Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rolling NC to KY

What a week so far...Dealing with the loss of such a good dog has been hard. One of the things that has helped is getting ready for the Kentucky trip. We loaded up on Friday and pulled the camper to Cranks. After setting up and working a while we finally retired after a brief meeting. Saturday we worked with the folks from Ohio to get set up. We came back to NC Saturday afternoon and got ready for Sunday. Sunday morning service was fantastic and we also had our Oasis worship Sunday night. this week we will head back to KY on Monday. It's gonna be another great week of VBS. We are really tired so its off to bed I go this Sunday night.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rest in Peace my friend

The time had come....My friend you have been an awesome dog. for all the foster kids you have helped I know that God will use you. My heart is broken but I;m so glad that I was your caretaker. From the moment you adopted us back in 1998 when you were two, and then these last 15 years have been great. We have traveled the country together, ran in creeks, hiked up mountains. You were one of a kind to be for sure. Some may never understand the love of a dog, but I do. You were God's creation and I am honored that I was a part of your life. Rest in Peace my friend.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Well, the funeral for John David went well. He is suffering no more. Matthew did such an awesome job leading the service. Bonnie did great singing and I believe everyone was at peace. I'm glad this worked out like it did. TC stayed down until Thursday and brought back her 2 grand nieces until next Monday. she is spoiling them rotten.
  Oh the life of a Pastor. Administration is the hardest part of it for sure. But, I tarry one in my preparation for Sunday, and of course trying to think a little ahead as well. God is so good and I am reminded how humble I must be. I believe that God honors our humility. Lord knows I cannot carry the weight. In facing certain situations, I humble myself before the Lord today.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sad/Glad...Life is Really Amazing

What a full day yesterday. First I locked myself out of the house. Yip, I did. After a day of visiting, meetings and errands, I finally got home around 10:00 PM last night. today, I will drive down and join TC for her brother John David's funereal. Such a sad occasion, yet glad that he is no longer suffering. Johnny has been such a part of my life over the years. So, I will leave in just a bit and spend the day in Lincoln county with TC's family.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Funerals and Friends...Peace that Passes all Understanding

Friday night we found out that TC's brother John David had passed away. I held and talked to TC as she was very sad. We kinda knew it was coming but it is still sad. The family has peace. We went down on Saturday and returned late that night. Yesterday's service was just great and we got some much needed couple time and rest that day. We started cleaning out the camper to use it this week when we travel back down for the funeral on Wednesday.
  Back to the office today for some meetings, visits and we are looking forward to getting a visit this afternoon from some friends. All for now

Friday, July 12, 2013

Prepare our Hearts oh God

I woke this morning to even more information about a situation. Obliviously, I cannot and would never share these things here on this blog for this is no place for it. I just want to share some of the things that happen in the life of a pastor. Yesterday, I met with a local pastor and could tell right away that I liked him. I look forward to some of the great things that lie ahead. Last night we had an association meeting and I went with the other messengers from the church. It was a typical meeting, however a few things stuck out. I learned of a weekly prayer meeting here in Ashe County that is praying for a Revival of biblical proportions. I am looking forward to the exciting times that lie ahead.
   Up this morning trying to remove some of these thoughts from my head and focus on studying God's Word in preparation for Sunday's sermon. God is good indeed!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Greatness

Great day, some good visits, good study and good meetings. Great service last night as well, with a great crowd even thought it was raining pretty hard. This morning is study time and then I'm meeting another local pastor for lunch, association meeting tonight, back to Butler Tenn for VBS Commencement, and then with the youth on Saturday for the Doe River Gorge Adventure. Quite busy this week. Beginning next week, we will be getting ready for the Cranks Ky mission trip and there is tons to do for that. Not to  mention, get the camper ready to take on mission trip, gather bookbags, shoes and secure enough money and people to cook two meal during the first two nights of Cranks VBS for over a hundred kids.
  Other things are draining my energy. Mental things. Emotional things. God knows what they are and how they need to be resolved. Unity in the church is what we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Missions and Well....Shatley Springs

The week is flying by...First, I want to recall the great response we had at the altar last Sunday. I had preached on Grace and Holy Spirit showed up for sure. There was a birthday party for a church member that afternoon. Monday, there was an important meeting that morning and later that day began the VBS Mission trip to Butler Tenn. Got back around 10:15 and now this morning I am heading out to the Senior's breakfast at Shatley Springs. Gonna be another busy day for sure.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Heart of the Matter

Yesterday I met with a pastor I consider to be my mentor. 14 years my junior does not change the fact that God has imparted some serious leadership abilities in this man. Pastor Bob Ritter of Nebo Crossings, formerly Eastside Baptist Church is the man God has pout in my life. I enjoyed our time so much. Two hours went by so quickly. The Lord used this to help make some important decision I needed to make. Looking forward to what God is going to do with this.
   So, this morning I have finished my my sermon fort Sunday, and started on some ideas for future sermons on a series I am dong called, "The Heart of the Matter". Very excited about this as we look at some basic tenets of our faith.
  Tonight TC and I are hosting the new couples class kick off cook out. Lord, please send the rain away. Looks like counting some kids we are going to have at least 20 present. A great start to our class that begins tomorrow morning. I will explain more on that later. God is so good to us, so I will end by giving Him all the glory in our lives........

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Birthday America

The fourth of July, Happy Birthday America. I love this land, I really do. we are so honored to be a citizen of this beautiful place and we have more freedoms than most do in this life. I would be remiss in my duties however if I didn't mention a few things. First, for a people that came to a land for freedom, we sure was quick to enslave a whole race of people, and then run others off their land. Well, I know, you and I did'nt do it, but I wonder where we would have stood on these issues at the time.
  Today, has been a pretty lazy day. WE have not felt all that great and i am afraid we may have ate something that has effected us both. Feeling a little better now.  We are heading out for a cook out we were invited to. Tomorrow I am excited to meet with pastor Bob Ritter, who I believe is a great asset to my ministry. So for now, Happy 4th of July

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Short Trip to Charleston

We had a great short vacation down in Charleston last week. I feel that I am behind in my blogging but that is the way it is sometimes. So, it was much needed rest and we had a blast.

After that short vacation it was nice to get back to work and to the cool mountains. Great service on Sunday and this week is pretty busy so far. More later.