Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is Risen Indeed

Easter Morning...Oh what a Savior

This morning I have the privilege of preaching at Aaron Baptist Church in Montezuma NC just outside of Newland. Aaron is without a pastor and they have had different preachers coming in each week. The Deacon Chairman called me and said they really wanted someone they knew to preach for Easter. Easter is the largest attended service of the year by visitors, followed by Christmas and Mothers Day. I consider it an honor to be known in such a way and I just wanted to praise the one who has given that favor, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well, this week TC and i have been praying more, that is for sure! Although we had seen it before, at least in part, we decided to watch Fireproof the movie again. Afterwards, we decided to do the 40 day Love Dare. We are on day # 4. This is fun. Bless her heart, TC fixed my coffee pot before going to bed and it suppose to go off in the morning set by the timer, but I was up before it went off. Little things are so special.

Friday, March 29, 2013

End of the Week

End of the week and all is well. I am taking today off. I have to work a half day tomorrow, plus deliver some newsletters, so today TC and I are heading in to Boone for some shopping and just a day of spending time together. Easter Sunday I am preaching at Aaron Baptist Church just outside of Newland for their Easter Service. Aaron's pastor just resigned a few weeks ago, so they are in that phase of the church life. The Board meeting of the Blue Ridge Values Coalition went well last night. We had a local pastor join our advisory board and the Avery Pregnancy & Resource Center presented their ministry. I sit there and listened to Pastor Ron Greene present the center and had the feeling of a parent as someone was bragging on their kid. I think back a couple of years ago when TC and I founded the ministry. Lots of hours of paperwork and hard work and mostly coordination of other churches and ministries that have done incredible work there. Doing some studying this morning and we are expected to take off around mid morning. All for now....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Change of Plans

.....and the snow fell. We sometimes make our plans but they sometimes do not work out. With the snow came cancellations and of course a change of plans. Did some office work here at home in the morning and then Tc and I went out. After running some errands in Spruce Pine and taking some pics, we drove over the Elk Park to see the work being done on the Journey, our newest church in the Association, and of course the snow over there too. Then into Newland and the office. We enjoyed a good Mexican meal, then came home to watch a movie called "Winter People" starring Kurt Douglas. This movie was filmed in and around Plumtree in Avery County. I guess because we drove by there, it made us think of the movie. Here are some pics from our little adventure:
Old Hwy 19-The road we live on
Outside our little house. The Saturn along with our little camper and my  work shop.

Our little creek behind our house
The River Cross Bridge in Spruce pine
Looking up the road. Poor Dakota has to sit out by itself.  
Back to the office today and try and catch up..........


Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowy Monday

OK, I admit it I am a huge NASCAR fan. I loved every moment of the race yesterday, until Joey ran Denny Hamlin into the wall. bummer! Today the snow arrived and the wind with it. We were fortunate to be able to stay in today.

 I worked on some paperwork, and tried finishing up my monthly article for the Blue Ridge Christian News. This week, weather permitting will be office time tomorrow, a special communion service at Jonas Ridge Baptist Church, more office time Wednesday, finishing up the newsletter, complete the plans for our Semi-annual meeting and a Pregnancy Center presentation at the Blue Ridge Values Coalition board meeting Thursday night. All for now......

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taxes and stuff

Ended the week by visiting Mom and Dad, then going to Nebo to visit the last set of foster kids we had that are at their new forever home. Saturday morning we had our monthly Band of Brothers gathering. It was really a great time with some guys talking about being the men God wants us to be. enjoyed some good Sausage biscuits and a talk about humility. The rest of of the day was pretty uneventful. Finished up 2012 taxes and efiled. TC and i watched some movies, did some reading and just sit around adn talked. That's about it.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Walking and Wishing

Tuesday Tc and I decided to have a lunch date. It was very nice. We tan some errands that morning, then went to the Japanese restaurant in town. After a small helping from the buffet, I enjoyed a cold/fruit salad.

