Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Today everything that was planned got canceled. My 9:00 and 11:00 appointment's were rescheduled so I took most of the day off. I did go to the hardware store and bought some dog eared pickets for a small privacy fence beside the building. That looks great. I took some old chestnut lumber I pulled our of the kitchen floor and made a base at the foot of the building. It's raining now so i will post pics of that l;ater. I also bought a bundle of cedar shack shingles to use in the vent eaves to compliment the new board and bat siding. Boy, I wish I could finish that up.
 Here are some pics from our Memorial Day cook out with our family at my sisters house in Belmont NC

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sometimes life is overwhelming and sometimes it seems easy as sitting by a river or creek just taking it all in. We had a wonderful time at the beach. Here are some pics from that:

On the Way to the beach. Tommy is reading a map and Benji is well, just being Benji
Double Decker Party bus

The Three

This is a great shot
It was Bike Week so there were many different  and odd campers and tons of motorcycles.

Yea,  Kenworth W-900 pulling a 5th Wheel camper

What a great site every time we arrive.
 We arrived home Tuesday after hanging out with Mom and Dad for a while and worked hard Wednesday. On Thursday I went to KY for a pre-planning trip for the mission trip in July. I came back late Thursday night and on Friday did a lot of running around doing some personal things.
Coming from Kentucky back into North Carolina. This shot is just south of Johnson City  Tenn. and looking into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beach bound again

Things continue to progress with Tommy. He still has quite a few issues but he probably always will. TC really enjoys having him and I do almost all the time. Sometimes, I wonder but it all works out in the end. Lord, I need more patient. To update things I will do it in bullet form

  • Chad is back in jail. We saw him today. Not sure if he will ever change. He should get out in a week or so; today my mood is whatever!
  • The Pregnancy Center is going well. Many new supporters but we are low in clients right now. We are looking at offering parenting classes for court ordered DSS clients. We will see.
  • The Association is wide open for the summer with mission trips, projects and other things. We are dong a Kids club every Saturday in Elk park. Good news we have two summer interns this year.
  • I have a new Secretary. TC filled in for a while and did  a great job cleaning up the place. Katherine is the new girl. I knew her through Crossnore and she is fitting in really good.
  • We are heading back down to the beach on Saturday through Tuesday and we are looking forward to the R&R. All for now

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

What a great day we had today. Shopping in Boone, visiting a new coffeehouse where they make home made doughnuts, Cornerstone Christian Book store and visiting some good friends. Gonna preach at Cranberry Baptist Church tomorrow and then it's down to Mom's house we go. Sadly, chad will not be with us as this will be the second Mother's Day in a row that he is in jail over stupidity. when will that boy ever learn? Chance after chance he blows. We will keep on loving him! Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful Moms!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

1997 Freightliner FLD 120

Found this picture of the Freight shaker we bought some many years ago. sure was a pretty truck FLD 120 High rise Sleeper Condo, 425 Cat engine with an Allison 13 speed transmission. Custom paint and many lights.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Appliances and Dreams

This is Benji as he went to the doctor. He is such a great dog! all reports are good. Below he is running up the hill from the creek. We have chosen to let the wild flowers grow for a while so for now I am just trimming with the weed eater. Benji loves it!
 Here is the new Fridge TC bought. It has the Stainless front which she has wanted for a while. It also has the below freezer.
 and, the new Range which matches the microwave. It works great and looks great.
 Tommy playing on the computer while Smudges watches
This weekend we have Brianna again and we always enjoy that. If God works it out she will live with us fulltime one day. Today we are planning on going to the horse show in Newland. That should be fun. We heard it through the grape vine that our church is looking at another house that is for sale beside the church. If they can get it for a good price then I think they will make a offer. If that happens, our move would go fast. This house is already furnished. We will see!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

So Tuesday was filled with meetings but they were all canceled(yes). I loved spending the day at home. Got the grass cut, painted a door and repaired the shower in the camper and caulked the roof. I took Benji to the Vet and the end result is that he has an enlarged thyroid. Doc said for 16 he is in great shape.

Today starts something new. I hired a new secretary and she starts today by herself. TC trained her last week and i am going to miss TC being there. Katherine is a very sweet girl and i met her when she worked at Crossnore with the horses. Still, it will be very different, but TC is happy about it for now. This afternoon we are getting ready for our KY mission trip fundraiser. We are fixing breakfast for supper at Crossnore and hope to make around a thousand bucks. That will be great to send that much to our leader in Ohio.
   Last night we had our board of Directors meeting at the pregnancy center and it went well. The board voted to tithe this Qtr to our Elk Park Outreach this summer that TC is heading up. WE are dong a TeamKIDS Club every Saturday. All for now.
I took this picture off or Sarge Charlie's blog. It seems that every once in a while I visit the site and just say hello. I sure miss my friend. When I do I usually pray for Miss Bee and his son....What good people! Not sure why I am up at 3:30 AM but I just couldn't sleep. Think I will lay back down now.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

 What a wonderful weekend, except I was sick. Thursday I could hardly get out of bed. Now, TC has it so the next few days might be rough too. Friday I felt a little better as I went to Lake Lure for a wedding rehearsal. I was so honored to be a part of Mandy Huffman's wedding.

 It was very good and we enjoyed it. 

Sunday was even better as we spent the day with Chad and Tashia and of course John.