Monday, February 25, 2013

Family, Friends and Fingers Crossed

This past weekend we just piddled around on Saturday. I had to fore go a meeting I had planned with the Blue Ridge Values Coalition, but later that day we went up to Spruce pine and took a few things and dropped Chad off. David and Christie came up to bring some stuff for storage as they prepare to leave this eek for their 6 month stay in England. We went out to eat and enjoyed some family time.   TC and I came back to Nebo as the kids were spending the night with their potential adoptive parents. That was some nice time off. Sunday, we went back to SP, picked up Chad and I preached at Green Valley Baptist Church, then picked up the kids, and went to nanny's for a send off party for Christie and David. When we returned last night we were wore out. TC was really tired today. Today at 1:00 PM I met with Pastor Bob Ritter of Nebo Crossings, and had  great conversation. I went looking for some new partners for the high country but I think I made a friend instead. God knows what we really need when we  really need it. 
   Tomorrow is back to the office, and then Wednesday we are going to say goodbye to christie one last time before they leave. also, we hope Chad can get a tour of Fruitland, fingers crossed! All for now

Friday, February 22, 2013

Work and Family

Back at work and all is well; Actually been a busy week. i got to go down and see Mom and Dad on thursday and take a table and chairs down there. Friday usually is the end of the work week, but I have a meeting in spuce pine on Satarday and then I am preaching at Green Valley on sunday. Afterwards, we are heading down to Mom and Dad's again as the family is giving Christie and David a send off get together as they are leaving for england next Wednesday for 6 months. We have never went that long without seeing our daughter so it is gonna be hard for sure.
  I cooked hay stacks tonight for the house and now just chilling. Gonna go play with the kids and it may be a early bedtime for me. All for now

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Celebration Cruise

I have arrived back at the office after our Celebration Cruise. It was everything I had hoped for and more. We had such a good time and I am thankful for the experience. Following are just some of the pics as we went along
Day # 1 We arrived in Charleston and while we were waiting in line to park, we saw our first view of the boat. We sailed out that afternoon and so enjoyed those first few minutes leaving the port.Our first meal was also incredible.that evening we enjoyed ourselves in the hot tub on the Serinty 21 deck.

Day #Two: We woke early that morning to enjoy the sunrise and breakfast and enjoyed a full day at sea.
That Evening we enjoyed our really cruise dress up dinner. I was getting a little sick but thankfully a pill made me start feeling better. We then enjoyed some of the shows they offered.
Day # Three: We pulled into port at Nassau..Here are some pics from that day
  Queens Steps 
Atlantis                                                    On the beach in Nassau
Day # Three- We ported in Freeport and slept in for a while and then enjoyed some time here


 Day 3 four is another full day at sea..Here are some pics from that!
That Evening we ate again in the Celebration Dining room. The food on the cruise was awesome!

Here are some more pics of the ship

To conclude this post, I am so thankful that we were able to do this. We celebrated 30 years of marriage and that is something to be proud of. Only by God's Grace have we accomplished this. To God be the Glory. This trip was so good and we enjoyed being and seeing new things together. TC, thank you for making my life better and i love you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy 30th Anniversary

Today marks the 30th anniversary of my beautiful bride and me exchanging our vows. Happy Anniversary to me and TC

So, tomorrow we are going to do something we have always wanted to do; take a cruise. Hang tight for all the details!

Monday, February 04, 2013

Super Week

Well this past week has been a busy one. Throughout this week we have had some very chilly temps and it is a chore to keep this house warm. Why build a house in the mountains with no insulation. Oh well, I digress. We had some very powerful storms and much rain this week. I had to move our picnic table so I thought I would get in the creek. Bad Idea! It was so cold and powerful, but it was kinda fun too.

We enjoyed our friends Wes and Lisa visiting us last week too. It was lots of fun to reconnect with them. Work is going....We are in tight budget times. Our latest budget meeting has put a final freeze on all spending except my pay. We will see how things turn out these next few weeks.
On a positive note for work, I got a Children's and Seniors Coordinator so i hope to see that ministry expand. Here is a pic at Grandview Restaurant while I met with a local pastor. Check out the view to Grandfather Mountain.
So, this past Friday, TC and i went back to South Mountain. David and Christie is doing the job until we get back from our cruise. TC is there to answer any questions and that is all. On Saturday, I spent the day with my parents, and then met Chad and David in Boiling Springs for NWA Bonfire. Here I am laid back next to the fire enjoying a big ole fat stoagie.

Sunday, we got some snow and most churches postponed or cancelled their services. I guess some had them but I would have had to guess, so I just stayed home and did some writing. Chad and I were in Spruce pine so we had our own Super Bowl party.
It was nice hanging out with him. He is so love struck with his new girl friend. It is so cool to see his relationship with the Father growing too. Well, back in the grind this week, so that about covers it.