Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time with Christie and David

We are so enjoying having David and Christie with us..Wednesday we rode around Ashe and then had church that night. Thursday we spend the day in Avery county. Friday TC went with them to Asheville and Saturday we are going to cook out tonight with Wes and Lisa and TC and Christie is going to hang out downtown for a bit. I also have a funeral today. Sunday it is church and then we are taking them to Charlotte to rent a car, then to Mom and Dad's house for a family cook out and then, BAM, just like that they will be heading out to California. My how this has flown by.....

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not even trying....

Seems like we are so busy I can't catch up on the blogging so I'm not gong to try. Here are a few pics of what has been happening.

Baptism at the church, couples party, and the return of Christie and David from England. Just enjoying these things like coffee with Christie on the deck.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Visitation, Country Roads and Good times

What a busy week. Of course it seems that I can say that every week. We had the Blue Ridge Prayer breakfast on Monday after an awesome Sunday. Tuesday was prayer time and some visits. What an incredible time and place of visiting.
Yes, a state maintained mountain road.

The State is going to pave this road, except the part that is in Virginia. 

State Maintained road.
As you can see it was way up the mountain, right next to the Virginia border. In fact, afterwards we went to Virginia to get gas. Wednesday was our big youth Council meeting and God was in control of that. I am exciting to see what is going to happen. It was a great business meeting, and now today I have spent time in study and preparation. We are making several visits this afternoon, and then a Budget and Finance Committee meeting tonight. It seems that I am mostly playing catch up, but everything is going great. The load that God puts on us is never more than we can bear. It sometimes stretches us, but that is good for us. It's only Thursday, but everyday has something more. Post on that later. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Camp, Meetings and Seniors

What a busy week it has been. We got the water problems fixed in Spruce Pine(Thank God) and our renters have moved in. Lots of church stuff that is taking a lot of time to accomplish, but worth the investment. Sunday was a great service. Holy Spirit helped me preach what I should. Monday was the Kids camp and that had a lot of issues, like no water and such at the campground. With a lot of people's help they got through it. That ended on Tuesday and TC was wore out at the end of the day. I had Church council Monday night at that was very nice as I was able to share a little of the vision. Tuesday was the seniors breakfast at Shatley Springs and it was good as always. Great fellowship. I went back to the VA( including driving time 8 hours) and then made it back to the church for another meeting. Today is study time, meeting at 10, more office time and then Bible Study tonight. Need a break before long for sure!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Getting ready to rent.........

Had a great service this past Sunday. Great Spirit again. Wide open making visits on Monday and spent today working on the house in Spruce Pine to get ready to rent. Found water problems, so we are calling the plumber. Gonna be another wide open two days.

Friday, August 02, 2013


What a week long blast. VBS in Ky, back to Wednesday services, meetings, visits and now back to KY for the final night of VBS. We are coming home on Saturday. Pics coming soon........