Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Plowboys

We got a new snow in March and temps have dropped pretty low. That is difficult after having several nice days, even nearing 70 one day. Perhaps spring will come soon. We had another great Communion service this past Sunday and on that evening we hosted the Gospel Plowboys from Salisbury NC. They were awesome. The church was full and I could tell there was an awesome spirit. Many came to the altar to pray as well and a lot of love was poured out on me and TC as well. I could not ask for any better.
  I have been very busy with committee meetings, visitation and lots of sick calls. It's been fortunate that the Fire Department has slowed down, as that has helped me save some energy for sure. There is much to do in April as we try and prepare for the Nominating Committee meets to come in May and June.
  Planning continues for Cranks Ky and it seems to be shaping up quite nicely. Here are some pics from the last several days

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fighting Fire and Awesome Services:

Trying not to complain, but the separation is getting pretty tough and I believe is taking it's toll. I believe that time is running short on TC working there. Perhaps part time or something. Have not heard anything from Spruce Pine yet, although we have enjoyed traveling roads we have never been down to look at land. We have spotted a few houses but my concern would be that we would have to rent it out while here. I think I am done renting my place that I worked so hard on just to see someone else tear it up. Land is what we have been looking at, a place to put our camper and maybe camp on Friday nights or something. We have saw some beautiful places...

We continue to have some wonderful services. Last Wednesday we had 24 kids in Kingdom Kids and that is 6th grade and below. WOW. 19 of them were here Sunday to sing. We had several new visitors in worship service so things there are great. Much follow up to do, although it is so hard to visit the younger people as they are so busy. Soon I hope....

Several good meetings, paperwork, finance stuff, Crusade stuff has certainly kept me running, not mention several fire calls and one working fire. Boy, I am getting old. After a few trips up the mountain carrying hose, I was exhausted and out of breath. Finally got that back and operated Engine 32.

Well, all for now....

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Just a few pics from the last few weeks. Snow and more snow. The last few day have seen several fire calls, from grass/woods burning over 6 acres to structure/house fires and of course several wrecks.
Church has been awesome! What a great spirit and many new faces. God has sure blessed in this area of my life.
Still waiting on the offer from the state on the house. Hopefully soon, although we have no clue what we are gong to do. Hoping to take  few days off in April, we will see. Anxious to get the new camper out and put it to use. We had a good but short visit from our son during this time as well. There are some struggles with TC being gone 7 days at a time. It's a good thing she does but is for sure getting tough. Only Father knows how long that will last. All for now...