Friday, December 31, 2010

Trading Snow for Sand

We have left the bitter cold and snow of Avery County for the warmer climate of Myrtle Beach SC. Today it will near 60 degrees with plenty of sunshine. Already today I have enjoyed the warmer weather. This is a good and well needed break. Our Friends John and Sherry Lindsay are coming down for a few days as well, so I guess we will bring in the new year with them. I will post some pics later.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Spent Christmas at Cathy's house and had a good time. It was good to see everybody. I was glad that Daddy could make it as well. Spent the night down at the camper and heading back up to Avery County this morning. We have several inches of new snow and it is expected to snow all night and through Monday off and on. I can't wait to pick up TC Monday evening from Charlotte airport. I rented some movies tonight and for tomorrow and in between I plan on working on 501(3)C stuff for the Pregnancy Center. I don't think we will have church tomorrow but we will see. While I enjoyed Christmas, it was kinda of blue too. We will not do this again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Road and The Generator

I rented this movie today and it was so sad but so good. It is all about the world coming to an end but mostly a love of a father for his son.

Below is a picture of Bobby from the Cranks Creek Survival Center in Kentucky receiving the generator that many people donated to. God laid this on my heart and it was wonderful seeing God's people giving to such a cause.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Providing Power

Here is the Generator that we raised money for to be given to the Cranks Creek Survival Center in KY. As a total there were about 800 food boxes and over 50 boxes or bags of clothes and coats, along with many boxes of candy etc. This generator was put on our hearts several months ago and now we see it fulfilled. Glory To God!
Sunday morning and I am keeping busy. I talked to TC last night. After last week she is exhausted. She left England and went to Poland and the Ukraine and back to England. Today, they are heading down to London to visit one of Christie's friend from college. Right now the 27th seems so far away. I will be glad to be with her again.
This morning I am preaching at Chestnut Dale and then trying to make it to a Christmas play tonight. I am working until Tuesday and then I am quitting for the holidays no matter what. The only way I can cut it off is just cut it off. I can't wait until the 30th, as TC and I are going to go camping down at the beach. That should be fun!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Night

First night in the apartment. Well, I did get caught up on some work. I had dinner out with friends and went to bed by 9:00 PM. This morning I have prepared my Sunday Sermon, played on Facebook and talked to some early rising online friends. Fixing to eat breakfast and then head over to the house for some honey do's.

Dad had to run back to the VA late yesterday and have some things changed. I am glad he did not have to stay. I am also thankful that my nephew was able to take him.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Day at Faith house

Well, the last day at Faith House is upon me. I have tried to organize things the best I can. The plan is for TC to work relief here but with Crossnore, you just never know. I will take the girls to school this morning and then come back for a final cleaning. I have some work to do at our house and then it's to the office later today. I am for sure behind in some paperwork so i hope to catch that up tonight.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Short Video

A Big Day

A big day is planned today. First, I will take off out of a foot of snow, wind blowing and roads icy with a morning temp of 5.2 degrees and wind gust over 30 mph. I am heading over to our house in Estatoe(Spruce Pine) and pick up Chad. He loading his few things up and returning to Gaston County. We brought him here to help him clear some legal matters and get his drivers license back. We have done that and he does not want to remain here. We are heading down the mountain and over the Asheville to the VA, where we are going to pick up Daddy, as he is being released today to go home. How fitting that he is released on his and Mom's 52nd Anniversary. After I take Dad home and Chad, I will return to Faith house and begin my last few days. I still have some things to haul away from here as we prepare for another staff to take over.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


So, I have been preparing ourselves for our move this Saturday. We are able to keep one room here at Faith house because TC will be working here once a month and the new staff is single, so TC keeps a room. This has made it very easy to move. I put a few things in a storage building we have, a few things at our house, where chad will be moving out this Tuesday. He is moving back to Gastonia. I am missing TC bad right now but she is having fun. We are stuck here because of the snow. All school cars are grounded so we are not going anywhere. Tomorrow is suppose to be worse so it may be a few days before we get out. I know I will get our in the blazer but not far. TC is leaving in the morning for Poland, the Ukraine and eventually finish the week in Paris, France. I will be glad when she is home.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flying and Finishing

So I took TC to Charlotte airport where she is flying to London, England to be with Christie and David as they renew their vows with friends and family across the great pond. She landed early this morning and is pretty tired. They have a lot of plans, visiting all over Europe and even Poland.(HUH?) Anyway, I am glad she can go.

