Monday, January 27, 2014

Reflect and Review

This winter has brought several cancellations and postponing of services. This week we had to cancel Sunday morning and plan on a afternoon service. I Really enjoyed our 5:00 PM Worship Service last night, then TC and I went out to Gino's last night(On record as saying I will not be going back there, done W/Gino's). This morning the plumber will be here at 8 Am to start the renovating, or should I say complete tear out and replacement of the main bathroom in the Parsonage. At 9 Am our church begins our Annual audit, or like Bobby Faulkenberry likes to call it, financial Review. Much going on today!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Work Week

I was very excited when TC came home this time. she was better rested and we enjoyed an entire weekend with our John. It was great. We took him back home on Monday and visited Mom and Dad. Today is a full day of office work, visits, planning and most of all studying.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cold Week

It's been a cold week here in the High Country. Plenty of ice and snow and cold weather. We had several calls at the Fire Department in the cold. The Parsonage lost its heat for a day but thankfully it was the heat strips connections and the heat man was able to get it going.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

A few Pics to Start the Year

spending my birthday eating Mexican with TC

Youth Lock In at Warrensville. The turn out was low but we had a good time. I made it to 10PM and went home and watched the New Year come in with TC.

January 2014 snow..Standing at the Parsonage and looking down toward Mountain Grocery. 

Heading over toward Bald Mountain for a meeting..Not bad ...

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Looking back at 2013 was quite the ride. In January we struggling at South Mountain Children Home. TC had major surgery and it took quite a bit for her to recover.  Afterwards we experienced our 30th Wedding Anniversary taking a Cruise to the Bahamas. Afterwards, we said goodbye again to our daughter who moved with her husband to England. Shortly after that we moved back to spruce Pine while we began talking to Warrensville Baptist Church and in May we began our new ministry. Christie and David moved back to the States and then headed off to California as they began a new chapter in their life. Chad moved to Colorado as well. Later in the year TC started to work at Ebeneezer Christian Children's Home in Wilkes county. She helped me get a new ministry started called Kingdom Kids, the van started picking up other kids and the ministry begin to grow. We have ended this year with some issues at the church but that was really no surprise. God has been good(as He always is) and has taken us where we needed to go. There were so many wonderful things that happened this year and a few that I would just as soon forget, but that comes with the territory. One thing is for sure, 2013 was certainly better than 2012 and I look forward to 2014 with great expectation. There are things that we must move past and refocus on God's calling and purpose for our lives. Anyone not dong that will surely lose out on God's best.