Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty Good Day After All

Pretty good day today. Our meeting went better than expected, but then again I prayed a lot that it would. TC and i enjoyed lunch together and it was a good afternoon playing with the boys. I went to Walmart for just a few things and wound up getting a buggy full. Tonight we celebrated Anthony's 10th birthday and also TC made up a little memory photo book for Lauren. Today was her last day and she will be missed. Now, we have to break in a new worker. It's breakfast with Scott and Jennifer in the morning and then maybe TC and i will have time to take a little hike to a waterfall or something. Off to bed....

What, Russia?

So, we were in Walmart yesterday and the phone rings. It's chad calling, but how? He was using a phone card and did not know exactly where he was at. In a country that starts with "K" ans ends in "stan". He said he was told that the mountains he saw in the background were actually in Russia. WOW, that a long way from home.
Today we need your prayers. We are scheduled to go into a another meeting and TC and I both say that there is too much drama around here. I hope this will be the end of it for a while, but this meeting does impose on the operation of how we run the house, so it's important.
I should also point out that yesterday was a good day. After church last night all of us played 4 square outside until it was time to come in. That was fun. Gotta go get em up!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chad called this morning at 3:45 AM to let us know he was in Bangor Maine. After that he should be going straight to Ireland. Right now I am just wondering where he might be, but I know my Father in Heaven is watching over him and all the other guys and gals serving!

See Lauren

Tonight we took the whole house to eat Mexican food. We did this to say goodbye to Laren, our support staff who will be moving on to the University of Kentucky where she will begin her Masters program. Good luck Lauren and we'll be seeing ya.

That's Lauren on the left.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Mom and a Dad

Now you know why I worry so much, he's darn big target.

Just traveling

We traveled down 95 and the onto I-20 and was just sick of the interstate, so we hit the back roads. It was nice just cruising down some country roads, through small South Carolina towns. We stopped in clemson for supper and then headed here to South Cove Campground. What a bueatiful morning this has been. In just a few short hours we'll be back at the kids farm. What is funny is that we have camped in a different place each night of this break. I could get use to this.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chad, Keep your head down!

Spent the night here at Bragg camping with chad. We are taking him back this morning and say our last goodbye for one year. He will fly out of Pope early Tuesday morning and make a stop in Ireland, then head for turkey where he will stay, he thinks about 24 hours and then head to Kandahar. That's all we know for now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clearing it up

I guess my last post seemed a little harsh but I do want to explain something. What we do is worth fight for and I am not the type who rolls over. We will attempt a respectful way of disagreeing with our current leader. that being said, everything at our house is great. We will be having two of our private placements leave for the summer, one DSS kid going home to Mom, and the possibility of two more leaving in July. I can't believe that we are already this close to school ending. Anyway, we have enjoyed a little time here in Waco, and today we are off to see chad down at Bragg one more time before he leaves and then it's back to the Kids Farm by Monday AM. Lots to do next week, but fortunately not as as many doctors visits this coming week. Last week was a tough one. All for now....

Friday, April 24, 2009

This Boat Will Not Float

I didn't think Thursday would ever come. Wednesday was a tough day. We had a meeting from 8:30 until after lunch. Of course it did include lunch but the meeting was very heated. Our new leader, who has no leadership skill or experience in a children's home seems to think that if you disagree with her you are being disrespectful. In simple words after TC was mad enough to leave the meeting( good choice) I told our (leader) this boat will not float. When we took this job our leaders were all former childcare workers. Now this money raising person that we were told was coming in part time is now indeed the director of operations. Our director of childcare is within a few months of retiring so I don't expect him to make waves, and our our other supervisor will soon leave as well. So, me being me(as well as TC) don't mind taking the bull by the horns. It's all good though. We are now camping and that makes everything OK. Here are some pics I took on a hike yesterday. click here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Took chad to the bus station yesterday morning. It was a hard thing to do but after I left he called me and just said, "Dad, i love ya". It's hard not to think about the days left but I don't want to get into that, however it looks like about 7 days until he leaves Pope Air Force Base, the Green Zone. We are trying to get all the information we can. It somehow rolls off your lips different when you say, "I am sending my son off to war". God be with them all.
Yesterday was full of appointments and stuff. Today should be a little more relaxed although we do have another doctors appointment this afternoon. We have everything from our camping trip squared away except, our camper. We intend to do that today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Born Again American

My good friend Sarge charlie posted this from his friend's page. Love the video and the truth found in it. I'll go further and say too that I am a Born Again American.

Dentists and Doctors

Here are a few of my favorite pics from our trip. This trip was pretty awesome, although not as relaxing as it was last year. There was much more going on around us and back home during this trip, but still it was very fun and rewarding.

Now that we are back home and it's Monday, here we go. Allan has to be at the doctor in Anderson by 9:00 AM(follow up on the heart murmur) Chad has to be at the bus station in Greenville by 9:30, so that puts me and TC gong separate ways. Later, TC has to go back to Anderson and take Drake back to finish up some dental work and that means that I will be cooking supper. Oh what joy. With all the other cleaning going around here today looks like a busy one.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Posted some more pics, kust click on the previous link. It's 5:19AM and I'm getting ready to wake up the twins to make their trip to Colimbia SC where they will be picked up for their visit and then I'm heading back to the beach.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Having a Blast!