Afterwards, we went to the Spruce Pine City park and walked along the river walk. The weather was very nice, and we enjoyed some great conversation. See for yourself


Afterwards, i went to work and had to stay until after 8:00 PM for a Budget & Finance Meeting. Two nights in a row I was out late. The rain and fog made it hard to see for sure. Today, we went to Asheville to get some things, check on Chad, then came back home to piddle around a spell. Tomorrow, it's back to work for a full day. We are watching HDTV some tonight and wishing we had some money for some more renovations here at the house. We've done so much, but so much to do. Next project is to finish the outside siding. I started before winter and south Mountain and have not had time to start back. One day the whole house will be board and Bat........All for now............

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meetings and such.......

  Sunday I preached at Cove Creek Baptist Church in Boone. The pastor and members were so gracious and had a very loving spirit to them. Afterwards, TC and decided to stop by the Grandview resterant to enjoy a nice lunch. What a View! The profile view of Grandfather Mtn.
hen, home to catch the last of the Bristol race, and we continued to watch the bible series on the History channel. So far so good.
  What a change in the weather. We all figured it would happen. March in the Mountains can be tricky. I am so ready for warmer weather. Monday I did not begin any work until after lunch, as to rest a little. Last night was the Board of Directors meeting at the Avery Pregnancy & Resorse Center. This was my first board meeting with me not being the Exucutiuve Director, and i must say that I loved it. I had accepted the seretary position, so I had to take good notes and such. Good meeting, but did'nt get home until after 9:30. Such a rainy and foggy night. Today is kind of the same because I have a Budget and Finance committee meeting tongiht at 6:30 so I will go in around lunch time.
  TC and I thought about taking a few days off and heading down to the beach, but the weather just is no good. I wanna get down and check out the camper after the winter. I did not winterize this year, so hopefully there is no cracked lines, but just in case whenever we do go, I will for sure take my plumbing supplies. No sense in going down and wasting the time and money if it's gonna rain and be cold. Mayber later! So, this week I'm gonna nail down some planning for the Association meeting and begin printing the material for it.
  Yesterday TC and I shared in such a great time of prayer together. Why would I mention that you might ask? Well, because it is note worthy for me as I felt the Holp Spirit and His Peace. Such good and refreshing time in the middle of the day.  TC made her Homemade soup yesterday and it was the perfect day for it. Rainy and cold. At one time, it was raining, hailing, thundering and lightings, all at teh same time. 30 minutes later, the sun came out but it did'nt last long. I had to have another small bowl when I got home that night.
    You can check this month's article in the Blue Ridge Christian News by clicking here. My article is on page 16. I really love this paper, as there are so many great writers and articles. The editor, Brother Clint Pollard has been a great friend for me and to me. Well, all for now.....

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Details & Disability & Delivery

Finishing out the week we are basically finished with moving........for now. TC took Chad to the VA, where he started some new classes. They went to the Goodwill near biltmore which is a gold mine for awesome gently used items. It's crazy what people get rid of, just to buy more. But. there loss is our gain, and the gain to goodwill. TC got us all some great stuff and a great price. 
On Friday, TC and I drove down to Asheboro to see one of our adopted daughters babies. Samantha had the babies a few weeks ago. You will remember Sam from Crossnore's Faith House and then she lived with us at South Mountain for a few months. Those babies are precious.
Friday: We left there and went to Mt. Airy Nc.Mayberry RFD, to see TC's sister Debbie and her husband Rob. We knew it was gonna be late but it was worth it. We visited with them for a while and then drove to a Mexican Restaurant near Mayberry. It was almost dark when we life and it was almost 10Pm before we arrived back home.

Leaving Mayberry

Bazinga: Friday March 15th, Chad's disability has been approved. This changes everything. I will not disclose how much, but it is 60% and he receive a  check for the backpay. Diagnosed with PTSD, Chad has had more than a few issues over the last few years; BUT God is faithful and trustworthy, and He is  moving in Chad's life. The benefits that he will receive, not only monthly, but in education possibilities is unbelievable. This is what I like to see the VA doing. The US should be taking care of her soldiers. The traumatic brain injury is still being investigated medically, so there may be more coming. To say the least, he iw very happy, but most importantly he is praising the Lord.

