Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Praying for Chad

Today I got a call from Chad. It was not good. I am sure I cannot give too many details, but Chad's life is forever changed. Someone approached in an area where no weapons from the locals are permitted. Someone is no more. Let's all pray for Chad that the Holy Spirit soothes his heart and while he is tough on the outside, he is still only a 20 year old kid on the inside. Please pray for my son

More From Chad

Above is Chad's unit only Chad is taking the picture. You can see his arm on the left side. That is a good pic of the M-Wrap, a vehicle used at the gate, I guess because it has a 50. Caliber mounted and it is resistant to mines and such.
This we assume is the gate at which Chad is currently a guard.
And this pic is shows Chad in the last row fourth from the right. Looks like he got a pretty good size chew in.

Monday, June 29, 2009


This is where we spent about four hours of our off time today. It was around 90 degrees and the water felt sooooo goooood!!! This is one of our favorite places as you are surrounded by trees and hardly no one comes here. God is Good!!!

12 Hours Off

Nice day yesterday. After church we went swimming and then back home and out of the heat. Today TC and I have 12 hours off so we are going to wok on some school work and then later probably be in some creek or river. Looking forward to this time for sure. Waiting on Thursday to do some more camping up in North Carolina with my parents at the Candlestick Retreat Center.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More From Chad

Chad sent some more pictures today. I am not sure what all of this is, perhaps him joking around or getting ready for a sand story, I just don't know. I assume that is the moon.

How would you like to see that at night?


Some say it's best to put up the tent during the day, but I like to wait until it's dark. Guess who had to sleep in the tent!
The boys love campfires and Smores
We also had Christie's Birthday party there too.
Nanny telling Stories. You can see our campsite in the back. Rutledge Lake RV Park is awesome. It's less than a mile from I-26 in Hendersonville NC but you have the feel you are way back off the beaten path.
The pool was great and we all liked it.
Here Nanny watches over the little one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swimming and Going Camping

Hope you enjoyed some of those shots. The boys had a blast and I was exhausted. That's over at Bev's pool, a local lady who lets us use her pool at anytime.

Packing up the camper this morning and taking the boys camping up in NC. We are meeting my Mom and Dad and also Christie and David as we are going to have a surprise party for Christie. Today she is 25. Now that is hard to believe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures That chad Sent Us

Boy was we excited to get these pictures. Chad had bought a cell phone with a international number so he has been able to talk to us regularly, which makes us very happy. He is also uploading some pictures to his myspace so we can get them there. It's hard to believe seeing him over there.
Some pictures he took flying from Kandahar to FOB Wolverine in a helicopter

Not sure about this one but I like it. Cool shades
This was Chad taking a pic from behind his 50 Cal. Right now he is a gate guard. Today, a vehicle did not respond to his instructions so he fired three rounds into the grill. Needless to say the driver then obeyed his commands.
This is Chad at his guard post. They are using a million dollar vehicle called M-Wrap or Mine Resistant Ambush protected Vehicle. Of course it has a mounted 50. Cal in its turret. I'd say he looks pretty cool!

Waiting on the Sun

Yesterday was not one of my better days, but it was all on me. This morning I am waiting on first light to start cutting grass, The boys are going to Bounty Land Baptist VBS this week in the evening and again they are feeding them supper. Now that's a blessing. Because Duke power lost a freezer, we had all sorts of meant donated; Prime Rib, Tenders, Fried Squash and some Tenderloin that I cut into slices. There was a lot of meat. Well, the sun is about out so I gotta hit that mower this morning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

TC is Blogging

Well folks TC has come over to the blogger world. I am not sure how much she will post but here is the link.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Times

Me, Dean and Shelby at the sign.

Me and the Dubster

What a great break this has been for us. We have spent time working in the yard, picnicing in the South Mountains, and doing some school work. One of the highlights was meeting SGT DUB, Mrs Dub and Miss Dub in Shelby on Saturday for a nice dinner as they traveled through our area. And of course today being Fathers Day I will enjoy spending some time with my family later today. Dad is preaching this morning so are going to listen to him this morning. Looking forward to seeing Christie and David as well. Our break is about over and we have to back by 8:00 tonight.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Books and Bull

Taking a small break from school work to make a small post. This workload of book work is incredible. Much tougher than I imagined. Anyway, we must finish one class per month and so we have two weeks left and we are not half way through yet, so that means we must pick up the pace, which in itself seems impossible; but with God all things are possible. The good thing is that I am learning so much more about Christ.
The boys were so tired last night. After Karate camp, Crystal took them swimming and then last night they had VBS at Open Door Baptist Church, who are feeding the boys supper each night. We spent the morning in Greenvill with Big A, and his Mom and enjoyed a good meal together. I had a follow up meeting with Supervisors and still came to no resolve on the earlier meeting, but at least they know how Petty I thought it was. Not going to mention it again, I just know that around here you better not trust anyone; except Jesus and TC. I've got to get bacl to school work now, see ya

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Fun Day

We ended our day in a small creek at Iseqeena Falls
Here we are at the SC State Fish Hatchery, where they raise Trout.
Me and TC and the lower observation deck
Pictures taken from the upper observation deck
Yea, I see him looking up at me. It is the one thing that makes it all worth while.

