Monday, December 31, 2012

Preparing for the Surgery

Up and on the job this morning. It was a pretty good weekend, we got lots accomplished and now we are on our last day. Our replacement comes in today and we leave tomorrow. TC went today to the hospital for some blood work and I am here at teh cottage watching the kids have a visit with their Dad. They love it when he comes and he always brings lots of goodies. I guess it pays to have the state pay for your kids being raised and you get to live like you want, and come see them once a week. I am a  bit bitter about that. If the state takes your kids, you should be in jail until you are ready, or not.......Anyway, the kids are happy.
    So, things are almost packed up. I am having to take all of our office stuff, papers and records. This is a pain but I feel so tired that I am looking forward to the break. TC has been in lotsw of pain, she is sick and she is plum tired. I will be glad when she is past the week mark after her surgery so she can feel rested. The good news is that my knee feels much better and we are praying it holds out until after TC's recuperation.
   I will not be working at the office for about a week, so today I think I got things caught up. I have two fairly big events this month so if the weather holds out it will be good. all for now.......

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Catching Up Post # 2 Health

OK, so I got a shot in my knee and after several day and taking anti inflammatory medicine, the flare is gone. I can walk and function fine, Thank God. Now, we can focus on TC's Surgery. She went yesterday for her Pre-Op and this can't come too quick, as she is in quite a bit of pain right know from the mass. Our replacement is coming on Monday or Tuesday and we should be out of here by lunch time. TC's last meal is at noon that day so hopefully we will be leaving and enjoying a nice lunch together and then dead to spruce Pine. In other places I am doing pretty good catching up. TC took all the Christmas decorations down, I have the extra vehicles and taking the camper back up today. Work is going well, as right now we have a Challenge Offering going on, finished up the newsletter, and have two major events in January so I am making plans for that. All is well

Catching Up Post # I Christmas

Seems there has been no time to catch mu on the blog so I will take a few minutes and do that this morning. First, to post some Christmas pics first. I will keep this post to just Christmas and say that the kids got lots of stuff, in fact too much. We had a church Mountain View in Hickory do for the kids, plus South Mountain, and family members.
Photo: With all the business it just dawned on me how much my wife enjoyed creating a wonderful home for these kids to have an awesome Christmas. You could tell that she was walking in her gifts...It was cool to watch a 16 year old teenage girl set up the little one's kitchen...
TC and Christie helping the kids

Photo: Baby getting a baby ...WOW

Photo: nice pic of the gang, except the youngest two that were napping
The whole family pictured in front of our tree
Photo: Getting ready for the South Mountain Christmas parade
This is our float we had for the South Mountain Christmas Parade

Photo: Kids still like playing with the Nanny and Pawpaws
Christmas at Nanny and Pawpaw's House

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Worship while we are Waiting

It seems that each day is getting harder and harder. I drag myself out of bed, even when I can't sleep, I just lay there. It comes and goes. My wife is hurting in her side and she is exhausted. My knee continues to give me problems and i just cannot shake this head cold and clogged ears. So, it's Sunday morning and we are planning on going to Nebo Crossings this morning. We need the pick em up that only God can give. We also feel the kids need this too. We will probably go out and eat and then try to do a few more things this afternoon. We are hoping to leave here Jan. 1st sometime during that day, and it cannot come soon enough for me. TC needs this surgery and she also needs the break, so once the pain is gone and she recovers from the actual surgery, maybe she can rest and relax and we can enjoy each others company for a few weeks as she recuperates. God is strong when we are weak, and we feel weak, so we are relying upon Him for strength.
You know it has been three years now since I started at the Association. I am looking forward to this new year as I have several new things planned, which I hope will draw some interest. Once we return to South Mountain after TC's surgery, I really believe that we will be able to take some time off, and i will go on record that if we don't, I will move to change that or else. A body cannot take all this stress, all the time, with no time off. With our small kids, we cannot even go out to lunch together. so, I see some changes for sure. God already knows, which was the theme of the latest post of The Broken Trail, See it here......

Here is a great song which shares the title of this post

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Plans and posting

Boy Friday came with a wind It snowed all day in Newland and it was so cold I worked until 2 and then went and picked up chad and brought hi back down here to Nebo Friday night the winds blew down some trees and we lost power Two of the kids woke up and one really cried TC sit with hi on the couch We finally got power back this  morning (Coffee never tasted so good) but now neither of us has sleep much Lord we have so much to to Tc is resting this morning and I am trying to get a few things, one of them is post my feelings We have a Short plan for today so we should get that done

