Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day # 4 Key Word: SORE

Day # 4: It is hard to see any change but we got a lot of work completed yesterday. We drug new wire and pipe under the house (which has very low clearance) and have now finished the wiring except replacing the outlets and running a 240 to the outside. The Washer/Dryer connections are complete in the utility room, along with the hot water heater, which was also bought yesterday. Everyone had to be somewhere today so we are going to start back tomorrow morning. The weather is not cooperating around here as the highs are in the low to mid 40's and Friday is calling for more snow/freezing rain. Plenty of work to do here in the office today plus I am meeting a state representative at the house so he can look at some trees damaged by the snow plows and also a drain that is stopped up which will cause mosquitoes this summer. Boy, am I sore!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day # 3

Miss TC pulling nails.
Bare walls. All sheet rock has been torn down and hauled off.
This is Matt. He is our contractor and the one who knows what he is doing. Today, we have a guy coming out to re do our electric and plumbing for the kitchen.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day # 2

Day # 2 has ended and as you can see we have quite a mess. The previous owner halfway did the job so now the entire kitchen floor must be removed, repairs made and a new floor put down. While we are in there we are gonna replace all the plumbing on that end of the house.

Today, I am visiting Pleasant Valley BC in Elk Park and then I am speaking on behalf of the association at First Baptist Elk Park. Hopefully in between I get to see some of the race.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day # 1

Day 1 and we have torn all the kitchen cabinets and paneling. We have found that now we need to tear out all of the sheet rock and go back with some insulation and a barrier, then put up some new sheet rock. This should be fun. Tomorrow we will haul off the debris and begin tearing out the walls and floor. Monday, the real work will begin as our contractor starts his work. Let the journey begin.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yikes! So starting on Friday, TC and i are going to be pulling out the old cabinets, pulling up the floor(kitchen) and plywood. The only access to under the kitchen is through the top. We are moving, repairing all water lines and power along with washer and dryer to the room next door, which will become the utility/office room. Mr. fix it(Matt Russell) will start his work on Monday. There are some floor joist that need repairing and the box board. We are hoping to save a little money by doing as much as we can, but if you saw it you would know that somebody, at least one person needs to know what they are doing. Matt a great guy and will help us all he can, but he has three babies to feed, so it is nice supporting a great family too. The Price: Well, the cabinets and counter top will be running 2700 and the work and materials will be somewhere between 2000 and 4000. I hope on the 2 side but we will see.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

265...Figure that out

Yesterday we went to the doctor office and had our pre-employment physical and TB test for Christine's Home. We decided to just do this at the Health Department, so it was kinda weird that one of my board members is the doc there. Anyway, we finally made it to the pregnancy center. TC had a client at 3:15 and there were plenty of volunteers. One lady came just to clean and make cookies. Another was filing some paperwork and yet there were two more working and cleaning and sorting. It was great. Back at home we had rice, cube steak(been in the crock all day) with gravy and peas. Something TC put together quick but it was very good. At the doctor I learned that I have now weigh more than I have ever weighed before in my life. OK, that's enough I have to lost some weight.
This morning the office is open and then we are meeting a contractor at our house to see the damage. I at least hope to hear some sort of a price quote. Oh the joys

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here we go!

TC and i enjoyed are little excursion. I am now finished with my visits in Anderson. We just took our time going down and talking the whole way. We spent the night at Walmart with other campers and it was neat having the RV while we waited at the dentists office. It did take a hundred bucks in fuel, but with a motel fee plus gas for the blazer, it would have been more than that. The convenience of having our dogs is also a plus. It was good to spend some time in the camper as it made us appreciate it more. Back to work today and my schedule keeps getting tighter. Here we go! Being down there made remember some good times with the boys as in the pic above.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Small Get Away

This morning we have decided that we need to get away for a little bit, plus I need to finish my denture work down in Anderson SC. So, we are heading out this morning for a small adventure. We do not know where we are going exactly but just somewhere. We will make our way down to SC, spend the night and come back tomorrow afternoon. This will help us I think, plus come Tuesday the rest of the week will be extremely busy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Much?

TC and I are struggling this weekend. We feel that we have so much to do but we can't get started until Christie is out of the house. She may live in some discomfort these last few weeks. We are praying that the timing of everything works out. Today, I picked up the Goldwing from the shop. New brakes and electric wiring along with a changing of all the fluids is what she needed, but goodness gracious, the Honda place sure is proud of their work. They must be as much as they charge.
Well, our guy couldn't look at the house today so I guess it will be Sunday afternoon. Just my luck, when it is Bristol week.

