Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Knees are Important

My thoughts and prayers are with my Mom today. She will have her second knee replacement today. God, just be with her and touch her that the pain is no longer there. TC and I will head down after lunch to visit her. We are so busy right now I can hardly breathe. But it is all good as God has given the reins a tug and all is rolling well. Just a few letters to write this morning and then I am heading out of the office. I slept a little better last night at Atwell cottage. It's different but I have enjoyed spending more time with Christie too.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home and Repacking

Back home, unpacked and cleaned up. Repacking this morning for a 8 day trip to Crossnore to work at Atwell cottage for Josh. It is a stepping stones cottage too but some of the guys got caught smoking pot in the cottage and of course Crossnore is too scared to actually punish or dismiss the kids so they are grounded for one month. This will make my job harder but I agreed so I will do as I said I would. They work during the day so that gives me some free time to spend with TC and work the association too so, there it is. I am tired this morning but I am sure it will get better.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day four and Finished

A finished basketball court. Thanks to Dick's sporting goods who gave us a great deal on these two awesome post and goals. Future plans for next year include a covering to the side with benches or bleachers. I can hardly wait until next year, perhaps we won't......
The last of the underpinning

The finished project...........

Other ministries of the church include a Widows Mite ministry and thrift store, and the parsonage, that was completely given to them.

This is Pastor Dennis of Aaron Baptist, apparently saying something funny. The guy standing in the blue shirt is the pastor, Charles who just got home from work driving a concrete truck and couldn't wait to help us....

The guy kneeling (white dude) is Randy, part of our group that presented the kids with a new basketball.

In the end, the folks fed us supper............What a connection we made!

So, this completes this trip. It has been awesome. What we see when we leave gives a great feeling of being used by God to some grateful people. Tonight I am going with the kids to play Putt Putt (I didn't want to because it is so hot) but they begged and these are such great kids. Tomorrow morning I am packing up and heading west. I am looking forward to seeing some mountains again. What a trip!

Day Three

Day three has come and gone and it was the hottest and longest day we have had. I think it was bumping 100 degrees and we had to work until after 4:00 PM. That sun can make you crazy. Things are shapeing up now. A little trim work today, finish the back side underpinning and after overnight sitting the basketball goals shoul be set, so we will put the rest of them together and install. This is our last day working so we have to get it all done today. This is has been a grea week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Two

Is that precious or what? Even the kids wanted to help.
The project is going well. Another coat of paint and finish the underpinning tomorrow. As you can see we have an artist so she is doing a murial. It's going to be great!

Inside the Air Conditioned Dance Studio having lunch. It felt really good. These guys do a Praise Dance Team. Nice room. This group I am with did the inside last year.
Hopefully you will se pics of a finished basketball court tomorrow. Stay tuned. Tonight we are fixing Tacos for supper and then devotions and next day prep. It is very hot but we are very blessed.

Work, Day One

OK, where we are working is a high crime and drug rate and this little lady right here is kicking it's butt. Her husband is the pastor, but she is the prophetess at Freedom Outreach. They may not be Baptist, but they are doing a good work indeed. Here she is making the morning pep talk.
This is just for proof that I was working. By the afternoon there were no dry threads.

Again, thanking god for Aaron bring their little bus.

Pulling nails oot of old boards and painting.

Whoops, this was out morning prep and devotion time. The green shirt guy is Jessie. More abotut him later.

Every day during the summer these kids come for tutoring, reading and lunch. In between the church gives them Jesus!!!

This is our new driver

Pastor Dennis doing some repair work with his new toy

OK, this is the ground prep for the basketball court.

Of course the asphalt truck doing the deed. I so wanted to hop in that ole Mack

Tomorrow, hopefully you will see some finished product! God is Good!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First pictures

Living Water Baptist church

Where the group is staying in North Myrtle Beach

King of Glory Church

Dinner at Calabash

My campsite at Living Water. It's not pretty but i have everything I need

The group is thankful that Aaron used their bus along with our trailer for tools and luggage

We had a great day yesterday. I have some good pics I will share when i find good service. Next day prep went until 11:00 Pm last night, which makes me really tired this morning. Post again later

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Off we go

Heading out this morning pulling the Bike. This is rare, Smudges really hasn't excepted buddy yet but they both want to be in Mom's lap.

On this trip to Horry County, we are working with SOS Healthcare on several projects. First, we are underpinning a mobile classroom along with adding new paint. The second big project is having a asphalt basketball court poured and install the goals. This will add a lot in trying to reach the neighborhood kids. This section we are going into is very poor. There will be other small projects come up as well. I'm excited. White's Memorial is leading this trip and Aaron is going and bringing their new mini bus which makes the ride for the kids a lot better.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Home and off again

We made it home from Florida and spent the day unpacking, cleaning and packing again. Tomorrow morning it is off to North Myrtle Beach for our first summer mission trip. More info later cause I am wore out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A few Pics of SBC

Proof we were there.
TC and I with the president of North Greenville University where our daughter graduated.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SBC- First Day

We just returned home from the convention at 8:17 PM. We had a great time seeing some of our old friends and meeting new ones. As far as the convention, it was a lot of the same things, but they did vote in the new Great Commission resurgence Team recommendations. There was a lot of discussion but it appears that the majority of folks agreed with it. Time will tell if and what difference it makes. I don;t think we will See much difference until the local church sets aside its own interest and really gets a heart for seeing people come to know Christ as their personal savior. Tonight we also voted in new president as well.