Meanwhile, I have busy last night and this morning cleaning out all of our stuff here at Faith house. We do get to keep one room because we will be working here at least 7 days per month. After one year, we are burned out. To prevent this they are giving the new staff 7 days off per month. This is going to work well for us this winter. I can't wait until TC gets home and we can start some down time during the holidays. This is our first Christmas apart in 28 years so it will be different. Back to work.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Strength to climb

Now that's just funny
TC and I went down to visit Dad and he seems to be doing much better. I hope he can come home soon, perhaps in a few days. Mom went home to rest a spell. Last night I learned a good friend had passed away 2 years ago. I had lost touch so that was sad. Ralph Auten Jr. was not a godly man but he was a good man. I pray he made things right. Today I am busy with meetings and such as TC packs for England and leaves on Friday.

So much is going on right now; Moving, traveling, Daddy, work, chad and so forth. God give me the strength to climb, I know you will....

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dad is still in the VA and he is having a rought time. Mom is staying with him and it is wearing her out. I hope he gets better soon. Prayer is the answer

Saturday, December 04, 2010


So these are the pit bull puppies that TC help deliver. They belong to chad's dog. They are almost 5 weeks old and they will all be leaving here soon.
Do I have a spoiled dog or what? Ole Benji

Busy Busy

On the way to Crossnore topick up kids......

So many things have been keeping me busy this past week. My dad is still at the VA expecting ore surgery on Monday, gathering coats and warm clothes for our Kentucky Mission Trip. The really good news is that we have so many coats it is incredible, plus we raised the $800.00 Bucks for the new generator for the Cranks Creek Survival Center. God sure knows how to bless. I have also been very busy with the pregnancy center as we are sending out support letters. In the meantime, we are trying to pack some stuff here at Faith house as we must be out of here by the 17th. TC is leaving for England on the 10th, so we are just busy folks right now. I pray God will give us the strength to get through all of this, I know He will.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Turkey go all changed about because I had to take Dad to the VA Emergency room. He wound up having a infection in the bladder and the urinary track. They admitted him and found Ecoli in his prostate glands, so as of (Saturday) he is still there and we are waiting on what is going to happen next.

Oh and THANKS Miss Bee, I will take that advice.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This morning I started off the day by completing my VA application for health benefits, finally. then, I watched a great cheesy Hallmark movie. I have completed that, made a checklist for Friday and Saturday and now I will not think about work or ministry anymore today, just family. Heading down in a bit to spend the day in Waco for Thanksgiving. All of our kids were gone last night except one. His Dad is just minutes away but he does not have anything to do with him so he will be here by himself , although we did invite him to come with us. He plays a lot of online video games so I guess that is his thanksgiving.

We got the news Wednesday that we will be replaced at Faith house sometime between next week and the first of the year. TC will become the floater so that will give her much more time off. Once we figure out how to do this I think it is going to be better for us. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Week

The week ended very well with positive things for Chad. Some of you may remember he lost his drivers license while in the Army and he is just a few days from getting them back. Saturday, we took the kids here at Faith house to Asheville mall to finish the clothes shopping for the year. Today, I preached at Jonas Ridge Baptist Church and then we had some friends over that use to work here at Crossnore. Sadly, my driver Denny Hamlin did not win the championship today, but he had a good year.
Tomorrow, Chad Rogers and myself are meeting the Dean of Students at Lees-Mcrae College for a tour and lunch. chad is excited as the town of Banner Elk is where he wants to start a new church. It looks like another exciting week gearing up.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


TC and I are doing some final cleaning this morning in our room at the pregnancy center and then hanging out a bit with each other. We are praying for clarity. Tonight is the organizational meeting for the pregnancy center. We have a legal eagle coming to guide us through this process and the steering committee will be approving the first board, budget and bylaws.

