Sunday, October 26, 2008

Awesome Video

Perhaps the best song I have ever heard. It's Sunday and we are nearing our end to our break. We are going to see Chad for a few hours today and then head back to Seneca. All is well on this cool sunday morning. Check this video out, it's awesome!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Ingenuity

Ingenuity- If you don't have a see-saw, make one!

What a Woman Wants

Who could have imagined that after 25 years of marriage these type of things is what makes our day and makes us click. We all have a sweet spot and being around these boys and camping is certainly mine and TC's "Sweet Spot". For more on this subject let me highly recommend to you a book by Max Lucado called, " Cure For the Common Life", Living in your Sweet Spot. Get it as it may change the way you look at the rest of your life or even what you may do for the rest of your life. We are blessed indeed and as many people has commented that God will surely bless us for this work we are doing, I can say that he truly has. However, this kind of work does not come without heartbreaks, disappointments and plenty of aggravation from both the kids and the staff. There are some days that we hardly have the energy to do what is needed and so in that moment we have to prioritize the things that need to be done and for those that don't, they live for another day. Well, enough said because there is washing, paperwork and some planning that needs to be completed and a van that needs to be serviced. All for now!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Shopping is like a bad dream for me. I dread it to the utmost. Everything inside me screams for me not to participate in such actions, but today i had to do it. First, TC had to take one to an afternoon doctor's appointment, then Crystal, out support staff took the twins and Big A shopping, so I had no choice but to take Jared one of our 13 year old's. Now Jared goes to a private school so he wears uniforms. Black pants and a white shirt. Not too hard, but I had to get other things like shirts and jeans and such. Everything went pretty well but then we had to do some grocery shopping. Again not too bad. So, all in all tonight was not too bad. Oh yea, with TC at the doc, I had to cook supper. Spaghetti and cheese bread and it wasn't too bad. With some time this afternoon with TC and I basking in the sunlight just talking not a bad day at all.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Forty Five and Glad to Be Alive

What a fantastic weekend. Saturday after the camping trip we came home got caught up on unpacking and stuff. The boys had so much fun on this trip. Saturday night our Supervisor kept the boys at her house while TC and I went out to eat at Fatz, one of our favorite places. The Home gave TC and gift card for her birthday. Yes, my lovely wife turned 45 yesterday. Got a new digital camera and a campout for her birthday. Both kids called her and she said she had a great day. Well it's church this morning and then I think we are going to rest most of the day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Packed and Gone

Bags are packed and the camper is loaded. We are taking the boys to Oconee State Park for a one night campout. No service up there so I be sure and take some pics. We gone

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fulfilling Days

Wow, it's been quite busy around here. Last night we had our Life Group meeting which is connecting two other couples with us and we are enjoying it. The boys went to scouts and the young ones went to Chick-Fil-A for ice cream and play time with our support staff. Today TC and I spent the entire day running around getting prescriptions and meetings. Tomorrow we will have our bi-weekly breakfast with Scott and Jennifer, two great friends. Today, through trade in and a grant, the home was able to purchase two 2006 Ford mini-vans that are very nice. Our older ones were starting to dollar us to death. We thank Edwards Ford who has been more than generous to Collins. It's been a long day but one that was quite fulfilling. So, with that I will stop writing and go to bed, All for now

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Auditions and Driver License