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shots and Serving

I got in the see my Primary doctor at the Asheville Va and he set me up to see ortho today. I recieved a shot in the knee which will kelp me deal with tha pain.  I have an appoitment to have an MRI in February and then after that probably some surgery t repair the torn menecus.
  Back at south Mountain we continue to prepare for Christmas. Everything is going so fast right now, that it seems like we stay tired all the time. I am doing food pick up today, work in the office tomorrow and then hopefully the weekend will allow us time to prepare to leave come January 1st. So much to be done, but more on that later. Right now, I am praising God because the pain in my knee is limited right now. I hope it holds out.....
  We have to remind ourselves that we are serving God by serving these kids. That in itself helps us get through these tough times. Have you seen the new blog that I do that exist along with the facebook page Visit it here.
  The intention is to take some things that God gives me and then encourage others with that information, image or scripture.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Posting in Pain

Sunday we declared a day of rest, although it turned out to be a day of sickness. The kids were coughing and were, well let's just say a tad bit on the frustrating side. If one stopped crying, the other started. Anyway, Monday we were still sick, but we had to take chad to an appointment in Spruce Pine, TC had a doctors appointment in newland, and i had the kids. We went to Dunk and Grind and new doughnut shop in Newland and then watched a movie in the back of the Suburban. The day finally ended and we were just plum wore out. today has not been much better, or at least very busy. I took Mi to Boone, and rewarded myself with a couple of homemade doughnuts at the local lion, and a pumpkin spice cappuccino. It was good, but then i hustled to the office where I got some good work done. Tonight, back at the house and again tired. It seems that I am just dragging my right leg around, but Lord willing I will get in to see my primary care doctor tomorrow. I hope so cause this knee is just giving me the pain....All for now

Saturday, December 15, 2012

SMCH Parade

Photo: Sanata visited the house
Kilan was fascinated with Santa
Today was the big Parade here at South Mountain children's Home. All the houses fixed a float and board members, neighbors and staff watched the parade. Afterwards, each home invited folks over to visit and share something we had prepared. TC had Hot chocolate, Cider, and cookies. This was a very busy day, and we are wore out, but it was a good day too.
Photo: nice pic of the gang, except the youngest two that were napping
All of us except the two younger ones

Photo: Folks gathering at the office to watch the parade
This is the main office where folks stood to watch the parade

Photo: Getting ready for the South Mountain Christmas parade
Our little float

Photo: A Camping Kinda christmas
One of our neighbors decorations. A camping christmas

Friday, December 14, 2012

Productivity and Pain

Yesterday was indeed a full day. After lunch TC went to pick up her new glasses in spruce Pine, and do some shopping for the kids. She also picked up chad from the doctor and bought the stuff to decorate my little tralor for the parade. Yip, we have a parade here at South Mountain and then folks get to come and tour the houses. We have to have small refreshments and have the house ready to be toureed by donors and community folks. It's actually pretty exciting. We have a plan that is not too difficult.
  Now, bad news. For the last few days I felt my knee begin to hurt more and more and yesterday was it. I know that I have tore something. Last year the doctor at the VA said that for sure I have arthritis in my joints , but that I had a tear in my meniscus. He said that the human body was suppose to heal itself, but that mine was not. I believe that is has gotten worse and I no longer have mid-range in my knee. It can be straight or bent in its 90 degree position, not in between, which prevents you from using that motion. Wow, the pain is pretty intense. I may have to go the E Room at the VA, but I really don't want to. We will see..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Busy, Broken but Better for it....

Boy, has it been busy. Monday was wide open. Goodness I say. Kids having to go here and here and here, and DSS transporters and case managers thinking they are the only ones that are important(seems that way but they are good people too), then one gets sick and needs to be picked up from school, while another is getting dropped off, and TC is exhausted and i was trying to give her a break. That was on top of me taking Chad 65 miles to a VA appointment, then right back and we were gone about 4 hours. Christie and David came over that night as well, so I set the camper up out in the driveway. Tuesday, Chad and i took off to Spruce Pine for another one of his appointments, then i went to work, and stayed in Avery/Mitchell county working, running chad places and having a meeting or two. I got back home Wednesday evening at Dark:30 and TC was just wore out. she went to bed and i watched the kids, changed some diapers and pout them to bed, went to bed myself, got some loving, and got the two off this morning. I just don't know how TC keeps doing this, it really is exhausting. She needs your prayers for strength and energy. Today the preschool kids gets two hours in the gym and we are hoping to run to the bank for some paperwork. More to say, but time will not permit. So much to do!!!!Be assure though that I have taken time this morning to worship...

Sometimes, you just got get knee deep in the water and get to where you are going...

have you seen my new blog...