Thank God it has cooled off here some so tonight we are just relaxing and getting ready to do it again tomorrow. We are excited to see Casting Crowns in concert tomorrow night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Having Fun

Having fun at Sea World's Waterpark. We made the right choice because we stayed cool all day.
A nice campsite at KOA

Chilling in the hot tub.
Tried to post more pics but the internet is not too good, maybe later

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Made It(And we have Wifi)

Nice water fountain in the canal in between if you look closely. This KOA is pretty nice if it wasn't so hot down here. The blazer did great coming down. Just tagged along behind as it should. We had to run the generator at times so the roof air would work as well. Just had to stay cool as much as possible. It was great going out to Outback tonight as the blazer has a great A/C. Sarge charlie, How do you and Miss Bee stand this in the summer. I recommend Podunk as soon as possible(hehe) Just a shot coming down

Thursday, June 10, 2010

OK, One more

So one more post before we leave. After hooking up the camper I could not get the fridge to work. After a while we finally figured out that our RV/Marine or House Battery was dead. Advance prorated it and now we are in business. The RV is packed and only a few more things need to be done. South Bound

Last post(for a while)

We are trying to finish all required things before we leave in the morning. I am thinking I will not have Internet access for a while, although a few places may surprise so you never know. We leave Friday for Orlando and will be there until next Thursday. We will arrive back in spruce pine, where I have one day to unpack, wash and replace, cut grass etc... and leave on Saturday heading for Horry County SC on a mission trip until the next Friday. It's gonna be a good trip to SC as we have some good work to do. I'll post on that later with pics.

When I return from that trip I have committed myself to working at Crossnore at Atwell cottage from that Saturday(26th) until Monday July 5th. I know stupid but I said I would do it months ago and if nothing else I'm gonna do what I say I will. The good thing is that it is too a stepping stone cottage so I pretty much only have to be there at night and be on call during the day. I am looking forward to Minneapolis Parade again this year.

Well, see ya when we return unless I come across wifi.....

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

To Do

So many things to do and so little time. TC is back from South Carolina taking Brittany on a tour of North Grenville University. They had an awesome time and Christie went with them. Yesterday was pretty good and I was able to check off most things on my list. I have a new full list for today so we should get started.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Exciting times

Today we had a meeting with our direct supervisor and that went well. TC and I both want to stay where we are at but we both knew that we could not at the current level. TC had a good meeting with the kids last night about some changes that must take place and her boss backer her up today, which does not happen too often at Crossnore. So, for now things seem brighter.

Speaking of TC, she took one of our girls to tour North Greenville University today along with our daughter Christie who graduated from there several years ago. Brittany is so excited about going to a Christian college as she feels called into ministry work.

Lots of running around today and contacting local media for publicity for several associational events coming up. Tomorrow will be more of the same. I have to get ready for our mission trip coming up because I will only be home one day from vacation when we leave. Exciting times.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Exciting Pictures(For us anyway)

After cleaning out the front Tc planted some flowers and made a little sitting area on the front porch. she is waiting on some mulch, but like most things at Crossnore it is slow in getting to our cottage.
This is how the blazer will look behind the RV. I like it!

New tires for the blazer.....Not shown is a new radiator as well. We are getting the fender repaired the week we return form vacation.

The new tow bar(one person job). It's an All terrain Blue Ox that stays on the RV, not the tow car.

Of course the front of the blazer with the base plate and electric plug in installed by Tom Johnson Camping Center, Marion NC.

Now, this is another recent purchase. This trailer is for hauling mostly the Gold wing when we don't want to ride long distance or to pull behind the RV as well. In fact, we are pulling the blazer to Orlando and then the next week I am pulling the bike to North Myrtle Beach. You have to look close but this one came with tow hooks for tying down a bike. Cool!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Good Friday

TC and I spent the day at Tom Johnson's Camping Center getting the tow bar installed on the blazer. We had fun looking at all the new campers and eating at their newer cafe. Afterward we headed back up toward Mt. Mitchell and hit the parkway to get back to Spruce Pine. TC is planting flowers and I am messing with the camper. Good Friday!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lots of Action

So, today TC and I ran down to Asheville to purchase matching helmets. We got this color because they did not have TC's size in pink and I sure wasn't going to wear pink. We found out about a bike rally they are having Friday night and plan on attending. Then, TC noticed this newer GoldWing and could not keep her eye off of it. Let's just say we will be talking trade, perhaps depending on how much they will trade for. We'll see.

Much to do in the office tomorrow so I plan on staying until 2:00 PM and then hauling a load of mulch back to the house. The Blazer is back in the shop getting a new radiator(The old one cracked) and then it's getting four new tires Thursday and on Friday it's going to Tom Johnson to have the two bar installed. Oh yea, sometime I gotta run back to Burnsville and pick up my new trailer. Gonna be a busy few days.

Looking Forward

I watched some great programs today of Memorial day. I am glad that I was able to watch them and my heart was full of thoughts of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and who are continuing to do so. TC and I went utility trailer hunting and I think we settled on one. We want to be able to pull the gold wing behind the RV at times. Meanwhile, we are waiting on the parts to come via Fedex for being able to pull the blazer as well. Today was sort of hard for TC. When you continuously care for people with little returned it begins to take an effect on you. In two weeks we will get some time off and it is really needed. Combining our weekend off along with vacation will give us 8 days off in a row. Looking forward to it.