Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working while we are Waiting

It's been a very busy week with all that is going on. Trying to get everything ready for our annual meeting at the association next Monday has not been easy. With the change of direction for the pregnancy center, we now have some different plans for the meeting. I believe it is going to be a good night. We have some special music, a drama from a youth group and of course I believe some good preaching along with ministry reports. As far as the pregnancy center, we have a work day planned for this Saturday and over the next few weeks we are going to see many changes. I have been buried deep into the legal papers of incorporation, bylaws and the budget. Tc and I enjoyed a day together Monday at the Mast General Store, Banner elk Cafe and a stop at Lowes for a new mirror and light combo for the bathroom. Been at the office almost everyday this week and Crossnore is wide open. Again, I know something must change and we are praying that God will show us soon what that might be.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Old and New

Sometimes this is how I feel. The future has arrived but I'm not ready to let go of the past. I reckon lots of folks feel this way. BTW, this is a little town called Wisdom Montana that first attracted my attention in Sarge Charlie's blog.

Delivering for people and Dinner

Thursday I took Chad back to court. This court date was postponed in November. He has another one today for another charge today and we are hoping he can get this one postponed. If so he can finish his classes and get his drivers license. If this happens, chances are all the charges would be dropped. Just so we remember. chad got a DUI while he was in the Army. Because he was a hard head, he kept driving and got three tickets for driving on a suspended license. I hope he has learned a lesson, other than that he doing pretty good.

Things around here are still very busy. The Pregnancy Center is taking a lot of my time right now. It's the late hours and early morning time that I spend on legal documents. Boring, but necessary, We are going to have a general clean up day on October 2nd. Things are rolling and in a week or so we should see much completion.

On Wednesday night all the Stepping Stone cottages got together for a meal. Thanks to Atwell Cottage we had Home made Potato soup and apple pie with ice cream. We had a good time of fellowship.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Pics

This will be our new sign, minus the waterfall. The board agreed to this one. We have been very busy in trying to get some things done in order to open the center by January 2011
We had a very bad place on our creek, but TC and I worked on it yesterday and got it cleared and flowing. Except that huge piece of concrete that use to be part of a bridge. Need help on that one.

Here is the Vanity that I found on Craiglists that I got for $200. It is brand new and would have cost around $800 at Lowes. We really like it and it looks good in the bathroom. I have to finish by putting new baseboards that is stained to match. Much more to do but am getting there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching Up

After a break at Tom Johnson's our lives picked right back at a fast pace. Between Crossnore, the association and the pregnancy center, thrown in some transportation of kids and we are just wide open. Anyway, we are trying to hold things together up here in the high country. It has been nice to have Mom and Dad staying up here for a while, but they are heading back to Waco today. There have been some things happen recently in the association that has been very stressing to me. In trying to incorporate the association, there have been some that oppose it because they feel it makes it subordinate tot he state. I think that is not true but I do respect other folks opinion, so we are in the process now trying to figure some things out. I am glad I have some other people to help me decide. TC and I have enjoyed working on the new house and now Christie and David have moved in. So, all our kids now live up here in the mountains and we are happy about that. So that's a catch up, this week is another busy one.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Campers On Mission Tom Johnson Rally 2010

Home from a great weekend with Campers on Mission. TC and I enjoyed a few days away from the cottage and really enjoyed the weekend. Campers on Mission deploys different stations of Ministry during the annual Tom Johnson Camping Rally

Below is my Dad with Buddy Salvation Bracelet Station

TC at the Face painting Station

Blood Pressure Station

Here is the line for Breakfast, Free of charge

Campers on Mission Cooking out Friday night

Mom and Dad at the Fishing for Prizes Station

TC with the Mayberry Debuty. This guy is amazing and is so funny

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day

These past few weeks have been so busy but good too. Saturday TC and I went down to Waco and brought a few things back to the new house. Christie told us for sure that they are going to move in the house too so, bot our kids will be living in our house; everyone except us. TC and I went to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church yesterday and I just had to testify to God's Goodness. What a service. Lots of testifying, shouting and singing. Today, I am meeting some friends from Charlotte in Blowing Rock, Keith Green, Bob Stafford etc and doing a half day ride with them on the parkway. These guys are from Shady Brook. I will have to work some this afternoon but this morning is going to be great. Happy Labor Day

Upside Down

So, last week Christie and David were in an accident. David tried to miss a dog and this was the result. They have three friends with them, including our Brittany, but everyone was OK. A few dings and bruises. We have so much to be thankful for.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Home Owners Again. What were we thinking?

Welcome to another eposide of "This Ole house"
The creek sold me

Brushy Creek

The Living Room

The ole Kitchen

From the main road looking at both lots. The singlewide is on the other lot we bought so we will be leasing the lot for the time being.

A Day's Recap

Wednesday began with a meeting in Banner Elk at a local coffee shop with some other Faith leaders pertaining to the TPPI Grant, which is the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. Anyway, I thought it was nice that the Avery County Schools system still says that the only safe sex is in a marriage. By law they now have to put safer sex is with....well you know the rest. After that meeting TC and I met for lunch and going through the mail at the office I came across our first check for the Pregnancy Center. After lunch we met at the center and around 8 of us created a master plan on what needed to be done and how to get it done. We have some many talented people.

After that I think our boss just felt sorry for me because we had to put the ole snapper in the shop and everything looks so good around here.(Even if I have to say so myself), So he told me to go to sears and purchase this mower. I went from a 30 inch mower to a 42 inch. I am loving that.

Boy the days are so long it seems. It starts by taking chad to work at 6:30 and then taking our two new girls to school leaving at 7:30. Because I am so far from home by then I just head to Newland and begin work. Last night my day ended around 10:45. That's a long time since 4:45 AM. Am I trucking again? Today is the same. All is busy right now but we feel God is leading so He will give us the strength to succeed. Later