Building and Basements

So the day started great. The Building company was there and ready to start by 9:00 AM This building came with some prefabrication, but the guys putting it up worked together like clockwork. In two hours it was put built and complete and I mean from ground up. Everything was great until lunch time.
Even though the building was in panels these guys were still good.
And the finished product.....All we have to do is the staining.
So, after lunch....Our cabinet guy was coming to make the measurements and order new cabinets and counter top for the kitchen. TC and I have picked out the ones we wanted. While waiting on him I got looking around under the house.PROBLEM # 1 The sink drain had broke dumping water under the house for quite some time. Along with that a lot of my electrical wires are on the ground. The house was built in the 40's so there is a lot to be desired here. PROBLEM # 2- The outside of our Floor Joist is rotten, so that must be replaced. PROBLEM # 3- We are wanting to move the dryer.washer connections from the kitchen to a room added on. Also the Water Heater, BUT, there is no access under the house so therefore the kitchen floor has to be removed to do this. A positive not, this will allow us to repair the joist. I have a man coming today to give us a quote. I had forgotten the joy of home ownership. Boy, i wish I had a basement.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy Week

Mid week and what a week. Sunday was so nice and by Tuesday it was barely over freezing during the day with hard winter size snow flakes. Finally all of that is gone and the rain has stopped. Today is the breaking day as later the sun should sign and Thursday and Friday is suppose to be very nice like, in the 60's and maybe even 70 on Friday. This went well yesterday at the Pregnancy Center, we even had lunch cooked for us. Today is a full day in the office and hopefully to look at some more cabinets this afternoon at a local company. Thursday is going to be very busy as TC has two clients Thursday afternoon and my secretary is off this week. Friday, we are having a 10x16 Building built on our lot in spruce pine and then it's our FaithRiders Meeting that night. Busy week!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Adventure Day

Benji was plum wore out and below is the first bud we have seen this year.

Quite and interesting tree and below is of course us. We love the creeks.

Above TC and Boo check out the bridge that leads to the campground. Below is the bridge that leads to the wetlands of Roan Mountain State Park.

And this pic is just as you leave Fall Creek Baptist Church on the backside of Beech Mountain. What a View!

Worshiped with the folks at Fall Creek Baptist Church yesterday up on the back side of Beech mountain. It's funny but again the preacher was gone and had a guest speaker. The thing is the guest speaker was sick, so they again asked me to share some things and I gave a short devotion from Deuteronomy. It was a good service. A visiting Missionary from Florida had brought some fruit so we got a bag full. Later, we had lunch at Bella's in Banner Elk and visited Lowe's to look at some more Cabinets. (BTW, I got a lead on some custom cabinets) Then, we went to Roan mountain State park and walked the trail for a while as you can see in the pics. We came home and had some supper and watched Jurassic park, which we had not seen in a long time. How Cheesy. A good day indeed. Today is wide open as I have two orientation classes to teach at the Pregnancy Center. We are meeting Christie and David today for lunch. Should be a good day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yesterday TC and I spent the day riding around and looking for cabinets. We have decided on some and now after getting over the sticker shock, we will begin making plans to get them done. Today is going to be another lovely day. We are going to Fall Creek church this morning and because there is no Race today, we might do some hiking off the parkway with the dogs.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Key Ingredient: Love

If there is no love in the heart, there is no point in the instruction. A lesson that I have learned. Today, it is still raining and cold but now I have a VA appointment. My original appointment had to be moved so they called and said come today, and as many of you know it would not be prudent to postpone the appointment. So, because so many is out of town and such, we are having to close the pregnancy center today. We are going to have some people standing by to had out baby bottles for our bottle campaign. I hate to speed a day but will be glad when this one is over because I really dread driving down to Asheville today. Oh yea, TC wants to go to a furniture store, so I guess we will make a little adventure out of it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Morning Joy

Another rainy and cold day here in the mountains. It was about 30 degrees this morning but at least it wasn't 8. We are so ready for Spring. Another great day at the Pregnancy Center yesterday. Watching a client come and receive the things she needs and a listening ear was awesome. Afterward, the client and her family that was with her just hung around a little but, which shows they were comfortable. Today is office day and there is plenty to do, actually more than I can do right now. I am glad that TC is here to help me after while with some typing and searching on the internet for some things we need at the pregnancy center. My prayer this morning was to be used today for a purpose that God desires.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pass the biscuits

Yummy, Where's the Jelly?

