Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another great week filled with lots of work. Work,Really? Most of the time it does not feel like work. I love the things that I do, even though it is hard sometimes. This week TC had a pretty good week and now I am back down here with her in Shelby. She is taking the girls to Carowinds today and I am going to see Chad. His release date getting near and we are making plans on how to best help him. I will explain all of that at a later date but I promise , this is going to be interesting and challenging. Well, better go supervise some girls doing their Saturday chores before they leave.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Waking up down here in Shelby this morning. The Changeover was normal and aggravating. Why do some people like to act like they know everything. Well no worries, I reckon we all deal with a lack of self confidence in different ways. I will heading out to spend some time with Mom and Dad this morning and then heading back to Spruce Pine. Lots of work to do this week.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wondering and Winning

It was a great day yesterday seeing Brittany. We really do miss her very much. My mind has been so busy these last few days. There is so much i want to do but I cannot. I get so aggravated that I can't do more. I want to rejoin a volunteer Fire Department(cause I have skills) Man, nothing like going into a burning building. Crazy right? I want to join the chaplaincy Team with the Sheriffs department. I struggle in being involved in Avery County and where I live which is Mitchell county. Ministry ideas, current jobs, Christine's home, the association and the pregnancy center. so much going on and much more to do. THEN, the Lord spoke to me. It seems that He always does when I cut grass. Anyway, He said slow down little fellow, so I have. I am trying to be patient(which is not my strong point) but I am trying. Day to day, project to project for now until I get some more clarity. Oh yea, I have started my part-time job at the Blue Ridge Christian News, trying to sell ads to churches for a church directory. We'll see! This is going to be a great day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I have not been able to publish my post until today. Never could in Explorer so I downloaded Google chrome and it published. HMMMMM I think I am going back to Firefox

A Lot Going on These Days

It has been a very busy week. Besides all the things that we have going on right now, I have accepted a sales position for the Blue Ridge Christian News. This position specifically is intended to sale small ads to churches in a 6 county area. Why take this on? It has the potential one day to allow TC to perhaps foster one child and not be at a group home. Plus, I love the paper as it is full of good news and should sale itself. Beyond that I have had several meetings this week with some folks about starting a new ministry for New and young Dads. It may work out of the pregnancy center or perhaps a local church called The Bridge. Lots of activity right now and i hope I am not taking on too much, but if it is God's will then He will strengthen me.
Wednesday we went down to Gastonia and saw our grand baby in a 3D ultrasound. Toshia came back with us and is staying with us until Sunday. It is a joy to have her around. Our son Chad is still in jail and will be until sometime in September. (Enough said about that) Today, we are driving down to North Greenville SC to visit one of our girls, Brittany Chapman. We are so proud of her as she starts her Junior year at NGU.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Far

It has been a pretty busy week so far. Lots of things needing to get done and I am trying to hang with it all. TC and I enjoyed Tuesday afternoon off and took a nice ride on the goldwing up to Roan Mountain Tenn. Today, we went down and saw a 3D image of our grandson and went out to eat with Toshia's Mom and sister. Toshia came back with us and is going to stay in the cool mountains until Sunday.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Weekend

Wrapped up a good week after the work at the house. On Friday i came back down to Shelby. TC had taken the girls to Carowinds so I cut the grass that had not been cut in two weeks. This place is really looking bad and it kills me but I just don't have the time or equipment to do what needs to be done. Anyway, the blazer is going to be in the shop on Monday. The transfer case is leaking so I drove my ole truck and the muffler came apart on the way down. Anyway, I guess that is what happens when you refuse to buy a newer car or truck. It is cooling down just a bit around here so that is better. WE will be here until Sunday night and then head back to Spruce Pine. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Power & Porches

Well, Wednesday morning became work day around here. Brother Cecil finished running a 30 AMP out to the shed and the folks from Roberdel Baptist Church came over to build the porch. I have so much to be thankful for and I truly am.

This afternoon I am meeting with the Editor from the Blue Ridge Christian News paper. We had talked about a part time job and today we are going to talk about the specifics of it. It really is a great paper and one I could easily sell church advertisements to. We will see!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Preaching and eating

Sunday I preached Homecoming at Stameytwon Baptist church. TC, Breianna and myself enjoyed the lunch that followed. I took Bre for a ride on the goldwing and we came back to shelby last night. Breianna is one of our girls here at the home that went with us on the mission trip. Of course she wants to live with us now but that won't do....or will it. We are actually looking into adding onto our house in order to foster two kids. I think that might be the long term plan instead of a group home. Anyway, it is off to see Mom and Dad for me and then back to Avery County. Lots of work this week.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Gathering

Last night we had the II annual "Gathering" A place where young and old can gather in the name Christ. The Oakes family led the music, TLC-A did the drama, and Poncho did the preaching. It was a good night although the numbers were down this year.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Our Mission Journey to Cranks Ky

This trip started with trouble. A bad calliper stalled our teams departure but we were soon on our way thanks to Mike.

Here we are the first day making a plan or are we working? HMMM Let's just say that this kids was a hand full

We camped beside the old house and the creek.

Fun Fun Fun.......TC is watching a young man get gum taken out of his hair.

One of several stations set up. Here the kids just saw a video and are now praying

Here we are taking a little sightseeing time Thursday afternoon we had a family picnic and invited out VBS partipatants with us at Martins Fork lake.

That afternoon we had a baptism service. some were baptists and some were Lutheran. I started to go dunk the Lutheran pastor.

Here we are heading home

We have arrived home from the mission trip to KY. Most pictures are on Facebook but I will add a few here. It was a great week and we made lots of new friends from Ohio. God blessed during this trip and overall it was great. Of course now we are so far behind but I intend to catch up today.