia River as we was heading toward Portland Oregon. We were so lucky to get to travel this great country and see al the things we saw. Again I am sorry about all the pics but TN CHICK picked a topic that I had plenty of pictures of.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Three Reason

Three reasons why TC loves this job and three reasons to weather the storms, put forth the extra effort and three reasons why we do this.

Rally In The Valley

A busy weekend awaits us. Tonight we are going to a fundraiser dinner at a private school where one of our boys attends. In the morning we were so graciously given free tickets to "Rally in the Valley", a FCA sponsored event at Clemson University. After the rally, we get tickets to "Death Valley" to watch Clemson Tigers take on South Carolina State. It's gonna be awesome. Sunday will be church and if the weather is coooperating a pool party. So, I'd better rest now while I have the chance.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks Be To God!

Never in a million years did we think we get something this nice for what we had to pay. For certain we were in the right place at the right time. God has blesses us with this tool of enjoyment for TC and I to use, and use we plan on doing. Sorry about the camera, I think ours is about to go as some of the shots are blurry, but you the drift. Thanks God!

While this pic does not show it very well, the inside all leather and in excellent condition. Very clean
Yea, hardwood floors, cool!

True Basement Storage, meaning it goes all the way to the other side. It seems that we will never fill all of that up, but I am sure we will.

Momma Said there would be days like these!

The day has been kind of weird. First, one of our vans would not start so we had to switch the car seats to the little van. I tried jumping it off but that did not work. It seems a new girl has left the ignition on. Anyway, after all the kids were at school we had training this morning until lunch time. Afterward, I finally got the battery on a charger for a couple of hours an that did the trick. Sometimes you just have days that are, let's say not as good as other day. All in all by the end things were looking better. We has supper at church and right now the older boys are at youth while the younger ones are taking showers.

Last night was pretty awesome. We had two other couples come to our home group and we really has a wonderful time. TC made home made soup and the weather become cooler and everything was just great. Well in the morning we will be going over to Parkway Campers where our new baby will be waiting on us ready to roll. It's cool cause the dealer is giving it a once over cleaning job and filling all gas tanks and propane tank. Can't wait to show some pictures. All for now. Momma Said!

Wordless Wednesday- Priceless

More Wordless Wednesday can be found here. Last summer Beach trip. You see what I spent most of my time doing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meetings and New Staff

Monday came with not too many surprises. We are still dealing with the fallout of the incident that happened some weeks ago. One of the kids is no longer here but with DSS and licensing we have had to make some changes. I think we will have to go to Wally World today and then tonight we are beginning our Life Group. We have about 5 adults coming I hope. Tonight as well the boys will go to Cub and Boy Scouts with the new support staff. I met Lauren this past summer while picking up some boys at Camp Sertoma and she asked about working here. After I gave her the numbers and name to call she did and now she is here. I think she will be really good. Of course when someone new comes along that means that someone has left. The other girl just was not cutting the mustard so to speak. She was a nice person but I think too immature for this job. Of course, I am probably too young myself, NOT.
It looks like we are getting back to the Wednesday mornings staff meeting, which are usually fun, but sometimes can become not so pleasant. I think we must make it pleasant. That's all for now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heading Back

Good Sunday Morning. Thought I would post this pic of our daughter Christie and her husband David up on Lake Ontario last year. We are packing and getting ready to head back to Collins and get a head start. Actually, we look forward to getting back to the boys.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt- WILD

This week's theme is WILD. Never in a million years did I think we would be raising a set of twins, That's Wild. These boy's are amazing. Their and energy and wit keeps things interesting around the house and of course they keep things wild. Right Mr. Wade. In fact, being a house parent or direct childcare worker is in itself WILD.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Off we Go!