Saturday: What a lazy day. Most of the morning I studied to preach at Cove Creek Baptist Church in Boone this Sunday. Soon, I will be able disclose more information, but if you think about it long enough, you will figure it out. No matter for now. We just stayed at home all day and rested and prepared for today. TC made some great Baked chicken, with some new awesome spicy barbecue sauce made with Jack Daniels. sue me, it was good. 
Sunday: Up this morning and blogging, doing a spreaker show, finish up my preparation for the sermon this morning, doing some devotions and reading, then getting ready to head to Boone, not to mention the Bristol race today!

I have been reading a series of books called The Walk. so far so good!
The Walk (Pocket Readers Guide)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fruitland and Finishing Well

Tomorrow we are picking Chad up and taking him to visit Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. Who would have ever thought of that? Not me, but we are doing it. Chad figures that it is a good place to learn more about God's word and listen for his direction and purpose in life. Fruitland is a good place for him to get the knowledge and training that is needed to finish this life well.  I am very exciting to be doing this. Long day at the office today. TC fixed hay Stacks for supper and as usually it was good. Kinda tired tonight. We had some important conversations and discussions with several people today. All will be revealed soon! Stay tuned.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Busy but blessed so much.....

We had a great Sunday and today has been running around. I hauled the trash off, put new tires on the Saturn and had it inspected. TC went grocery shopping and now we are preparing to go to Ashe County for a meeting. It will probably be late whenn we get back. The rest of the week is pretty busy. So, off we go......

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Eyes Fixed and Focused

Share: Let me start by sharing: My opinion is simply that, my opinion! I need to share that I am convicted of any ill will I may have had while sharing about SMCH. I believe I was correct in my assumption of the facts, however, it is about the kids and kids are being served, saved and taken to a place of safety. There are people there that really care about the kids, and put them first. I think TC was the best, but there are others to her standard as well. God is blessing those, and He blessed us to see our little group of four go to a Godly and blessed home!
Forward: We are completely out of SMCH, and have spent our first full time night back at our home in Spruce Pine. I slept good, but it is like 12 degrees colder, so that makes a difference. Of course we rented a small storage unit temporary while we sort some things out. Our lower(storage) building was cleaned and organized yesterday and is looking good. Trying to keep my upper(tool/work) building clear and free!
Forward: So many things are happening and I just can't disclose some of those things right now. In due time! We are truly waiting on God We are Expecting Life:
Psa 62:5My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation [is] from Him.
Journey On: Today is starting slow cause we are sore and feeling our age. Kinda chilling right now, but much to do. Return Trailer, take off trash, empty some boxes etc!
Conclude: God is good all the time! We wait on Him. He is our time schedule. It appears that perhaps we are waiting on this and that, but our heart is pure and focused on God!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Meet & Eat

Trailer secured! While the weather up in the mountains was cold, wind gusting to like a billion miles per hour, and wet, sloppy snow everywhere, I still made it up to retrieve the smaller of the trailers. I wanted the bigger one but it was full. So, our son chad is helping us move, so I went and picked him up as well. Last night we ordered pizza as to not have to dirty dishes and then we loaded up the trailer. It looks like it will be a two or three load day. Two today and one tomorrow. I managed to check the mail and head by the office to clean the apartment for someone doing some training this weekend at the pregnancy center. she will be staying at the apartment.
  This morning I have another meeting at 8:15 with a local pastor, and that meeting is at waffle House, oh yea! Covered, scattered and chunked please. Just taking one day, one hour at a time during this move. TC will take it tough as the kids will be picked up today. I will miss them, but not the location, nor the drain on ourselves. Perhaps one day, South Mountain director will realize that it is not all about him and his vision for a ministry when the ones that are most directly with the kids turnover rate is so high. You cannot do this 24/7 for months at a time and not burn out. Then again, it appears that it is about him, so as long as the BOD allows it, it will continue. So, if you don't want to hear mu opinion, please do not ask me about SMCH!
  Gosh, the future is so exciting..........All for now

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Snow, go away!

