Monday, May 30, 2011

More Mission Pics

Here are some more shots of MissionsCAROLINA. Aaron Baptist fed lunch today and it was awesome. Plus, they have air at their church.
Monday morning everyone gathered at the office and then dispersed. Some went back to the pregnancy center to work, some baked cookies for the prisnors and some worked here at the office while others prayer walked again.

So, now we have the Family Fest tonight and then I head back to Shelby with TC at the group home until Wednesday morning. Much more work to be done. More pics later.

A few pics from the house

Finally, a Washer and Dryer again. No more runs to the laundromat.
Installed the over the oven Microwave!
The Building unfinished and stained. Quite the difference. And yes, it still needs to be finished. Maybe next week.
Benji, taking his morning Pee and below is Smudges on the front porch full of flowers thanks to TC. The house is really looking good!

Pics from MissionsCAROLINA

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ham on the Grill!

Yes, another food shot. This meal was prepared by Mr Tom Allison. Grilled ham(yes, grilled) Cheesy grits, stuffed cooked tomatoes, and a cucumber salad, with key lime pie for dessert. JoAnne Allison is my Assistant Director and had us over for dinner. What a great time with those guys. Hey Sarge, they are from West Palm Beach. He built pools for years but came to the mountains.
Here is the finished product. The sewer is in pace and a 30 am hookup will be put in on Monday. Water is close enough so there you have it, a free camping spot.
Last night after dinner we had a meeting for MissionsCAROLINA which begins tonight. That lasted until 9:30. I am so very tired this morning. I am in the office now waiting on folks to arrive and start packing Oriention bags for the mission participants. The work starts at 7:30 in the morning and goes through next Thursday. It involves about 5 different work sites, and over 45 people. Lots of planning went into this. The Association partnered with WMU to do this. Light Construction, a Family Fest, landscaping, evangelism, prayer walking etc. Lots going on!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


A good friend gave us some flowers and TC go right to it.
From the front porch to the steps to the creek!
A nice hamburger steak at the Shepherd's Table last night, YUMMY

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This week has been very busy since we got off Monday. After TC went to the doctor with Toshia to see the ultrasound they came back to Mom's to let us see the first picture of our first Grand baby. Monday night we had a Kids camp Meeting, Tuesday we worked at the house and started getting the supplies for this weekend. Tuesday night I had a Board meeting at the Pregnancy center. Today I have been in the office all day preparing for this weekend as we start MissionCAROLINA. I have over 40 people coming from across the State to do mission projects.
As you can see we started our camp site next to the mission office. Now, folks will be able to come and stay free of charge and do mission work etc.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well it has been a busy week. After arriving in Avery County on Wednesday I tried to get as much done as possible. Like most times though my plans were shot as many people stopped by that day and that takes time. But, that is part of it and I enjoy seeing people get excited or support me in something so it was all good. I was able to haul of the debris from the window replacement and then finish cutting the grass on the creek bank, which is no fun. On Thursday Lisa and Wesley was in Avery County on some business so I got to see them for a little bit. So this week I cut grass at home, at the office, next door at Avery Family Impact and of course when I got back to Christine's home it needed cut too. I love cutting grass.
We took the girls to Ridgecrest on Saturday as Campers on Mission had a Baby shower for the Pregnancy Center. We answered some questions and enjoyed the fellowship. The girls were so well behaved, respectful and helped out without being told. In reward TC decided to take them to Asheville Mall. Honestly, for one that was the first time she had been to the mountains. We will be taking her to some more places.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a morning

Tuesday Morning and I am watching the girls doing all the last minute details of getting ready. One is running down the hall trying to borrow another one's garment, wait the bus is here. They all go running out the door, except one, she forgot her medicine so she is turning back in and then back out. Whew, tired already. The girls thought someone was breaking in last night and wanted me to check. I am the protector, or at least I am expandable. Sometimes I really don't think I belong here while at other times I absolutely love it. One thing is for sure, it is TC that holds us all together.
I have a meeting this morning here in Shelby and then I have to take one to the doctor in Gastonia this afternoon. What a joy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back to Home-Christine's Home

It has been a very busy week but very productive. Today being Sunday is not only the Lord's Day but our last day before going back to work. We have moved into our house, done some work on it, worked at the association and the pregnancy center and attended several meetings including the Kids Camp Meeting, The Gathering meeting and a pastors breakfast. I am hoping that this week on will be a bit less uneventful than last.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New windows

Today we started adding our new windows. Here is a shot of the old ones.
Now, here are the new ones. Of course I have to add new outside siding and trim.
After taking the old one out.
Our view from the front porch
Our first real meal in our house.
Inside view of the new windows.
Let's tear down!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here we have our unfinished dining room with TC's hutch and our new(to us) table from my aunt Judy. I so wished that we could have gotten the dining room finished as well but this work thing just keeps getting in the way. We have officially moved in.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving in (We hope)

Today we helped Christie and David move to south Asheville. They really like that area and the apartment is really nice. We looked around Asheville a bit and found some new mattresses and some new living room furniture and came back to Spruce Pine and cleaned a little in the house until some of our old girls from Faith house stopped by. It was good to see them. Tomorrow I will be in the office in the AM and TC will start cleaning and hopefully we will be sleeping in our new house tomorrow.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day picnic

This is what you look like when you fall in the creek. Amber sporting a great look. It was fun watching her fall several times. This is Amber, TC, Brianna and Hailey

Meet Kaila, sitting upon her throne. She is the oldest (17) and has been here for over 5 years.

Kayla and Amber

This was the last thing I saw before my nap...Looking up to the sky

What a nice spot.............

I am posting these pics while we wait for our opposite staff to come in on Monday Morning and we do changeover. This has been a good week and we are excited that we are moving into our house this week.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I have been so blessed to have such a great Mom. While she is recovering from eye surgery, I will be glad when she is up and running again as I am sure she will be too.

So, this morning we decided to run over the the house and get the lead fixed. I also mowed the yard at the office and the house. Back in shelby now with a busy weekend planned.


So we finished the filter system but I had to leave at 2:30 PM to clean up and head to a meeting. While we finished once I turned it on it began to lead so I had to to just turn it off and leave, Bummer. Well, I will get it fixed later. Last night we had a great meeting with reps from NCWMU. It was a long meeting as we had to address all the folks registered to come MissionsCAROLINA here in a few weeks. The meeting lasted from 4:00PM until around 8:00 PM and then we all went to the Italian place for supper. I was starving since we skipped lunch working on the house. Well, this morning I think my brain is fried. I am going to attempt to get a few things done this morning and then head back down to Shelby.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


It seems that right now I can hardly keep up with all that is going on right now. Since Saturday we have gone back on at the home and now I am doing my 21/2 here at the missions office. Because of a lack of volunteers and the fact that TC is working and Joanne is in Fla., we have had to close the pregnancy center today. I hated to do that but we had no mentors left. Next week will be really busy now. Today I have done some emails and made some early phone calls and let messages. I have several mission trips to coordinate along with a Kids Camp, administration stuff and I don't know what all. In just a few minutes I am going to head to the house where we are installing a water filtration system. Out Iron level is just way too high and so hopefully a morning and $1500 bucks will take care of this problem.