So now all that is left is to take the kids to school this morning and then we are off. Of course we have to finish packing, clean the house, do the dishes and just make sure everything is complete and then we can leave. That being done, we always miss the boys and talk about them all weekend long but it is nice to be off. The last 10 days have been very taxing and stressful on us and a break will be nice. Off to the Love Shack we go!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Happy We Are

Today we finally found that RV we've been looking for. Everything was right about and we got a great deal. Our Father in Heaven cares for us and has blessed again. There were a few things the owner wanted to do and we will pick it next Thursday, Oh YEA

PS, While this is not our RV it gives you an idea what ours looks like. This is the same year and exact match of ours, Can't wait till we get it!

Wordless Wednesday- A Servants Heart

A Tutor that knows the difference, A Tutor that makes a difference!!! Happy Birthday Mr Paul

Moving On

The last few days have been very taxing on TC and myself and for those who have lifted us up in prayer I thank you. WE have seen God's hand at work in many situations. We have one kid who is being picked up this morning and will moving to another facility. It is sad and our hearts were so torn about this, but we all agree that this young man needs more assistance then we can give him. In other news we think we have found an RV we like and will make a little trip today to make that decision. Be Safe

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Big Help from A Small Group

Here we have a group that come out last Thursday for some yard maintenance. These guys and girls who have struggled in traditional school are in a special surrounding and are leaning some life skills by helping out in the community. They have a great leader it seems and the help was much appreciated. I hear they will return each Thursday for the next 6 weeks. This is awesome!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Group Link

Tonight we went to GroupLink at Foothills Community Church. Here we sat at our host table while others walked around and checked out which LifeGroup they might want to join. We are hosting one this semester. TC and I really had a great time and it was good to "get away" if you will from the cottage and kids, even for just a bit. We can't wait as out group starts next Tuesday while the boys goes to boy Scouts. Life Groups are made up of about 5 or 6 couples that are at our Life Stage, in other words between 40-50. Woe, we are getting old. Lots of fun!!!

Manic Monday-Juice

Such are times in your life that turn out to be very trying. I wish I could disclose everything here but I cannot. Let's just say a resident has done something another resident here in the house in which we supervise. Is it bad, oh yes. Is it the worst thing you can think of, Thank God NO. That being said there will be a full investigation, probably tons of paperwork and already caused the Director to come in on Sunday and begin interviewing children. We are sad and completely devastated that this took place on our watch but it was after everyone had gone to sleep. Anyway, I am sure this will be taking tons of time that we don't already have to work out this week. Please say a little prayer for us and we can already tell the administration has already circled the wagons to protect themselves and has not even asked how we feel or if we are doing OK about it. Kinda hurtful when they have years of experience, but hey we will get through this. So, that's what happening right now. The child involved as the aggressor will probably have to leave sometime today, we will see. WE could use some serious JUICE yesterday, but this morning I an settling for my Folgers Special Blend of Bean Juice.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bye Bye Camper

Bye Bye Camper. It seems like we just keep selling everything we get, but that's the way we like. The family that bought this one has three kids and the lady actually came and bought this for her husbands birthday. Wow, that a pretty good B-Day gift. I am sure he will be surprised Anyway, We took the boys up to Stumphouse Tunnel for a picnic and some exploring. As always they enjoyed as did we. Today we are gong to the early service(9:30) so that TC and I can attend the BELONG class at Foothills Church so we can be a member. Many other things are happening at the house right now that I cannot comment on I just ask that you say a little prayer for this house as it may see some changes in residents. Will follow up on that later.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

PhotoHunt 126: String(s)

Here we have a nice white teddy bear who was strung up to look like Christ upon the Cross complete with red markers depicting where the blood might have been. This is from a eight year old child during the Easter season. Yes those are show Strings from his shoes.

I Love ya Man, No Strings Attached!

Notice below the strings of vines that they swing on. Also TC not paying any attention to me. She just acts like I am not even there. Why, I think she is ignoring me.

I love this one taken deep in the woods as the kids played in a creek that was so thick with vines, strings of vines that is!!!