Sunday, December 09, 2012

The In's and Out's of Foster parenting

We have worked for several group homes over the last few years and this one is very unique. South Mountain has, as they all do, pros and cons. One of the Pros, is that they do not micromanage you cottage. they let you alone and allow you to do some of the things that you would like to enjoy. Of course one of the reason they do this can also be a Con. You pay for everything. The way if is set up, SM pays you $45 dollars per day, per kid. Now, on the surface, if you sit down and add all that together, it seems like a lot, however, from the total amount, we have right at 2000 bucks taken out. That amount includes, taxes(yes payroll) rent, utilities and other deductions, plus after a full month of purchasing everything for the kids(diapers, groceries, clothes, you name it), plus having to add a vehicle that can haul 7 people around, there is not a whole lot left over.On a good month, TC and i might clear a grand each per month. If I did not work outside the home, we would not have enough to continue the expenses at our Spruce Pine Home. I hope that one day, SM realizes this, makes some changes, gives some time off, and stops charging rent on the homes, etc. If they would consider some of these ideas, this could one of the best places to work for. Now, I just thought I would vent just a bit. when TC has her surgery, there will be no pay since we have no sick days or PTO days, not Even vacations days. We will see how long this is sustainable. When we come back after her surgery, I intend to make some changes, even if we have to pay for childcare ourselves, we will get more breaks, simply put!

In other news, today we went to Abundant Life Outreach. I had talked to Pastor Chris, and we have some things in common, in fact we are going to meet this Tuesday to see about some possibilities. We will see what might come from this. Today the GAL also came to visit the kids. Glad TC was awake, cause I was wore out after watching the kids all day yesterday and all the other events.
   Now, for tomorrow. I have to take Chad to a doctor's visit in Hendersonville. This is for his disability. It will make a long Monday, but I have to keep investing in his life.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Glory to God

We had a great time yesterday as the TC and the kids went with me to work. TC helped me with some Microsoft Excel and some Quickbook stuff. WE decided to come home via through the Linville gorge, and then the rest of the bunch went to a party last night at the gym. It was nice to have a few hours to myself. Today, TC and our teenage girl is going to Asheville Mall. Let's see, one hour there and and one hour back, that's two hours. Lord, add a few hours shopping and they will be gone like5 or 6 hours. I am watching the other four kids so this should be fun. I know that I can do it, no worries, right?

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sitting here thinking...

Just sitting here thinking today. that can be dangerous, but I can't help it. We heard of two resignations the last two days here at South Mountain, both could have been prevented. There has always been a separation between houseparents and administration staff. I see the need for it, as you will always have the point of view from your point of view. I think that the long term staff usually looks at some leaving as "they come and go", and that is very true to a point. It is days like this that it seems so unfair. If you have never done this kind of work, you really just don't know how hard it is. Kids with troubled backgrounds can be so hard sometime, but they are so precious as well. For us, especially TC, there is such a passion for this sibling group. We are doing what we are doing because these kids can stay together.
   In just a few weeks TC will have surgery that will put here out for 4-6 weeks. That is a shame in so many ways, first of course for her sake. Second though is for the kids. She has been their constant. Details still have to be worked out, but I feel that it will be fine. Hopefully after several weeks we can visit, we will see. Meanwhile, there is so much to do. Christmas shopping for five kids, regular day to day which is so tiring,and getting the Spruce pine house ready to be occupied during those winter months. We have parades, parties and many outings coming up, one this coming Saturday which will allow TC and i to go out to eat, by ourselves........So, looking forward to that. Well, one more working day in Avery county this week. There is much to do up there as well. The Association is come upon hard financial times so there has been a freeze on all monies except what we have to spend, the certain necessities. I'm just glad that my pay seems to be one of those necessity's.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

New Resident and New Plans

   It's been a faced pace week so far. Monday was around here with the kids(South mountain), then Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with a meeting, several people stopping by the office, newsletter stuff, finances and a mess of other stuff. Actually, today i cleaned the office really good, and boy did it need it. Tonight, i met our new resident. She is a 16 year old Vietnamese girl with a very sweet spirit. It seems that Tc and her get along really well. Actually, our daughter Christie had her at Crossnore this time last year. They were excited to see her again. We were not sure about adding another person to the house but for now it seems the right thing to do.
   I have decided to start working Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in Avery county. This way I can be here on thursday. the younger kids that don't go to school gets a few hours in the gym and that gives TC and i a little time to ourselves. I can also help with food pickup as well. This should be a better schedule for all of us.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Posting and Preaching

Yesterday was pretty good. We got everything accomplished that we set out to do. The kids were a bit fussy in the afternoon, at least the two younger ones, but the two older ones made up for it. We stayed at the Spruce pine house while TC went to get new glasses and then TC wanted to go to the steak house in Spruce Pine, so we did. Because they let kids 3 and under eat free, it only cost a few dollars more than Mickey D's. Back at the house, the little one's were put to bed and everyone else watched Jack Frost. Yesterday was a great day, but there is the pending surgery that is coming up that gives us underlying thoughts. Lots to get done before then, but so shall it all be done.

