Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

This is our tree for 2011. It's a little bigger than we wanted but we couldn't beat the deal. So far this week it has been full of meetings. Seems like that it is all I ever do. Monday night was a mission trip planning meeting. Today was Breakfast & Bible Study with 8 guys at 50's Drive In in Spruce Pine, met with a friend and then had another meeting at 10AM at the Bridge Church about a maternity home being started. Afterwards I had lunch with TC and Christie, and then we went grocery shopping. It was nice to come home and watch the snow from the inside. We will be in the missions office and the pregnancy center the next two days.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to our world John

What a good Thanksgiving Weekend this has been(although Clemson lost). Turkey Day was very good with the family. Our family is quite diverse these days it seems. The best thing I guess was seeing John, our first grandson. Chad's old girlfriend Toshia brought him over and it was good to see and hold him. Yesterday we went across the street and got our Christmas Tree(pics coming later cause it is massive). The good thing is these were cut same day just down the road and our neighborhood sells them i his yard. Of course up here it seems that everyone sells trees. Anyway, got it up and TC decorated it and we celebrated with some good country style steak and gravy, mashed taters and green beans with fresh brewed SWEET TEA. (you know us southerners, sweet and over ice.) OK, today I am visiting one of our churches in Cranberry and then come home for some Football. Lots of meetings coming up next week.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Battle

Returning late Sunday from Disaster Relief and a visit to Mom and Dad's it's been a lot of planning type work and to be honest a lot of soul searching. I went Tuesday and picked up some donated clothes and dropped them off at Avery Family Impact along with some children clothes to some migrant workers, or at least got them to the person that can do that. The enemy has been trying so hard to intervene and I have to be honest and say that he may have gotten some small victories, but that BATTLE belongs to the Lord! This morning I begin praying and asking the Father why I was feeling the way I was, and of course as my dad has told many times, I took my eyes off of him and begin to look at the circumstances and the people they involve. So, setting my eyes upon Jesus this morning, the author and finisher of our faith, I know that in the cards for me going. Don't ask me what that means, I just have to go! The lord brought me to the scripture of the prodigal son, and what came at me was this. The older brother had to ask what all the dancing and music was all about. We should not have to ask! We should see and hear the celebrations taking place around us. God led me to this song. I hope you might enjoy it as well.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thomasville Tornado Response

We responded Friday to the Thomasville Tornado Disaster Relief through the NC Baptist Men. TC and I went down on Friday and returned home late Friday night, after stopping to see Mom and Dad. The clean up went pretty fast. Tough times for some folks ahead as many of the victims lived in mobile home parks and were not insured. We led one man to the Lord in prayer and just listened to many stories and had prayer with and for them. I serve as a Chaplain in this team of servants.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wide Open

I preached at Aaron Baptist Sunday morning and was just pooped for the rest of the day. I really enjoyed the race though. We had to go back to the Sheriff's department on Monday to redo TC's fingerprints and enjoyed an awesome lunch at Sally's Cafe in Bakersville. Monday night I had the Board meeting for the Avery Pregnancy Center. David and Christie spent Monday night with us and David got up with me this morning at 6AM and did the Breakfast/Bible Study with several guys here in town. Then, I met with a pastor until 11:00 AM, worked on the newsletter, piddled around the house, took a nap and now getting ready to go to another meeting tonight. Back to the office for Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Living Free Training

Getting ready for our Living Free Facilitators training tonight at the Pregnancy Center. It goes from 6-9 tonight and then 9-2 tomorrow. I am excited at the prospects of this new ministry arm of the resource center. Preaching at Aaron Baptist on Sunday so it's gonna be a busy weekend.

Happy Veteran's Day

I just thought this was awesome and respectful

Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 NC Baptist Convention

It has been a busy week or so. We have finished all of our training and paperwork for being a foster parent and should be approved in January. Meanwhile, as you know, TC started working at the missions office with me two days a week. This has been very helpful and enjoyable for me as she always brings lunch. Cool! She did apply for a part time position at a Mitchell county school. We will see. I also applied for another Missions Directors job. It is in McDowell County, called Blue Ridge Baptist Association. McDowell County joins Mitchell county where we live and it is part time like the one I have now, or at least part time pay. We will see what adventure God has in store. I was gone to the NC Baptist Convention Monday and Tuesday and I rode my bike there. It was about a 320 round trip. I enjoyed all the mission exhibits and seeing folks I have know over the years. Here are a few pics.

The brand new Dental/Medical unit, that I am now being approved to drive.
Entrance to the Grand ballroom. Really nice place.
Inside at the Podium
One of the many exhibits. It was great linking to some possibilities.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


This week I spent most of Monday running errands, sending off qtr tax reports, meeting with an accountant, etc. Tuesday I was sick. Thank god I felt on Wednesday as I met with the editor of Averynews.net owner and the owner of Mountain Television Network, the only High country TV station. They want me to start a TV show. Can you believe that. SCARY! We then took a tour of the Pregnancy Center, which they filmed and will air it. Let's see how much of an idiot I sould and look like. The idea is to have e Missions Program that highlights missions in the High country. We will see about that. As of now I submit an article called Mission Minded to two different media outlets, Blue Ridge Christian News, and averynews.net So, we will see about that. I also had a meeting in Banner elk yesterday considering a different direction for our non profit counseling agency. That meeting continues tonight at 7:00. so, today it is the missions office from 9-2, the pregnancy center until 5, dinner out and another meeting tonight at 7. Thursdays are always my long days but this meeting makes it even longer. Good stuff though, so I am blessed. Working with TC has continued to be a blessings, although she never fixes coffee. She has already made the office look better, run smoother, and look better. No I did'nt repeat myself, it looks better on all accounts. Off we go!