Boy did Monday come in roaring like a lion. After getting the boys to school, I spent some time just catching up on some paperwork and trying to do some organizing. I had to break sown and call the wrecker for the blazer so we'll see what kind damage that will do. Yesterday TC and the support staff took the boys to a Taco dinner presented by the Lydia Group. Where was I? Glad you asked. I spent the evening auditioning for the worship band at Foothills Community church. I spent quite a bit time practicing yesterday, but when I got there I was not able to set the drums the way i am use t them. That is just one reason that I don't think I did too good, but that is OK. I was looking for the experience and also the connection. We played Glorious by Chris Tomlin and then All because of Jesus by Steve Fee. We also had to play different timed beats to a click. It was pretty fun but I am glad it is over. We will hear later what the band leaders will be thinking. Anyway, it's off this morning to the North Carolina State line to renew TC's driver license. I guess the nearest to us is Franklin NC. All for now!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning and it is just before Sun up. I am hoping the clouds have cleared and I get to see a sunrise over the lake. Anywho, we had such a good time with Christie and David last night. they came down and we went out to eat and then come back to the campground for some cards and then a very nice campfire. It was nice just sitting around the fire and talking. Well, our mini vacation is over today. We will head to church this morning and then later this afternoon we will go back to work.. It's nice to look forward to work!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt: Lazy

Its Saturday and we just returned from camping at Oconee State Park. Very nice! We've moved down to South Cove County Park Campground just minutes from Collins.We are right on lake Keowee and with the wind blowing the way it is it feels and sounds like the beach. Here is my addition to the photo hunt, the two laziest dogs I know.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Change in Plans

We were planning on going home this weekend but the blazer would not start, so I guess we will hang out here and go camping locally. All for now

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Proper Prospective

I woke up this morning and began having my breakfast and coffee and to watch the morning news. It was so depressing, I just cut off all the noise and came back here to my computer and was just going through some older emails and I came across this sent by our friend, Lisa Byrd. As a Believer and follower of Christ this put things into a correct prospective for me. Enjoy

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Practicing and Making Friends!

Here you have the girls and boys cottage getting together to rehearse for this coming Monday night. The Cosmo Club, many which are large donors, are coming to to eat with us and the kids will entertain them with a song called "Big House". Again TC has done a great job doing all the art work and organizing this. I am sure the kids will shine.

While the kids were practicing, Benji and the girls Relief Parent dog, Tamar were getting to know each other. they did fine, except Benji is 13 and Tamar is still very young. Oh Benji is robbing the cradle, even though he can do nothing about it, but strut around.

Happy Birthday Big K

On Friday we had Khalill's Birthday party. He is now 9. That went well and he was excited to receive Hulk stuff. Of course the mask below lights up at night. How cool! Again TC pulled together a good party.

Pictured below is Khalill and our newest kid Anthony. He is a private placement and so far as fit right in to our home. He loves helping people do stuff.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt-Sad

I am not proud to put this on my blog but the Photo Hunt is SAD , so I was just looking through some stuff that to me is SAD. I think the saddest is seeing all the Orphans that are in this world. So, while some of these disturb me I thought I would end very lightheartedly. So, have a nice Saturday!
Man, how SAD is this. Do these people really think they have the right to do this. Anyone who says so is an idiot and does not deserve to live in a free world. It's about Common Sense

Oh yea, this subject makes me SAD.

Boy, this is SAD. He is protesting yet he is living inAmerica, probably at our expense. Here is an idea, if you don't like America, get the heck out!!!!

Are these kids SAD, I don't think so!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Walmart and Ice Cream

Wednesday went well with supper at church and then it was off to Walmart to get three haircuts and some birthday presents. Taking 7 boys to Walmart and ice cream is always fun. One of our boys has a birthday on Friday. Mom and Dad are coming today and the boys are excited that their House grandparents are coming. All for now

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sloppy Joe's and Baked Beans

Oh boy Tuesday was rough. First, TC was sick and I mean sick to not even want to move. Her head was killing her. I told her to stop looking at me and perhaps she would find relief, but she just kept that picture by the bed anyway. I took advantage of the day and went fishing. Not really, I had to cram 7 kids in the van for a trip to the middle school and the elementary school, rush back to p/u Jared and take him to his private school in the other direction. I did the same this morning as well. I piddled around the house, picked up the kids and attempted to make things run as usual, but with no success. Without TC this place would fall apart. Anyway, I fixed Sloppy Joe's and baked beans(yea I know this morning I'm reaped the reward for that) and went to bed exhausted. TC is feeling just a tad bit better but it will probably be tomorow before she is up and running again.