Well, everything is closing down today because of the snow. I hope that I can still get up today to work a little bit and most importantly, find a trailer to use. Got to have a trailer by tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Packing and Praying

Up early today. We have told South Mountain, so now everyone knows we are leaving here and headed back to Spruce Pine. Good! In our last week, we are just taking one day at a time. so much to do, but one thing at a  time. Had to get a kid up at 4:00 Am this morning and now I am ready to go meet Pastor Bob at 8:30 and then its off to the office. Here is the line up:
  • Tuesday: Office and some packing tonight
  • Wednesday: Office and retrieve trailor and some more packing/Forever home coming to get some of the kids stuff
  • Thursday: Kids leave some time this day: We start loading and cleaning
  • Friday: Completely pack out, clean adn leave
  • Saturday: Unload everything to a temporary storage locker.
  • Sunday: Begin the process of Chilling/Serving/Worshipping.
We are so excited at what God is doing and as done. He has orchestrated this beautiful exchange between us and the forever home, in spite of management and the county. May God receive all the Honor!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Moving and a Message

At the office this morning(Saturday) and working because I took yesterday off to stay at South Mountain and get caught up on some things. Boy, was that ever the right thing to do. I feel so much better to have caught up on some paperwork and other things. Yesterday, we found out that the county DSS is moving the kids next Thursday. We had committed to each that we would stay as long as the kids were in our care. The exit door has been opened, and we are walking through that door. We believe that there is a message in this timing for us. So, we are putting our moving shoes on. After work today I am taking my truck and trl down to start moving some non essentials. Time to finish up the newsletter and have a meeting at 10:00. All for now.....

Friday, March 01, 2013

Clearing the Canvas

Begin: Wow, what a weekend and this week has been good too, although TC continues to gain her strength, it has not returned to 100 percent yet. Things have actually gone pretty smooth since returning, and I have to day that David and Christie did such a great job. Our absence with not without issues though. First, we don't think that South Mountain did Samantha right. They asked her to come here for 10 days, and only let her stay a few.  The couple they hired(no offense to them cause I don't know them) but came and took over. When TC was able to visit the campus he did not want to let us come to the house. The house that has our stuff in it. OK, no I'm not bitter about that, just wished we would have said, Probably not! The writing is on the wall, that is all I have to say about that. One day i will blog more on the agency itself, or at least its Directors. Or, perhaps i will just forget about it all together.What I do know is that we are gong to star taking some things back to Spruce Pine.
   Onward: I just finished reading Crossroads, by Wm Pail young, author of "The Shack". It was not as good as the shack, but that is just for me. An Account Executive may like it more. Either way, I enjoyed it and learned some things, and I take from it some purpose and meaning to life.
  Onward: This past week I had the chance to sit down with the Pastor of Nebo Crossings, Pastor Bob Ritter. He has a great blog that can be found here. I really enjoyed the conversation and we set a time for this coming week to meet again. I am looking forward to that.
Onward: Funny thing happened that I really cannot go in detail about right now, but one of the things that I received from meeting with Pastor Bob, is to clear the canvas. There are many paths that seem available to us right now, we are just waiting on God to Paint the Picture. I am not an artist, but TC is. I described what I received from god to her and thought that she would could really appreciate that. Since then, we have used that almost everyday and our desire is to Focus on God, each other, the kids in our care, and my responsibilities as Director of Missions of the Avery Baptist Association.
Onward: Even though we had our get together at Mom's, we needed to see Christie one more time before she left for England. We drove up on Wednesday and took her and David, and their good friend Valerie out to Sagebrush to eat. We so enjoyed that time. It was awesome! Today, they have landed safely and beginning their 6 month stay in England.
Finish: Work, focus and fun and more work, and kids and a little bit of planning and packing is the order of today. Tomorrow is a work day for me.

Here are some pics from the kids Birthday party last night!
TC, helping them open the gifts