The kids are haveing a blast and Tc and I really enjoy it around 9:30 at night. The down side is the twins have to be back on Friday so I am meeting our supervisor half way in columbia SC and then come back to the beach, just to return home on Saturday. But, this is best for all the kids so there you go. Each day i watch TC deal with these kids and more and more I admire her for her God-Given talents. She sure is good with them. Here is a link that you should be able to view some pictures from my Facebook page. Click HERE

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

checking in

Been a full day. It rained the whole way to the beach, five hours worth, but when we got here it stopped. The weather this afternoon has been great. We went swimming and hit the hot tub and now TC took the boys shopping to spend some of their allowance. I had to sit that one out.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting it Done.

Monday and we are packing and getting ready for the beach. Most things are done and we have just a few more things to take care of. When taking this kind of group we have to consider, allowance, prescriptions and such, plus we still have to enter onto Kids Data and the daily menu must still be adhered to. Not too bad because we are use to it by now. With most things taken care of we will be trying to rest this evening and taking off early in the morning. We are not due back until Saturday, but we still have to work out something to get the twins back on Friday because the idiot judge could care less about how we all work together and he just made his decision based on what the lawyer says, not the advocates of the children. So, the one's who caused all this mess(parent) in the end gets their way. But let me stop before I show my bitterness toward our system. All is good!!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Proud Parents

I just had to throw these in the mix. The other pictures are from Chad's leave at home in Waco NC. I am proud of him!

TC and Chad

Chad and christie

TC, Chad and Lisa(TC's sister)

Me and Chad

My Favorite pic.

Home Time

Well there has been a lot going around here the last few days. Upon arriving back in NC Chad finnally got here and it has been very good to see him and see him enjoying his time around family. On Friday Christie and David came down and we cooked out at my Mom's house and then on Saturday we hung out at TC's sister's house, where chad saw a few of his cousins. Perhaps, he may find time this coming week to see more cousins and some more friends. This morning I am planning to go to Sunrise Service here in Waco, and then at our home church TC has talked Chad into wearing his Dress Greens to church. A proud Mom indeed, besides he does not have any other dress clothes. We will head back to Seneca tonight. All for now.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

This week seems to be flying by very quick without much being accomplished, or it at least appears that way. Today being Wednesday we have not been able to prepare for out beach trip next week as we had hoped, but it will come together at some time. Today, we have a meeting at 9:00 AM just for the boys cottage where we talk about each child and what is going on with them and what we can do as a staff to help them. Hopefully, we will get a few things done today and then we will get ready to take our break Thursday through Sunday. Even though we are officially off until Monday morning we will have to come back and start packing Sunday afternoon to get ready for our SPRING BREAK 2009 , Lakewood Camping Resort, Myrtle Beach SC. The boys are getting excited about going and are counting the days.

Monday, April 06, 2009

One night camping trip

What a good little one night camping trip. We went to church Sunday with Christie. David preached and Christie sang a beautiful Easter song. After a picnic at the Davidson River Campground, we spent the afternoon sitting around the campsite with Christie and David and their two good friends. Later that evening TC and I enjoyed good conversation around a campfire and then a good night of sleep. This morning I sat out by the river and did some reading. I could have stayed there few more days easy enough. Tonight we took the boys to a soccer match and it was very cold, but when re turned home TC made some homemade soup and it hit the spot. Off to bed......

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Some pictures

Pork Chops, Mashed Taters, Greens and Peas, with Corn Bread. That's how we roll!

Inside the gym at Bounty Land, TC talks with the Children Minister while the kids jump around in those contraptions.

Miss TC, I found some, right?
Counting his eggs 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and so on.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Little Bummed

We had expected to have a little party for Chad this coming Sunday but because of his decision(bad ones) his leave was not approved and he will not be here. That disappoints us very much as well as other family members. That being said, we have now decided to go and hear our son in law, David preach and hear Christie sing. After that we are going to go camping for one night up at Davidson River Campground and just enjoy the heck out of it. A Big Happy Birthday to my Dad on the 2nd. It would have been nice for the family to be together Sunday but I am sure Cathy, my sister will make it right. Last night Christie and David came to spend the tonight and stay a while this morning. Today we have a cook out at the church and a egg hunt as well. I did not receive my new mower and I was disappointed because I wanted to use it this weekend, bummer. That's all for now.

Friday, April 03, 2009


Been a tough few days. With all that is going around here and with the things going on a bragg as they are, it makes days long sometimes. I spent over half the day Wednesday at the doctors have a x-rays done on a kids lungs, TC had two there yesterday. This has been a long week and we are both feeling it right now. I am glad it is Friday, at least then we will only have five boys to watch. On a positive note it looks like I am going to get a new commercial zero turn mower, perhaps as soon as today, we'll see. More later