Sometimes it's like my days just run into one another and its hard to tell the difference between one and the other. However, this is my fault or lt least the current circumstances. When you live where you work like we have for several years now I think that happens. Anyway, we have told our daughter that they really need to look for an apartment or something so we can have our house. It's time!
Meanwhile, my taxes are complete and i have mailed Uncle Sam my check. I use to play the little game of keeping my money until the last minute, but no more. In a few days that will be behind me. We plan on taking the Gold-wing to the shop today in Boone. It is in need of servicing and some small minor repairs.
At the association office it is busy planning this summer activities; 2 Mission Trips, helping at a Youth Camp, Leading a Kids Day Camp, hosting a statewide mission project here in Avery county, hosting a youth mission trip here in Avery County, planning a Spring Meeting and a missions conference. Lots of planning and coordinating. In other words, lots of time sitting here at my desk and I seem to add more for blogging. But this is kind of relaxing too. Anyway, the Pregnancy Center is going fine, we have several clients and God is blessing. I am trusting God to send someone to help in this area. I know I will have to wait and see but I know he will. At some point we will separate the Chairman of the Board and the Directors job and i will remain as just the chairman. That will be sweet! Rambled enough this morning, better get at it.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Pics

Our daughter sent us a pic of our back yard in Estatoe. Creek is rising
Meanwhile, this is our back yard in Newland today.
I had left the bike on the trl so i could take it to the shop....Guess I should have covered it but it is too late now.

Our New Cottage

This is a picture of the new cottage we will be working at. Our opposite couple is from Florida and after meeting them it looks like we have some things in common and should get along well. We are suppose to begin in april, but you never know, so we are preparing now.

Snowing March 2011

Sunday Morning in Avery county and it is both snowing and raining. The wind is blowing hard and it looks like a messy day. Our creeks and rivers are swollen but not like other places. We enjoyed a nice day with our daughter and son in law yesterday. We have been gathering information for our new job and getting ready for that. I just finished our 2010 taxes and I am glad to be done with that. I hope what I owe helps somebody. Staying inside this afternoon and watching the race and probably over eating.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fits like a glove

TC was offered a position at Christine's Home which is a part of Hands on Missions. This home is only for girls and it is only one cottage. We are excited to be back at a small home as the larger ones are just too unlike us. The management of the larger I am assuming by necessity, will not allow the cottages to be like family. This new home will be more like where we served in SC at Collins Home. In addition to TC, they also wanted to hire me and was willing to give me the three days off to work here at the association and pregnancy center. So, our schedule will be 7 days on and 7 days off. During our 7 days on, I will only work 4, hence the three days working up here. From our prospective, this is perfect. Everything fits like a glove and is connected as well. As I said, God is good! Well, today we are taking the Gold Wing to the shop to have a once over. Everything to service, tune ups and rechecking things to make sure all proper adjustments and repairs are made. We are taking it to the Honda dealer in Boone. The weather is very cool and rainy this weekend, but we are excited at a chance to catch up on taxes and other paperwork and perhaps some rest as well.

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Journey of a Day

So, in this process of finding TC's place of service, i called an old friend whose wife had started a Children Home in Shelby NC. After talking for a while, we drove down to interview and the rest is a blur. Really, God always shines! TC was offered a job and also myself. These guys were willing to work with my schedule. When my head stops spinning i will give more information. All Glory and Honor to our Heavenly Father!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Waiting on Steak, Wondering about Life

Lone Star Fried Green beans and 10 oz Sirloin ....

Yesterday, TC had an interview with Grandfather Home for Children. Well, lets just day it did not go like she had planned. A few days ago they were talking to her about a job she could do and yesterday they were talking to her about working in a Level 4 TOTAL LOCK DOWN, with only male residents. Really? I don't think so. These boys are tough and never leave this locked down facility. So, we starting looking again and i came across of a small home in East tennessee. After talking to the Director, we decided to take a visit over there on Friday Morning. There is nothing solid here but there are some possibliies. We will have to see about that. Today I pray for my wife because i know she is feeling unsettled right now.

On the way home from Elizabethon, we decided to stop at Lone Star Steakhouse. We started with Fried Green Beans. (Yea, I know) After waiting forever we were told that our order had mistakenly been given to another table. So, after waiting a little more we received our steaks in good order and free of charge. Can't beat that!

Lots of work here in the office this morning and then its off to the Pregnancy Center where we will be following up on a couple of clients today.