Over the next few days Chad has two more court dates that will hopefully end this drama and he can get his driving privileges back. Lord, I hope he has learned form all of this.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I feel the need for speed, or just vent. We are for sure coming to our end here at Faith House. We have tried and tried to make the kids understand but they seem to be gone too far. They just do and behave as they please with no regard to the rules. some of them wold leave if they could but they have no where to go and they just want do what is right. I think TC and I are just burned out. anyway, it looks like there is a chance that TC could just work relief and that will be good. We will see in a few weeks. Well as the Outlaw Josey Wells would say, " I reckon so"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finishing Well

Well the week is finishing out well. I have two rooms almost complete and those are by E-3 Student Ministry and Newland Christian Church. This place is just gonna be awesome. We spent most of the day with David and Christie on Friday, or at least TC did. I worked most of the day but did get to have lunch with them. Boy, I must really be getting older as Friday night I am taking a early evening nap just to to stay up and watch a movie with TC.
Today is busy as well as we have our Pastor's Conference and breakfast this morning and then some more work at the office. Tonight is our Faithriders meeting and we are having it at Carolina Barbecue. This should be fun. I will be ending the weekend preaching Sunday at White's Memorial Baptist Church and then starting the week off right with two meetings Monday morning. I really have to start planning better!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We had a great time at the conference and some needed relaxation. Getting back to the mountains was nice, plus we missed the first snow. Monday and Tuesday TC and i really got a lot done. We moved some furniture to the Pregnancy Center and with the help of a local landscapers crew moved in the desk set to the office/Conference room. The Center is really shaping up. We also repainted the bedroom of the association's apartment, moved in a new couch and completely changed my office around to include a love seat and sitting area. This will be a great place for meetings. Tonight we are very tired and dealing with the water being out at our house (where the kids live) and some drama here at Faith house. Tomorrow I have to take chad down to Gaston for a court date. Tomorrow is hump day and I feel it.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Off We Go

We had intended to take Thursday off to prepare leaving this morning but that did not work out so instead we both got up and took Krista to school and went to Fabio's in Newland for breakfast. Great place to eat and see everyone at the same time. Good PR for me. We had to get our cottage car inspected so that took a while and then had a Stepping Stone Meeting at 10:30 which lasted until 12:30. One great thing that happened yesterday was finding some much needed items for the pregnancy center at the sales store and getting a 70% discount. So, it's off this morning to Myrtle Beach for the conference and a weekend of relaxation and education.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Getting There

A new week and it has started good. Working around Faith house repairing gutters and getting up some leaves. Who knows what the new year brings for us here at Crossnore. We will see! Worked on the new computer system at the office yesterday and when it is complete we will be adding Quick books, so the secretary can do a better job and it makes it easier for her.
Ran up to the center yesterday and checked in with a crew starting on the waiting, entry room. They have so many great ideas and it is gonna look great.

Today and Wednesday are full of meetings and interviews of potential Board members for AveryPRC and a meeting with our Director of Development. We are getting ready to head to Myrtle Beach Friday for the conference of the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship. We are looking forward to the conference but also to see the Ocean.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Week of....

Woo Hoo what a week...Lots of pregnancy center stuff and association as well along with Faith House. I was called in on Thursday to work on campus and take care of a 13 year old new intake. We stayed at Belk cottage. I woke with a crick in my neck without much sleep. Friday morning I went into the office to finish the newsletter and left around 10. I went home picked up TC and met some folks at Tri County Pregnancy Center. After the tour we went to eat in Burnsville and finally that afternoon I got a nap.
We have Chad's dog which is ready to have pups anytime so TC has been busy with that. This morning I cut the grass and finished cleaning the outside dog lot that TC had cleaned earlier in the week.
The Pregnancy center is coming along well. We received the stationary and cards from our volunteer printers (The Van Sigmon's) and it looks great. One room is almost complete. I purchased a 4 piece desk set for the office and another church sponsored one of the last rooms. I can't wait for the training next weekend, although we still don't have anyone to work for us yet, but that will happen soon. Not doing much this weekend, thinking we will take it easy as possible.

