Friday, December 30, 2011

Posting a Praise

Good Lord I woke this morning with such a wonderful feeling in my heart. I am convinced more than ever that nothing or no one is ever to far gone that God can't make them straight. The last couple of days TC and i have had such great conversations and laughter has once again dominated our day. The Lord is making our path known and i simply wanted to post this praise. I am in anticipation of the working of the Holy Spirit in our life and in the life of our son. Now, let me get out of the way!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

Christmas has come and gone and now we are in between that and New years. I can say for sure that this has probably been the hardest year we have had in a while. What did I just say? It has been tough, even compared to some other tough years we have had. Except this year it has been some personal issues. It is even more imperative that we seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As we look into the new year we have an opportunity to make some changes and those changes must be made. Not sure if I am gong to air them all here but for sure I will discuss this further. Meanwhile, for now let's do talk about this. Yesterday I was faced with the fact that I must drop my son off at a homeless shelter in Asheville. As I updated a while back he again has made stupid decisions. He called and wanted to be a part of our Christmas and of course we were OK with that. It has been nice having him around these last few days as we have changed the way we look at it. anyway, yesterday we were suppose to drop him off at a homeless shelter but i just could not do it. It would take too long to describe how I felt. Anyway, again our God rescued us as the idea came into my mind that I could just take him this morning and drop him off at the VA where he needs to be and when this day ends and he has to ge to a homeless shelter he will have to take himself there. That works for me!

Here is the video I made of our Christmas here in Spruce Pine.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

It's been a good week and I am glad it is almost Christmas. I got a lot of planning done this week and had several meetings. Tomorrow we will head down to Mom and Dad's for our family Christmas Even time and spend the night. Christmas day we will head back here to the mountains with all the kiddos. TC has wanted everyone together for Christmas for a couple of years. This time last year TC Christie and David was still in England and it was a lonely Christmas without them. i wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Mission Trip I

We took a two day mission trip to Cranks Creek Kentucky. We had a wonderful time. Here is our group and below is the video I made for it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a wonderful day. Early morning breakfast and Bible study, and then a lunch date with one of our old girls, Brittany. TC and I enjoyed the time with her and then enjoyed a ride back up the mountain from Marion to Spruce Pine via 226A. Back to the office tomorrow. Getting ready for our weekend mission trip.

Days on the Road

Here is a video I made from our days on the road

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cranks Creek summer 2011

I edited my video for last summer's mission trip. We worked with churches from Ohio and North Carolina and also some local Kentucky churches. We had Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, holiness and a Christian(DOC) Church. It was amazing to see all these folks from different denominations, backgrounds and social status work together for the glory of the Lord. If you have time, please enjoy.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Tornado Response 2011

Here is a video I made of the Thomasville tornado Response from the NC Baptist Men

Missions Movie

I made a video of some mission trips and things we have done since we have been in Avery County

A Dog's Tale

A little video for our dogs....

Heartbroken again!!

I am aware that not many people read this blog but that was never its intended purpose. Its purpose was to give me a place to journal and colect thoughts and display life in a forum that would keep me honest. With that said, there are times when i open up about things that I would not elsewhere. Yesterday was one of those days. It started early as we prepared to go to SC and see Allan. TC and i seemed on edge the whole morning and we were both taking pot shots at one another. Why, I do not know. Anyway, things went so well with Allan, Tina and Crystal. It was so good seeing him and he hugged us and told us many things he remembered. Afterwards, we went to Christie and David's house and was gonna eat and see both of our kids. Everyone tried calling chad but he never did answer. OK, he must be busy. Now, let's go back a week or so. I had a dream that chad tuened south and was kicked out of the Vets Qtrs. Guess what. Yip! He had a strike three when he was caught smoking "something other than pot". apparently it is a modified smoke that has an effect on you but does not show up on a urine test. How devastated we were. He has blown it again. He even got a job through the CWT Training at the VA. A good job that was going to pay him $1000.00 a month. He has jumped right back into the pit in which he came. He has lost it all I am afraid. Not sure what he is dong but our hearts are broken again. That's all.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Exciting Things & Times

Last week finished out very well. This weekend was my Dad's side Christmas party. Our daughter Christie came over and rode down with us to my sisters house. Quite a journey. Two hours is the time it takes and then two hours back. Late Saturday night we returned home just in time to watch them Tigers win the ACC championship. On Sunday morning we got up early and went to the 8:30 service at Spruce Pine First Baptist. (Trust me that is a big deal for TC). Now for job update. TC applied for a position with Mitchell county Head Start and will find out December 20th about that job. It would be perfect for her being a foster Mom too. For me I continue to serve as Director of Missions of Avery Baptist Association, which is a 20 hour a week part time position. Add the Pregnancy & Resource Center and this becomes full time very quickly but the pay does not. There is a chance for me to supplement my income by directing some more mission work here at a church in Mitchell county. It would be very little and between the both it would complete what I am trying to do. We will see how that works out.
This week is full of running around today and tomorrow BUT on Thursday, we have been invited down to visit Allan, one of our old boys in SC that we cared for. This is so exciting I can hardly contain myself. The big A has not fared to well but we are really excited about seeing him Thanks to our old boss Tina for working this out.