Monday, July 30, 2012

Missions and Mindsets

So getting back on Friday from the beach, it was pretty nice getting things in order around the house like; grass, clothes, and such. TC and I represented the Pregnancy Center at a Missions Fair

Afterwards, I watched the race and we sit outside by the creek and talked a bit. After meeting with a friend, we see any trouble we have had as something in the past and it is exactly what it is, in the past! We spent some time in the prayer garden as we are truly seeking what God would have us do.....
Here is the pic from our VBS Outreach in Cranks KY. This is the whole group from NC, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky along with the kids that were reached. Great pic!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beach mission Adventure July 2012

Lakewood's Kids club. We worked each morning;except  Friday

The Hay ride

TC leading a little girl to faith in Christ....

TC painted Smudges toe nails

Todd Woods, resort Missionary(standing) at the  Impact Ministry Staff house . Also so there were some  friends from long ago, Shane Ramsey and his family. small world sometimes

Last morning at the beach

just before sunrise

Here comes the sun

Chaplain Dean talking to the kids

TLC-A Ministry site. They finished the fence around the court this year.

TC's first visit to the Ministry site in Longs Bay

Wednesday Night Family Beach party at Lakewood. We were asked to work that and it was fun

One last shot of the Friday morning sunrise, I did adjust the darkness thingy on the camera before taking this shot. It really looks good I think. 

SO, it's Saturday morning and we are home from the beach. Cutting the grass today, doing some staining on the new siding and actually resting. Hoping that I can get some Goldwing time in today...

Now, speaking to an issue. This week I was suppose to be in Cranks Ky, but did'nt make it. In fact, three teenagers pulled out for various reasons(all good to them) then TC pulled out cause we are having some personal struggles, then she wanted to go the beach to work on our marriage. It turned out great working with the ministries down there, but I am sad that we didn't go to KY. Now, our marriage is still struggling and time will tell. Almost 30 years and i am confident that it will work out, if not now then later. I will not go in personal details, but we both have issues.....Moving Forward even if it is sideways...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Head Spins

Today is Saturday, I went down to Mom and Dad's to get the big truck. My Dakota really needs a new clutch and i am afraid pulling the camper will tear it out. It's kind of an overkill but that's OK. I am making final plans on the mission trip to KY. We raised the 75 book bags and one of the mission adventurers is taking those up today. I have to make one more trip to Walmart to get Water and such. This trip is still going to be good(it has to be) but there are a lot that has happened. First, Lauren dropped out and then Brianna. TC and I are really having a difficult time and we are apart right now.(that's a whole different story) and now Ricky said today that he can't go because he has to stay and support his Mother who is having issues with her husband. The Devil is really attacking right now. I feel abandoned. I want to pull out myself but some how i will find the strength to carry on. Greater is He that is in my, then he that is in the world. If you read this, stop and say a prayer for me and my family.....That is all for now.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Making it to the other side

At some point Noah made it to the other side of the flood, Moses made it to the other side of the sea, David made it to the other side of victory, Sara made it to the other side of delivery, Jacob made it to the other side of the blessing, so forth and son on. I asked god for encouragement this morning and this is what He gave me

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prayers and Bookbags

Been a lot going on this week; busy as always. I can't believe it is already Thursday. Well, Chad looked at some apartments and he is closing in on one that he likes a lot. Tashia has been up all week with John.That has been a hoot. Yesterday we filled all the bookbags for Kentucky and today is the last day for the interns to work. There are a lot of things happening right now that I can't or won't share here but just know that I am thankful for any prayers I might get.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crossing the Roan

Taking a short break after working hard at the new ministry site in Elk park
Guiding large freezers and such

Sunday morning and all is well. Yesterday was a good work day at the new ministry, The Journey.

Very tired this morning but I enjoyed it and it was fun. Afterwards, TC and Tashia went horseback riding and I kept John.

He was good and I enjoyed watching him but was glad to see the girls get home.

Crossing over the Roan.....Roan Mtn TN/NC Line.
View from the top of Roan

I love this road

Today I am preaching at Valley Haven in Banner Elk and have been preparing for that since about 6 AM this morning. I have the basics of what I need. I also enjoyed a ride over Roan Mountain yesterday on the way home. That was really cool...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Brakes on the Blazer

This week has been somewhat different. One of my interns is having oral surgery so he was out. One was late and now backing out on the mission trip. In fact, several people have backed out of a lot of things, and well it really ticks me off. sometimes I just wanna go back to driving a truck and being by myself. Driving from point A to point B is pretty good, it's the people at both points that are terrible. Well, it will pass. The rain has been falling for days and today is no different. Saturday is a work day in Elk Park and I hope we have some sunshine. Yesterday I got new brakes on the blazer and the tires rotated. I know I have another hub going bad bit I think I'm gonna ride it out until it gets worse. The Dakota needs a clutch but I will wait until it falls out and the Saturn needs some CV joints but again it is all gonna wait. With our foster son gone, we are back to one income and it is gonna be tight for sure. Not sure what is gonna happen right now, looking around at some options.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Pics from Monday Adventure Day

 More pictures from out Monday Adventure

Adventure Day

So yesterday TC and i went to Linville caverns and Linville Falls. We had a nice afternoon.
Saw some strangers visiting the falls

Looking back to see if you were looking back at me

A nice little place on the Mitchell/Yancey County line to stop and pray

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Praying and Packing

Saturday morning and I am doing some small bill paying stuff. TC came home last night but not much was said. Smudges was happy to see Benji and me. As you know Tommy is no longer with us and today I need to finish packing up his stuff and wait for the it to be picked up. Kids club is today so that will be from 12-3 including some canvassing time at the Gilmer Community Center on Buck Mountain. I am hoping for some good conversation time tonight. Tomorrow I speak at Land Harbor again at 9:00 AM and then tomorrow tonight I am the guest speaker at The Journey in Elk Park, our new church start. Monday morning will be our final home visit for Tommy even though he is gone but then we will turn in all his paperwork. What is next? I have no idea!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

No shows and Plasma's

Today I worked with the interns on preparing for Saturday, took up the sign in elk park and we had a great conversation while eating lunch. This afternoon I was at the Pregnancy center where we were suppose to have our first parenting clients with a 7 month old, but they didn't show. These things happen frequently. I installed a new 40 inch Plasma in the community room for small groups and left and came home. Pretty good day overall...

Happy 4th of July

It was  a good 4th. I took a nice bike ride worked on the house and watched some Lonesome dove. No fireworks as i just did'nt want to be around a crowd.
This is where we camped at Camp Caraway and then went to the Zoo

My new Coffee Maker. I just love to insert my cup and get a fresh steaming hot cup of joe

Just minutes from my house. A place where I stopped to pray and read scripture

New Washing Machine that matches the new Dryer

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


I feel so tired and weary. i know the Scriptures, I studied them. Rebekah said to Issac, I am weary. Job become weary, David became weary, But the bible says not to become weary in well doing. God knows my soul....He knows my heart..He knows that i love Him and that I want to continue to serve him...In the Army we searched and Destroyed the enemy....but in this life we are to Seek, Search and Serve.  So, today I press upon this scripture Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.NKJV