Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas has come and gone...I was not able to spend it with my family but I did the best I could. We sent Christie and David on a couple night stay for their Anniversary on the Northern Coast of California, we sent Chad some money, and I was able to spend the night with Mom and Dad while TC worked at Ebeneezer. I was able to stop and have lunch at TC's cottage Christmas Day and then came home to relax and enjoy some John Wayne movies. Back to work today as I have much to accomplish and try and do it by 2 PM so I can spend some time with TC this afternoon.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Gift of Giving

Christmas Eve morning and of course things change. No Worries!!! Heading out this morning to the Asheville VA. Today we hope Daddy will go home and I will get to take them there. Still gonna spend the night with Mom and Dad tonight, and then head up to see TC on Christmas day. David and Christie is waking up in Gulala California this morning. We purchased for them a two night stay at a West Coast Ocean front place off the beaten path. That was our gift to them for Christmas.
  This is our first Christmas here at Warrensville and it has been good. I have been overwhelmed at the generosity of the good folks of Warrensville Baptist Church. There giving of both cards and gifts have shown their love for God and their pastor. At times it is hard for a humble person to receive, but spoke to me. As I am blessed, I can bless others. That is our plan. It is just fun to give. Knowing that I don't deserve any of the gifts helps to turn them into gifts of other kinds. God is so awesome!!! Thanks Heavenly Father for your grace and mercy.
   The Christmas play turned out great. The kids did an awesome job and all the workers contributed in amazing ways. The fellowship was good and everyone enjoyed it. All is well in Warrensville NC. Following are some pics of the last few days....
2013 Warrensville Christmas Play and Fellowship

On the 22nd Christie and David celebrated 8 years of marriage.

The next few pics is just me and a buddy chilling and shooting some guns

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Time

It has been strange since Daddy has been having some health issues. A light stroke started it all and up until now, not really sure what is causing all of the issues. God willing, that will be easing off the next few days, I pray for Daddy. TC is heading back to Ebeneezer today so that means  a Christmas without the family. I plan on spending some time with TC on Christmas Eve day then heading down to be with Mom and Dad. I hate that we will not have our Christmas tradition but the kids are still out west. In the meantime there are plenty to do. Our kids play is this coming Sunday and there has been many things to do..So here is my Merry Christmas to all...

Saturday, December 14, 2013


The holidays are always very busy for most people. This year is a bit different as none of our kids will be here. This is the first year that has ever happened. Even though TC was off Thanksgiving, she will be working on Christmas. I have an idea of what I am going to do but we will see. Church is going well as I have now been here 7 months. WE have been busy doing many things preparing for that. We've missed one Sunday because of ice so far. We will see how January/February are. I am hoping that this March will be a warmer one but sometimes March is a tough month. Here is an update of activities by way of pictures..

We have John this weekend so we took him to get an haircut.

Getting some groceries at Walmart 

Shopping with some Deacons at Sam's in Hickory for items for the Christmas Treat Bags. We also went by and saw Miss Edith Lindsey. 

Responding to a little mishap on icy roads

Checking out the 1000 kids Christmas give a way at Family Central sponsored by so many and led by DOM David Blackburn...

Adding chains to the Fire Trucks

We decided to sell our Hybrid camper...this is the guy leaving with it.

At the Ashe Baptist Association Pastor's/Staff Christmas Banquet.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving turned out quite nicely. I so enjoyed spending it with TC and my family. With that said, my heart was broke for TC as she was not able to do the same. We got back late that night and TC has went back to Ebeneezer until Monday. Friday we had a working structure fire that I was able to get some nozzle time. Love putting out fires, but boy am I out of shape. I must start walking again. I made a trip to Winston to visit a church member on Saturday and spent the rest of the day studying and preparing for Sunday along with some other church stuff. Here are some pics from Thanksgiving, along with some other nice pics