Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Week of....

Woo Hoo what a week...Lots of pregnancy center stuff and association as well along with Faith House. I was called in on Thursday to work on campus and take care of a 13 year old new intake. We stayed at Belk cottage. I woke with a crick in my neck without much sleep. Friday morning I went into the office to finish the newsletter and left around 10. I went home picked up TC and met some folks at Tri County Pregnancy Center. After the tour we went to eat in Burnsville and finally that afternoon I got a nap.
We have Chad's dog which is ready to have pups anytime so TC has been busy with that. This morning I cut the grass and finished cleaning the outside dog lot that TC had cleaned earlier in the week.
The Pregnancy center is coming along well. We received the stationary and cards from our volunteer printers (The Van Sigmon's) and it looks great. One room is almost complete. I purchased a 4 piece desk set for the office and another church sponsored one of the last rooms. I can't wait for the training next weekend, although we still don't have anyone to work for us yet, but that will happen soon. Not doing much this weekend, thinking we will take it easy as possible.

Monday, October 25, 2010


What an awesome sight out back this afternoon.

Ocean View

Since our time off we have been very busy of course. The Pregnancy Center is starting to come together. If you feel you need to donate some money, I think that would be OK. some already have and we are grateful for all the donations. The floors are finished and several groups have started on their room. It is going to be so good to see things come together. Today I am picking up a 4 piece desk set from a local ministry that is giving us a great deal.
Things here at faith house continue to be the same. We have attempted to increase our positive attitude but it seems the kids are having a tough time. Well, all is well from the big picture. Looking forward to the first weekend in November as we are going to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship training down at Myrtle Beach. I need to see the Ocean for sure.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Race Day

Steak and Taters; We had a great time at the race and the camping was nice too. I could not believe all the ministry happening at the campground. Awesome time and TC left a Race Fan. CAN YOU SAY BRISTOL, MARTINSVILLE ETC....
TC just chillin

Sons of Thunder Ministry at the campground.

Live on Speed
Denny Hamlin Fan

Friday, October 15, 2010

Take a Tour

Come Follow me through Cranks Creek KY.
Fresh water from the mountain, and yes we did stop and get us some.
Entering the Compound, Much history yet much to do

When finished, this will be the new ministry center and also the apartment where Bobby and Becky will live. (Honestly their current house is about ready to give up the ghost.)
Yea, that's right this patriarch has even started and founded the volunteer Fire Dept. They have one truck that was donated.

Still using coal to heat their house. I had to get a pic of the coal house. Cost $ 150 a ton. This is the kitchen that volunteers get to use when they come and help. Sleeping arrangements include a 60 bed upstairs bunk house.

Left-Barry Grub from Crossnore. It is his heart that has began our involvement. Center- Bobby Simpson. 34 years ago he founded the Cranks Creek Survival Center. Right- Me

Different things that people have painted on the side of the wall.

Some of the "taters" we bought. Word of mouth will have them gone in one day according to Bobby.

This is the main office. Upstairs is the bunkhouse and below are clothes and food pick up. To the left is their old house and to the exact left is the kitchen.

Another look at the Fire Department. Totally built by Volunteers. this also serves for the large food give a ways. We are going back December 19th with 800 boxes of food. They say the main road backs up for miles when all the folks come out of the hills for the huge thing.

Hope you enjoyed your journey. Join me in counting our blessings.

PS I have other pictures but decided to delete them. I felt I was invading their personal space by posting them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


So awesome. Our Trailer would not hold the weight of the potatoes so a local uhaul dealer allowed us to use a bigger trl, free of charge. We have delivered the "taters" and have stayed the night in the Holiday Inn Express in Harlan KY(FREE OF CHARGE). God has met all needs. We will bring back 800 food boxes in December. I will share pictures later, but these folks are so poor back in the hills. Am I still in America? More to come.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Waking up this morning with too much on my mind. For the first time in a while I don't think I can keep this up. I am hoping that this break we are taking this weekend will help, however as of now I have not received my tickets, and our relief counseled on us. We've been assured we will be able to take this time off but I am not sure. Back in the office today, then it's off to Crank's Creek KY with our baptist Men Leader to take 800 lbs of potatoes.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tashia's B-Day Dinner

Friday night we went out with Chad and Tashia for her birthday. We had a great time.

This is chad's new dog. While moving a former resident of ours TC rescued this dog and chad fell in love with her, so there she is. she is a great dog with a good spirit. Go figure!

Avery Pregnancy & resource Center Work Day

Here we are doing some work at the pregnancy center
Here is TC cleaning the dryer.

A couple of local pastors checking things out and fixing the heat.

Nice Day

So today I started at the Yard sale for the Prison Ministry and then we headed to our FaithRiders Meeting. Afterwards, we went to Chestnut Dale Baptist church for their Heritage Day. then, we hit the parkway for a good ride. Nice day indeed! Pastor Dennis and his dog Buck.

Old Tractors and Stuff

Riding down the Parkway

Friday, October 08, 2010


Everything has progressed well in this last week. Our associational meeting went great and everyone seems happy. At least I don't think they regret hiring me. The pregnancy center is going great, I will have a special post about that later. TC went to Philadelphia with Ashley again and returned home late last night. This trip was tough on me and her. We are doing our best to hang in here as long as we can. God is good and that we must remember. This morning and tomorrow is the yard sale for the prison ministry. The funds are extremely low and now the chaplain is month to month. We are trusting God for money to operate this great ministry. I will catch up more later.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Answer the Call

An Inmate at our local prison painted this for our new pregnancy center. It is beautiful indeed. We display this at our meeting and then at the center's staff room.

God is Good!

It has been a very busy week at the office. I think this is the first time I have ever worked there every day of the week. A little much for a job that requires two and a half days in the office. Anyway, we have almost finished everything for the annual meeting on Monday. I have one more thing to do and I hope to do it Monday morning. Our meeting starts at 3:30 in the afternoon and goes o around nine or so. A long day indeed!

We were so Happy to see the Byrd's. They have been our best friends since 1986 when we met in the Army. Of course like always they stayed so late they just had to sleep over. It was a good thing that the RV was sitting out there plugged up and everything. I just flipped the heat on and there ya go. I'm gonna fix a big breakfast this morning and they will leave and then we will dress for church. This afternoon, I am setting up some things at the church for the meeting and then meeting another church at the Pregnancy Center for a tour and a room sponsor. Things are going great with the house and kids and everything else. God is good!