Sunday, June 04, 2023

Thinking & Thoughts

Finally got the cover up for the Jeep. Now, just got get the top off. 

On a recent trip to Mission Hospital, we saw this and I just thought it was awesome!!! 

Now, Oh Bailey. His hair is starting to grow back out. Poor thing, had to be shaved. 

Think on this: For a year now, I was thinking that my preaching days might be over. No one has asked, so I sort of used that as a sign. But also, I have felt it. I thought to my self, no way!!! Now, I have been asked for two times. One Sunday fill in, and one night of a Revival. My first thought was, well that is wierd actually, because my first thought was not NO. Been thinking and will pray on this some more. 

So, after today at Work, we will head to Lakewood for a week. Looking forward to the week of the dogs, the beach and each other. 


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Working & Wearing out

Whew... So, I worked this past Friday over at Ashe, then off Saturday, then I worked an extra shift Sunday at Mitchell (12), worked my regular shift Monday and Tuesday, with an extra 12 Monday night (Double time), meaning I worked 36 hours straight, with an extra 2 1/2 hours Tuesday night on  a bad run to Mission. So, this week I will work 84 hours. Too much for this old man. I am feeling it this morning, but now for two days off to rest and relax. 
My Rhodi... She is starting to fall off, but still so pretty.

Saw this at Blur Ridge hosptial and I thought this was very nice for them to do for Memorial day. 

Finally today, Eric fixed Cuban sandwiches for the crew and they were delicious. 


Sunday, May 28, 2023

Cookout and Campfires

I worked a 12 hour Shift over at Ashe. First pic is on my way. 

We cooked out for supper, paid for by Ashe Medics 

Medic 3---
Following is a few pics from Mitchell Medics, end of EMS week annual barbecue. We took the dogs and they were great. 

That night, we fired up the gas fireplace and roasted marshmallows. That was fun. 


Challenge Coins

These challenge coins were issued by Mitchell Medics. First one is for a RSI, or as it is called now, Drug Assisted Intubation. 


Thursday, May 25, 2023

EMS Week & Steak

We did a transport to the old Grace Hospital, now UNC Health Blue Ridge, and they were celebrating EMS week too. 

UNC Health has their own food truck. The food was amazing... 

These were gourmet burgers... 

A job that always has a view. This is 226 heading down the mountain toward Marion. 

Tonight we had steak and Taters along with the years first Watermelon. 


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Shaved & Service

Well, Bailey had to be shaved...i hate it but there was no choice. It will grow back. 

I noticed by the creek, upper part that even wild growth produces color. 

OK, so Sunday on shift was day one of EMS week. Ray & Jay cooked breakfast for us and it was really good. This whole week is EMS week and everyday, those who serve are able to win prizes and most of them are very good prizes. 


                                                        More briars that produce flowers 


Friday, May 19, 2023

Grooming and Growing

This boy come and got in the bed with me this morning. 

And of course if one does, then both will need to. 

We missed them all day yesterday as they were at the groomers. Poor Bailey, we had to get him shaved as his hair was too matted and tangled to just trim WOW, oh WOW. We hope it will grow pretty quick.  I will share a pic next post. Well, it's back to work today for a 3 day run. My normal partner is off these three days and I have assigned to me an AEMT, miss Lyndsey. I do not mind working with her, she does pull her own for sure, but that also means that I will have ride everything of a Paramedic level. No worries, off we go! 


Thursday, May 18, 2023

Faith & Favorites

Days off are so needed. It is not that I don't want to work or make extra money, I just need the days off to make it on my regular schedule. I do still work a little extra, but still. Yesterday, TC and I worked in the yard again. That is, after the rain. We watched a movie called The Secret: Dare to Dream

It was very good. It focuses on the power of positive thinking. Yea, OK that is great, however Scripture would define that as Faith. I may not know what is best for me. I think I might know, but I do  know that God knows indeed. Matthew 6:8 tells us that. Before we even ask, God knows. He Really does! 

Our Faith is indeed an interesting thing. We need it, but at the same time, it only grows in the way we trust. So Faith and trust is in partnership for our growth. 

Juat like the seed that grows and breaks through the ground. Speaking of, TC garden is indeed growing. We are seeing growth from the seeds and it is exciting to think that one day we will eat a veggie that was planted as a seed. That is the description of faith. 

This is Faith! 

Yesterday, we met with out new pastor. Andy Willis is the pastor at Western Carolina Church here in Spruce Pine. We have visited many times and we have decided that it is our choice. They are indeed different to be for sure. Full band and all the new modern stuff, but we feel like this is where we are suppose to be. We both really enjoyed the meeting and time with Andy. We really like him. Afterwards, we went to Marion and stopped at Lowes and got a new sprayer and some more stuff for the garden. We hit up Sonic for some Hot dogs and headed home. 

Recently, we have been watching a show based out of Canada called Jake and the Kid. 
I am glad that we both like things like that. We are waiting the new season of Heartland that will air June 1st. All for now.