Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fire & Rescue

Last night we had a barn fire. It was not a huge fire, but big enough. I drove Engine 33 and relayed water to the engine supplying the main pumper. 

First Good News Club 2017

Camperless again

So, since the summer I sold our bigger camper because we no longer had a large vehicle to pull it. I purchased one pop up but did not like it. I purchased another one and I liked it better but really it was too big. The Lord blessed me to be able to sell both of them fairly easy. So, now I am camper less again...

New Years Sermon

This was my New Years Sermon

"The Gael", by SCOTS DG

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Snow December 2016

our crazy dogs

My trip to see Chad Colorado springs

Seniors Trip to Myrtle Beach 2016

Good by flagstaff

Found this camper down in Lancaster SC. It is in pretty nice shape. It has some issues, but better than most of that age. Anyway, I sold it as it just was not a right fit for me