Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting There

Nice week so far, working at the office until 2:00 PM and then coming home and working here some. It's been stressful, especially for TC so things should be getting better soon. Heading to Boone today to meet at the Three Forks Baptist Association. Not much else this week just working and trying to get our rooms the way we want them and we are getting there. I need to take some pics and post them of the house soon and I will.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A great deal

The week ended with much being accomplished. What a great week. Thursday we got a rental car/truck for the wrecked cottage car. It was wrecked before we got here. We asked for a 4 wheel drive and got an 2009 Dodge Ram truck. WOW, what a truck. It is very nice and we should have it for a month. Friday, I took one of our girls to High point to have her hand controls put on her car. She is so excited about being able to drive. She cannot control her legs to operate a normal car so now she has the tools. Saturday was a work day at the association office, so we replaced all the blinds and window treatments, added some rugs and some new appliances. TC really did a good job on picking the right colors. By the way, I found a nice used truck. A 1998 dodge Dakota, 4 wheel drive extended cab. Got a great deal too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Looking

This week has been very busy. We spent all day Monday running around. I was wore out by 8:30. There are tons to do this week as well. I have two pastors conferences today and then I have to nail down some things for the missions trip. Still have not found a truck but I'm still looking.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smart Thinking

I was able to head back to Waco and visit Mom and Dad for a little bit. They left Saturday for Florida and will be back sometime in March probably. It was good to get out of the snow for a little bit anyway. It has been one week since we cam to Faith House. TC has done a great job organizing and cleaning. I have to say that the previous RC's here were pretty dirty. The week has also taken a toll. We are both exhausted and in need of a break. That will not come until February, although I have had one. I guess I need to give TC a break. I am preaching this morning at White's Memorial Baptist Church and then am going to try and rest a little today. There is joy in the job, confidence in the calling and a meaning to the mission!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Full Days

A full day yesterday, mission trip meeting, Mexican lunch, good friend, then took smudges to the vet to find she has pollups in her ear. Surgery on Thursday. Another lunch meeting with another pastor today and more planning! I have been trying to find a full size 4x4 pick up the last few days but everytime I find one I like it is sold when I get there. Still looking, under five grand. I likes to pay cash for my stuff. We will see. Almost done unpacking, we just need to get another bed for the guest room and TC can finish that room and we will be done. Both of us are really busy and she is running around like crazy.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


We really need to decide if we are going to sell the RV and get another pop up. Since TC only gets two weeks off a year it's hard to have that kind of money just sitting around. Just paid the insurance for it and it seems a waste. If we move back to a pop up, it will be the mac daddy that is for sure!

More snow and ice

Church attendance was way down. Even mountain people use weather for an excuse not to get out. There are snow plows everywhere, but you can't do much with the ice. Walmart was packed though. Let me move on lest I seem judgmental. We are nearly through unpacking and the house is looking great. TC is such a good decorator. I worked at home yesterday making calls and beginning the planning phase of a week long mission trip in June to Myrtle Beach. For spring I think we are looking at some local ministries to assist and perhaps a few more ideas. It's fun talking to people who wants to do or go for Jesus. First day of the new year heading back into the office. Our associational emphasis week begins this Sunday with a special offering and a work day later on Saturday. The office needs some updates. I guess I'll be calling some pastors today. It's a great time to be a Christian!

Afterthought- All the Crossnore kids are at Disney this morning with a wake temp in the 20's. Our Lead RC called to say it sucks to be at Disney right now. Gotta love it though.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

The coldest day so far

Up early, asusual. We lost power this morning but thank God it came back on. 6.8 degrees this morning in Spruce Pine. Took the dogs out this morning and lets just say they were quick. Lots more unpacking today. Have a wonderful Lord's Day!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wore Out

We celebrated the new year with the girls and then crashed. Laid around and did nothing on the 1st. This morning we woke up to 10 degree weather and winds reaching 30 mile and hour with light snow. We got the girls off to their Disney trip and have been unpacking all day here at our new cottage in spruce Pine. We will be glad when this is all done. Very tired and taking a break now!