Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week of Work

The opening of the Pregnancy Center went off without any problems. I was very pleased with the turn out. On the negative side I had to deal with one volunteer that would agree with the rest of us that we were behind and that we needed to rely upon Tri County(Our Trainers and Mentors) to do the actual counseling. She has since resigned but it left a void and several people could not understand her reasoning. Beyound that, things are going great. We have our first client and that went well with Mary leading this. This week has been very exhaustive mentally. Yesterday we had our Saturday training with two more session left.
Chad and Toshia came up yesterday and we enjoyed our visit with them for supper. TC is working at Faith House this week so it's been a lot of running for her. This morning I am preaching at Chestnut Dale and afterwords we having lunch with some members there. Later tonight we are having our annual Associational day of Prayer. We are meeting at Cranberry Baptist Church. This coming week i hope to get a chance to go and visit Mom and Dad, but it appears that circumstances prevent that. I think I will have to make a choice regardless as things just keep coming up. I love what I am doing. This past week I have met with several pastors, talked to one with Cancer and helped several people get connected with the right people to get some help. As an association we have helped some get some heating oil. It's been pretty cold but right now we are having a hear wave. Thank God for that.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Family Association - Action Alert

American Family Association - Action Alert

This link will take you to a place that you can say as I have done, STOP using my tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open house

Here are some pics of the finished product. Today we had open house. Down at the bottom are some pics from our training day.

Counseling Room by The Journey of Banner elk
Resource room by First Baptist CrossnoreMe
Bathroom and Pregnancy Testing Room by Pleas
Counseling Room by Fall Creek Baptist church
Dining Room was our donation room today.
Stairs and handrails provided by Huffman home Builders
Entry/Community Room by Newland Christian Church
The Cake provided by Avery WMU

TC having lunch at the training. Thanks to Jonas Ridge Baptist Church for providing the lunch
Counselor Training at Newland Christian Church

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Saturday morning and we are trying to get stirring. We are headed to the center this morning for more training until 2:00 PM and then doing some cleaning. This has been a long and stressful week. I thank God for several people, TC for keeping me focused(most of the time anyway). Three ladies, TC, Tiffany Liner and Terry Brewer have done an incredible job at getting the house in order and ready for training and Open house. I am excited about that. The following churches, The Journey of Banner Elk, Fall Creek Baptist, Crossnore First Baptist, Aaron Baptist, TLC-A Youth ministry, Newland Christian Church, Pleasant Hill Baptist, Avery County WMU, the association and the following business, Mountaineer Landscaping, Huffman Home Builders and many more have contributed to this cause and has made it happen. We thank God for Tri county Pregnancy Center that has birthed this center, but most of all God, whose heart has been broken from the babies that will never see the light of day, but that we believe is in Glory. Thanks to Everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump Day/latest Pics

Insulating the water intake so it will not freeze(again)
Counseling Room
Upstairs hallway, almost finished
Resource room
New Oak handrails
Administration room
Entry/Community Room
Kitchen and below the staff bathroom

Hump Day! So far this week we have picked up a load of awesomeness for the pregnancy center in Asheville from Charles and Marie, work on some organizational charts, interviewed with a local radio station on our grand opening, met with copier representative, paid bills, washed clothes, had lunch with David and Christie, took the dogs for their yearly physical and shots, talked with Chad, checked and double checked along with following behind folks working at the center and it's just Wednesday morning. Today, I have to work on associational stuff, ie planning a pastors banquet, newsletter etc. Much more as Sunday approches, Here are a few pics from the center but everything will be finished by Saturday(:

Monday, January 17, 2011


What a great song and artist. This blessed my heart so I shared it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sunday morning and I am preparing to leave for church. I am preaching again this week at Chestnut Dale. Our training went so well yesterday, we can only call it a God thing. Everyone was surprised but we shouldn't been. God is always in control. Last night we had our Faithriders meeting and elected new officers. Everyone is waiting for spring so we can ride our bikes again. It was fun last night. Friday night Brittany spent the night with us and last night Samantha did. I guess this was the weekend for being with those who has touched our lives.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter People

It has been really cold and snowy here but I guess that is normal. It is Winter in the Mountains. We finally got our cable hooked up here in the apartment and my VA visit went well. I learned how to improve my shoulder. I do have arthritis and the doc said that I had gaps or something in my bones. Anyway, that will be fine. I am getting a little nervous about taxes and such with the association so i have called in some assistance. We are changing the entire system over to quick books and will be working online with our accountant. This will be done by next week hopefully. Many things to do today but the snow is keeping us in again. We will probably venture out toward Boone today for some things needed for the office and the pregnancy center. And yes, as of Thursday morning at 8:50 AM it is still snowing.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sitting up here in the mountains in the snow remembering our short winter vacation in the sand. i love the Ocean as much as the mountains.

At the Office Snowing

Just a short video. I am standing outside my office on Millers Gap HWY in Newland NC

A Meal and a Movie

Our Creek Freezing Over
I preached form Philippians yesterday on good church fellowship based on Paul's desire and for the church. We had around 20 show up which was good considering the road conditions. Later TC and I stopped by Faith house for a visit and also to our house in Esatoe where Christie and David lives. We enjoyed a meal out and came back and watched a movie called "The Last Song". Yea, with Miley Cyrus, one of those Nicklaus Sparks novels. Yes, I did cry when daughter climbed into Daddy's hospital bed. TC and I enjoyed it. We were tired from fighting the snow all day and i slept soundly. This morning it is snowing like crazy again and will for the next few days. We are planning on a day inside and I am going to work on lots of paperwork, plus start my next class working toward my Masters Degree, the Book of Romans. This will indeed be a tough hill as the workload for this class is tough. Traveling on now...

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Snow Pics

Just adding a few pics of our current Snow storm
Looking out the front door

That's a cold camper, Jenny the Jayco
Looking out my office window
Breakfast prepared by yours truly, Yummy

Thursday, January 06, 2011

To the VA Today

So, today is the day of my VA visit. I have tried to mentally prepare for this. I really freak out to go to the doctor but I know how good this is so i will do it. I am prepared but i would probably shoot someone for a cup of coffee right now and I am not a happy camper without my breakfast. TC and I ate Italian last night so that will have to last until after wards. I am claiming a spot at Waffle house after my visit. I am glad that TC is going with me this morning, as that makes it better to have a pard with you. I reckon we got a good dusting last night, around an inch or so of snow. They are talking about a little more each day, we'll see.

Monday, January 03, 2011

A new Year

Starting the new year at the beach is not bad at all. We have really enjoyed this time but it is coming to an end. We pull out tomorrow morning and head back to Avery county. The work is there for sure and I have a lot to do when I return. January is going to be a busy month.
As I reflect this past year I think there have been wonderful things that have happened, and that we stayed at Faith House for a year. This by far has been our hardest assignment. One fact is this; For those at a certain age that does not want help, you can do nothing but get frustrated. Please don't understand me, we had some wonderful times as well but it was a tough year. I think TC is better suited for younger kids and the fact that she is the primary caregiver tells me that is my place as well.
As for the association, things are really good and busy. We have seen some positive advancement of people working together. For those who have no desire to do so, I can't do anything about it so why worry, right? This year is going to see might things through missions and ministry. I am excited to see what things come from the help of the pregnancy center. 2011 is as bright as the sun coming up over the Atlantic as I write.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Beach

Just sitting here at the beach with our friends John and Cheri. We had a good meal last night at Olive Garden and then played some cards. We did'nt make midnight but it will be a good year anyway.