Not sure if I had added these pics or not, so I thought I would
Walking the trail to Linville Falls

Taking a pic of TC while she takes a pic

Dutch Oven cooking while we were camping

Steps that lead to our creek from our house
   Our meeting with South Mountain went good and TC is scheduled to have surgery January 2nd. We are planning on taking 4-6 weeks away from the home and stay in spruce Pine while she recuperates. More on this later. today I am preaching at Cranberry Baptist Church.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Showers of Blessings

Today we are doing some running around. Picking up TC's Prescrition, take Chad some paperwork in Asheville and TC is getting some new glasses in Spruce Pine. This morning I was able to use the back shower, which consist of a jet stream of water coming down and it feels so good. It's like a mini vacation. I am truly thankful for showers of blessings

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paying Da Bills

As this week continues, it seems that there are questions that still don't have answers. Sometimes it is so hard to wait upon the Lord, yet we must. TC's doctor appt. went well, she really likes her Doc. She is scheduled to have surgery for January 2nd....and she will be out of work somewhere around 6 weeks. There are meetings planned with the Home, to see make some plans.....Lots to do this day and week as the end of the month brings a lot of check writing and bill I keep up with work, the home and our personal finances. such fun! I'm just glad we have money to pay the bills.....

As we continue to talk about Ministry, TC and i talked some more last night. We have some ideas, but nothing solid. Waiting on the Lord to show us or maybe he will REMIND us of something He has already told us and we did'nt listen.....:)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Shopping and Eating and Doctors

At Shoney's in Lenior eating with kids and the other kids...
This has been a great weekend. Chad was with us all weekend. I picked up Samantha on Sunday and she spent the day with us. We took her back to Lenior and enjoyed a good meal together at Shoney's. This morning I took chad back to Asheville VA and came back home(Nebo). This afternoon we are taking the kids to their visit at DSS and then TC has a doctor appointment at 3:00 PM, a follow up to her surgery and also to discuss future plans on the larger surgery she still has to have. Looking forward to getting back to the office tomorrow as I have many things to do.
Shopping with TC ar Rue21

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

Thanksgiving day two is a success. I got up early this morning and went and got Chad. Why? Because TC asked me too and he should be with his family. TC cooked an awesome meal and Christie helped TC decorate the tree and of course clean up. It's been a great day and in the end, I am wore out.

Thanksgiving 2012 Part 1

OK, so I have learned that posting straight from phone is not working, at least not the way i want it to. I will have to work on that. So, we went down to Mom and Dad's yesterday with all four kids in two and enjoyed some time with family. It's always good to see everyone as we don't get to see each other much during the year. Christie and David stayed the night with us and today we are planning Thanksgiving part 2. I am going to drive to Asheville this morning and pick up chad and bring him back here for a few days. Today we will also put up the tree.
The Dessert Table

The foursome playing with blocks and cars that I played with when i was a kid.

The Family in the Living Room at Mom and Dad's house

Monday, November 19, 2012

Food, Fellowship and back to the Office

I have spent some time setting up my office here at South Mountain and getting some more stuff down here. We picked up Chad from jail :( on Saturday and I preached at sugar Mountain on Sunday  Today I took chad to the VA in Asheville and left him there. He has so much to try and figure out. Also on Sunday we had a nice lunch with the Board of Directors and Staff from south Mountain and all the houses were there. It was really nice. The last race of the season was on and i enjoyed that on Sunday too. Tomorrow it is back to the office.....

I love this creek

Our Creek

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NC Baptist Convention

Vendor section

South Mountain Baptist Camp

Church Planting Booth

Convention Hall during a break
I preached this past Sunday at White;s memorial Baptist church. My voice was about gone, but I made it. Monday and Tuesday was spent at the NC Baptist State convention in Greensboro NC. I had a good time networking with friends and meeting new ones. Back in the office today and tomorrow, trying to do some organizing and planning

Friday, November 09, 2012

The Weekend

The work week is over and it has been very productive. I have made several contacts with our churches via the Annual Church Profile. I am trying very hard to reach all of our churches. I have seen our church plant be approved for their monthly support from the State Convention and now we are addressing a biker church plant. It's been really busy changing the bylaws of the Pregnancy center and working on job descriptions as well. We now have two paid staff members so I need to stay on top of that for sure. It's Friday so this morning I fixed our school boy liver mush and eggs and now he will go to school.
   Life is full of its ups and downs to be sure.....and as we journey on through it I am finding it more and more of a necessity to utilize the full armor of God. Scripture tells us to but I know first hand not to go to battle without it. The weekend has begun

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Voting Biblical Values

I was Number 24 this  morning voting at the Grassy Creek Prescient. Hung out for a while and now came tot he Spruce Pine house, check the mail and pay some bills. Heading out to the office now while it is snowing. BTW, I am participating in No shave November to raise money for this worthy cause