Monday, October 25, 2010


What an awesome sight out back this afternoon.

Ocean View

Since our time off we have been very busy of course. The Pregnancy Center is starting to come together. If you feel you need to donate some money, I think that would be OK. some already have and we are grateful for all the donations. The floors are finished and several groups have started on their room. It is going to be so good to see things come together. Today I am picking up a 4 piece desk set from a local ministry that is giving us a great deal.
Things here at faith house continue to be the same. We have attempted to increase our positive attitude but it seems the kids are having a tough time. Well, all is well from the big picture. Looking forward to the first weekend in November as we are going to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship training down at Myrtle Beach. I need to see the Ocean for sure.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Race Day

Steak and Taters; We had a great time at the race and the camping was nice too. I could not believe all the ministry happening at the campground. Awesome time and TC left a Race Fan. CAN YOU SAY BRISTOL, MARTINSVILLE ETC....
TC just chillin

Sons of Thunder Ministry at the campground.

Live on Speed
Denny Hamlin Fan

Friday, October 15, 2010

Take a Tour

Come Follow me through Cranks Creek KY.
Fresh water from the mountain, and yes we did stop and get us some.
Entering the Compound, Much history yet much to do

When finished, this will be the new ministry center and also the apartment where Bobby and Becky will live. (Honestly their current house is about ready to give up the ghost.)
Yea, that's right this patriarch has even started and founded the volunteer Fire Dept. They have one truck that was donated.

Still using coal to heat their house. I had to get a pic of the coal house. Cost $ 150 a ton. This is the kitchen that volunteers get to use when they come and help. Sleeping arrangements include a 60 bed upstairs bunk house.

Left-Barry Grub from Crossnore. It is his heart that has began our involvement. Center- Bobby Simpson. 34 years ago he founded the Cranks Creek Survival Center. Right- Me

Different things that people have painted on the side of the wall.

Some of the "taters" we bought. Word of mouth will have them gone in one day according to Bobby.

This is the main office. Upstairs is the bunkhouse and below are clothes and food pick up. To the left is their old house and to the exact left is the kitchen.

Another look at the Fire Department. Totally built by Volunteers. this also serves for the large food give a ways. We are going back December 19th with 800 boxes of food. They say the main road backs up for miles when all the folks come out of the hills for the huge thing.

Hope you enjoyed your journey. Join me in counting our blessings.

PS I have other pictures but decided to delete them. I felt I was invading their personal space by posting them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So awesome. Our Trailer would not hold the weight of the potatoes so a local uhaul dealer allowed us to use a bigger trl, free of charge. We have delivered the "taters" and have stayed the night in the Holiday Inn Express in Harlan KY(FREE OF CHARGE). God has met all needs. We will bring back 800 food boxes in December. I will share pictures later, but these folks are so poor back in the hills. Am I still in America? More to come.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Waking up this morning with too much on my mind. For the first time in a while I don't think I can keep this up. I am hoping that this break we are taking this weekend will help, however as of now I have not received my tickets, and our relief counseled on us. We've been assured we will be able to take this time off but I am not sure. Back in the office today, then it's off to Crank's Creek KY with our baptist Men Leader to take 800 lbs of potatoes.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tashia's B-Day Dinner

Friday night we went out with Chad and Tashia for her birthday. We had a great time.

This is chad's new dog. While moving a former resident of ours TC rescued this dog and chad fell in love with her, so there she is. she is a great dog with a good spirit. Go figure!

Avery Pregnancy & resource Center Work Day

Here we are doing some work at the pregnancy center
Here is TC cleaning the dryer.

A couple of local pastors checking things out and fixing the heat.

Nice Day

So today I started at the Yard sale for the Prison Ministry and then we headed to our FaithRiders Meeting. Afterwards, we went to Chestnut Dale Baptist church for their Heritage Day. then, we hit the parkway for a good ride. Nice day indeed! Pastor Dennis and his dog Buck.

Old Tractors and Stuff

Riding down the Parkway