Had a great time on Saturday. We took the boys to Whitewater falls first, then when and visited Camp Buc, where one of our boys will go to camp there this summer. Then, we whet into Cashiers NC to eat lunch, back down to the SC Fish Hatchery, where they raise trout for this area, then on to Isequeena Falls where the boys were able to play in a small creek. A very good day. I was also able to find some good size tree cuts to make benched out of around our fire pit. Have some good ideas about making that area a lot better. Church this morning and rest this afternoon and before you know it the house will soon start filling up again. All for now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't Mind Me, I'm just running my Mouth

What a busy week we have had. TGIF! TC and I are pretty exhausted and looking forward to a quiet weekend. One more night of activities and I think we will just hang out at the house this weekend and perhaps do something fun on Saturday. Our new three year old is, let's say very active. But, he goes right to be with no problems and he knows how to poop by himself, which is a prerequisite for me. That is TC's department as I don't do butts. Any who, there has been some drama here on campus as supervisory wants to make mountains out of molehills. But, I guess that what leaders are for, pretty much nothing. I don't understand a place that has two cottages, six direct care workers and five office staff. HMMMM? Not my concern I guess. One thing that has happened is that TC and I have refocused on three things:
  1. The Boys and this cottage alone.
  2. Our Schooling- The Masters Degree workload is incredible.
  3. Having fun, My Dad once told me(after he retired) If it an't fun then I'm done.
I don't know if I can follow that just yet but we are trying to get back to some fun for this journey. Lots of school work this weekend for the both of us, Stay safe!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Another busy day today with two Bible Schools and scout camp. We took the boys swimming at a local lady's pool for a few hours today. That was fun. The boys are exhausted and so are we. No school work tonight for me as I am off to bed.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Favorite Picture

TC captured this shot while swimming with the kids and i think it is one I will keep forever. I love these boys and my heart is already hurting as some of them will be leaving in July. This is one of the ways that we suffer.

Driving, Delivering and Doctors

The busy week continues. Anthony to Scout camp by 8:30. back to the house so TC can leave at 9:00 AM to take the twins to the ear doctor in Anderson, oh yea the others go to New hope Baptist VBS from 9-12. OK, hopefully TC is back around lunch so I can spend a hour or so cutting grass, or at least get half done which would be 1 1/2 hours without weed eating. Good thing I sprayed the heck out of weed killer last week. Then, it's picking up Anthony by 3:30, supper and then most of the boys are to be at SonSports at Foothills Community Church from 6:30-8:30. I am the shuttle driver acording to TC so I have to take them and there are hundreds of kids and Foothills has a specific wy to check them in, which is safe but takes foreever. Well, that our day and it will be agood one.... Did I mention doing school work too?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Busy Week

It's going to a busy week for sure. WE have one guy going to scout camp from 8:30 until 3:30 and must be taken and picked up each day. We have others that are going to New Hope;s VBS in the morning and then to Foothills SonSports this evening. It will be oike old times when our kids were small and one would be going one way an the other would be going to other way and every once in a while we could meet in the middle. There are but a few weeks lkike this in the summer so overall not too bad.
Chad called yesterday and he is doing fine. He had to get up at 3:00AM this morning and haul some stuff around the Kandahar base. Currently his unit his split between Kandahar and Bangram Air base. So far so good.......

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Middle of the night and I can't sleep. I have this cough and sinus problem I can't seem to shake, but still loving it here. Here are some pictures I took yesterday and had posted them on my Facebook page. What can I say?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wade is so Blessed

Well we are camping at Chau-Ram County Campground just outside of Westminster SC and loving it. We were to meet Charles and Bonnie on Friday but he was sick. Charlie called this morning and we were back in the game. We met at Dillard's in Georgia again like we did last year. What fine people. As long as there are good people like them around I think we will be alright. After that we came back to the campground and jumped in the river again. We met a great couple from Florida that was camping near us. We rode the current together for a while and then sat on the rocks to get warm and dry. We had a great time with them. Back at the camper we ate some leftovers from lunch and now will start working on some school work. We are so blessed and boy do we love camping.......

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Jagster Has Arrived

Well Wednesday brought the whirlwind. First, our front A/C went out and it has reached over 90 for several days now. Yea, the one they just spent $1600.00 on. I think they are deciding to repair or replace, not sure. Also, we got our new boy. His name is Jagger(not sure if Mom perhaps had a thing for the stones or what) and he is three. He is a very cute kid and smart. He is not a baby like some 3 year old I have seen. TC and I are both exhausted and last night we had to most of his stuff away. Some of it was hid away to be dealt with later. So, both cottages are filling up again and things are really busy around here. With me doing all the yard work it took me most of the day on Tuesday, except for a few hours we took the kids to the same place that TC and i went on Monday. Well, our four day break starts today and we are going camping in the Georgia mountains. We are meeting Sarge and BEE for lunch on Friday at the Dillard's house and from there going north to perhaps cross in to NC. It just depends on the storms that are suppose to be in the mountains.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What a Great Day

What a great day TC and I had. First, we went to Southern Wesleyan University, where they are allowing us to utilize their library for our school work. Then we ate a "Mocks Corner Cafe" which was awesome and then we met another military mom whose son ins in Iraq and she has horses and stables and she wants the kids to come see the horses. Then we went to a place on the river that we enjoy a lot. Just a wonderful day on our 12 hour break.